Bug Reporting

To report bugs, go to the #dq-bug-reports channel on the Discord server at https://discord.gg/shamegames

Unless it's clearly a very simple fix (typo, wrong image, etc.) then ideally your bug report should contain the following:

  • Description of what happened.
  • Which version (including the fact that it's Diaper Quest, not Trap Quest) it happened on.
  • Your interpreter.
  • One of the following wherever possible, in preference order:
    • Clear instructions on how to reliably replicate
    • Save file made just after the bug happens (or if you're a tester, it is even better if you use 'undo' to just before the bug is triggered and then save)
      • If you do this please please please make sure you've told me which exact file the save was made with so that I don't have to use trial and error on my end to figure it out!
    • Transcript of as much of the game as possible including you using 'showme' on relevant clothing, body parts and objects. 'showme self' is also often very useful. In WinGit use Ctrl+L to access the transcript.