Yes Mr Blair Day 2

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I finished this chapter a while ago but I was trying to finish chapter 3 and then release them together. I've now decided against that, bu

Diaper Quest Release 2 Version 3.0

Get it while it's hot! Or don't and wait for the potential hotfix when someone probably finds some major issue :P

Download Links:

First time downloadin

Diaper Quest Release 2 Version 2.3

This was supposed to be a quick hotfix but then I got some new images from Wishberri so quickly worked on getting them in. So it's kind of a new versi

Diaper Quest Release 2 Version 2.2

For non-patrons... sorry if it doesn't feel like there's a huge amount of extra content, but I think it's quite important that the game is stable firs

Diaper Quest Release 2 Version 2.1

A few small fixes, a few new items and a return to normalcy for those that were getting tired of the Christmas stuff.

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First time downlo