Diaper Quest Release 2 Version 1.0

Hey all! It's been a while. I'm sorry for that! If you've been following my sister blog at trapquest.com or my twitter you'll know that I've been working hard to overcome some limitations with the old version of the compiler that we were working on, and then also working on a huge GUI update now that the code can handle graphical hyperlinks.

I personally feel that the work I've done over the last couple of months has been really fruitful, and I think the new default settings are especially excellent for anyone who's never played the game before, and so has nothing that they're used to yet. However I am acutely aware that for a lot of people who've been playing the game for a long time, this will be about 25% nice graphical updates and 75% awful graphical updates. This is partly because everyone hates change (how many of you joined a '1 million people against the new Facebook layout' or similar at some point in the past decade and then had forgotten all about it a week later?) and partly because some people hate clutter. Therefore it's important that you're all aware that the graphics settings are very customisable; just go into IMAGE AND LAYOUT SETTINGS and change the bottom option from NEWEST NAPPY to CLASSIC CRYBABY to get your old screen back. However I think you'll find that if you play with the new GUI for a few hours and get used to it, you won't be able to go back.

Lag is still an issue and something that I'm actively working on addressing. The weirdest thing is that the lag seems to come and go, and seems to be way more severe in some playthroughs than others, suggesting that the random state of the game universe has a significant impact on lag. I have found that whether the graphics and hyperlinks are enabled or not has very minimal impact on the lag - the most common things I've found that help are restarting my PC or closing applications that are taking up a lot of CPU power. Saving and restoring seems to help sometimes too.

The other thing to note is that all this graphics and GUI stuff is still very much in development. You will almost certainly encounter bugs, limitations, edge cases and so on that are undesirable, so please just bear in mind that this is a work-in-progress and if you make me aware of these issues, I'll consider them when developing future iterations of this GUI. There's still a few items with no image yet, and still hundreds of placeholder images which I'm gradually commissioning art for, but overall I hope that you can see the direction we're heading in and how excitingly awesome it'll be once it's there. The ultimate dream would be turning DQ into a proper one-handed experience, so that your other hand can be busy playing a different sort of game.

Also... it's Spooktober! So of course it's this version which finally has the haunted mansion available for you naughty trespassing babs! Wooooooo!

Download Links:


First time downloading? On Windows? I'd recommend downloading this: ZIP of latest DQ including Windows Git (705.5 MB)

Direct Download Link (extract with something like winRAR) (661.7 MB)
MEGA Mirror

Uncompressed Direct Download Link (757.8 MB)

Diaper Quest was created with Inform. To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: many are available, among them Zoom for Mac (NB Sierra update has broken the game, and you need to use WINE) and for Unix; Windows Git for Windows; and Gargoyle does an okay job on all platforms if none of the others are working for you. However I'm getting reports of spontaneous crashes in Gargoyle. Use it at your own risk. If you do, it's strongly recommended to use roguelike saving so that you can send me the save file from your run. NB if you encounter the same crash twice in a row without doing anything in between, your save file will be lost if you haven't backed it up.

Known Issues

  • Opening Git.exe and then selecting the file seems to often cause a 'Can't open gamefile' error. However, double-clicking on the Gblorb file itself in Windows Explorer and then opening it with Git.exe that way seems to work fine. I believe this weird issue is just due to the huge filesize of the game file. If you download the recommended ZIP above, it comes with a batch file to make this even easier.
  • I'm getting reports of spontaneous crashes in Gargoyle. Use it at your own risk. If you do, it's strongly recommended to use roguelike saving.
  • There's still a few minor problems with item shortcuts and disambiguation.
  • Tiara's quest is impossible to complete if the player's dress gets transformed to the super short variant


