Diaper Quest Release 4 Version 5.0

This post's banner image is from one of Berri's new cutscenes (currently supporter-only).

Check out the start of the sister TQ release blog post for a Christmas message from Aika: https://trapquest.com/2020/12/22/trap-quest-release-12-version-5-0/


Go here and download the hotfix instead: https://diaperquest.com/diaper-quest-release-4-version-5-0-hotfix/


  • New art for the matron, by Wishberri.
  • Big damn rework of how classes work. Classes are cool, but they've been having too big an impact on the player's attire. It's easily possible to spend upwards of 90% of your game run in class gear you've seen 100 times before and never really wear the rest of the outfits in the game, of which there are a lot. There are some smaller issues too, like how you can't change your bras very often because you're usually locked inside your class outfit, and how it makes it difficult for us to add too many things that can destroy outfits as this could have an unfairly huge impact on how your game is going.
    • What main class you are is decided by your headgear, and headgear alone. You don't have to have other parts of the outfit worn to count as the main class.
      • Multiclasses (not that there are many in DQ yet) still require you to have the headgear of a class and the clothing item(s) that unlock the multiclass.
    • When you gain a new class, i.e. have a new headgear appear, the 'default' outfit immediately appears on you, or as much of it as possible, sending clashing items to the pink wardrobe. It can't remove 'unremovable' items this way, and it won't remove items that are already related to your class. The clothing item that tried to spawn but found an unresolvable clash just won't appear.
    • With a couple of exceptions, class outfit items are no longer blocked from being removed by your headgear. Instead of the stick, we're trying the carrot: they are now on the whole, more desirable to wear. Class items, with a few exceptions (e.g. plugs), when they appear, will be at least one of the following:
      • Not too slutty
      • Stat / combat enhancing
      • Helps you complete the quest
    • Just like before, the class items that are objectively pretty undesirable (cowbell, plugs, gloves etc.) appear cursed with an uncurse quest. Over time, we might add some unique quests for these items that are somewhat related to the class theme.
    • Here's a list of notable changes:
      • Catgirl: The quest has changed from licking a puddle (which could easily be completed almost instantly) to having 4 NPCs following you around at the same time. You have to be moving between rooms for it to count - you can't just have 3 more people stumble across you while someone is fucking you. The catbell's effect of reducing the chances of NPCs getting bored of trying to chase you is therefore helpful for completing the quest.
        • To get the cat ears blessed, you need to get 5 NPCs following you around at the same time.
      • Latex Fetish Model: New class outfit - latex window bra, latex window skirt, latex heeled boots. Purposefully changing your outfit while wearing the black latex hood punishes you by giving the hood the 'stumbling' attribute and reducing its magic modifier. Triggering the class outfit while the hood is already stumbling (e.g. because it was crafted with the wrong recipe) instead summons the black latex catsuit, cursed.
        • Also, new passive effect of the class - increased dexterity based on the outrageousness of the most outrageous latex item you are wearing.
        • Also, if you wear the hood when you have the pink spraybottle (including if it's unequipped), you'll instead get a new exposing latex maid outfit which unlocks a cross-class with the maid.
      • Maid: The maid themed black latex hobble dress you get for having extremely high humiliation or none of the other eligible maid outfits being available, or after having your maid outfit get hit by enough transformation effects, now gives you a cross-class with the latex fetish model class.
        • Also, you can now unequip the pink spraybottle whenever you want, but it will lose all stored up charge and 'work ethic'.
      • Puppygirl: New passive effect for the class - more bonus strength the fewer 'proper' items of clothing you are wearing (anything that would disqualify you from being described as 'nude', so toys, bondage, jewellery etc. are fine).
    • A new object in the Master Bedroom of the Haunted Mansion - the mystical wardrobe. Interacting with it (opening it) triggers your headgear to attempt to spawn its class outfit again.
      • However this spawning will not be able to remove any items that are already considered relevant to your class. So in this way, if you are wearing a cursed and transformed class outfit, you won't be able to use the mystical wardrobe to revert it back to the less babyish untransformed version.
  • Update to the Christmas class - if you fail the 'nice' quest by attacking or resisting, the naughty quest no longer requires you to go to the hotel and find the knife. You can also get diaper changes (from humans) to slowly remove your Christmas outfit, with the headgear disappearing last. But if you fight or resist again in the middle of this, it'll all just appear back on you.
    • Nice quest is slightly less ridiculous too, because while you are wearing christmas headgear, you are no longer forbidden from surrendering in combat while at high dominance.
    • Both with the nice quest christmas headgear and the normal santa headgear you earn for successfully completing the nice quest, you'll find that your embarrassing christmas themed outfit can be removed at will. The reason you might not want to is that it helps you with the quest of gifting items to unfriendly enemies, since it makes the christmas gift item which you'll often end up with quite a few of, giftable to intelligent NPCs. Quite how much they value the item increases with the outrageouness of your christmas outfit.
    • Christmas content is now properly compatible with latex prisoner start option.
  • Tryhard Student Laci has had the Owlcan art treatment.
  • A new magic spell summons an item of (probably quite outrageous) clothing on you, cursed and with a +2 magic modifier. It follows the same rules as for class items - it'll send things to the pink wardrobe in order to spawn, but can't remove gear related to your class in this way.
  • Now that you don't need main outfits to keep classes, we can be a bit more ruthless with adding some ways for your main outfit pieces to be destroyed. Hopefully this will lead to some of the other outfits in the game actually getting a chance to be worn, rather than you spending 95% of your game time only ever in the same old class outfits.
    • Before, when an NPC angrily ripped off a piece of your clothing, they would avoid your main outfit if you had a class. This is no longer the case.
    • If a hook trap doesn't manage to grab anything and you fail a bad luck roll, it will rip off your (uncovered) bra, if able.
    • When you get an electric shock from touching the wood statue's hand, the electricity goes further and hits any uncovered dresses you are wearing. If it's metal, it hurts you even more, otherwise it is destroyed.
      • Use this information wisely and avoid touching the hand when you have a valuable dress, but consider choosing it if you have a bad dress!
    • Getting very unlucky (two bad luck rolls in a row) while crawling in the woods with a skirted item of clothing gets it snagged on some foliage. You will have to choose between destroying the item or losing turns as you try to free yourself (with a 1 in 3 chance of success each time). You can only attempt to free yourself if your manual dexterity isn't hampered by bondage or gloves or similar.
      • NPCs that are particularly friendly with you will just immediately free you at no cost to your relationship level.
    • A new rare magic attribute for underwear called 'exposure' makes the item, when cursed, always immediately destroy whatever you put on above it. It currently only appears on items that it's unfashionable to cover up anyway.
  • New rare 'anchor collar' neck slot item improves swimming and isn't considered particularly embarrassing to wear. If blessed, improves strength.
  • The player no longer automatically spits out mouthfuls when very thirsty.
  • Newly spawned cultists will be higher level depending on the current progress of the doom quest.
  • Cultists will sometimes do a short chant and regain a little health.
    • The more the doom quest progresses, the more health they get back
    • From level 8 onwards, the health they gain is doubled and they'll do damage for a couple turns.
  • The clairvoyant cultist (the one that hangs out in the mansions Guest Room) always gets double healing and bonus damage from her chant
  • Once the doom quest has progressed a little, the clairvoyant cultist can summon the female ghost to help fight you off.
    • Only happens after she's been pushed below half health.
  • Ghost descriptions will now reflect whether you are able to attack them, and if they are about to do their special ability.
  • If you piss an npc off, and they can't find anything to tear off you, they will gain a level instead.
  • Changed a feature where with Game Hates You, some clothing clashes wouldn't get fixed by sending offending items to the pink wardrobe.
  • Fixed a bug where the vampiress would sometimes tear off chastity cages that did not exist.
  • Fixed an issue where taking things from the museum store wouldn't count as stealing.
  • Fixed a bug where mindless cultists would follow you around from room to room when they should be sticking around in the altar room.
  • Fixed a bug where the clairvoyant cultist would follow you around from room to room instead of chilling in the guest room.
  • Fixed a bug where opening the pedestals in the mansion would open them permanently, not temporarily.
  • Fixed an issue where the text color for the cultist npc would be wildly inconsistent.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies could still smack you in your scrotum, even when you didn't even have one.
  • Fixed a bug where you could poke defeated enemies and cause them to use their normal undefeated perception function.
  • Fixed a bug where the wishing well wasn't properly storing the value of failed wishes.
  • Fixed a stack overflow error that would sometimes occur when using the wishing well.
  • The baby reins will now prevent the player from removing their own underwear, including diapers, as originally intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the baby reins weren't appearing in the character window.
  • [Left behind messy diapers] Fixed a bug where diaper stacks, when changed by an NPC, weren't correctly converted into soiled diaper items.

