Diaper Quest Release 3 Version 1.0

Apologies, this special Halloween version is over a week later than intended due to personal life stuff. As an apology, I've unlocked the ability to enable or disable the Halloween content at will for all players.

Moving onto the good news... it's finally public! The 'Obedience School' version is complete enough that we can move to release 11, where you free-to-play users can finally experience the next iteration of Diaper Quest, where we maintain the core gameplay of the 4 core regions and sort-of bounce off of it, allowing you to periodically hop into what is a quasi-safe-zone with a bunch of useful rooms, in exchange for having to take part in a 'lesson' where you will have to participate in lewder and lewder challenges as you are promoted through the ranks.

How to Download:

On Windows? There's now an executable launcher, made by area57. It'll download the latest version of the game for you and lets you start a game with a single click of a button. Oh, and every time you open it, it'll check if there's a new version, and you'll be able to update to the new version from within the launcher! Just download the executable from here, and then run it: https://cloud.area57.info/index.php/s/DQLauncher/download
It should install locally to your user, and therefore not need any admin permissions. If you get a message about a font that couldn't be installed, just skip it.

Raw GBLORB File Direct Download Link (519.4 MB)
MEGA Mirror

Diaper Quest was created with Inform. To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: many are available, Windows Git is strongly recommended for any machine that can run it, this includes Macs - you should use WINE.

Known Issues

  • I'm getting reports of spontaneous crashes in Gargoyle. Use it at your own risk. If you do, it's strongly recommended to use roguelike saving.


