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Core Themes: Forced ABDL, Sexual Pleasure, Public Humiliation

Specific Content: Diapers, Humiliating Babydoll Clothing, Wetting, Messing, Sex Toys, Orgasms

Chapter 0 - Prologue

I relaxed back into my chair as the private instant messaging conversation between the two girls continued on my screen. I stretched my arms and then reached for some popcorn. If Aika didn't want me reading her private conversations, she probably should have a better Facebook password than “rosiebff”.

While I'd hacked my way into several people's internet accounts before, so far Aika was the only person I'd targeted who went to the same university as me. The thrill of knowing her personally was getting me very excited, in more ways than one. I quietly hoped that I might stumble across some naughty or embarrassing secrets, because let's be honest, most people have dirt that can be found on their internet footprint. But I had no idea quite how delicious the blackmail material I was about to stumble across would be. Looking back on that day, it must have been the luckiest day of my life. Because as it turned out, as I connected in, Aika and Rosie were just beginning a rare fierce argument.

“I can't believe you literally STOLE MY BOYFRIEND! Who does that to their bff?!?!”

Wow, a strong opener from Rosie. This was going to be good.

“Err, in what universe was Reese your boyfriend? You did him twice. Weeks ago…”

Aika wasn't backing down from this one. Sparks were going to fly, and they had no idea there was a third party watching and logging their chat.

“I was falling for him, you know that! Now I know the reason he's been distant is that my ‘friend' was seducing him behind my back!”

“Girl, you scared him away. He never even considered you his girlfriend, just someone he was banging. There was nothing to steal. Quit being a baby about it, it's not a big deal.”

“I AM NOT BEING A BABY! You're being the baby here, you're not even grown up enough to admit when you've snubbed your best friend!”

“Oh my god, you're literally crying as you type aren't you? You can't even reign in your emotions for two minutes to look at things logically. And you're trying to call me the baby? Grow up, kid.”

“I'm not the one who wet my bed until I was fourteen!”

“How dare you try and throw that in my face! I told you that in confidence, you know how sensitive I am about that!”

“Well you don't seem to care about how upset I am, Baby Bedwetter!”

“Screw you! I'm not the one who wore diapers as an adult, for SEX PLAY!”

“Hey I only did that three times, and it was Dave's request, not my idea! That doesn't count!”

“Yeah yeah, whatever, Miss Nappy Fetish!”

“OMG, I can't believe how much of a meanie you're being. You're not going to apologise at all?!”

“What, apologise for you being a little crybaby? Get over yourself, baby.”

“YOU'RE THE BABY, NOT ME! Argh, I wish I could prove how wrong you are!”

Rosie disconnected after that, ending the conversation. I swiveled in my chair and chuckled. This was too perfect. My mind was whirring faster than I could keep up and type down all my thoughts into a document. Over the next hours, I frantically brainstormed ideas for how I could run the next Event, aware thatthere was a time pressure to design a competition for them before they came up with one themselves. After I had settled on an idea, I got to work drawing up the design documentation, including diagrams and estimated costs. I then built quick profiles on the two 19 year old girls, before carefully anonymising them and pixelating their faces. This wouldn't be necessary after the project got the greenlight, but just in case it didn't, it would be better if the potential targets remained anonymous for now.

Finally, I was ready. I logged onto the dark web and began to update my website.

“New Proposal: The Diaper Games

Contribute to the greatest gameshow ever produced - two girls humiliate each other, fuelled by their own rivalry and insecurity.”

Below this, the full proposal was detailed, everything from set up, to logistics, to the relevant conversation logs and profiles of the girls, all carefully anonymised.

Aika [redacted], Age 20. Virgo.
5'2, 32-25-32. Black hair.
Virgin: No. Past lovers: 4.
Occupation: Student at [redacted]
Deepest secrets:
Teenage Bedwetter.
Porn Addict. Favourite genre: Bondage.

Rosie [redacted], Age 20. Leo.
5'4, 34-25-37. Dyed dark red hair.
Virgin: No. Past lovers: Unknown.
Occupation: Student at [redacted]
Deepest secrets:
History of indulging in age play.

I hit “Publish”, and then sat back and waited.

Within minutes, the bitcoins started to roll in. Some wallet IDs were familiar to me, others were completely new. The support pledges were coming in faster than ever before. Excellent, my website was clearly still getting more popular over time.