  • Loads of work on the Graphical User Interface and more:
    • Loads more windows! Each can be opened and closed at will: Inventory window (has several different 'tabs'), Graphical Inventory window, Graphical Clothing Window, Graphical Location & Cutscene window
    • These windows work in tandem, so if some are closed then others will pick up the slack in the most appropriate way possible
    • They have clickable buttons!!! So each item can be clicked on to examine it, and interacted with (at least in the most common ways)
    • NPCs have visible health bars
    • The player has visible health and fatigue bars, and status icons
    • Map window has clickable buttons for navigation and common actions
    • Map window has stickmen that indicate stance (and you can click it to stand or kneel)
    • Map window has zoom
    • When the player is stuck in a unique situation / location, the map window shows a graphic to illustrate this, along with a wait button
    • Similarly the map window takes control of clickable input for yes/no decisions.
    • Internal windows resize themselves immediately upon you resizing the game window
    • Pretty much every verb has a graphical clickable 'button' coded for it, and rules for when and where it should be displayed.
    • Pretty much every single item and environmental object has an image (but many are placeholders)
  • "Roguelike Permadeath Mode" where the game automatically saves every turn and won't let you keep multiple saves
  • A complete rework of the headgear class system.
    • Headgear cannot be blessed or cursed by any means other than their own quests.
    • Each headgear has a quest, outlined below. Unless otherwise specified, each quest does the following:
      • The first time it is succeeded the headgear becomes uncursed and the player gets a rather valuable ring.
      • The second time it is succeeded the headgear becomes blessed and the player gains back some dignity.
      • The following times it is succeeded the player loses all fatigue and has lower orifices significantly healed.
    • Removing a headgear causes it to disappear forever. It should never spawn again.
    • Many class clothing items no longer spawn cursed. Instead, they simply cannot be removed normally as long as their related headgear item remains worn.
    • There are very few ways to remove a headgear without completing the quest once. The knife in the hotel is the main reliable one.
    • Here's a comprehensive list of all the current quests that the headgear items have:
      • Baby Bonnet: requires you to hold it until you go automatically.
      • Cultist veil: requires you to receive a significant hit to humiliation within a single turn. The 2nd one reduces delicateness instead of humiliation. Doesn't actually become uncursed or blessed, but will allow itself to be removed after the first time.
      • Fox ears: You get a 50% chance of NPCs failing to notice you every turn as soon as you become the vixen. This increases to 75% if wearing the kimono. The fox ears quest requires you to steal clothing from the dungeon shop.
      • Runic headband: Requires you to use your diaper in the dungeon altar room. After the first, future 'prayer' sessions spawn an array of useful items.
      • Blue scrunchie: Requires you to find new recipes in treasure chests. You'll also always be able to get one trigger of this quest by stepping into the Hotel Library.
      • Pink scrunchie: Requires you to greet intellingent NPCs until you get the 'bad' result where they turn unfriendly.
      • Tiara: Requires you to pee in a diaper in front of an intelligent NPC while it's hidden under a skirt.
  • The haunted mansion is available!
    • NPCs:
      • Diaper ghosts that try to make you wear them and only remove themselves after they've been fully used. (Profile by Owlcan)
        • They can even put themselves over the top of existing diapers!
      • Diapered puppy slave that just wants to enjoy a bit of crotch-to-crotch humping. (Profile by Owlcan, cutscene by Wishberri)
      • Kitsune that disguises herself as another NPC and only reveals herself if you purposefully attack this NPC that seems to be ignoring you. Then she'll exchange your jewellery for useful items, and if you give her enough she'll gradually drop the 'Kitsune' class gear which you can use to help avoid being spotted by NPCs.
      • Vampiress who is surprisingly 'normal', judging you on your appearance, dispensing diaper changes, demanding you stay in diapers and so on. We've got to have some NPCs who follow the core rules of the game, after all.
    • Traps:
      • Chest mimic that swallows you whole and has various punishments in the following turn when you 'wait' (cutscenes by BlackRoseSeduction)
      • Haunted mirror that mind-controls you and makes you do various things such as pinch your own nipples, masturbate, and... guess what else. (cutscene by Wishberri)
    • Environment:
      • Pedestals in the museum require 'unlocking' but contain valuable items when successfully unlocked.
  • Character window updates by Wishberri:
    • Existing items:
      • Ballet shoes and heels
      • Demon belt
      • Buttockless pants
      • Jeans
      • Leggings
      • Cotton stockings
      • Flowing white skirt
      • All platform heels
      • Exercise bra
      • Sheer bra
      • Both spike bras
      • All wedge heels
      • White suspenders
    • New items:
      • Pet collar and leash
      • Sandals
  • Bodily functions have been reworked...