  • A new unique halloween starting setup. Patrons can disable it, the rest of you will need to wait until the next version.
  • The 'Obedience School' region is now available to the public.
    • You get two opportunities to decide you wish to include this stuff in your playthrough. The first time you walk past the dungeon warp portal, the receptionist will offer you the opportunity to join. And the first time you enter the hotel, the receptionist is moved to outside of the hotel warp portal, where she'll offer you the same thing the first time you find the hotel warp portal room.
  • Reworked the back-end arousal and stimulation code, so now a lot more things can cause orgasms rather than just genital stimulation, and also stimulate you by different amounts depending on how sensitive you are in certain regions. There will likely be things that now seem too stimulating or not stimulating enough, please bring them to my attention and I'll review them.
  • A new stat - public reputation. Stuff you do in the game can get captured on photo or video and uploaded to your player's real-life Internet. This damages their public reputation. Once something has been uploaded, you can see an estimate of how bad the damage is in your 'addictions' list.
    • Once you've had the PC Monitor in the hotel bedroom perform the video call, it'll begin playing a slideshow of the various footage that's been captured of you, and where it is on the Internet.
    • It doesn't exist yet, but there will be a third type of epilogue (currently you get a 'nintendolls job' epilogue if you couldn't pay the simulation fee and you always get a 'one year later epilogue'), this new epilogue will summarise your first impressions and experience of your new life, and will focus on your body shape and public reputation.
      • These epilogues will be able to cause stat damage (for example if your public disgrace causes you issues, this could further lower your self-respect), which will affect your endgame score (and for alpha testers, which 'one year later' epilogue you get).
      • This may change but my current plan is to have these ones available to everyone.
  • You'll notice that the map now reveals neighbouring rooms too. This is mainly so that once the NPC icons are introduced, the information you can see is consistent with which rooms are revealed. But also I kind of like it anyway.
  • Made a framework for allowing multiple choice questions to be answered via numerical input. So we can have up to 10 options provided to the player at a time, instead of an annoying series of Yes/No questions, or having to wait until the complete turn ends and then get the player to write some text. Currently I'm using it for the djinn's wish, and some school lessons.
  • Wishberri art:
    • Missing bras
    • Missing crop tops & tank tops
    • New halloween outfit
  • Cultist mansion quest is now public.
  • NPCs being able to put you in multiple diapers is now public.
  • There is another gender option at the start of the game that lets you start as a biologically male player who is always referred to with female pronouns, intended for transwomen that want to play with a penis but never be misgendered. It should avoid using words like 'sissy' to describe the player too. If you notice any remaining irregularities, please let me know.
  • Weight gain option is now in DQ.
    • Eating makes you gain weight; it can randomly go to your arms, thighs, belly and butt.
    • Exercise (playing the game without using furniture to heal) gradually reduces belly and thigh fat.
    • Slapping gradually reduces arm fat.
    • Resisting when NPCs are punishing you reduces butt fat.
    • Cross trainer use reduces arm and butt fat.
  • Milk reworked:
    • Milk craving is now a thing, when the player's milk taste addiction is greater than 13/20.
      • After 3 minutes of not having drunk any milk, the player becomes cranky, becoming significantly less submissive but also massively less intelligent.
      • This only goes away upon drinking more milk or if enough time passes. The amount of time that needs to pass increases with milk taste addiction.
      • When the player has gone longer than 3 minutes without drinking milk and isn't craving milk (either because addiction level isn't high enough or enough time has passed), the player's milk taste addiction slowly decreases over time.
    • Milk no longer instantly contributes to exercise to gain strength and dexterity but is slowly digested, so this effect slowly trickles in over time.
    • [Weight gain] Milk makes you gain weight, if the amount of milk you've drunk recently is larger than how fat you are.
  • New statue in the mansion. Periodically you can touch one of its sections for a random effect.
    • Back: Gain 1 magic power
    • Butt: 33% chance of getting a pure diamond ring, 67% chance of getting cursed living underwear
    • Legs: Arouses you and gives you an ectoplasm. Ectoplasm can be gifted to a few magic-loving NPCs, or rubbed on clothing to give it the 'possession' attribute. This makes some attacks against body parts covered by that clothing miss, but also the clothing will molest you every now and then.
  • Held items that are not in a bag of holding how have humiliation values and contribute to your appearance (with 50% of the strength of if they were worn and visible).* Aika: Held items that are not in a bag of holding how have humiliation values and contribute to your appearance (with 50% of the strength of if they were worn and visible).
  • [Newest Nappy] New icons let you know which of your items are in your bag of holding, and which items visible and are slutty enough that they're currently actively contributing to your appearance rating.
  • More extra speech lines for NPCs by Crispy. This time, for when you resist against feedings.
  • The duration of how long you can hold an enema for, now decreases with how much water was in the enema.
  • New art for the baby bouncer by Rosie-BRS, and slightly reworked it:
    • Submitting (doing nothing, essentially) comes with a bit of humilition and a chance to get released before you gain any submissiveness - essentially if you're released on turn 2 you get away with it, but if it decides to hold you until turn 3 (50% chance) then you'll gain one delicatness.
    • Jumping (playing along) always releases you in that same turn, but causes submissiveness, diaper addiction and stimulation, and makes intelligent NPCs in the same room unimpressed with you.
    • Resisting just gains a lot of arousal every turn.
  • There's a fourth kind of collectible token - the magic token. Cash these in at a crafting table for increased magic power. Cashing in at least 5 tokens at once will consume 2 of the tokens to teach you a random new spell.
  • Some tattoos that spawned much too reliably when certain conditions were met now only have a small chance of spawning each time the conditions are met.
  • Only clothing and tattoos that are currently visible will contribute to the check of whether to block an item from being transformed due to shared theme.
  • NPCs now take their turns in a random order, rather than a fixed order based on the order they appear in the code.
  • When you examine something, its full title appears at the top. This should help confusion in the Newest Nympho GUI where otherwise it's easy to go a whole game without seeing the full title of an item.
  • A few more clothing uncurse quests should make the experience feel a little less samey.
  • Less of the extreme quests should pop up right at the start of the game when the player's addictions are really low.
  • Some new icons help keep track of who or what is penetrating you where.
  • Reduced the amount that wearing any heels regardless of height makes it difficult to stand up from kneeling. It's still difficult to stand up in high heels.
  • Fixed a significant lag issue caused by the prologue (i.e. when you choose Normal Start) and by cursed time bombs, where the timer wasn't resetting properly and causing 2 extra seconds of lag between each turn. Whoops...
  • Fixed a bug where the maid punishment could try and move a plug from one hole to another, causing a glitch.
  • Fixed a bug where some skirts and top-level corsets didn't disappear when they should to allow for class outfits to spawn.
  • Fixed a bug where displacing crotch or breast clothing (not including skirts) in front of a friendly NPC delayed them and stopped them from considering it offensive, which is only supposed to happen with unfriendly NPCs.
  • Fixed some bugs with the blink spell.
  • Fixed a bug where talking to the kitsune would reveal her image but not properly change her diguise state.

