Diaper Quest Release 6 Version 1.0

This version's banner image is from the new 'Businesswoman' Extra Credit Lesson (Bab testers only!). Art by Wishberri.

How to Download

There's been a hotfix! Go here and download the hotfix instead:


Known Issues

  • Updating to the latest version of the MacBook operating system no longer supports WINE. If this is the case for you, I'm afraid you'll need to run Windows in a Virtual Machine or otherwise fully emulate Windows to play Trap Quest on your computer using the recommended Windows Git. Your other option is to try Gargoyle (see here).
  • In some interpreters, on some people's computers, undo is failing to work because the interpreter's undo buffer isn't large enough to handle the game.



  • Christmas content has been disabled.
    • NOTE: If you are an alpha tester and had manually disabled christmas content, this change will have flipped it back to enabled, and you'll need to manually disable it again.
  • Containers are now very rarely empty. Instead, when they would have been empty historically, you'll get a token. And when you would have gotten a token historically, you'll get a random useful item, such as a bandage or smoke bomb or pack of wipes.
    • If it's the sort of thing that might be cursed or blessed, it'll have a 1 in 8 chance of being cursed, and a 1 in 8 chance of being blessed.
    • This is actually quite a big change. You'll end getting a whole bunch of interesting one-time-use items relatively quickly. But I think it's okay, because they're mostly pretty situational and inconsistent. And having a few more chances to escape a combat that's going poorly is good for game health, I reckon.
    • More expensive items can only be found outside of the dungeon.
      • And certain items can only be found in the mansion.
  • Charisma is actually meaningful!
    • All requests and errands now have a 'worth' value. NPCs will only give you errands that they consider 'worth' fulfilling your request. But also...
    • If your charisma is high enough (at least 20% the 'worth' value of the request), there's a chance they'll fulfil the request for free! The chance increases with your charisma, and decreases with the 'worth' of the request. But there's always a chance! (As long as you meet that 20% criteria).
    • As a reminder, you get charisma from:
      • Make up level
        • If you learn the skill from Teacher Angela and have a make up level of 2, you get a bonus +2 charisma
      • Every 'shiny' item you're wearing after the first gives you +1 charisma
      • Cheerleaders have innate bonus charisma.
      • Clothing can randomly be charisma-influencing, which means that if blessed or with a positive magic modifier, it'll increase charisma while worn.
  • Cultists are now friendly by default. They will slowly turn aggressive if you look super slutty or childish. (They have a higher tolerance for appearance than most other human NPCs).
  • The gymnast explorer now has art drawn by HoF for all three stages of her 'character development'. She progressively becomes more and more the victim of a magic marker.
    • The cutscene where the royal guard boots her from the dungeon region has been updated to reflect her new situation.
    • There's a new cutscene if she's in the same room as you while you're in combat with another NPC (and she's paying attention), when she's been banished from a region once (i.e. she's in the Woods, stuck in a ballerina pose, and has to keep smiling). She loses her smile for a moment, making her incontinent. This causes her to run away to the hotel and enter her 'retired' state where she occupies one of the hotel beds as a working girl.
  • New tattoos:
    • Finger gun hearts tattoo gives magic damage but also arouses you whenever you use magic
    • Bird heartbeat tattoo slightly increases both dexterity and orgasm addiction
    • Missfit tattoo increases endurance (higher max fatigue before you fall to your knees)
    • Playing card butt tattoo gives a bit of luck
    • 'Pamper me' tattoo improves charisma but also diaper addiction
    • 'Brain on' tattoo, inspired by books and the giant pencil trinket, gives +1 intelligence, and whenver you use magic, if you get lucky, it transforms and instead gives +2 intelligence. But after that, whenever you use magic, if you get unlucky twice in a row, it transforms again and instead gives -2 intelligence and +2 orgasm addiction.
  • New art for when the students give the player a swirlie, with variants depending on the state of your underwear.
