Diaper Quest Release 5 Version 6.0

This post's banner is from the new scene with Berri (currently bab testers only), drawn by Wishberri.

If you haven't downloaded the new launcher yet, remember, the new launcher comes with a new install file, so you'll need to download the new installer linked below (and ideally uninstall the old launcher first to avoid confusion).


On Windows?  There's now an executable launcher, made by area57. It'll download the latest version of the game for you and lets you start a game with a single click of a button. Oh, and every time you open it, it'll check if there's a new version, and you'll be able to update to the new version from within the launcher! Just download the executable from here, and then run it: https://omega.area57.cloud/index.php/apps/sharingpath/area57/tqdq/ShameGamesLauncher/Diaper Quest Launcher

It should install locally to your user, and therefore not need any admin permissions. If you get a message about a font that couldn't be installed, just skip it. You'll need around 455MB of free space for when it downloads the game file.

This launcher is in beta - we're still ironing out the kinks so there's still a decent chance it won't work for you. Also some people using Windows Defender will find that its overzealous attitude to protection incorrectly flags the executable as malware.

If you're not on Windows, can't get the launcher working, or are paranoid about running an executable from some random lewd internet game website, then read on.

Raw GBLORB File Direct Download Link (455.0 MB)

MEGA Mirror

Diaper Quest was created with Inform. To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: many are available, Windows Git is strongly recommended for any machine that can run it (if your overzealous antivirus has a problem with area57's improved speed version, there's an older official version here). Another interpreter called Gargoyle is available on multiple platforms but is more prone to crashes. If you're having trouble consult this page.


Updating to the latest version of the MacBook operating system no longer supports WINE. If this is the case for you, I'm afraid you'll need to run Windows in a Virtual Machine or otherwise fully emulate Windows to play Trap Quest on your computer using the recommended Windows Git. Your other option is to try Gargoyle (see here).



  • Academy rebalance - providing slightly more incentive to return to the main game for a while in between lessons.
    • After your first lesson in a visit to the academy, if you go to a new lesson without first returning to the game world and waiting for your armband to beep, you have a 50% chance of getting an assembly instead.
      • This won't happen more than once in a row in between lessons.
    • There's a new list of 'generic' assemblies that can occur in these instances, that aren't specific enough to be able to occur randomly upon entering the academy. Things that can happen in these assemblies include getting a new tattoo, drinking milk, and so on.
  • Bondage protection now has two tiers, each worth 2 points. The 'full' bondage protection still therefore costs 4 points and works the same as before. There's now a midway 'partially enabled' bondage protection for 2 points. Enabling that will essentially cause the game to operate as you're used to. But if you don't enable it, as in, you spend 0 points on bondage protection, then the following is now true:
    • Skeleton keys (and therefore also prison guards with skeleton keys) are prevented from working on clothing locked on by NPCs who have kept hold of a specific key which unlocks that item (a feature added just a few versions ago). So the only ways to escape these items will be if they are destroyed, or if you can sufficiently please the NPC who locked you up in the first place.
    • Berri will not ever appear with the intention of helping unlock your locked clothing.


  • New Christmas stuff:
    • Leaning into the pacifist theme, you can now find the tradable collectible items such as the romance novel and so on, in christmas gifts.
    • Some new Christmas outfits. As a reminder, you can remove and re-wear the santa hat at any time, once you've uncursed it. So by stripping naked and then wearing the hat again, you can get a new random Christmas outfit, pretty much as many times as you want.
      • Some of the Christmas outfits can only appear as transformations of other ones.
    • In the same way that items can randomly be str / dex / int / luck / addiction influencing when they have nonzero magic modifiers, clothing can now randomly be charisma influencing when they have nonzero magic modifiers.
      • The candy cane boots you get along with most christmas outfits is now always +1 and always charisma influencing.
  • The mannequin can put a cage on the player's penis.
  • Two scenes with Berri are now public:
    • You can encounter Berri in her level 1 outfit (blue dress and panties) stuck in a wedgie on a hook trap in the Dungeon. You must have triggered the hook trap yourself at least once already, and then return to that location later in the game after it has reset itself.
      • Also fixed a couple of bugs with this scene where the cutscene image could persist after the scene if you successfully save her, and also there was supposed to be a chance of a guard appearing just as you rip her panties off, but this wasn't working properly.
    • [Requires the enabling of disposing of your own messy diapers] You can encounter Berri in her level 4 outfit (giant diaper with super short dress) hiding a used diaper behind her. This scene can occur next to either the Dungeon or Hotel diaper pail.