Alpha Testers (December 2020 Unlock File):

  • [Left behind messy diapers] A new scene with "Adult Baby Berri" (babified 3 times) where she wants to put a messy diaper in a diaper pail but can't bring herself to do it in front of you. She can't help you fight and she stinks up the place. If, after you move rooms, she's in a different room from you, if there's a diaper pail in it, she'll put the diaper in the pail. Otherwise she'll leave it on the ground, which you can get blamed for if you don't clean up after her.
  • A new scene with "Fetish Slave Berri" (babified 2 times) where she has been locked in the Hotel Bathroom as a 'Punishment Potty', which allows you to sit on her face as you use your diaper to gain dominance. You can also free her by waiting for a patron to wander by, and agreeing to his terms.
    • [Watersports] You can also use her as a toilet.
  • A new scene with "Player Berri" (babified 0 times) in the Dungeon, if you walk into a room with a hook trap that you recently triggered. It has caught her panties into a wedgie and she needs some help to get out.
    • You can try to unhook the panties, which is a strength check. Succeeding makes her very happy with you, but each time you fail makes her slightly unhappy with you.
    • You can rip the panties, this always works but if you get an unlucky roll, a guard appears, sees Berri without underwear, and babifies her.
    • You can try to steal her gun - the same strength roll as unhooking above. Succeeding makes her permanently unfriendly but releases her (she runs off immediately) and you get her gun. A guard appears and babifies her. Failing makes her rather unhappy with you and also she gives you a mouthful of breast milk from her gun.
    • If too many turns pass without her getting free, she wets herself. From then on, getting an unlucky roll or leaving the room without freeing her makes a guard appear, and he babifies her (you'll only witness the scene if you're in the room).
  • Several of Berri's cutscenes that could previously only occur if the player had nobody following them around at that moment now allows for NPCs to be following the player around. This should allow them to appear more often but is probably a net-negative change since you might want to help Berri but be unable to because you're being hunted down.
  • A new epilogue (remember you can type 'epilogue' to manually choose them): "Padded 24/7", the life of someone who now has to wear diapers but isn't sexually aroused by using them. Requires you to be a bit incontinent but not fully incontinent, and less than 8/20 diaper addiction, and less than 32000/40000 humiliation. Four variants:
    • Over 16/30 dexterity
    • Over 24000/40000 humiliation
    • Under 8000/40000 humiliation
    • Between 8000 and 24000 humiliation
  • 'i have the power' cheat command now refreshes magic power as well as increasing your maximum by 1.
  • Fixed a bug where urinating and causing a diaper to overflow in the Extra Credit Zone would cause the baby bonnet to appear.
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