Bab Testers (October 2019 unlock file):

  • A new sub-region of the school, which I'm currently referring to as the 'predicament world', although in-game it's referred to as the 'extra credit zone'.
    • Accessed by changing the destination of the warp portal whilst inside the school reception, until it says 'extra credit zone'. If this doesn't happen, this means there's no eligible predicaments for your current rank and fetish selections, or you've just done an extra credit class and now it's time for you to return to the main game!
    • Sometimes there will be an initial segment where you are stuck in a room and forced to make difficult 'lesser of two evils' decisions in order to escape some kind of contraption or predicament whilst minimising the negative outcomes.
    • You will then need to traverse a 'perfect virutal replica' of your home neighbourhood, and get to your house, to complete the predicament and exit the zone. The worse your appearance, the more awful this will be for your humiliation!
      • The zone is essentially a ring road around a 3x3 park.
      • No combat can happen here.
      • Some areas of the park have objects to hide behind, which means an increased chance of evading detection each turn. However NPCs will tend to be more concentrated towards the centre of the map.
      • After you enter the main part of the sub-region, you will (usually) be able to see all NPCs at all times, to help you plan the best route through the zone.
      • NPCs have different internal numbers for what levels of appearance they find unacceptable, and also how good they are at spotting you. But on average, they're pretty good at spotting you and have quite a low tolerance for slutty appearances, and a medium tolerance for weird baby-like appearances. This is a public park, for goodness sake!
      • Some NPCs can take photos of you, which appear on the 'real internet', therefore damaging public reputation.
    • In the final room (your 'house') all your items will be waiting for you, as will a random trophy.
      • Trophies allow you to alter some rule of the game world. You will be able to activate the trophy immediately if you wish, but once you exit the zone, you'll need to be able to access the trophy room to activate or deactivate them again in the future, which requires pink diamond rank. Current trophies are...
        • Experiencing pain increases pleasure rather than delicateness (with orgasms being 'shameful' and therefore increasing orgasm addiction).
        • Your balance in high heels is much better but whilst you are wearing heels, NPCs will perform trip attacks much more frequently.
        • There are no longer negative effects over time from holding in an enema but you can no longer expel them manually and they'll never be automatically expelled when you're plugged.
        • It doesn't cost magic power to use magic spells and attacks, but whenever you do, it summons a huge amount of stuff inside your belly.
    • Bullies who are very upset with you can force you into the zone by surprise when you try to leave the school normally.
      • This can sometimes result in extra-special predicaments with both you and the bully, where you might be working together or against each other.
      • These special ones can also occur if you voluntarily enter the predicament world while there is a student alongside you in the reception area.
    • So in summary, going into this world has some pros (access to a trophy, sometimes you'll gain a new useful item of clothing to take away, and when you enter all your clothing is removed so it's a good way to escape bondage or curses), but it comes at a clear cost (some amount of sexual stuff, depending on how much you are able to avoid, followed by a humiliating journey back to your house, depending on what clothing you've managed to obtain).
    • List of current predicaments:
      • Simple sneak home - sapphire ranked players only
      • Serving tray predicament - emerald ranked players only
      • Team quiz predicament - ruby and higher ranked players only. This used to be a pink diamond lesson but now it's here. Requires a student to be pushed into the predicament world with you.
  • The player and NPCs now have indicators on the map. This is a work in progress - I'm thinking of trying to have unique images for each NPC, perhaps their faces. But it's difficult when working with such a small number of pixels (and the number varies depending on the user's screen size) so it need sa lot more work. This is adding a bit of lag at the moment so you can turn it off if you like.
    • Also at the moment I haven't finished going through every map tile in the game and coding where people can't stand due to obstacles. They will all get done over time.
  • There was a missing instruction for users trying to unlock patron content in weird interpreters like Frotz.
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