Diaper Quest Release 2 Version 5.0 Hotfix

Extra-spooky Commodore Cuddles was causing mischief!

Download Links:

First time downloading? On Windows? I'd recommend downloading this: ZIP of latest DQ including Windows Git (463.2 MB)

Raw GBLORB File Direct Download Link (518.3 MB)
MEGA Mirror

Diaper Quest was created with Inform. To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: many are available, Windows Git is strongly recommended for any machine that can run it, this includes Macs - you should use WINE.

Known Issues

  • I'm getting reports of spontaneous crashes in Gargoyle. Use it at your own risk. If you do, it's strongly recommended to use roguelike saving.

Main Changelist:


Hotfix Changelist:

  • Small and medium diapers can no longer be seen through outfits by NPCs.
  • Patrons will diaper you if you have a diaper bag of holding.
  • The pocket necronomicon now teaches you new spells, at the cost of magic power.
  • Adjusted some of the internal numbers on the lengths of skirts to better line up with the current character window images. There will still be many inconsistencies - when you spot them please report them, and then I'll slowly be able to fix them.
  • Fixed some layering mistakes on the character window.
  • Fixed a bug critical issue where manually picking up a stuffie caused a stack overflow.
  • Fixed a bug with a couple of boogeymonster epilogues where the diaper didn't spawn.
  • Fixed a bug where being too full removed the stat bonus given to players who keep themselves nice and full.
  • Fixed a bug where an NPC masturbating you to orgasm through your diaper didn't count as shameful for male players.
  • Fixed a bug where the sissy bow was still unobtainable.

Bab Testers:

  • Fixed a bug where the portal gag wasn't working properly.
  • Fixed a bug where students would see you getting a change from the nurse and interpret it as a fight.
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