  • There are now icons to the side of NPCs to show you what items they're holding that can be obtained by trading or errands.
  • All players now learn the spell to summon a magic wand as soon as they get their first point of magic power. But the wands summoned by this spell have a new 'impermanence' attribute, which means that they will disappear again after a number of rounds.
    • They'll never disappear while you're in the middle of combat, and standing upright. They might suddenly disappear if you fall to your knees, though, even if you have a chance to stand back up.
  • One in three times that the senior robobellboy notices you and would be friendly, it instead decides to force you to use the modification machine.
  • Improved the code for NPCs handling locked clothing when punishing you - they should now hopefully usually re-lock items that had been locked when they found you, and they had temporarily unlocked for the purposes of doing what they wanted to you. This should include diaper changes with locked diaper covers / onesies.
  • The player's periodic reflections on their addictions which could increase or reduce arousal, depending on addiction level, is no longer restricted to just milk taste and (if fetish enabled) urine taste.
    • It now includes diaper addiction, and the mechanics of it can vary.
      • If wearing a diaper, it depends on your diaper addiction, the bulk of the diaper, and whether it's wet.
      • If not wearing a diaper, you will reflect on a recent orgasm you had while wearing a diaper, or a time someone changed your diaper. The more diaper orgasms you've had comapred to diaper changes, the more likely it is that you'll think about a diaper orgasm.
        • Diaper orgasm memories depend purely on your diaper addiction.
        • Diaper change memories depend half on your diaper addiction and half on your delicateness.
    • It also now includes grossness addiction. Again, this can vary depending on your current state.
      • If you're in a messy diaper, or grossed out because of a bad smell, you'll be reflecting on that. It will depend half on your diaper addiction and half on your grossness addiction.
      • Otherwise you'll be reflecting on your memory of bad smells, and this will depend fully on your grossness addiction.
  • New magic spells:
    • Teleport to someone else in the region (like when eating a fae mushroom)
    • Create a healing bandage
    • Fill your mouth with liquid (usually milk) which can be drunk or spat at enemies to try and blind them
    • Clean your diaper
  • New art for when the shopkeeper is defeated by the boogeymonster, by Wishberri.
    • [Watersports] You can use the new permanently boogeymonster-defeated shopkeeper as a urinal whenever you like.
  • Changes to hotel patrons:
    • Hotel patrons no longer run away if you're messy.
    • You can now encounter gross and dickhead patrons in addition to the normal suited patrons.
      • If you give loads of extra valuable stuff to the pimp, he'll only send the nicers patrons your way.
    • All patrons can spank you.
    • [Diaper messing] All patrons can forcefeed you, as long as you're wearing a diaper.
      • Dickhead patrons can give you a laxative.
    • All patrons can change or diaper you, if you have a diaper bag.
    • Suited patrons can masturbate you if you're horny.
    • If the fetish is enabled, gross patrons can urinate in your diaper.
    • If the fetish is enabled, dickhead patrons can masturbate into your diaper.
  • New faerie class. Obtained by pulling the sword from the stone in the forest while you have no headgear.
    • You'll get the fairy wand, as before, and also a headgear and some butterfly wings.
    • You'll gain magic power whenever you orgasm. And also, if you masturbate with the fairy wand itself, you'll refresh your magic energy.
      • But remember, in diaper quest, all orgasms are addictive, even masturbatory ones.
    • The good news is that the fairy wand's damage increases with how much orgasm addiction you have, as long as you're the faerie class.
    • The 'bad' news is that faeries are inherently resistant to wearing normal human clothes, so you'll find that you'll get a large stat penalty if you wear normal underwear, or (for those with breasts) anything covering your breasts.
      • The gladiator can teach you a skill that makes being topless less humiliating.
    • The neutral news is that fairies don't lose arousal from being grossed out. Bad if you don't want to be horny all the time, but good if you're looking to have lots of orgasms and increase your orgasm addiction.