Within hours, the initial funding goal had been reached. A couple of hours later and stretch goals 1 and 2 were already complete. I could hardly sleep that night, thinking about how big this could get. Checking my bitcoin wallets the next morning, I almost wet myself with excitement - all five stretch goals had been met. This was going to be epic.

Preparation went as smoothly as can be expected when hiring discreet criminals to set up and manage an illegal underground gameshow arena, and to kidnap two 19 year old girls. It was expensive, but hey, that's why crowdfunding is such a beautiful thing. Rich perverts from Japan can put up the cash, and leave me to do all the risky, dirty work. That's fine with me, since it leaves me with the bit I care about - having full creative control over my very illegal masterpieces. And boy, was this one a beauty.

Chapter 1 - Let the games begin

Aika woke up groggily, and with a slightly throbbing head. The first thing she noticed was that her mouth felt weirdly stretched, and the second thing was that she was uncomfortably sprawled on a hard floor. Opening her eyes, she was blinded by several bright coloured lights, and was unable to see anything clearly. As her eyes adjusted, they widened. All grogginess disappeared instantly as she started to panic. Staring her right in the face was a long wide clear tube that was attached to her mouth. The other end flowed up to whatever was near the ceiling - it was impossible to see properly because of all the coloured spotlights! Desperately pulling the tube away from herself, she was rather unsurprised to find that it was somehow secured to whatever gag harness she had holding her mouth open.

As she tugged on the harness around her head, looking for a strap, a low whirring noise started, and a clear liquid was pumped directly into Aika's mouth. She was relieved to find that it was just water, but also nervous about the fact she was being forced to drink. She began gulping nevertheless, unable to do anything else as the cold water filled her mouth. She squirmed nervously, and felt some unexpected resistance between her legs. Looking down at her body, she yelped, or rather she would have yelped if she wasn't busy drinking. She was wearing a large neon green onesie with a massively puffy crotch - it was very clear from the sight and the feel - she was wearing a thick diaper! Her thoughts immediately went back to last week's argument with Rosie - they still weren't on speaking terms, and there had been further accusations of childishness sent each way via passive aggressive posts on Facebook. This couldn't be Rosie's revenge, could it? Would her best friend really arrange for her to be kidnapped and tortured? Or if not torture, whatever this was? Surely not. Also, exactly how much water was she being forcefed?!

Aika took a better look around at her prison. She was in a large room, with three dark brick walls and then one completely pitch black wall right next to her, that almost looked like it was a giant computer monitor. She was on some kind of raised stage made of metal, with several large levers embedded into it. Lying near her on the stage was another girl… wait what?! How had she not noticed, it was Rosie! Rosie was lying next to her, identically clothed except that her onesie was a shiny pink. She had an identical tube attached to a ring gag harness on her face, and she was still out cold. Well, that ruled out Rosie from being her captor.

Aika was thankful when the water stopped pumping. She had started to find it a little difficult to keep swallowing, and she already needed to pee, as she always did first thing in the morning. She propped herself up onto her hands and knees and went to nudge her sleeping friend.

Rosie woke with a start. Aika watched her go through the same motions as she had - first being blinded by the light, then noticing the long clear tube, and trying to remove it. She turned wide eyed to Aika, looked her up and down, and then looked down at herself, before squealing as loudly as one can when they have a tube connected to a ring gag covering their throat. At that moment, her forced drinking began. She struggled violently with the tube, but in the end could also do nothing but gulp as the cold water forced its way into her body.

Aika watched as Rosie's eyes grew wider as the flow continued. She tried to comfort Rosie, and communicate without words that it would end soon, but unfortunately all she could do was rub her shoulder and give a thumbs up sign, which was clearly taken the wrong way as Rosie shoved her away.

A minute later, Rosie's tube stopped feeding her. She was left sitting there, groaning and rubbing her cheeks. Both their jaws were already starting to get quite tired, and there was absolutely no indication of how long they were going to be kept like this. They sat there for what felt like ages, with Rosie using her arms and hands to accuse Aika of putting them in this situation, and Aika rejecting the notion, indicating as clearly as she could that she was just as confused. This was not her idea of a pleasant morning.

A new whirring sound interrupted their interpretive mime, and they looked up to see a camera on a rod lowering itself down from the ceiling to in front of the stage, staring right at them. After it had reached its resting position, another slightly louder whirring sound took over, and both girls were pulled to their feet by their feeding tubes as they retracted by a few feet into whatever contraption they were attached to above them. A few moments passed in silence, and then the screen behind them burst into life with stunning light and sound. A musical fanfare was playing and videogame style graphics were flickering into life on the giant screen; it was divided into seven vertical sections, with each one except the rightmost displaying a different icon at the top, some words underneath, and then a clockface under that. The one on the right had an image of a statue holding up a ‘scales of justice', with a green diaper on one scale and a pink diaper on the other. The girls only had a split second to process this before their concentration was broken again by a loud voice filling the room via some unseen speakers.

