Diaper Quest Release 5 Version 4.0

Sorry for the delay. This version was a bit buggy and a little underwhelming a couple of days ago.

I'm still in a rush right now so will update all the various other places soon but not right now!

This post's banner image is from the new scene in the Final Showdown between the Princess and Demon Lord Xavier (currently bab tester only), by Rosie-BRS.


Go here and download the hotfix instead: https://diaperquest.com/diaper-quest-release-5-version-4-0-hotfix/



  • Crotch-hugging clothing now has a 'tightness' stat which is used to calculate whether the player has a cameltoe. The number checked is tightness + labia plumpness. This might feel like more of a TQ thing, but I think it works well in DQ because it encourages you to wear padded items to avoid showing off your flaps.
    • 4 is a slight cameltoe.
    • 5+ is a full cameltoe.
    • Most crotch hugging clothing has a tightness of 2, so only gives a slight cameltoe even with large labia, but some are tighter.
    • Most underwear has a tightness of 3, so starts to give a slight cameltoe if your labia have gotten any plumpness at all.
    • Some thick / rigid / loose stuff, like jeans and metal items, have a tightness of 1, so should never create a cameltoe except in some bizarre circumstances we haven't thought of yet, or if we're ever crazy enough to create a 4th level of labia plumpness.
  • Major changes to how the game decides whether you are going to lose control of your bladder or belly.
    • The existing system is still there but the player has an increased tolerance - it'll (on average) be a while longer before you just entirely lose control because too much time has passed.
    • Certain events trigger an expulsion check. This is an instant die roll to decide whether you manage to hold it in, leak a little, or lose control of it all.
      • This framework is now relatively uniform across all the different things you can "hold" - anal creampies, enemas, bladder, etc.
      • The only real difference between the different types of holding, is that with enemas and mouthfuls, unless you succeed at a luck roll, you always lose a little bit unless you swallow it all.
    • The main event that triggers the expulsion check is pain.
      • Being attacked is separate to pain, so don't worry, you don't have to undergo this check every time you are attacked. However when an enemy hits your belly (1 in 6 times), the check is triggered! However it's a slightly more gentle check that cannot result in fully losing control of your bladder (but it can still result in fully losing hold of an anal creampie / enema).


  • Loads of new inventory art, notably corsets, and some missing skirts and shoes.
    • A lot of this doesn't appear on the character window yet because we haven't yet made the variants for the different diaper bulks (and associated leg positions).
  • New 'Nub' Chastity Cage
    • When a chastity cage is hit by a transformation effect, it may spawn if your penis is smaller than your current chastity cage and you get unlucky (or if it's cursed)
    • It will try to shrink the penis to its minimum value. Once at minumum value it will start raising penis obedience, then it will increase arousal. (The item has some unique flavour as well.)
  • [Messing] Whenever the game is about to ask you whether you want to try to hold it in, i.e. attempt to avoid messing yourself, a d7 is rolled. If your current intelligence rating is below the rolled number, then you are too distracted to think properly and you find yourself squatting and pushing before you even realise what you're doing. This counts, for all intents and purposes, as you voluntarily choosing to mess yourself.
    • Baby bonnets allow you to skip this roll.
  • Baby bonnets negate the intelligence and dexterity losses you would normally have from holding in lots of pee, mess, or an enema.
  • When an NPC performs a diaper check, and you're decently wet and/or messed, they'll no longer always change you. There's a few more reasons they might decide to let you stew, essentially, including if you're a diaper priestess, or if you're wearing two or more diapers, and the outer one is still completely dry.
  • The scene where you walk into the dominatrix's room and Fetish Slave Berri is there in a predicament with nose plugs connected to her diaper suit. (Requires either full messing to be enabled, or watersports.)
  • Slingshot traps can now slingshot cursed gags (usually pacifiers) into your mouth. They'll only do this if you're already wearing something on your bottom half that prevents them putting a diaper on you.
    • If they can't find an appropriate gag (or you can't wear it), it'll try to put a heart collar on you. This can transform into a spike collar and then a bib.
  • After you rescue the Princess, when she wets (or with messy diaper faceplanting, messes) herself, if you don't help her immediately or if you're not with her, she'll go to the Throne Room and stay there until you help her.
  • New art for the adult baby NPCs, drawn by HofBondage.
  • If you have an erect penis while getting a diaper change from her, the matron will make you shamefully orgasm and then, if bondage protection is disabled, lock you in a chastity cage.
  • [Full Messing] A new clothing trait, 'desperation', treats you as always having a suppository in your butt / laxative in your system once you start to feel the need to go. It currently can appear if you are unlucky with a slingshot trap, and if a magic dust trap tries to transform an item of clothing but fails, and also some bras and stockings can start with it.
  • [Messing] You can now get the matron to change an adult baby slave in the same way you can get a royal guard to change an adult baby slave. The matron has to be interested, friendly, and in the same location as the adult baby slave, who needs to be not currently attacking you.