  • Clothing items that you craft with the wrong recipe, and so turn out to be cursed, will now also have an uncurse quest.
  • Significantly reduced how humiliating it is to be seen with the diaper bags of holding. They shouldn't be turning NPCs unfriendly all on their own.
  • Feeling gross and upset about being in a messy diaper now ends at 7/20 diaper addiction rather than 11/20.
  • The giant rattle now comes with an uncurse quest, and also it now gains power (up to +3) from normal diaper wetting as well as involuntary diaper wetting.

BAB TESTERS (December unlock file)

  • Hotel changing station now has an attached used diaper storage tank. Due to dumb clever design, opening it to obtain the used diapers (they could be given to the witch or used to inspire tattoos) causes them all to fall on your head first, causing submissiveness and diaper addiction.
    • Can only be opened once per game (it doesn't fill back up).
  • New scene with Berri in her level 4 outfit (giant diaper with super short dress). At the new version of the hotel changing station, assuming it hasn't been opened yet.
    • She's stuck holding the opening mechanism (a rope) and wants to tie it back to the hook without the container opening. For that she needs your help.
    • You can choose to tie the knot yourself, or hold the weight for her while she ties the knot.
      • Tying the knot yourself is a medium difficulty dexterity roll. Failure causes you both to get covered in used diapers, which will cause her to be even more babified the next time you see her.
      • Holding the weight has two checks you have to pass, but they are easier. First there's an unlikely chance Berri could betray you and leave you holding the rope and therefore inevitably get covered in used diapers yourself (becoming more likely the more you've upset her in the past), and assuming she doesn't betray you there's then a bad-luck-based chance (approx 25%) that she will fail to tie the knot well enough, in which case you both get covered, just like if you fail to the the knot properly yourself.
      • Or obviously you could leave her to her own doom. It only takes a couple of turns for her to lose her grip, so if you're on your knees and/or in combat and/or have anything restricting your manual dexterity, you might struggle to save her quickly enough anyway.
  • A new ruby ranked Extra Credit Zone predicament. You're bound to a weird trolley thing going around a circular track, and you have to reach down with your head and clean the space in between the track with your tongue while it moves, to earn your freedom. More unique and interesting if you have some ass-to-mouth enabled!
    • Art by Wishberri.
  • The assembly with the toilets getting locked can also occur randomly if you do your lessons too quickly, even if you didn't leave a puddle.
    • Also I actually successfully fixed the bug where the headmistress didn't want the key back this time.
  • Finally nailed that stupid fucking bug preventing some people from becoming a futanari. Turned out that if you'd set futanari to 'no balls' mode, it wouldn't happen. Also when you first enabled futanari, it set it to 'no balls' mode and didn't tell you.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get the cat headgear from licking puddles in the Extra Credit Zone.


  • Fixed a bug where the slingshot traps in the woods could fling a gag at you, but have it fail, and bounce off your butt harmlessly.
  • Fixed a bug where all basic dildos had the same text shortcut.
  • Fixed a bug where orgasms (and similar) made you spit out part of your mouthful twice.
  • Fixed a bug where after 'testing' you in the Academy dungeon, the headmistress would get stuck on the tile above the dungeon.
  • Fixed a bug where invoking the elder gods could cause a game freeze.
  • Fixed a bug where skirts that weren't displacable could be given the upskirt uncurse quest.
  • Fixed a bug where using 'take all' could take items from an NPC's inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where a player who chose to have a penis but be gendered as female from the beginning could be referred to in her appearance as a 'trap'.
  • Fixed a bug where you could ask enemies to teach you skills.
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