  • There were too many ways to reduce delicateness (submissiveness), and so some have been removed.
    • Tormenting caged or defeated NPCs now restores self-respect rather than increasing dominance.
    • The potion of virility no longer reduces delicateness. Instead, it increases penis size and/or decreases labia plumpness.
  • The player will have milder reactions to only mildly humiliating situations, even at 0 humiliation.
  • [Watersports] Human toilets now gain strength equal to the square root of the number of units of urine in their stomach.
  • Removed the blush from the faces of the character in the clothing window, when make up is 0. I think it looks cleaner and provides a better distinction from the other make up levels.
  • The 'invoke' ability you learn from the cultists was not working quite as intended; it was blessing / cursing WAY more stuff than was intended. It will now only curse or bless a certain number of items, which correlates with how much power the elder altar has built up.
    • Also, invoking the power of the elder gods now advances the doom ritual if you're not a cultist, and reverses the doom ritual if you are a cultist.
  • When you offer the witch a diaper you're wearing, and you're wearing multiple diapers, she'll only consider and take the outer one.
  • With high diaper addiction or high grossness addiction, the player won't have the 'perturbed' status when there's a messy diaper nearby.

BAB TESTERS (March 2023 unlock file)

  • New very unique item of clothing, the tubesuit! Obtained by lying on the modification machine when you have no proper clothing items (except headgear) that the machine is unable to remove (cursed / glued / locked).
    • First the machine fills you up with food and drink, and then puts it on you. It is completely unremovable - the only way to remove it is to return to the modification machine.
      • If you try to use the modification machine to remove it before the modification machine has finished recharging, then it will charge you a fee. If you don't have enough jewellery, it won't remove it.
    • It's completely airtight, and has a respirator connected via tubes to the diaper section. But don't worry, the diaper is made of a special futuristic technology that continuously generates oxygen.
      • What this means is that you're immune to all bad smells in the world around you. But also, you're forced to breathe in the smell of your own diaper every single turn. So try not to use it!
    • It gives you a very good dex boost (3) and an extremely good strength boost (6) and has the protection attribute, which significantly reduces incoming damage.
    • You can only obtain it once per game. Once you get it removed, it's gone for the rest of the run.
      • Of course, as a tester you can purloin it and wear it again if you so desire.
  • New 'Garage Worker' Nintendolls job epilogue, with art by Wishberri.
    • To get the epilogue, you need to have low diaper addiction and incontinence, and at least reasonably high intelligence (10), and not crazy low self-esteem.
      • Or, just use the debug command 'epilogue'.
    • There are two variants; one if you have between 10 and 15 intelligence (receptionist), and one if your intelligence is above 15 (mechanic).
    • You get to work a job where you're not even diapered! A year of relative happiness awaits you as you work off your debt to Nintendolls. But...
      • If you have been hypnotised by the suited lady and NOT discovered the latest photo / video evidence of her hypnotisms, OR if you get unlucky (i.e. around 25% chance), then it turns out that for the entire year, you were just hypnotised into thinking you were a competent employee, and actually you were dressed up in a baby version of whatever job you thought you were doing, diapered, and not even realising it, thanks to the hypnosis.
      • At the end of the year, before you find out whether you really did have a great time or whether you were hypnotised and slowly being potty untrained, you are given the option of staying under the Nintendolls' employ into the future. If you choose to stay, you will get a unique one year later epilogue where (if hypnotised) at some point in the far future, the hypnotism is lifted and you discover that your entire life since the game has been a fiction, and you've actually been conditioned into being a diaper dependent baby. (This one year later epilogue is not yet written.)
        • If not hypnotised, this will be a very happy ending for your character.
      • If you choose to leave, then instead you either (if not hypnotised) just leave, or (if hypnotised) you'll have the hypnotism immediately lifted, which is rather upsetting but only leaves you with some temporary continence issues, and no other bad stuff. Either way, you'll get a normal one year later epilogue.
      • When browsing the epilogue list with the debug command, there will be two identical entries for this epilogue, that's because one is the hypnotised outcome, and one is the non-hypnotised outcome.
  • New Extra Credit Zone predicament, with art by Wishberri:
    • Firstly you are forced to make a humiliating self-degradation video while bound to a sybian. Then you are made to go obtain your house key from the toilets, while wearing a short slutty dress and a diaper.
    • You aren't able to remove anything you're wearing, and your stockings prevent you from bending your knees properly.
    • The briefcase periodically spits out a business card with a QR code that links to the video, and encourages the person that finds it to help the video go viral.
    • So you'll need to pick up these cards to avoiding them falling into the wrong hands! But without being able to bend your knees, picking them up means exposing everything under your dress!
    • Also, if you didn't follow the instructions perfectly when making the video, you'll be made to drink something that makes you desperately need the toilet before you can exit the building and start your walk home.
  • Extra Credit Zone QoL improvements:
    • When you click on the map to enter the toilets, you are given a nice clean option between the male and female toilets, rather than the awkward sometimes getting a prompt that you might prefer to go to the other one.
    • When using the combat visor, you now still get told your 'appearance flavour' (e.g. SMUG MAN) in the status bar at the top.
    • If you leave stuff behind in the Extra Credit Zone final room, it will be sent to the pink wardrobe rather than being lost forever. (You could lose all your jewellery and weapon if you ended up with a wrist collar bar from the fuck relay race predicament).
    • Little infinity symbols will inform you which items you're wearing (or considering wearing) in a predicament are going to stay around when you get to the final room.
  • [Messy diaper swapping] Adult baby slaves will now try and swap diapers with you, if they are messy, and you are diapered but not messy.
    • NB Adult baby slaves can only be messy if you have enabled the setting where you must dispose of your own messy diapers.
  • [NPCs cum in diapers] There are now three options when an NPC is about to cum in your diaper, some of which might not be available depending on addiction levels.
    • Resist - if you get lucky, the NPC cums on the ground. Either way, there's no standard favour increase (NPC 'feels satisfied and loses interest')
    • Submit (pull open waistband) - moderate humiliation
    • Finish the handjob yourself - stronger humiliation, but if you're lucky, more increased favour and they might even give you an item as a gift
  • New option on the 'two choices trap' you find in some containers - the 'teleport' choice.
    • It'll teleport you to a random room in the game world. But if you're unlucky, then instead it'll only choose between rooms with nasty, punishing outcomes, like teleporting you into a cage or iron maiden or even the vine boss pit.
    • If you choose to step away, it will fail to teleport you. But if you're unlucky, then something will come the other direction through the portal. Either pink smoke, or if you've enabled messy diaper facesits, then soiled diapers (implying it was trying to teleport you into a diaper pail).
  • Fixed a bug with the scissor lift Extra Credit predicament where when you messed yourself, it didn't actually empty your bowels.


