Diaper Quest Release 3 Version 3.0

Today's banner image is by Wishberri, and shows the latest Extra Credit Zone predicament (the Extra Credit Zone is currently patrons only).

How to Download:

On Windows? There's now an executable launcher, made by area57. It'll download the latest version of the game for you and lets you start a game with a single click of a button. Oh, and every time you open it, it'll check if there's a new version, and you'll be able to update to the new version from within the launcher! Just download the executable from here, and then run it: https://cloud.area57.info/index.php/s/DQLauncher/download
It should install locally to your user, and therefore not need any admin permissions. If you get a message about a font that couldn't be installed, just skip it.
NB: The Windows Launcher may fail to download the game successfully in the first few hours after release and at peak times for the United States due to the excessive strain on the server. We are looking into upgrading it.

This launcher is in alpha - we're still ironing out the kinks so there's still a decent chance it won't work for you. Also some people using Windows Defender will find that its overzealous attitude to protection incorrectly flags the executable as malware.
If you're not on Windows, can't get the launcher working, or are paranoid about running an executable from some random lewd internet game website, then read on.

Raw GBLORB File Direct Download Link (530.5 MB)
MEGA Mirror

Diaper Quest was created with Inform. To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: many are available, Windows Git is strongly recommended for any machine that can run it, this includes Macs - you should use WINE.

Known Issues

  • With the Christmas content, your appearance rating is bugged on the first turn, but fixes itself on the second turn.
  • Submitting to the bouncer trap seems to be broken.
  • I'm getting reports of spontaneous crashes in Gargoyle. Use it at your own risk. If you do, it's strongly recommended to use roguelike (automatic) saving.


  • Some props have new images thanks to Icarus, notably the candy machine which looks awesome!
  • If you choose the option to be allowed to pee past undisplacable cursed clothing, you now just click to use the toilet like normal rather than you being given a one-time offer at the moment you enter the room.
  • New sapphire lesson - russion roulette drinks. You'll take turns drinking water, milk or (if enabled) alcohol, until either you or your opponent gets the forfeit shot which increases humiliation and incontinence. As long as you don't back out, you get promoted.
  • NPC Favour Overhaul!
    • NPCs now start off slightly warmer than before, and so should in general take slightly longer to get to the point where they decide to babify you.
    • In the spirit of this, certain NPCs like the demoness no longer have so many things that make them instantly fully aggressive, but instead make them slowly aggressive over time. Also, the default apperance level at which NPCs become instantly unfriendly has been increased.
  • At maximum incontinence the player no longer notices that they have soiled diapers until they leak or are manually examined or an NPC checks them.
  • Updated the priestess class as it was a bit boring. It now wants you to keep using the same diaper over and over, and in fact will prevent you from removing a used diaper.
    • The quest is completed by having a diaper overflow with urine or messing in a diaper that already had mess in it.
  • You now count as stealthily going in a diaper (and therefore also progress the princess quest) if you pee in a fully visible stack of diapers but while the outermost one is completely dry.
    • To bring other diaper stack mechanics in line with this, if an NPC diaper checks you while the outermost diaper is dry, they'll not count it as you being found wet but they'll also not count it as you being found dry.
  • Most body parts now have various Icarus images when examined, or when brought into the focus window because they are significantly affecting your appearance rating.
  • Once you've triggered the mansion region to load, the kitsune can now appear in any region except the school (and in fact every 50 to 100 turns will decide to visit whatever region you happen to be in). The kitsune will disguise herself as one of the (intelligent) NPCs that wanders the halls of that region.
    • As a refresher since I'm sure there's some of you that don't really know what she does - when she's around she'll appear as a different NPC and you have to greet her or attack her to pay attention to you, and reveal her true form. Then you can give her gifts and in return she'll give you items in return. As you increase the total worth of the stuff you've given her over time, she'll give you smoke bombs and skeleton keys and the items for the vixen class, starting with the headgear.
  • Rather than the maid quest being dependent on you finding puddles in time to beat the clock, the maid class now only reduces your work ethic tracker and potentially punishes you when you leave a room with a puddle.
    My new plan for magic power is that it will be more common to gain magic power, but you can't hold more than 5 at a time.
    • Stuff gained in excess of 5 is usually wasted, but every now and then will give you increased intelligence or dexterity.
    • Whenever you discover a new magic spell, you also gain 1 magic power.
  • NPCs now react (negatively) when a sex toy slips out of an orifice to the ground in front of them.
  • The game now tells you when NPCs who are chasing you lose interest.
  • New clothing item - black leather boots. They have a sort-of gothic feel.
  • Turns out you could beat up the caged boogeymonster with ranged weapons. This was an oversight. You can still try it, but now every attack of this type comes with a chance of accidentally releasing him; a higher chance the more damage you do. So try this at your own risk.
  • The sewing bench in the school no longer requires an item of the same material and for neither item to be worn, to successfully mend a ripped item.
  • A lot of transformation effects now automatically target your least outrageous item (that can be transformed). Some will only consider uncovered clothing whereas others can choose any item of worn clothing.
  • The recipe for latex hood is now generic, rather than specifically rubber headwear, since headgear mostly disintegrates itself now. If a 'false' latex hood is crafted, it will have the 'stumbling' attribute.
  • Fixed a bug where the game didn't let you interact with urinals.
  • Fixed a bug where the altar wasn't successfully removing curses from drinking vessels.
  • [Inline hyperlinks] Fixed a bug where zapping attacks didn't have a working hyperlink.
  • Items dropped inside the Iron Maiden will now be on the floor of the location you got hit by the trap, once you are released.
  • Fixed a bug where in some instances, the hotel teleportation pad would claim that it has teleported you somewhere but actually hadn't.
  • Fixed a bug where penises were partially concealed by some skirts when they should be fully concealed, and also the flavour text for partially concealed penises sometimes implied they were fully exposed.
  • When you complete the princess rescue quest, the teachers and the headmistress now appear throughout the three regions connected to the school (i.e. the dungeon, hotel and mansion).
  • [Game Hates You] Just discovering the mansion entrance tile will start the cultists performing their ritual.
  • Pacifiers now decrease arousal over time, so there's a gameplay reason to want to wear one. The yellow pacifier now appears in containers.
  • The player being grossed out now decreases arousal over (a small number of) turns rather than instantly.
  • A new icon (squinty eyes) lets you know when something is only partially visible.
    • Partially visible clothes have 70% of their usual sluttiness rating and 80% of their usual babyness rating.
    • Body parts all have their own unique functions for deciding exactly how much the partial concealment effects their appearance ratings.
  • If a student gets really really upset with you (mostly happens from patron-only Extra Credit scenes for now), then you can get an assembly the next time you return to the school, where the student reports you to the headmistress who sends you to the dungeon.
  • Fixed a bug where the game didn't let you interact with urinals.
  • Fixed a bug where the male chastity cage wasn't appearing on the character window, instead you got a vagina.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'need to pee' animation button would be animated even when the player had the 'I failed potty training tattoo' which was supposed to prevent the player from knowing when they need to pee.
  • Fixed a bug where staff, when told by another student that a fight was happening, did not go towards the fight.
  • Fixed a bug where the royal bed could shrink penises that didn't exist.

