Diaper Quest Version 1.3

Hi all, publishing TQ took a bit longer than expected which means I ran out of time writing up a couple of epilogues (along with Owlcan art) and polishing the new school dungeon stuff (both of these things are patrons only for now). But since I promised a release tonight I'm still uploading it in its current state, the inevitable hotfix will include those extra things I was hoping to add. As usual if you're the sort of person who hates your run getting ruined by a bug, it is recommended to wait for the hotfix.

Download Links:

Download the hotfix here instead!

Known Significant Issues:

  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.


  • I've left the Christmas stuff in for now since it caused crashes in the last version! Re-live that Christmas spirit in February!
    Everyone (especially Selkie): added line breaks to the majority of coloured text in the game so it's always on separate lines from narration speech. This means the indenting in WinGit / WinGlulxe should now look really nice.
    • There will be a side effect that a few currently undetected words and phrases will be on their own line when they shouldn't be, because they're in the middle of a sentence. Please feel free to drop us a comment letting us know where these are and we'll correct them.
  • The previous Xavier nightmare is now public.
  • New dungeon loading art (previous version's dungeon loading art moved to hotel loading screen instead)
  • JamJarMonster character window art:
    • I love my wet nappies T-shirt (currently used for all T-shirts)
    • Tiger pacifier, sparkly princess pacifier and pink pacifier now all have unique versions
    • Spoiled crop top
    • Steel collar
    • Stethoscope
    • Mystical Amulet
    • Necktie
    • Sissy suspenders (currently used for all suspenders)
    • Blue clubbing dress
  • Some new map tiles.
  • Some tweaks to the addictions framework mean that you now get short skirts fetish automatically when your humiliation gets high enough.
  • You know how lots of clothing used to do stuff at purely random intervals over time? Now instead they'll do stuff regularly over time.
    • A few items that used to randomly increase a particular addiction now instead give a static +1 or +2 to that addiction while worn (and can imprint).
  • EXPERIMENTAL (trying to speed up the engine): Clothing left on the ground when you leave regions get cleaned up and disappear.
  • All demon related items and tattoos now give you bonus damage against Xavier when worn.
  • Fixed a major crash bug caused by the chocolates bar that triggered whenever the player was caught by a hotel hole-in-wall or iron maiden trap.
  • Fixed a bug where certain fluids not even in DQ could appear in recipes.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would say a pressure trap was triggering, when it wasn't.

Bab testers (Okay I need to issue a further apology, a lot of this is broken and will be fixed in the hotfix) :

  • New Xavier nightmare (always occurs second)
    • Again I'll let you discover the effects on your own!
  • Fixed a bug where the 'maturity' hypno effect was accidentally walled behind Alpha Babs only, sorry!
  • The demoness's perception phrases now often include the word 'maturity' to increase the frequency of the trigger.
  • Nurse attacks will now fatigue and arouse the player rather than hurt them.
  • The Nurse will now heal fully after joining you on the med bay bed. It's refreshing for everyone!
  • School staff will now properly punish the player with detention if attacked.
  • Polished the detention scene so that more NPCs will encounter and interact with you.
  • Fixed a bug where the headmistress would disappear for ever if she put you in detention.
  • The staff can now put you in the dungeon if you are not wearing an armband when they defeat you (this is done by manual removal [not advised while you are in the school!] or by having it destroyed [happens when you kill a staff member]).
    • The dungeon sentence involves you having some long term awfulness happening to you (currently the only possibility is living in a room filled with pink smoke).
    • Every 45 seconds a teacher will come to check up on you and test you, if you pass the test then you'll be 25% of the way towards earning your freedom.
    • You can also escape with a skeleton key or any method of teleportation and possibly some other ways even I haven't thought of.
    • The school dungeon area has some unique elements about it, such as being unable to enter while wearing an armband, and so on. The reasons for this will become apparent in future updates.
  • You can now interact with the food machine in the school.
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