Diaper Quest Release 5 Version 3.0

This post's banner image is from the new Final Showdown between the Princess and Demon Lord Xavier (currently bab tester only), by Rosie-BRS.

An embarrassing amount of this is largely untested but I won't be able to work on it tomorrow so it was now or Monday, and I thought you babs could use something to fill your Sundays. Brace yourselves for a hotfix early next week!

I'm experimenting with different layouts for the changelist. Let's see if people like this one.


Go here and download the hotfix instead: https://diaperquest.com/diaper-quest-release-5-version-3-0-hotfix/



  • The needle trap is now unique to the woods region. The dungeon now gets 'rune traps', pressure pads that cause an effect via magic when stepped on. I think that keeps better within each region's themes.
    • Rune traps each do a unique effect, rather than randomly chosen each time. Currently, every rune trap that can spawn based on your fetish selection options will spawn. At the moment, the different rune traps are:
      • Fatigue rune: Increases fatigue by half of maximum and empties your magic energy pool by half of its maximum (doesn't affect your total magic capacity)
        • [Game Hates You] Instead takes you to maximum fatigue and completely empties your magic energy pool
      • Shrink rune: Lowers penis size if able. If not, lowers strength.
      • Polymorph rune: Attempts to transform a random eligible worn item of clothing.
  • The mansion now has a sewing bench room! Yet another reason to go there. Mend your ripped clothing for free! (There's not much that rips clothing in DQ yet, but still, there is a little!)
  • Created a unified suffocation framework, largely for when you have a female NPC facesit you, or a male NPC deepthroat you, but also some other times such as holding your breath in the pink smoke.
    • Speaking of which, you can now choose to hold your breath while in the pink smoke, and when someone is diaper facesitting you. Choose between the bad stuff from breathing and the bad stuff from not breathing!
    • Each stack of suffocation (usually gained at a rate of 1 per turn, and lost at a rate of 1 per turn once you can breathe again) reduces strength, dexterity and intelligence all by 1.
    • At 8 stacks of suffocation you faint (if fainting enabled) or experience pain every turn (if fainting disabled).
      • If you're a 'trained hooker' (after the senior robobellboy has made you wear some training gear), this is 10 instead. I'll probably add some more kit that helps you hold your breath for longer soon.
    • Every turn you're suffocated by an NPC, there's a chance of extra suffocation gain. This chance is higher if you are resisting (under normal circumstances, the chance rises from 33% to 50%).
      • This means that suffocation now more clearly ties into your decision on whether to resist or submit, and you can adjust your strategy depending on how well or badly the facesitting is going.
      • The bulging slutty sister doesn't come with this extra suffocation gain chance, because instead the only way to get her to 'finish' is by submitting until she cums. So there's no need to encourage you to submit further by giving you this decision to make. And also, the scene is quite long, you'll quite possibly need all 8 of those turns!


  • More clothing got the art treatment, most notably jewellery.
  • More academy student bullying:
    • When a student puts a dildo inside you, it has glue on it, so you can't just immediately remove it.
    • [Watersports] when getting swirlied, if there's a nasty student in the supporting crowd, they will piss in the toilet while you're head is still in it.
    • A bully can lock ballet heels or a "lip gag" (functionally identical to ring gags) on you.
    • If you have at least one tattoo already, a bully can write in permanent marker on your chest.
    • If you are wearing one of the less childish schoolgirl outfits, they can destroy it and make you wear the most babyish of the schoolgirl outfits, glued.
    • Ditzy students can no longer become angry and unfriendly in the same way as tryhard, nasty and innocent students. Instead, as they get deeper and deeper into low levels of favour, they have a higher and higher chance each turn of pranking you.
      • For a prank to take place the ditzy student must be in your location, paying attention to you, and there must not be a teacher in the room.
      • Whenever a student pulls a prank, their favour increases by 1, so future pranks become less likely (until you upset them some more).
      • A wedgie prank causes pain and damage to the underwear, or might destroy it entirely.
      • A kancho prank causes anal stimulation, soreness and/or pain depending on what's in the way of, or inside, your asshole.
      • A selfie prank causes a photo of you in your current outfit to be uploaded to the Internet.
  • More teleportation trolling:
    • If you teleport above the Hole In The Ground in the Woods, you fall down the hole.
    • If you teleport to the Hidden Altar Room in the Mansion, you appear on the altar, triggering it.
    • If you teleport to the room in the Mansion with the Iron Maiden in it (after the first time you've been in it), you'll appear inside the Iron Maiden.
  • Reduced the amount of time the player spends in the dominatrix's cage in one session.
  • A new recurring scene for when you're stuck in the dominatrix's cage, where a patron appears and decides to do something to you.
  • Changed the sapphire make up lesson with Angela.
    • Firstly, it's important to note that make up kits have been changed, and instead of adding a single layer of make up they now let you increase your make up level by any amount.
    • If you arrive with a make up kit in your inventory and less-than-moderate make up, you get punished. You have to choose between a new tattoo and getting hurt and losing intelligence. This means you'd better actually use that make up kit before attending a sapphire class!
    • She tries to teach you a new passive skill.
      • You can only choose to learn it if your skill learning timer is off cooldown.
      • The skill means that when you apply make up to the moderate level (2 out of 3), as long as it stays at this level, then for the next 1000 seconds, you get an additional huge boost to charisma.
        • Use this to get good trades with NPCs!
  • Reworked the hotel 'adult baby brothel' payment mechanics.
    • Patrons now actually have favour that matters. Beforehand, the only thing that determined what value jewellery they paid you with was the type of patron. But now, how much they like you also matters. Treat your regulars well and you'll soon be earning a fortune! Kind of. You wish.
    • Patron favour goes up from a couple of things:
      • Before playtime, when the patron arrives, there's a chance for him to gain +1 favour. The chance goes up the more degrading footage there is of you on the Internet, and goes down the friendlier he is with you already. (The chance is 0 if there's no degrading footage of you on the Internet).
        • Essentially, this is the one and only good thing about having embarrassing content of you online.
      • After paying you, there's a chance for each patron to gain +1 favour. A random visible item you're wearing (including tattoos) is chosen (not including jewellery and other trivial stuff), and its 'outrage' value is compared to the patron's existing favour. If the outrage is high enough, the patron gets +1 favour.
        • Essentially, wear more outrageous stuff to increase this chance. It's even possible to game the system by removing non-outrageous stuff before lying on the bed. But eventually you can't increase this any further because as the patron likes you more and more, the required outrage level to get further +favour goes up.
    • Patron favour goes down from you disappointing them during playtime.
    • If you do something really out of order like fight back, they'll still enter a 'pissed off' state which means they won't pay you at all this time.
  • When you surrender during combat, your opponent will sometimes force nearby friendly npc's to surrender with you.


