Diaper Quest Version 1.7

Apologies for the huge delays, I've been having an absolute nightmare with my laptop where it keeps randomly at the worst possible moments instantaneously losing all power, even when plugged in. For now I've migrated my development environment onto my other PC.

Please note there are now two versions since some people with smaller screens couldn't see some images because they were literally too big (vertically) to fit within the window. For you low res people, please keep reporting which images aren't appearing and I'll shrink them some more.

Download Links:

First time downloading? On Windows? I'd recommend downloading this: ZIP of latest DQ including Windows Git (610.0 MB)

High Res Direct Download Link (1920x1080 and up only) (638.0 MB)
Baby Screens Direct Download Link (smaller than 1920x1080) (635.5 MB)

High Res MEGA Mirror
Baby Screens MEGA Mirror

Diaper Quest was created with Inform. To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: many are available, among them Zoom for Mac (NB Sierra update has broken the game, and you need to use WINE) and for Unix; Windows Git for Windows; and Gargoyle does an okay job on all platforms if none of the others are working for you.

Known Significant Issues:

  • Something is still infrequently causing crashes, I think it's in the hotel region. If this happens to you please let me know in as much detail what state you were in when it happened. Or even better if you're a donator, enable file based undo so that you can send me your latest undo save file before the crash.
  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. There is an unofficial fix originally posted here but the file has been removed so I am rehosting it on MEGA here.


  • Character Window Updates:
    • New items:
      • Latex baby bonnet (transforms from normal victorian baby bonnet)
      • Latex diaper (can't have anything worn on top)
      • Inflated latex mittens (transforms from normal latex mittens if other latex items are worn)
      • Yellow open front dress (transforms from T-shirts if the player is diapered)
      • Latex dungarees ('donated' by NPCs)
    • Improvements:
      • Black suspenders no longer have the panties section
  • New loading image for the woods by Jammy. The one that was being used for the woods before is now shown instead of the hotel loading screen if the player's overall mental transformation is over 50%.
  • Reworked NPC perception so that every time while they're following you and they're friendly and your appearance gets worse, they re-assess their opinion of you, and if it's now at the level that they would be disapproving if they noticed you for the first time, they'll react along the same lines.
    • Another way to summarise this feature is this: there's no grace given to the fact that an NPC is already following you around and has already assessed your appearance. As soon as your appearance gets bad in front of their eyes, they'll be upset by this.
    • This is probably a small direct difficulty increase for now but hopefully everything will balance out after future tweaks and related features are implemented. The end aim is to make your relationships with NPCs a bit more intuitive and something that you should constantly be concerned about.
    • The Djinn (if you wished for a spanking) can actually be properly friendly now, rather than always still being mean (unfriendly) and transforming something when he sees you.
  • Being an adult baby is no longer a class, but rather something that you can get in addition to another class by wearing 4 or more items (including tattoos) that are flagged as ABDL fetishwear. This includes bibs, the more childish bags of holding, onesies many of the more outrageous dresses, diapers, baby booties and so on. You can also become the adult baby just by wearing a baby bonnet. As a reminder, among its effects it does the following:
    • You'll never get upset about urine, and you'll be better at coping with messiness.
    • While wearing mittens you'll be very very good at crawling away from NPCs on your knees.
    • (new) When wearing a diaper, you get increased dexterity. But when it's not dry, you get reduced intelligence and strength as well.
  • Reformed the clothing visibility code, the main change is that sheer (not transparent) items now partially block the visibility of clothes underneath, meaning NPCs can't see whether they're wet or soiled or not.
    • Beforehand, when an NPC could see the shape of your diaper under your clothes, they would somehow also be aware of its dry / wet state. This change has fixed that.
  • Improved resisting. Beforehand it was boring and also there was no real penalty to resisting while submitting could increase humiliation.
    • NPCs will sometimes punish resistance,
    • A number of NPC acts including diaper changes, spankings, masturbation and enemas now have things the player will say out loud each turn when resisting, and when the NPC is angry with them they'll have some things to say back.
  • In an attempt to reduce the number of things that clog up the player's inventory, 1 in 4 containers will now contain a "token" which can be collected and crafted into a reward.
    • Sanity tokens reduce diaper addiction by half the number of sanity tokens collected.
    • Clothing tokens turn into a pair of underwear, which is less likely to be skimpy the more tokens have been collected.
    • Defiance tokens reduce delicateness by half the number of defiance tokens collected.
  • There's now a 'handbag of holding' in the dungeon shop which is expensive but will never be transformed and so will never look too awful.
  • To add some more nuance to fights there's now knee and kick fatigue. Every time you use one of these attacks, they will (separately) lose 1 damage due to fatigue. They recover this fatigue at a rate of 1 per turn, starting two turns after the attack was used.
    • To balance this, all NPCs have lost 20% of their HP.
    • This will hopefully notably reduce the situation we have where the player gets a very high power level in one of knee or kick and never needs to use a different attack ever again.
    • Essentially it makes the strength of your other attacks more important.
  • Added a wand vibrator that can be found in chests, the nintendolls wand.
    • Like sex toys, they affect how quickly you cum when you masturbate, but you still recover some orifice soreness when you use a wand.
    • Can also be used as a slapping weapon.
  • Added a new type of shoes - rollerskates. 1 inch heels will be transformed into them if hit by a transformation effect, and you'll also occassionally find them in containers. Rollerskates have a static level of imbalance, approximately the same as wearing 2 inch heels with no heel skill. They give a static +3 to kick damage and they sometimes make you go 2 rooms instead of 1 when you move (except in the woods), which can be both useful for escaping from NPCs but annoying at other times. When wearing rollerskates in the dungeon, tripwires require high dexterity as well as the usual intelligence check because you need to both spot and then successfully clear them.
  • The 'list blessables' hyperlink button now splits up its output into worn and not worn items.
  • Improved what the RoboMatron recognises as a fully used diaper, for people who want to get past her when 'fully babified'.
  • Fixed a bug where the ring no longer appeared in the hole in the wall.
  • Fixed a bug where the witch could get into an infinite loop of summoning vines to mess with you.
  • Fixed a bug where you could sometimes search for traps, find a trap, open the container automatically because of high bimbo, but decide to search for traps first...
  • Fixed a bug where the player with high humliation would get addicted to having their breasts on display which made much more sense in TQ than in DQ.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could refuse to fight the final boss with high delicateness.
  • Fixed most if not all of the text shortcut clashes thanks to a nifty script by Selkie.


  • When it's time for the next class, a warp portal appears which will take you right there. This will mainly be super useful (and is another incentive to keep going with the classes) but the warp portal does block the north exit so every now and then might be really annoying!
  • Fixed a bug where $12 donators couldn't enable seasonal content
  • A new ruby student, just to make that enema race lesson doable multiple times.
  • Edited the sapphire make up lesson so that the permanent make up face gets you promoted. Not only does this make it easier to move on but it didn't make much sense for the teacher to be able to scrub your face clean.
  • New one-year-later epilogue "wedding night" with art by Black Rose Seduction. Requires that diaper addiction isn't above 12 and the player ends the game while wearing rollerskates.
  • Added art by 34Qucker for the cutscene where Emerald Teacher Hannah puts you in the wrist collar bar.
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