Diaper Quest Release 6 Version 2.0

This version's banner image is from the new Staff Room (Bab Testers only!). Art by Rosie-BRS.

In my humble opinion, one of the core ways to have fun in this game should be trying not to soil yourself, or at least managing when it happens, to make sure that you don't get in trouble with NPCs.

The initial version of incontinence mechanics was a 'slippery slope' - whenever you had an accident, you lost continence. In practice, this tended to result in a 'cliff edge' - you reached a point where managing your excretions became impossible, and from there it was a very quick descent into full incontinence. People found this hot, and I didn't hate it, but it wasn't perfect. I felt like it was missing a real piece of the puzzle, the piece where you could have some accidents without that being the end of the 'toilet management' fun.

So, a while back, I decoupled incontinence from accidents. Incontinence came from other sources, and that let you stay in each level of incontinence for a reasonable while, enjoying the challenges of each one. But new issues emerged: many players, especially good players, just never really progressed their levels of incontinence. Most of the ways to gain incontinence were avoidable, and perhaps just too rare altogether. Many players reported spending most or all of the game without any issue avoiding accidents.

So, a shorter while back, I made it so that fear, shock and pain could cause accidents. This mechanic was still tied to incontinence (and delicateness), so a dominant, continent player would be much more likely to hold onto their lunch than a submissive one with a weak bladder, but still has somewhat improved things - players can now find themselves in situations where they have accidents, at all parts of the game. But, there's still two big weaknesses. Forced accidents like these still mostly fail when a player is fully continent, which can lead to, again, hardly any accidents in the first half of the game experience. And secondly, we still have a serious problem where many players were just never progressing their actual proper incontinence.

Also, I split incontinence into bladder and rectal. Which meant that (for players who enabled messing) to become fully incontinent, you suddenly needed to gain twice as much of it.

So, the changes to incontinence in this version are designed to try and find a fair and balanced way of fixing those latest problems... By making incontinence into something that often goes down, and often in ways the player will struggle to control or avoid, but also by giving players way of spending time and effort to recover their continence, if they should so choose to.

How to Download

Please go here and download the hotfix instead: https://diaperquest.com/diaper-quest-release-6-version-2-0-hotfix/



