Diaper Quest Release 5 Version 2.0

This post's banner image is from the new scene where the dominatrix locks Berri in a cage (patrons only).


Please go download the hotfix here instead: https://diaperquest.com/diaper-quest-release-5-version-2-0-hotfix/


  • Lots of new tattoos, with art by Conrico!
    • 'Playdude' bunny butt cheek tattoo; inspired by anything related to alcohol, partying, bunnies, waitressing; increases charisma by 1.
    • Chilli pepper butt cheek tattoo; inspired by anything related to food or fire and bombs; magic themed so it contributes to magic damage and also it makes messing sometimes hurt.
    • Spank heart butt cheek tattoo; inspired by anything heart themed, suspenders, stockings, the whip of domination and black underwear; causes (small amounts of) arousal whenever you experience pain.
    • Joy bird upper back tattoo; inspired by anything bird themed and by large eggs; decreases sex addiction by 1 and reduces future humiliation gains.
    • Daddy's Girl crotch tattoo; can only appear from orgasming while a male monster is masturbating you and getting a double-unlucky roll (1 in 16 chance); increases diaper addiction and the next time you have an orgasm while wearing a diaper it transforms into the (already existing) Daddy's Little Girl crotch tattoo which punishes you for wearing normal underwear.
    • Beauty upper chest tattoo; inspired by make up kits, (identified) temptation clothing, scrunchies, cheerleader outfits, pom-poms, party related items, kimonos, negligees, pink hair, silk rose, romance novel; increases charisma by 1.
    • [Male with TG disabled] Naughty boy belly tattoo; inspired by things with stars on them, naughty skirt, 'high maintenance' T-shirt, 'spoiled' crop top, nice/naughty Christmas outfit; reduces delicateness by 1.
  • There's now a distinction between tattoos somewhere above the breasts and tattoos on the breast flesh itself, and you can have one of each.
    • The game will even now allow you to have one tattoo on your left breast and a different one on your right breast.
  • Changes to the Iron Maiden:
    • It takes longer than before for you to be released, up from 4-6 to 8-12.
      • [Game Hates You] It's always 12.
  • The sex dungeon has a cage that the dominatrix can put you in, if she punishes you for disobedience while particularly unfriendly (probably because you attacked her a bunch of times). Also if you teleport (e.g. via a fae mushroom) and appear in her room, you'll appear in the cage. Oops!
    • You'll be released a set amount of time later, even if she's somehow disappeared.
    • [Watersports] Wrestlers can torment you through the bars if unfriendly.
  • When glued clothing gets drenched in water e.g. by you going for a swim, the glue goes away.
    • [Game Hates You] Nope! That glue stays exactly where it is!
  • The prison guard can return after being banished, any number of times. Which also prevents bugs / impossible quests with the game being unable to provide a royal guard for you to interact with.
  • The cave of divination and the witch's shack in the woods now count as having ceilings which means that you won't get rained on.
  • The witch's altar now indicates how many times you are allowed to use it before you need to give the witch more items. Art by Conrico.
    • This art isn't really all that appropriate for DQ though, is it? I should probably get a different one made.
  • The ruby butt plug lesson now has an option where you don't even attempt to put any plug in. The teacher will respond by forcing a plug in your ass, which increases soreness and pain, but the plug isn't glued.
  • Experimental: If your headgear is already blessed from two successful quest completions and you still don't remove it, further triggers of the quest completion not only reduce your hair length or heal you, but also give you an emerald ring each time. For people who tend to only play with a single class throughout the whole game, this should give you a bit of extra cash.
  • Some fan suggestions:
    • If you qualify as an 'adult baby' (diaper releated headgear or three diaper related items of clothing), the matron will always give you her standard dominant 'treatment'.
    • The nurse will always check your diaper, rather than only checking it when it needs a change.
    • When you drop a blessed pink spraybottle, it loses the blessing instead of breaking.
    • When you purposefully urinate with clothing in the way, in the presence of a toilet, you get the option to sit on the toilet. This then means that any leaks go down the toilet rather than creating a puddle on the floor.
    • [Newest Nappy GUI] Drinks now have icons across the bottom indicating how many doses they can hold and how many doses they have remaining.
    • With Game Hates You disabled, there's no longer any chance of NPCs managing to grab your wrist on your first slap 'in a row'.
  • New art for several key map tiles.
  • New art for the alchemist's table in the dungeon, including a different version when it's glowing.
  • Different art for Berri when she's caught by a hypno trap in her level 2 outfit (dungarees)
  • A new image by Rosie-BRS appears when a camera trap in the hotel takes a photo of your diaper up your skirt as you fall over.
  • Fixed a bug where after an NPC decided to extend the duration of a spank because of resisting, they would extend the spanking session every turn that the player submitted after that. (Essentially they only reconsidered whether to keep extending the spank session each time the player chose to resist.)
  • Fixed a bug where there could be an in-game error when trying to read from the Table of Published Disgraces.
  • Fixed a bug where allied NPCs would often attack themselves rather than the enemy. This took like a whole day to hunt down and fix and I almost lost the will to live. You're welcome.
  • Fixed a bug where the clothing uncurse quest of progressing the doom ritual didn't actually trigger the quest completion when the doom ritual progressed.
  • Fixed a bug where the description of your balls wasn't always accurate.
  • Fixed a bug where you could still move around when you were trapped by vines.
  • Fixed a bug where you could sometimes see mirror traps from inside the iron maiden.
  • Fixed an issue where you could pull the sword from the stone while your arms were bound behind you.
  • Fixed an issue where you could pull the pullstring collar while your arms were bound behind you.
  • Fixed a bug where scrotum size would not properly grow or shrink alongside penis size. It isn't exactly 1 to 1 like it was before, though.
  • Fixed a bug where you would see some strange flavor when wearing cursed clothing without a quest.

Bab Testers (April 2021 unlock file):

  • The dominatrix can put the wrestler in the cage. Art by Wishberri.
  • You can now 'dominate' NPCs in cages, which (if you're submissive enough) lowers submissiveness.
    • If you get an unlucky roll on the boogemonster, he grabs you, which has a new nightmare scene, about a workplace where you're humiliated for being the only one who's NOT in diapers. Increases diaper addiction.
    • Art by Rosie-BRS.
  • [Alcohol] The debug command 'vodka' lets you increase your blood alcohol levels.
  • Setting your milk / urine taste addiction is now all done with the single command set taste addiction which will then offer you multiple choices depending on fetish options.
    • When you reach the final room of the Extra Credit Zone, the game will (when able) offer to automatically replace all the clothes you were wearing when you entered the zone.
  • Fixed a bug where tattoos obtained during an Extra Credit lesson disappeared at the end.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the dominatrix would go grab her whip while she was in the middle of hanging onto your wrist.
  • Fixed a bug where a tiara veil (the princess bride headgear from TQ) could show up in DQ.
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