  • Fixed a bug where the prison guard would unlock all locked items, regardless of bondage protection setting and whether there was another NPC holding the correct key for it.
  • Fixed a bug where even rather short shorts could prevent you from wearing stockings.* Fixed a bug where the 'drink me' tattoo could make you drink something even when you were holding onto a mouthful of liquid.
  • Fixed a bug where the GUI buttons to pick up and drop the magic zipper item were missing.
  • Fixed a bug where poking a sleeping enemy (and waking them up) made them react as if they'd just spotted you, but in fact they remain uninterested.
  • Fixed a bug where the pimp wasn't interested in the slave collar that the shopkeeper wanted you to deliver to him.
  • Fixed a bug where certain errands that required you to consent to something immediately were incorrectly persisting as the NPC's errand even after you consented and went through with the act.
  • Fixed a bug where a bullying student could lock multiple ring gags on you, and put endless sex toys inside female players even if they were already filled.
  • Fixed a bug where the chess lesson didn't have the correct image showing up in the map screen during the match.
  • Fixed a small bug with 'Fannie Facerub' (the original princess if you lose the Final Battle in the Academy) where she always rubbed her face in your diaper, even if it was unsoiled.
  • Fixed a bug where the royal guard locking a double diaper on you wouldn't work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could take the chains on the wall in the academy dungeon away with them.
  • Fixed a bug where some icons, such as cursed and locked, were missing from diapers when you are double diapered.
  • Fixed a bug where if you were plugged with anal beads after an enema, the anal beads would not have any of the beads actually inserted.
  • If you have completed an NPC's errand and they haven't realised yet, and you request the same thing, they should now be prompted to notice that the errand is completed, rather than just tell you not to ask for another errand until you've completed the current one.
    • But also, if they're friendly and following you around, they now check every turn if the errand they've given you is completed.

How to become a Bab Tester

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