“Welcome everyone to Round 1 of the Diaper Games! These two lovely ladies have been kidnapped and brought to this secret location in order to find out once and for all who is the biggest baby!”

Wow, thought Aika, we've really been kidnapped. It only really hit her right then, what a crazy situation she was in.

“Aika and Rosie-” they know our names?! “-have been fighting over the past week, over which one of them is more immature. Aika, who wet her bed until she was 14, will be trying to prove she's now a grown up who can control her own bodily functions. Rosie, who has been known to dabble in adult baby play with past lovers, will be looking to show us that diapers don't turn her on. The anonymous funders of this gameshow project are watching this private livestream from around the world. So whilst the girls have an audience, it's actually quite an intimate one."

This was too bizarre for Aika to even process it properly. And the voice just kept talking.

"As you can see, our two diapered divas are standing either side of six large levers. Each of these levers controls a punishment, reflected on the wall behind them. Four of the levers control tanks full of drinks - cold coffee, apple juice, prune juice and… castor oil. By pulling a lever, the girls will be able to forcefeed their opponent a steady stream of the respective liquids. The final two levers control the ahem vibrator inside them, and the egg vibe firmly taped over their clits."

All the other information the girls were trying to process shattered into unimportant fragments as that piece of news pierced their skulls. Now that they'd been told it was there, they could indeed feel something invading their private parts and keeping them slightly open. The device couldn't be that thick or deep, since it was only a subtle feeling, but there was definitely something there. Aika couldn't feel anything above her clit, but she 100% believed it was true that there was. Perhaps surprisingly, the thing she felt most distressed about in that moment was the fact that some evil stranger had gotten very intimate with her private parts whilst she was unconscious. Still, she had very little time to properly process her feelings as the announcer was still not finished.

"While a lever is pushed to one side, the punishment will be active on one of the girls, depending on which way it's pushed. Pulling the lever towards one side will cause it to get locked in that position for a short amount of time, so your opponent can't just immediately change it back. Pulling the lever towards the middle of the stage will make Rosie take the penalty, and pulling the lever away from the middle will make Aika take it. We've got some clever sensors installed inside the diapers and gag harnesses that will let us know when the girls are using their diapers, and if any of them orgasm. The winner is the person whose diaper weighs the least at the end of the game, and the game ends when someone's diaper reaches 2kg. That sounds like a lot, but I guess we'll see!

"So what are these lovely adult babies playing for today? Well the winner of round 1 will be allowed to change immediately, and will get a proper grown-up meal at a table. The loser will be given lunch before they get to change, and will be having a meal that better reflects their mental age! Anyway, that's more than enough talking from me, let's get this game underway! Ladies, are you ready? Then GO!"

Intense background music like the sort of thing you get in an action movie filled the room, and the girls both felt some slack being reintroduced to their feeding tubes. They could now move around, although it was evident that the tubes could be used to prevent them from straying further than they were meant to. Aika's eyes met with Rosie. She tried to communicate that she didn't want to play - they should refuse to debase themselves for the entertainment of some rich sickos on the other end of the internet. But what she saw in Rosie's eyes both surprised and scared her - it was vindictiveness. Even though they were in a messed up situation like this, Rosie clearly still saw it as an opportunity to get revenge on her best friend for her transgressions last week. She took a step closer to the lever nearest her, grabbed it with both hands, and pulled it towards her own side of the stage.

BING! A bell sounded, and the screen behind the lever turned green. Aika looked at it more closely - it said "cold coffee", and this was confirmed to her a split second later as the taste hit her tongue, a slow but steady flow of the stuff making its way into her mouth, completely uninvited. The clock underneath set itself to 90 seconds, indicating that it couldn't be changed until one and a half minutes were up. Appalled by both the bitterness of her compulsory beverage and her friend's devotion to winning, Aika was given no choice but to join in. She yanked the lever nearest her in the opposite direction. The bell sounded, and then screen behind her turned green! She almost hit herself in the face with frustration - there had been way too much information to take in from the announcer's speech, and she'd already forgotten that the instructions were for her to push levers towards the middle, not just towards her side of the stage. How unnecessarily confusing!