  • The main thing that's received a lot of love this time is incontinence mechanics. See the discussion at the top for the main explanation.
    • The woods altar can now recover your incontinence. The priority order for its rewards are: Uncurse clothing > Recover incontinence > Increase stats.
    • Just as a reminder, the demonic altar in the hotel can also recover your incontinence (it has a 2 in 3 chance of recovering incontinence, and a 1 in 3 chance of spawning some magically enhanced fetishy clothing for you to wear)
    • More ways to get increased incontinence without you really being able to avoid it:
      • A pressure pad rune trap in the dungeon
      • Wearing unidentified knickers that turn out to be cursed
        • If you're above minimum penis size, it will instead prioritise shrinking your penis.
    • More ways to get increased incontinence unless you do well to avoid it:
      • A new possible outcome for the 'two choice trap'
      • When the throne transforms into the potty throne
      • Clothing can now be 'bladder incontinence influencing' or 'rectum incontinence influencing' (this means, if it's cursed or has a negative magic modifier, it hurts your incontinence while your wearing it, and helps you stay continent if blessed or with positive magic modifier).
        • When worn incontinence influencing clothing is destroyed, it'll slightly increase or decrease your main incontinence stat whichever direction it was influencing.
        • Clothing that turns up cursed is somewhat more likely to be incontinence-influencing than anything else.
      • Pink wisps will now make you more incontinent, if possible, when you trigger their punishment before completing their quest.
      • Friendly robobutlers can now offer you a shot of something mysterious and pink. Drink it to lose a little bit of continence, or refuse it to lower the robobutler's relationship with you.
      • Feeding baby themed stuff to your hungry bag of holding can increase incontinence.
  • [Messing or weight gain] More ways to be made to feel hungry, or to be forcefed food:
    • A new possible forced feeding outcome for the 'two choice trap'
    • Entering a food themed room (kitchens, dining rooms, mess halls and pantries) has a 1 in 3 chance of making your body feel hungry.
  • A new enemy type - the slimeball! This little critter wants to be inside your stomach, specifically, it wants you to swallow it! And it means business - it's really competent at leaping for your mouth and making you drink it down. Try and squash it before it succeeds!
    • It won't chase you between rooms.
    • It'll leave you alone if you have something in your mouth. Pacifiers have another great use!
    • If it manages to make you swallow it, it'll fill your stomach with...
      • [Messing] A whole dang lot of food, that your body will slowly digest into you-know-what!
      • [Just wetting] A whole dang lot of water, that your body will slowly digest into pee!
    • Every time you discover a new region, and every time the Doom Quest progresses to the next stage, a slimeball will spawn on the map. Usually in the Woods or Dungeon regions.
  • [Messing] Multi-turn pooping!
    • Whenever possible (i.e. whenever it wouldn't break the scene), messing lasts multiple turns rather than all coming out in a single turn. Each turn, you push out 3-6 units of mess (at random).
    • Depending on RNG and rectal continence, you may automatically stop partway (and need to start pushing yourself if you want to get it all out), or you might be given the opportunity to try and stop, or you might just keep going.
      • Obviously, messing taking several turns could be very inconvenient, depending on your current situation, be it combat, or running away from enemies, or whatever.
      • Also, after you've gotten over how gross it is to mess yourself, you'll start to be sexually stimulated by your messing episodes. So you may need to try and stop just to avoid getting too horny, or even accidentally orgasming.
      • When you're given the opportunity to try and stop, you can try a bit, or try a lot. Trying a bit rolls rectal incontinence against how much is left inside your body. Trying a lot does that roll first, and then if that fails, stops anyway, but has chances of causing pain and progressing long term incontinence.
        • Also, if you fail an 'unlucky' roll (about 25% chance), you ALSO still fail to stop your messing episode!
  • A new feature has been implemented to make those damages to your public reputation (when a video is uploaded to the Internet) more important to keep under control. It's no longer just the epilogue that's affected by them!
    • At certain thresholds of public reputation damage (which increases over time, as more and more people view the stuff that's been put online), the next time you walk in front of one of those video call screens that can connect you with an 'acquaintance' in the real world, such as the PC monitor in the hotel and the diviniation cave in the woods, you'll experience a brief uninteractive call with one of those acquaintances you know in real life. The story will be that they somehow came across your 'content', and that somehow led them to this call. They are now presented with a set of options, and they choose one. Depending on what they choose, you will have some Bad Stuff happen. Each threshold has significantly more harsh Bad Stuff than the threshold before.
    • Threshold 1:
      • Decreased intelligence
      • Increased incontinence
    • Threshold 2:
      • Teleported somewhere bad
      • Locked in chastity
    • Threshold 3:
      • Stat drain (drain is only temporary at low game difficulty)
      • Strict bondage
      • [Male players] Super sissy (headgear, all the cursed sissy clothing possible, chastity)
    • Most media that is uploaded to the Internet is done in the Extra Credit Lessons, and some other small moments like in the final battle between Xavier and the Princess, which are all currently patron-only. To make this feature accessible for non-patrons, when you're not a patron (or even when you are a patron, when Game Hates You is enabled), the hotel camera traps will cause the images to be uploaded to the internet as well.
      • I haven't tested the numbers here very well yet, so it might not happen very often for F2P players right now.
  • You can now pickpocket NPCs.
    • The NPC has to not be paying attention to you.
    • The chance to successfully steal depends on the NPC's difficulty rating, versus your dex roll, and your stealth from any special stealth clothing you're wearing like the kimono of illusions or camo outfit or kitsune sandals (and reduced stealth from heels you're not perfectly balanced in).
      • Large black dresses now provide +1 to stealth.
      • Everything else you're wearing that counts as, like, a 'proper' item of clothing (so not just an accessory) gives you -1 to your stealth.
      • Clothing can now have the 'sneaking' magical attribute, which means it magically makes you better at stealth (specifically, giving you +3).
    • If the NPC is asleep, instead there's just an extra bad luck chance (1 in 16) that they wake up at just the wrong moment.
    • NPCs will automatically become angry if they see you with their stolen stuff. They won't normally be able to see inside your bag of holding, but if they have just defeated you in combat and you don't get lucky, they will spot their stolen stuff in your bag and reclaim it anyway.
      • The shopkeeper never fails to find his stolen stuff in your bag.
  • The mansion has some new rooms and features.
    • A bunch of extra 'normal' rooms.
    • A new statue. You can touch different parts of it...
      • Touch the body to remove one wisp that's following you around.
      • Touch the headband to remove your headgear. Or if you already have no headgear, it'll try and spawn one. Two are more challenging classes, but the third is the superhero mask, which is usually very rare to get to wear for more than a single battle. It gives you the ability to zap enemies with laser eye vision.
      • Touch the ropes to upgrade a random jewellery item you're wearing. Just... Don't get unlucky.
  • New sapphire ranked lesson in the Academy - the 'patience' lesson! Quite simply, you have to choose whether to try and hold it while desperate to use the loo. If you don't leave the room to use the toilet you get promoted... But also, if you have an accident, you get the toilet curse, where every time you use the toilet you get punished.
    • You have to be wearing dry, clean underwear for the lesson to be able to be selected.
  • [Game Hates You] A 'polymorph' pressure plate rune trap in the Dungeon will randomly curse an item of clothing, significantly reduce its magic modifier, and possibly give it an annoying enchantment too.
  • Added the room with the hotel changing station to the list of rooms with an unlucky event if you teleport there. Assuming you haven't already had the related scene with Berri, you'll appear INSIDE the box that contains all the used diapers (unless you're an alpha tester who has enabled messy diaper face smushing, it'll be empty).
    • A wrestler will come along shortly to rescue you. But not before using the changing station herself!