    • Significantly reduced how easy it is to wet or mess yourself at low incontinence. My rationale is this: In a normal situation, it should be super easy to find a toilet in time and use it. Even when currently unable, due to a curse or something, it should be quite a while before you literally wet yourself against your own volition! At least while your bodily control is at normal levels, it should usually be the environment that causes your accidents. Stuff like being given enemas, the gladiator kneeling on your bladder, hypnotic triggers, the fairy bloating you to super-full levels, powerful entities using your diaper via magic, and so on.
      • I also think that this will make the whole diaper training thing that some NPCs do more interesting, where they instruct you to stay in diapers or they'll get angry. Because otherwise there's not enough to discourage you from just staying in diapers all the time. That should still be an option, just not the clearly most sensible way to play.
      • Also, needing the loo decreases some stats, so it's more interesting if the player has a decision to make between staying dry and getting their stats back, rather than always pretty much forcing the player to promptly wet themselves.
    • Messing-with-instant-changes was coded really badly. This has had a full rework. Now the engine is always happy to let the player mess, waits until the player would be able to freely go on their way and only then summons an NPC to handle the situation if the player is still messy.
      • Also, non-patrons can now enable panty messing.
  • Cutscene art for the stage in the dungeon by Wishberri.
  • The player can no longer carry jewellery at all. Unless the player intends to wear it, the game universe somehow makes jewellery impossibly heavy.
    • This is intended as a balancing mechanic to stop some players getting overloaded with jewellery.
  • Bags of holding get hungry over time again (this was briefly introduced at one point and then removed because players didn't like losing clothing without any control over which one). The difference this time, is that you are warned a number of turns before it's going to take an item, and this gives you a chance to choose which item you lose.
    • As before, the more items of clothing it's holding the faster it gets hungry, and it'll always choose the most outrageous, embarrasing item it's holding if you don't choose yourself.
  • Going around topless adds slightly to men's babyish-appearance-rating. So there's a small reason for men to wear bras or tops.
  • I've had to remove the rollerskates double-move code because it was causing so very many glitches!
  • You can now wash your face in bodies of water without putting your whole body in.
  • Stockings now have much lower variance and range on their magic modifier.
  • Suspenders' knee damage modifier is no longer dependent on the magic modifier of the stockings. It's just a flat +2/+1/+0 depending on B/U/C, as long as a pair of stockings is worn.
  • You can now choose to have a minimal status line or no status line at all. Having none looks nice but currently means you can't see your title, strength, dex, intelligence, or appearance.
  • The hotel map now uses the pink walls which are easier to see.
  • New Guns & Roses lower back tattoo increases strength. Inspired by the magic pistol and any item with a floral theme.
  • The Robomatron has profile art, by Owlcan.
  • A few random new items:
    • Chequered skirt
    • Full zip skirt
    • A few new crop tops
    • Plaid skimpy romper
    • Latex hobble skirt
  • Reduced the chance of a defeated NPC dropping 0 jewellery but also reduced the chance of them dropping more than 1.
  • Added one sapphire ring and one emerald ring to the pink wardrobe, to give players going for a non-combat oriented strategy something to start working with.
  • When a cultist tries to wear a blessed clothing that they didn't know was blessed, the game now correctly marks the item as blessed (and moves time forward).
  • Gladiators will ocasionally drip milk on the floor while they're moving around the dungeon, and adult baby slaves will occasionally leak urine onto the floor.
  • Fixed a bug where heels that transformed into shoes would keep the heel walking quest which was for obvious reasons now impossible to complete.
  • Fixed a bug where some quests were visible even before the cursed item was worn.
  • Improved the warnings surrounding removing bags of holding to ensure that the player doesn't accidentally drop all their items on the floor when what they really want to do is transfer them all to another bag.
  • Fixed a bug where the designer handbag of holding didn't have a different text shortcut from the other bags of holding.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'You Live You Learn' tattoo could appear even when already worn.
  • Fixed an issue where the swapping between two bags of holding wasn't working as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the code intended to ensure NPCs who were chasing the player walked away from the entrance and exit rooms of regions wasn't working properly.
  • Addressed an issue where NPCs who became friendly again after punishment were immediately disapproving of the player's new appearance on the turn after they'd finished.
  • Fixed several bugs where messing could happen through butt plugs.
  • Fixed a bug where a lot of stimulation mechanics weren't working when the player is male.