The taste of apple juice mixed itself in with the taste of cold coffee, somehow the sweetness of the juice making the flavour worse, not better. But Aika couldn't think about that now - she had to get to the other levers! Seeing red, she charged down the stage, quickly pulling the next lever, in the correct direction this time, and then getting to the third, only to find that Rosie had run straight past her other two and headed for this one too! Aika and Rosie wrestled for control of the lever, both failing to push it in the direction they wanted because of the other girl. This went on for a few moments, with the girls staring daggers into each other's eyes, before Aika decided to gamble, and go for gold - she suddenly let go of the lever, causing Rosie to lose her balance as her weight pushed the lever. Ignoring the sound of the bell, Aika rushed over to the final two levers, pulling them both towards the middle, feeling like a champion as the two final screens turned purple, meaning she had managed to take control of three of the six levers, even with her initial mistake!

Aika looked over at Rosie, ready to gloat with her eyes, but Rosie had her own look of triumph on her face. She indicated to the green screen next to her, and Aika read the words at the same time as tasting the bad news. "Castor Oil - 60 secs". That's why Rosie had gone straight for that one - she was prioritising what was almost certainly the most brutal of all the punishments. Being combined with apple juice and coffee, it was difficult to tell exactly how much was being sent down the tube, but it felt like a LOT more than the recommended dosage. Aika knew what even a few millilitres of castor oil can do to someone, and the mere thought almost sent her trembling to her knees!

The purple punishments Rosie was currently receiving still sounded pretty brutal. Egg vibe for 120 seconds, pussy vibe for 90 seconds, and prune juice for 180 seconds. That could not be a pleasant combination. In fact, as the two girls approached each other, staring daggers, Aika thought she could see the beginnings of arousal in Rosie's cheeks. She definitely didn't feel jealous! A loud buzzer sounded, and then the girls' tubes began pulling them back away from each other towards their starting positions, perhaps because all six levers were locked in.

It was only at this moment 30 seconds in that Aika realised she had been mindlessly and obediently swallowing liquid since the start without even thinking about it. Not that she had any other option of course, but it was extremely disconcerting to think that she had been doing it subconsciously with no resistance. Was she under the influence or something? She didn't feel drunk, but who knows how the bad guys got her into this outfit without waking her up unless she'd been sedated. And speaking of mental faculties, she now desperately needed to pee, and whilst she would normally have no problem holding it, for some reason she felt like she was on the brink of bursting against her will. How could this be?! She was not a child! Surely it was something they'd given her?

Aika and Rosie shared the same expression for the first time that morning - they both looked rather distressed. The uncertainty of the situation they were in, combined with the feeling of certainty that they weren't making it out of this game without soiling themselves was more than beginning to crack any sense of determination or competitive edge. Aika found herself wondering how Rosie was feeling. Did she need to pee just as badly? How intense were the sex toys, and did she actually feel at all turned on?

Once the girls were back in their starting positions they were essentially held in place by their head harnesses and left to gulp down their designated drinks as fast as they could manage. As the seconds ticked by Aika found that there were only two things she could think about - the disgusting taste in her mouth and the almost painful feeling of her bladder being about to burst. She was very thankful that the first lever to unlock would be the castor oil - she needed to stop that flow as soon as possible! Time seemed to be moving forward at an unbearably slow pace. 5… 4… 3… 2.. 1.. 0! As she expected, as soon as the lever was unlocked, the tubes were released from their ratchet lock and they were able to move.

Both girls sprinted for the lever, Aika reaching it first by a split second thanks to being one step closer. She was able to move the lever back to its starting upright position before Rosie got her hands on it too, leaving them standing there in a reverse tug-of-war struggle. The screen behind them was how half pink and half green, split down the middle. Aika desperately hoped that this would at least mean the flow of castor oil would stop, but the creators of this game clearly had only evil thoughts in mind when they designed it, because instead all that happened was she saw Rosie let out a muffled yelp as her mouth started filling up with castor oil as well.

So there they both stood, trapped in a fierce struggle to stop their own flows of castor oil, but in the meantime both of them on the receiving end. A few seconds later, the apple juice timer came to an end, but Aika didn't move. She wasn't sure if it was the fear of another minute of castor oil or just her feeling like for fairness' sake it was Rosie's turn, but she was not giving it up that easily. She continued to push with all her might, putting her whole body weight behind it and using every muscle she could. Unfortunately, with her focusing so much on the lever, Aika's bladder control finally failed completely.