  • Most of the time when the game computes more than one turn in a row (because you are skipping actions, or have your action decided for you), it should prompt the text buffer (i.e. the narration window) to update iteself first, to at least let you start reading what's happening, while it churns out the computation of the next turn.
  • Berri's scene with the mechanic will now result in her wetting herself.
    • If she has yet to be babified (so is still in a dress and panties), then there's new art for this scene (by Wishberri, obviously!)
      • If you have panty messing on, she will also mess herself.
  • Improvements to the hot tub in the academy:
    • Trying to go in with messy undies will usually result in you getting blocked by a teacher and getting detention.
    • The way the teacher molesting scene worked was that they just fondled you at first, and you had to leave before you got horny to avoid being propositioned and risking punishment for refusal. But that was too easy! Often all you wanted to do was hop in for one turn, to wash out your undies, then hop back out. So now, you risk punishment for refusal if you leave before you get horny, and after you get horny, you don't get a choice at all. There IS, however, now a chance that no teacher will turn up.
    • While fondling you, the teacher will slowly try to remove your non-swimwear clothes and then put a humiliating childish swimsuit on you.
    • New art for the scene by Rosie-BRS.
  • Clothing with the 'speed' attribute will now sometimes let you move so quickly (while standing) that NPCs miss their turn to move. (They can still interact with you if they're already in the room you ended up in.)
    • You can never move fast when something is making you move slowly (including a thick diaper)
  • New art by Rosie-BRS for when the lever is pulled in front of the captive Princess's cell in the Academy.
  • New PoV art by HofBondage for when the bratty adult baby slave sits on your face (including messy variant).
  • If you take an empty uncursed gold chalice to the Occult Room in the Mansion, it'll get filled up with milk, and lots of wisps will appear, encouraging you to drink from it.
  • The faerie class (take the sword in the stone without wearing headgear) now has nipple pasties. They cover your nipples, helping with your appearance, but they also increase your orgasm addiction.
    • Also, the butterfly wings are now unremovable, and decrease your control over your bladder.
    • Also also, you are now allowed to wear training panties with the faerie class without suffering from the intelligence penalty when wearing non-padded underwear.
  • New satchel of holding, the 'frilly satchel of holding'.
  • When students are waiting to attack you, but won't properly fight because there's a staff member in the room, they'll now gradually molest and hurt you when they notice an opening when the teacher isn't looking.
  • Added diaper facesitting to the wrestler's repetoire of punishments.
  • Added 'bad teleport' to Bowsette's repetoire of punishments. She makes you eat a mushroom which teleports you to a random one of the locations that has an unlucky event.
  • [Watersports] You can now ask FRIENDLY people to pee on you.
  • [Tidy up your own diapers] New item: the trashcan. This wastepaper basket, strapped to your belly, magically prevents you from touching it, and therefore you can't remove what people put inside it.
    • It is transparent at first, exposing your crotch, but after being filled with used diapers, it'll cover you up (but still be incredibly humiliating to wear).
    • If you're not wearing headgear when an NPC wants to punish you for leaving your soiled diapers lying around, they'll put the black hood on you and the trashcan will appear.
    • The trashcan automatically disappears when you are no longer the latex fetish model or human toilet.
  • For players who love princess runs, they are now more reliably obtainable. When you sit on the throne before it's recharged, the game will give you the tiara if possible.