  • Reworked glue. It now degrades over time - 450 seconds of in-game time to be exact. You can peel it off as much as you want, for a guaranteed 100 seconds off that timer, but each time you do, you have to make a dexterity roll or experience pain.
    • Also, you can no longer remove glue when you have reduced manual dexterity.
    • [Latex Prisoner] that means there's still no way to get out of those mittens you start in, except patience!
  • People complained about having to choose whether to breathe every turn. Fine, screw you! You now have to manually stop breathing with 'hold breath' and start again with 'breathe' (they'll also work to do the opposite). This means that the first turn you encounter something during which you should probably hold your breath, you won't have a chance to hold your breath in that first turn when the effect starts. Tough shit.
    • There's currently no GUI button for this, but there will be eventually one day, I'm sure.
  • Removed a feature where milk and urine could not stain any clothing items except underwear and trousers. The feature remains in place for semen only.
  • Made pressure pad traps a bit more clear-cut. You always trigger them when upright (unless you're wearing sandals) and you always succeed in avoiding triggering them when on your knees, unless you have super giant boobs in which case you do trigger them.
  • New art for the mystical wardrobe and the med bay bed. Also he has set up a Twitter account here, go follow him!
  • New art for the scene where the dominatrix feeds you from the baby-bottle-strapon, by Rosie-BRS.
  • Skirts are now half as good at covering up erect penises.* The first time you faint after growing a vagina, you'll be given the option to identify as female for the rest of the game.
  • Wishing for "purification" at the wishing well now has a chance to remove any debuffs you might have from losing your virginity.
    • This particular purification comes with the additional price of a huge chunk of your dignity.
  • Made substantial changes to the prices of items, making them all cheaper. Perhaps too cheap, we'll see. But yeah beforehand the shop was a bit prohibitively expensive and I think it's more fun if it's either affordable or too cheap. Too expensive is just boring.
  • Once you are at maximum incontinence, your bladder empties itself all the time as immediately as possible. So there'll be a regular, frequent trickle rather than a build-up to a big sudden wetting.
  • [Game Hates You] You start the game with a very full bladder and [if full messing is enabled] the effects of a suppository up your butt.
  • With [Fashion Victim] enabled, 1 in 16 normal items will have the 'provocation' attribute which means that as soon as you wear it, it curses itself and tries to transform into something more embarrassing.
  • If you defeat the deep one and then attack a ritual cultist, the deep one no longer immediately appears back in the altar room. Instead he appears in the furthest away room in the mansion that you've discovered, and has to run all the way over to you.
    • And just as a reminder, every time you defeat him or he punishes you, the next time he appears he'll be weaker.
  • Changed the code for when the game first loads a region to be less unfair towards unique NPCs like the Djinn, who were less likely to spawn than NPCs with large numbers of variants. You should see him more now.
  • Whenever you banish an NPC after defeating them, or you can't choose how to punish them because you're still in combat, so they just slink away, you get a significant self-repsect increase (i.e. humiliation decrease). The amount of self-repsect you restore has a flat element and has an element that scales with the difficulty level of the NPC.
  • The angelic adult baby slave can give you a bubblegum when you trade with her or defeat her and demand an item from her.