Bab testers:

  • [Alcohol] When you already have alcohol in your system, cursed drinks are always more alcohol.
  • Additional less stable mansion stuff:
    • Cultists that trigger the 'Doom Quest' (see below) and take you to the elder altar to get a permanent link to an elder god who uses your diaper for an inhuman amount of waste once every now and then (less often than but over double the volume of the demon queen). (Profile by Owlcan)
    • Deep One who spawns when you attack a ritual-performing cultist at the elder altar (since they can't attack back themselves).
    • Humanoid ghost that uses your diaper (if one is worn) or otherwise, uses... your bladder (and bowels) as her diaper. (Profile by Owlcan)
    • Elder One who (unless you're a cultist) makes you incontinent, triggers the eldar altar link and then just starts messing with your mental stats.
    • Doom Quest:
      • After the doom quest is triggered thanks to you being spotted by a cultist, you are on a race-against-time to deal with it. You need to talk to the witch and then find the three objects, then bring them back to the altar in the mansion. Over time bad things happen if you don't do this, including...
      • The humanoid diapered ghost spawning
      • Other NPCs getting stronger & more aggressive
      • Finally, the Elder One spawning.
  • School rework:
    • A portal no longer spawns in the room you're in when it's time for class.
    • The stairs down to the hotel from the school has been replaced with a permanent portal.
    • The portal in the dungeon is now active from the start and takes the player to the school, so you can access the lessons straight from the start of the game. The sapphire lessons are designed for low-babified players and so it makes more sense to access them early rather than as the final region after you've already become dependent on or stuck in diapers.
    • Each portal has a lever that lets you switch between the two possible places it could take you to. You can't go to the hotel until you've discovered it normally.
    • Most lessons now give you something of value just for participating, if you're not promoted, and sometimes even if you get promoted. For example the heel walking class gives you a level in heel skill, and the make up class gives you a make up kit.
  • New emerald lesson - butt plugs:
    • Each student is given a choice of which plug, out of a selection of various sizes, to wear. The larger the plug, the higher their chance of being the one who gets promoted, as long as they can actually get it in.
    • Assuming the player successfully gets theirs in, it is cursed with a unique quest - the 'next lesson' quest which triggers each time you attend a class.
  • Magic dust trap now only tries to apply the 'maturity' hypnotic trigger if the player can mess themselves right now. And the player is given the option of messing themselves right now in order to avoid getting the permanent trigger.
    • Certain events can now put additional diapers over the first. They must be removed in order from outside -> inwards.
      • Currently, it's any NPC who tries to give you a change when your diaper is completely 100% saturated, and also the normal ghosts in the mansion, and slingshot traps.
  • When you reach checkmate against your opponent in the chess game, for each supernatural link you have with a higher being using your diaper (Xavier and the Old Ones), you have a 50% chance of them using your diaper just at the last moment before you win, causing you to lose instead.
  • 'Just Married' epilogue hadn't properly been included. It has now.
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