"And so it begins!" The announcer's voice immediately appeared over the music. “Aika is the first baby to wet herself. And less than two minutes in! I don't think anybody would have predicted that. Just how weak is her bladder?! As you can see on the scoreboard we are keeping constant track of how much her diaper weighs…”

Image by Black Rose Seduction

The rest of the announcement was lost on Aika who turned her head and watched with embarrassment as on the scoreboard, the number below her diaper was slowly increasing - 0.4kg, 0.5kg, 0.6kg! The warmth spread between her legs, feeling very foreign. Not a bad feeling, just... weird. She turned brighter and brighter shades of red as her flow eventually died down, leaving her diaper at 0.7kg.

“That's one large wee! Considering the average person only goes through 2kg of pee per day, Aika has made a really good - or should I say bad - start! I can't wait to see what happens next!”

Aika looked back at Rosie. There was definitely a sense of renewed determination in her friend's eyes, and maybe even a flicker of hope - a hope that maybe the game would end before she even wet herself. Aika felt her humiliation bubble over into fury! She wouldn't let her mean friend get away with this! She pushed at the lever with renewed strength and vigour.

The castor oil battle got more and more silly. One by one, each other lever reached its time limit, becoming available for changing. But neither girl would release her grip on the vertical castor oil lever, meaning the rest of the punishments just kept on going. The two girls stood there for what felt like an eternity, both getting more and more tired, but neither managing to overpower the other. Aika's diaper was changing from a warm, almost cosy feeling to a cold and clammy one. She was on the verge of giving up and trying to take control of as many other levers as possible but then she saw Rosie's knees begin to shake. Rosie's face had been getting more and more red and flustered, which Aika had just thought was a result of her physical exertion, but now she remembered that there was likely another contributing factor.

Rosie now had her eyes clamped shut and appeared to be having lots of difficulty drinking and breathing quickly enough. Suddenly, it started - Rosie gurgled loudly through the liquids in her mouth as she came hard.

“Boom! We weren't sure whether it would really happen, but it appears Rosie really has been enjoying her punishments after all! Oh boy, and look at that, she's wetting herself at the same time. That must be a unique sensation, eh, Rosie?”

Aika watched with a mixture of fascination and horror as her best friend wet herself and shuddered in orgasm at the same time. After a few moments Rosie's legs gave out and she dropped to the floor, completely and utterly exhausted. The lever was pushed to Rosie's side, and Aika's castor oil flow stopped. Relief flooded through her, and as bad as she felt, she stepped over Rosie to change the cold coffee and apple juice levers too, meaning all 6 punishments were now purple and happening to her poor bestie, who looked like she was really struggling to even think straight, never mind get back up.

Looking at her helpless rival, sprawled on the ground on her back, Aika realised what she needed to do. She wasn't proud of it, but hey, it was Rosie who had decided to pull the first lever! Aika waddled over and plonked her padded butt square on her best friend's tummy, and then leaned over to hold her wrists down and pin her there. She wouldn't be pulling any levers any time soon. Their eyes met once more, and now Rosie's face was communicating only one thing - fear.

Freed from having to drink anything at all, Aika was able to think more clearly. Her conscience was weighing down on her but right now her desire to win the game was stronger than her guilt. She felt a slight twinge in her stomach, and remembered another important detail - she'd recently spent a whole two minutes drinking a steady flow of castor oil. She started to panic, which didn't seem to help - in what felt like just a few seconds, it turned form a twinge into a rumble into a cramp. Just like earlier, she felt weirdly incontinent - something deep within her just didn't feel as confident that she could hold onto yesterday's breakfast, lunch and dinner as reliably as she should be able to. And, of course, she had who knows how many doses of strong laxative oil swirling around her stomach and bowels! Aika recalled with some dismay the sheer size of yesterday's dinner. She'd been at one of those all-you-can eat joints and Rosie had been there too as they shared the same group of friends, and even though they weren't speaking they somehow both knew that there was an unspoken competition between them to see who could eat more. Was this a weird quirk of fate, or some did their captors also know about their meal plans? Either way the fact of the matter was that Aika and Rosie were both very very full.

Almost forgivingly, Aika did not have long to ruminate on her situation before her body took over. It wasn't like a sneeze, or holding her breath, it was more like a hiccup - she felt like she had literally zero control over her sphincter as it gave way and released the floodgates. The very powerful, noisy, filthy floodgates. And, with her inner strength completely depleted, she began wetting herself again at the same time.

