diaperquest.com disclaimer

Diaper Quest contains some sexual content and is therefore intended for adults only.  But if you've scanned this page and become concerned that this is  something immoral or even illegal, please read this first before you  make up your mind. All the characters in the game are adults and the creators have made every attempt to make this clear throughout  every interaction in the game - the player and other characters are all grown-ups participating in a submissive humiliation roleplay scenario which frequently involves degradation via taunting each other for  acting like and/or looking like babies and/or animals. When someone is  dressed up like a pig, they're not actually a pig. It's just  embarrassing to look, sound or act like a pig. The same is true for  being dressed up like or being forced to use the toilet like a baby. The  chosen vehicle for delivering that delicious humiliation punch is  diapers because, well, there's nothing more humiliating. Or if there is,  please convince us and we'll probably start writing fiction about that  instead! You might think that this is gross, and that's completely  within your prerogative, in fact most of us would agree, and that's half  of the point - a gross situation is normally an embarrassing one. But please please please understand that the sexual kick that these patrons are getting is from feeling humiliated, disempowered and submissive in  the hands of another adult, and not from any inappropriate feelings  towards actual minors. For obvious reasons, it's important that we're  all on the same page there.

It is  imperative that you do not play the game unless you are a legal adult,  and one mature enough to  recognize that the prejudiced attitudes and demeaning behaviors  displayed by  some characters in the game are neither normal nor acceptable in the  real word. All people deserve respect. Everyone deserves to be supported  in defining themselves and choosing their own role in the world, free  from any external pressure. The only situation in which it’s ever okay  to dominate someone else is when they’ve requested and given their  consent for you to do so. Minors do not have capacity to consent and  have no place in adult roleplays such as this. You won't find any here,  and the creators feel very strongly that it's important to make that  distinction crystal clear.

All characters in the game are  consenting to the activities that they experience - they are merely  competing to see who gets to be on top and who takes on the submissive or "bullied" role. The player character is able to  utter a safe word at any time and abandon the game.