  • Massively improved the flavour for when students and staff members in the academy witness you mess yourself. It should now not only make sense with regards to who they are in this universe, but also how perverted they currently are (i.e. what rank of student they are).
  • Moved the descriptions of how incontinent you are and how much public reputation damaging media there is out there, out of the 'attitudes' description and into your main player description (when you use 'examine/x me/self').
  • NPCs can now temporarily remove cursed pacifiers in order to forcefeed you.
  • While the player has low humiliation scores, (i.e. high self-esteem), they will refuse to use a toilet if there's another (awake) NPC in there with them.
  • When you touch the butt of the mansion statue (the original one), with soiled underwear, unless you get unlucky, it cleans and dries your underwear.
  • The calculations for whether your diaper makes it difficult to walk fast have been made more forgiving, especially with smaller, more 'normal' diapers - when they aren't filled to the brim, anyway!
  • Made some improvement tweaks to the chess lesson:
    • Your bladder only starts affecting your intelligence (and therefore your change of finding good moves) after several turns of holding it in.
    • [Messing] Messing now takes several turns, assuming you've got a lot inside your stomach. This makes deciding when to mess much more important, because you can't think and can't take your turn in the chess game while pooping.
    • Sometimes when you make a normal aggressive move and get unlucky, you accidentally give up a piece.
    • Conversely, sometimes when your rival makes a normal aggressive move and you get lucky, you get to take a piece.
      • Your rival will usually only play aggressively when she's currently winning.
  • The 'invoke' ability you learn from the cultists was not working quite as intended; it was blessing / cursing WAY more stuff than was intended. It will now only curse or bless a certain number of items, which correlates with how much power the elder altar has built up.
    • Also, invoking the power of the elder gods now advances the doom ritual if you're not a cultist, and reverses the doom ritual if you are a cultist.
  • Other adventurers heal over time significantly more slowly. It was a bit too annoying to chase them around the map attacking them when they healed so fast as soon as they lost interest in you.
  • You can no longer get infinite copies of a consumable item fron an NPC by trading / requesting it, using it, then repeating ad infinitum.
    • The prison guard will recover a new skeleton key each time he goes to his bedroom.
  • Swimsuits should now only transform into other swimsuits.
  • Instead of completely disappearing, each time you change regions, jewellery left behind has a 60% chance to just stay on the ground, and a 40% chance to be picked up by a random intelligent NPC in the region.
  • Clothing is significantly more likely to have the 'provocation' attribute.
  • All puddles slowly shrink over time. Specifically, they shrink by 1 unit whenever you change regions, but with some extra code to prevent you being silly and going up and down some stairs repeatedly to drain all the puddles.
  • Buttons for touching different parts of statues now use images of those parts of the statues.
  • Pacifiers and sex toys found in the dungeon shop will have some kind of beneficial magic effect.