BAB TESTERS (August 2021 Unlock File)

  • NPCs in the Extra Credit Zone can now go into their gender's toilets. While in there, the door will be locked and you will be unable to enter that room, forcing you to wait outside in the open until they are done.
  • A new scene in the Final Battle: A scary robot will explode, stunning you both, unless at least one of you holds a deep squat and holds up peace signs, for three turns. Let the Princess hold the squat and get zapped while she's defenceless, or take over the job of holding the squat and get humiliated, potentially soil yourself, and have the photos posted online. Art by Rosie-BRS.
  • If the situation is right and you're diapered and you get unlucky, automated changing stations can malfunction and double-diaper you instead of giving you a change (also making sure to add lots of glue to your stack of diapers before releasing you).
  • [NPC Gender Preference] The hotel patrons now have femme versions drawn by Amington.
  • Debug command "hurt me" causes you pain, useful for testing out the new expulsion / leak chance.
  • Debug command "restock shop" cycles the shop once (removes 4 items which should cause 4 more to spawn).
  • Fixed a dumb bug that I swear I'd already fixed where alpha testers could NOT become a futa from dominance tokens and free players COULD.
  • Fixed a bug I thought I'd already fixed where in the maths Extra Credit Lesson, tattoos you were given faded away when you reached the final room.
  • Fixed a bug where the assembly where the headmistress announces the toilets are locked could happen multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug where teachers would not follow you even if you asked them and were holding the toilet key.
  • Fixed a bug where with the 'GROPE ME' skirt Extra Credit Lesson, the enema would be messy even if you had messing disabled.


  • FINALLY managed to hunt down and fix that fucking ridiculous weird bug where in difficult to narrow down circumstances (turned out to be when an object had an animated icon but it wasn't the first icon, and then the animated icon went away) an icon would, instead of rendering on its object as normal, repeatedly appear in the main narration window for a long time.
  • Fixed a bug where in some circumstances, magic properties of clothing ('endurance' etc.) weren't influencing relevant stats as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes spit out the reason you weren't able to masturbate every single turn.
  • Fixed some issues with the flavour upon using a make up kit and made it extra clear when you get the charisma bonus from the new skill.
  • Fixed a bug where the domino mask clashed with equippable (i.e. handheld) clothing items.
  • Fixed a bug where teleportation counted as being dragged by an NPC, and being dragged counted as teleportation for the location-specific purposes of deciding whether to 'troll' a player's teleportation by having them end up in the least convenience position in that room.
  • Fixed a bug where the "tent" from erect penises was counted as having a fully visible penis (even if it was being counted as covered)
  • Fixed a bug where your scrotum had no description.
  • Fixed a bug where the game still considered you to have a scrotum even if you no longer had a penis.
  • Fixed a bug where the pink bow could sometimes appear on you if you were female gendered.
  • Fixed a bug where when you had a special solo lesson, it didn't count as you having had a lesson for the purposes of whether you could leave the school again or go to the Extra Credit Zone.
  • Fixed a bug where the rocking horse would sometimes summon a tiara for a class that wasn't supposed to be available in Diaper Quest.
  • Fixed a bug where the headmistress could catch you using the toilets while they were supposed to be locked... while you were using toilets that weren't even in the Academy.
  • Fixed a bug where when the slingshot trap tried to add a second diaper on top of your first, it worked even if the new diaper was smaller than the one you were already wearing.
  • Added alternate flavour for when Xavier turns on Berri. Beforehand it was the TQ flavour which was very out of place.
  • [Messing] Fixed a bug where, after a lesson in which a student ended up messy, there would be flavour every turn implying that they'd just messed themselves that turn.
  • Fixed a bug with resetting the adult baby slave's mess timer after she got a change from a royal guard.
  • Fixed a bug where the prison guard could get into a loop of throwing you in the prison cell, in an unusual set of circumstances where he defeated you but then an ally took his health down to 0 in the same turn (allies can never do the finishing blow).
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