Bab Testers (February 2020 unlock file):

  • Started implementing an idea I had for the player to be able to use their arms to partially conceal their most humiliating parts, and whenever they perform an action that requires their arms, these parts become momentarily fully visible.
    • The idea was that this would be an optional alternative mode - you have the advantage of a new way to slightly cover yourself up but the disadvantage of some kind of more punishing inventory limit.
    • However I'm finding it extremely tricky to implement elegantly and even more extremely difficult to balance with existing game mechanics and game flow.
    • So instead of this being an alternative mode, for now it's a feature that is active only when you are in the Extra Credit Zone. This should make it easier to code for now (much less various possibilities I need to consider) but you can still test it for me and give me feedback on how it feels.
  • New sapphire or emerald joint predicament. (That also means, this is the one you'll get at low ranks when you fight a student and a teacher gives you detention).
    • You and the student in the predicament with you are each told to make a choice - do you think the other person is a bigger baby, or are you the bigger baby, or are you the same?
    • The person who is decided to be the bigger baby from these choices gets put in a diaper and nothing else. The other gets a bikini outfit. If you chose answers which directly clash (you both pick the same option) then it's chosen randomly who is who.
    • If you ostensibly agreed with each other (you both said the same person was more babyish or you both chose "we're the same") then you are arranged with the person in a bikini's face pushed into the crotch of the person with a diaper (this is considered the less harsh orientation).
    • If you didn't clearly agree, then you are arranged the other way round, with the person in a diaper's face pushed into the crotch of the person in the bikini (the more harsh orientation).
    • You then have to hold your bladders for a set time. The time is higher depending on how much you accused each other of being babies (antagonistic) and lower if you accused yourselves of being babies (self-depreciating).
    • If you're the one with your face in the other student's crotch, then the mental penalties if she does let loose are worse if she's in a bikini than if she's in a diaper because there's less fabric protecting your delicate face from the stream of piss.
    • If it's the other way round, the amount she gets pissed off with you if you let loose are worse if you're in the bikini, for the same reason.
    • After the time is up, you have to sneak home, minimising the loss of dignity and public disgrace. This is obviously easier in a bikini than in nothing but a diaper.
    • Art by Rosie-BRS.
  • New emerald to pink diamond solo predicament. You have to walk through the extra credit zone in a lewd outfit which doesn't cover your nipples. But to cover your nipples you'll have to move your hands away from behind your head, which will trigger a big enema.
  • The sapphire 'simply sneak home' predicament now spawns a skeleton key somewhere in the zone, so if you spend a bit of time searching around you won't have to wear a locked diaper after you complete the predicament.
  • A final set of new bystanders from Relyet.
  • New sapphire or emerald predicament in the 'Extra Credit Zone', the sex toy fetch mission. You need to retrive two sex toys from fixed locations on the map and return them to the starting building before you can get the key to your house. Of course, with no bag of holding, carrying sex toys can be rather embarrassing. Unless you have somewhere you can hide them?
  • Public disgrace increases 10% as fast. It seemed just a tad overtuned!
  • Fixed a bug with the smoothie stand predicament where no bystanders spawned.
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