  • Introducing... The Academy Staff Room!
    • With the latest unlock file, students who leave the academy for good will no longer get abducted into the cult. Instead, they'll be abducted by the very academy they trusted to train them.
    • You can only access the Staff Room when you have reached solid gold rank - i.e. the maximum rank available. (Or you can remove your armband, but then you'll get thrown in the dungeon afterwards, unless you can escape back through the portal before they get you.)
    • For every new abductee you discover in the Staff Room, you'll gain 2000 self-esteem, which is quite a lot. Consider it yet another reward for making it to the top.
    • There are 9 abductees to discover - make that 11 if you have watersports enabled. The Staff Room starts with 2, and then every student that leaves adds another (when they get sent for 'processing', that is. You have to be patient and return to reception every now and then to witness them each getting sent up.)
    • The beautiful, beautiful art for all of this was drawn by Rosie-BRS.
  • Players with panty messing enabled will no longer voluntarily expel enemas anywhere except toilets and bodies of water, when they're not wearing underwear.
  • [Messing enabled] A new option during NORMAL START lets you choose to have 'hunger mechanics' always enabled, in return for 3 extra points to spend on stats and bonuses. This essentially means that when your stomach is empty, you'll feel hungry - you'll have reduced strength, and if you stay hungry for too long, you'll start to permanently lose strength points.
    • Usually, players in DQ only feel hungry when under magical effects. The aim of the game is (normally) to avoid the game forcing or pressuring you into eating food. But for players who want more frequent messing, and/or an extra challenge, that is now possible with this new option.
    • If you have weight gain enabled, you won't get this choice - it'll be enabled automatically.
  • A new clothing attribute: autobinding. These items of clothing are relatively rare, but when you pick one up, if possible, it immediately banishes any items of clothing necessary to summon itself, cursed, straight onto your person.
    • Depending on how you play the game, this may end up being more annoying than fun, in its current form? Please let us know how you find the experience this feature.
    • Items are twice as likely to be autobinding when you've chosen 'fashion victim'.
  • When you cast the spell to summon a magic wand, if you have no class and no items that would stop this effect, there's a 50% chance of the spell also summoning a magic dress and removing the rest of your clothes. The dress gives you a boost to intelligence and magic damage, but it is also 'impermanent', so a short while later you'll suddenly find yourself naked.
  • A new swimsuit, inspired by the gris swimsuit, is waiting for you to either consider wearing it when you find it in the changing rooms in the academy (it might be autobinding), or accidentally find it in the cave you can get to by swimming in the Dungeon Lake.
  • New debug command 'questchange [clothing]' lets you change the current uncurse quest that an item of clothing has.
    • If the item is not cursed, it'll get one of those 'persistent' quests that can repeatedly complete, even when the item isn't cursed.
  • Assuming you have [Game Hates You] disabled, the state of your bladder and bowels in the Extra Credit Zone will no longer come with you when you leave - it'll revert to whatever your bladder and bowels were looking like before the Extra Credit Predicament began.
  • People were complaining that the DDR game takes too long. But I can't just make it significantly shorter or it won't actually be an interesting predicament any more - you won't be forced to choose between fatigue or drinking breast milk in any reasonable way. So what I've done, is increase the number of arrows that you get to memorize each round. Now it's in theory possible to be faster, if you have an incredible memory, or get lucky, but without it just straight-up being objectively faster to complete.
  • New debug command "bad teleport" will teleport you to a random location where a 'bad event' will happen.
  • New debug command "abduct student" increases the number of captive students in the staff room, to allow you to see the full picture.


  • Fixed a bug where the rocking horse trap would glitch out when removing a tail plug from your orifice to make room for a diaper.
  • Fixed a bug where leaking a little bit of pee would go onto the thing COVERING your knickers, if such an item existed.
  • Fixed a bug where using magic would cause messages about the new 'brain tattoo' without it even being worn.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could take the chains on the wall in the academy dungeon away with them.
  • Fixed a bug where jelly dildoes didn't say what size they were.
  • Fixed a bug where some NPCs got more than one copy of the items they're supposed to be carrying around.
  • Fixed a bug where the infernal altar in the hotel never fully charged.
  • Fixed a major bug where the choice of how TG should occur once you reach minimum penis size was bugged, always setting it to the option where you could only be TG'd from a special event.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could get a wisp quest to eat food before they lose their mouthful of fluid.
  • Fixed a bug where demanding an item from the vampiress (which makes her open a pedestal) didn't actually open the pedestal.
  • Fixed a bug where somethings getting blessed when they were already blessed would make them unblessed.
  • Fixed a bug where stockings weren't spawning with any magic attributes (endurance, stumbling, etc.)
  • Fixed a bug where the player got more horny whenever they used magic, even when the finger gun hearts tattoo was not worn.
  • Fixed a bug where generic dildos were never enchanted.
  • Fixed a bug where using a wearable piece of clothing to masturbate didn't require you to put it on. (and let the dildo part get stuck inside of you forever)
  • Fixed a bug where male players who got transformed into female players still had the male face used in the character window.
  • Fixed a bug where wrestlers could appear in the wrong region of the game, by getting locked up in the dominatrix's cage, and then released while you were in a different region.
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