Diaper Quest Version 1.1

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Please go here to download the hotfix instead

Known Issues

  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.
  • There are still some issues with the Gargoyle interpreter and freezing before epilogues occur. Try saving before hitting that STOP button just in case.


  • JamJarMonster character window art:
    • Bikini tops (female character window only)
    • Gingham schoolgirl outfit
    • Pullstring collar and catbell
  • Added a new boogeymonster nightmare ("magic marker") that has highest priority but won't occur if the player is already rather far gone (as the player's reactions and feelings during the nightmare wouldn't make any sense) or the player has no tattoos (since the main thing this nightmare does is apply a couple of tattoos). As we add more nightmares I'll be walling more and more of them off to specific player states so that they each only appear when appropriate.
  • New alchemy product type - powders. You sprinkle/apply/use powders on clothing.
    • Powder of identification - identifies the magic properties of a piece of clothing. If the powder is cursed (i.e. wrong recipe) then the clothing will also be cursed.
    • Powder of enhancement - increases the magic modifier of clothing. If the powder is cursed then instead decreases the magic modifier of clothing.
    • Powder of resistance - gives clothing large resistance against transformation & disintegration. If the powder is cursed then instead transforms the clothing.
    • Powder of escape - immediately removes an item of clothing (doesn't work on unremovable stuff like tattoos). If the powder is cursed then instead glues the clothing.
  • A few more types of clothing are now eligible crafting ingredients that just give you something random. So it's another way to get rid of excess items.
  • Removed the 'press enter to continue' text delay (the thing that caused issues on gargoyle) wherever possible.
  • Candy corn is now 'low tier' candy (so it only shows up if you use the same candy machine more than once in a row).
  • Crafting table cooldown lowered so that you can craft more stuff. It still has the feature that the higher your intelligence, the lower the cooldown.
  • 'Trousers' items will now trigger the uncomfortable feeling caused by short skirts fetish. No more avoiding the penalty by wearing a short skirt with modest jeans.
  • The rocking horse trap / furniture in the woods is now avialable in the public version.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs where the player wasn't getting changes immediately after messing when cutscene messing was chosen.
  • Fixed the stack overflow bug (was being caused by any 'trousers' items becoming fully soaked).
  • Fixed a bug where the hotel bed couldn't be referred to as a "bed".
  • Fixed a bug where the robomatron was still preventing you from pushing the STOP button even when the game said she wouldn't.
  • Fixed a bug where make up could still fade when it was supposed to be set to permanently frozen.

Bab Testers (i.e. Patrons):

  • JamJarMonster art:
    • A new loading screen for the dungeon (currently only visible when full messing enabled as it's rather extreme. A dry alternate will be available in the next version!)
  • Added a new punishment that demon lord xavier (give the mechanic the amulet, and then attack him a bit if he doesn't transform immediately) uses the first time he defeats you. I'll let you experience the scene for yourselves but I'll explain the outcome - you end up with a permanent link to a demoness who can use your diaper from afar rather than her own. This change is permanent but only active when you're wearing a diaper. You also get a very powerful diaper out of it that frequently cleans iteslf.
    • I have a series of these planned, each with their own unique permanent effect.
  • Another boogeymonster nightmare written by Niko and polished by Aika ("courtroom") based on new art by Owlcan. This one is in the Bab Tester section because it requires full messing to be enabled. It's high priority and should currently appear 2nd or 3rd in the series.
  • Working on a framework for hypnotic triggers. After you get the trigger, the game should be able to detect whenever you hear an NPC say your trigger word(s), and then this will cause you to automatically perform an action.
    • After eating candy corn, you will then afterwards automatically eat all food in your possession upon hearing the word 'tasty' which can currently be said by the royal guard when he's friendly and you ask him for a drink, or when you eat more candy corn.
    • [Messing enabled only] After getting hit by your first magic dust trap, you will then afterwards automatically squat and push upon hearing the word 'maturity' which can currently be said by the royal guard when he's thinks your clothing is too babyish, or by the gladiator when she thinks your clothing is too slutty.
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