"Aika, dear me, messing yourself just like a real big baby! We really doubted this would actually happen, that either of you would actually allow bodies to do such a pathetic thing, on camera to strangers no less…"

The two girls looks straight at each other with open eyes. It was difficult to tell who was more shocked about Aika's accident - the one feeling it leaving her body or the one feeling the diaper pressing into her stomach expanding. The awful noises continued as Aika's rectum showed no signs of slowing down: if anything the tsunami of slippery substance slithering its way into Aika's padded prison was only increasing in pace, and her clothing continued to bulge rapidly in a desperate attempt to contain its new load.

"This… this is incredible… 1.8kg and counting… "

One quick check confirmed that the announcer was not lying, Aika's veritable motherload of mess was so massive that it broke through the 2kg limit before it even began to slow down. A gong indicated that she had lost, but right now she didn't care about that - all she could think about was the huge natural disaster laying waste to her straining underwear, as it felt like it was threatening to burst free of her onesie like a balloon, and she still had literally no control over her bottom.

"And… wow, what an upset! It looks like Rosie is our winner, and it only took a few minutes! We were really expecting this to last a bit longer, but there you go!"

Some frustrated wriggling from below her reminded her that she was still pinning Rosie to the ground, and whilst she was no longer being forced to drink, it seemed like she was in pain from the sheer strength with which Aika was gripping her wrists. Aika couldn't bring herself to let go yet, though, her own bodily excavation event only just beginning to slow down; her mind was a swimming mess of emotions and thoughts and she was barely managing to keep herself upright.

Finally Aika was pooped out, and except for some final sphincter spasms, she was able to regain control of her body and look up at the screen. Her diaper now weighed 2.5kg, and while this was certainly mainly thanks to urine, she was fully aware that she had just experienced the largest bowel movement of her life. Suddenly the feeding tubes detached themselves from their ring gag harnesses, and the girls were able to breathe through their mouths for the first time. They were also able to make louder noises.

"Eeeeeee!" Rosie was clearly very upset about something, and Aika realised she was still digging her fingernails into her dear friend's wrists. Releasing them, she pushed herself back to a sitting position, temporarily putting even more weight on Rosie's stomach.

"Nooooo…." The true reason for Rosie's spasms became apparent, as a loud rasping sound filled the air. Aika had almost forgotten that she was not the only one who had been fed insane amounts of castor oil. Aika pulled herself up as fast as she could, barely managing to not lose her balance from the unexpected weightiness of her overly full diaper, but it was too late - Rosie's butt sounded off a disgraceful harmony of sloppy noises as her own diaper began to fill. Somehow this was even more surreal for Aika - from her position standing over her competitor she was literally able to watch as Rosie's crotch swelled and swelled underneath her.

"Aaaaah… aaaaah…" It was hard to tell whether Rosie was crying or simply sighing in relief, but whatever emotion she felt, she was clearly feeling it strongly. Aika tried to speak to her through the ring gag.

"U ohay?"

"Schroo u!"

Well that settled that, Rosie was still mad. Which to be honest, was understandable, given the way Aika had tried to end the game, and the rather disgusting pottypants situation she had accidentally just forced upon her.

Suddenly, two doors flashed into view at one end of the stage, illuminated by spotlights. One of the doors had a screen above it that said "Aika", and the other one said "Rosie".

“Wow, what an end to round 1! I think we all thought Rosie was going to make a clean getaway, but in the end she gave us a rather messy finale! Well ladies, or should I say girls, you'll be relieved to hear that you're allowed to get cleaned up now. Or rather, Rosie, you'll be allowed to clean up now, Aika will have to wait until after food, as you may remember from when I explained the rewards. So if you would please go through your respective doors, in the next rooms you'll be able to remove those head harnesses and we can move on to the next stage!”

Aika hesitated - she was in two minds. On one hand she didn't want to simply do whatever her captors told her, and who knew what awaited her in the next room, but on the other hand she had the feeling that they would be happy to let her stew in her extremely gross situation for as long as it took her to give in. And also she was very hungry, and earlier there had been a promise of food. She started to walk towards her door and was joined by Rosie, who had finally found the strength to rise to her feet. The two girls couldn't even bring themselves to look at each other, never mind try and communicate, as they waddled across the stage together, leaving a rather unpleasant aroma in their wake. They reached their respective doors, which slid open automatically as they arrived. The next rooms were pitch black, giving them both a sense of foreboding as they stepped over the threshold. Whatever was waiting for them, they were both acutely aware that it was going to be a long, trying day.

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