  • Played around with map tiles, trying to make the dungeon and hotel look nicer, with the help of an anonymous contributor.
  • Some more unique flavour from certain NPCs when they react to you getting caught by certain traps.
  • Normal diapers now always ignore exclusivity rules (some outfits can normally only be worn with nothing underneath).
  • Image updates for a couple of things:
    • Xavier (new image while he's paying attention to you)
    • Prison Guard
  • The Djinn, unicorn, and centaur will now taunt you a little when you surrender to them.
  • Skirts are now half as good at covering up erect penises.


  • Fixed a bug where NPCs that were defeated by other NPCs while grabbing your wrist(s) did not let go of your wrists.
  • Fixed a "programming error" bug triggered by trying to feed a bag of holding with a non-clothing item.
  • Fixed a mistake where pocketwipes could be kept in bags of holding despite them containing liquid.
  • Fixed a bug where being dragged somewhere counted as being teleported there for the purposes of unlucky teleportation outcomes like getting stuck in a cage.
  • Fixed a bug where movement delays triggered the nurse to block your movement entirely.
  • Fixed a bug where using clever and unusual ways to save Berri from the mechanic could leave Berri in a weird state.
  • Fixed a bug where Xavier wasn't properly interacting with the NPCs around him while in combat with you.
  • Fixed a small issue where the wishing well would sometimes fail to remove demonic or cursed items if they were currently unremovable, which made the well virtually guaranteed to fail.
  • Fixed a bug where the "tent" from erect penises was counted as having a fully visible penis (even if it was being counted as covered)
  • Fixed a bug where skirts sometimes wouldn't be counted conceal your penis, even when flaccid.

BAB TESTERS (June 2021 Unlock File)

  • THE FINAL SHOWDOWN! After the princess is freed and roaming the main game world, when Demon Lord Xavier notices you, if the conditions are right (including no other NPCs in your location) she'll appear, and have a huge showdown with Xavier.
    • This fight is broken into scenes, or modules, where the Princess does a chunk of damage to Xavier and then Xavier does something back.
    • Pretty much always, Xavier's attack puts the Princess into a bit of a predicament that you can usually help her with, but to your own detriment. There is often more than one way to help her, too!
    • The first scene is always the same: The princess's wand gets cursed and she can't stop masturbating herself.
      • This scene sort of allows you to choose to fight yourself, if you like. If you can defeat Xavier in 12 turns worth of attacks, then you can just do that here.
    • All scenes after the first have art done by the awesome Rosie-BRS..
    • If the Princess is defeated, she is permanently turned into the Dark Princess. She wants to make your life a misery, in the standard ways you'd expect.
      • Oh, and she's completely fucking invincible.
    • Once you're in the hotel region you can trigger this final showdown manually as much as you want with "final battle".
    • Expect this to go through a lot of iterations of balance changes, and also it is a WIP - more scenes / modules are still to be added!
  • New trophies can be earned in the Extra Credit Zone:
    • A candy trophy which changes the rules of the universe so that all candy slightly heals you, in addition to any other effects. But, all candy eating happens immediately and automatically as soon as possible after you obtain the candy.
    • [Weight Gain] A chubby trophy which changes the rules of the universe so that exercise doesn't burn fat any more, instead it ignores your fat and all your exercising efforts go directly to building your muscle (i.e. strength and dex). This means you'll be able to build stats over time, but it will also leave you without the main way to prevent yourself from getting obese.
  • There's a new assembly that triggers if you somehow created a puddle of pee in the school. The headmistress puts locks on the toilets and requires people to come to her for permission, and the key. Furthermore you are required to get a teacher to supervise your toilet use and then return the key to the headmistress. Lots of fun things can happen here.
    • Firstly, with increasing likelihood depending on your rank, the headmistress might make you earn the key, or even worse pee in a bowl in front of her.
      • At a certain rank, she'll just forbid toilet use altogether.
    • Secondly, if you don't bring a teacher with you, then a teacher might catch you if they're close enough, and give you detention.
    • Thirdly, if you don't bring a teacher with you but don't get caught, a student might catch you (or already be there).
      • They might ask you to let them use the toilet too. You can give them the key for increased relationship (favour) but a chance for the key to go missing, allow them but with you watching for increased self-esteem (but a small chance to both be caught by a teacher and sent into a joint predicament in the Extra Credit Zone), or forbid them for reduced relationship.
      • They might demand that you let them give you a swirlie. If you refuse, they'll call a teacher and get you detention.
  • (Hopefully) fixed a bug where female players with futa disabled could suddenly find themselves with a penis.
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