Diaper Quest Release 6 Version 3.0 (Hotfixed)

EDIT 4th November 2023: A hotfix was published and the links below updated!

This version's banner image is from the new art for the one part of the new (bab testers only for now) heist mission, drawn by Wishberri.

There will be a version 3.1 in about a week with some more content. But since a decent chunk of what I did for this release cycle was Halloween themed, I don't want us to get too far away from the spooky season before this sees the light of day. So, if you want to partake in a fun trick-or-treat adventure while you wait for the full version, here it is!

Acceptance testing was pretty rushed - apologies for any big ones I missed.

How to Download - Newbies on Windows

If you're brand new, and on Windows, download this zip file, which contains both the game file and the program needed to run it.

Direct Download

Download from MEGA

After you've extracted your zip file, all you need to do is open git.exe and then select the file starting with DiaperQuest to run the game.

If you have any issues with that, reach out to use on Twitter or Discord or in the comments section below.

How to Download - Everyone Else

Diaper Quest was created with Inform. To play a work like this one, you need to download two different things:

1) A glulxe interpreter program (you open this program and then select the game file): many are available, Windows Git is strongly recommended for any machine that can run it (if your overzealous antivirus has a problem with area57's improved speed version, there's an older official version here). Another interpreter called Gargoyle is available on multiple platforms but is more prone to crashes. If you're having trouble consult this page.

2) The game file. Download it from:

Direct Download

Download from MEGA

We used to have a Windows launcher but unfortunately it is not working properly at the moment, due to our Webmaster Area57 having gone AWOL. It will download the wrong version! Do not use it.

Known Issues

  • I'm getting reports that sometimes when playing poker with the orc, the game softlocks afterwards and won't let you enter any more commands. If this happens to you, please let me know exactly what happened in the poker game. And more importantly save your game before playing the poker minigame!
  • Updating to the latest version of the MacBook operating system no longer supports WINE. If this is the case for you, I'm afraid you'll need to run Windows in a Virtual Machine or otherwise fully emulate Windows to play Trap Quest on your computer using the recommended Windows Git. Your other option is to try Gargoyle (see here).
  • In some interpreters, on some people's computers, undo is failing to work because the interpreter's undo buffer isn't large enough to handle the game.

Hotfix Changelist


  • Once you encounter all three pranks in the 'doll' option ghost hunt, the ghost will stick around rather than running away again, and attacks you.


  • The 'diaper toilet' catsuit and cat burglar outfit now appear in the character window (but currently don't render diapers underneath).


  • The candy actually spawns for the bat wing trick or treat quest.
  • The dainty dress, gris monokini, dark nylon leggings and tartan miniskirt now have character window art for all different diaper sizes you might be wearing underneath.



  • Happy Halloween! Halloween content is enabled by default, but everyone can turn it back off, by going into "ENABLE SEASONAL CONTENT" after selecting a NORMAL START.
    • There's now three different halloween starts for you to choose between:
      • The doll: You'll be sent into the mansion to banish the diapered ghost.
        • Your outfit is the doll - the most adult of the outfits, with briefs rather than a diaper. But your task is arguably the most challenging.
        • The diapered ghost has a couple of new tricks up her sleeve:
          • She can give you a pacifier.
          • She can transform soiled panties into diapers, along with a new magical attribute - 'audible squelches'.
            • A clothing with 'audible squelches' makes extremely loud sqelching sounds when wet. This makes it easy for NPCs to stalk you around the region, making it much more difficult to run away from a fight, or use the toilet without being watched.
          • She can also spook you, making you potentially lose control and soil yourself.
            • When you're wearing the 'TRICK ME' briefs, or when you fail a luck roll, the ghost will do this to you immediately after making you feel like you need the toilet.
          • There's also a few rooms where you'll get 'pranked' by the ghost while you're in them, if you're wearing the 'TRICK ME' briefs.
            • You could remove the briefs, but then it'll be even easier for the ghost to dominate you if she does defeat you in combat - she can't do much other than fill your bladder if you're wearing (dry) briefs.
          • One of the pranks is to fill you up with an enema. If you release any water from your butthole while you're not wearing underwear, you'll find that it turns into adhesive slime and you get stuck to the ground, fully at the mercy of the diapered ghost.
        • If you are doing too badly (the ghost manages to get the better of you enough times to get you in a diaper), then you'll fail the quest, lose the headgear, and gain a cursed diaper cover.
          • This special diaper cover makes the vampiress, matron, and all gladiators always unfriendly.
      • The potty: You'll be sent into the mansion desperate to find the toilet.
        • Your outfit is the Trick or Treat onesie - a new item that can't be displaced, so must be uncursed before you can get at your diaper.
          • It also comes with some new socks and shoes.
        • The vampiress will reward you if you find the toilet in time, and punish you (with a diaper change and a locked diaper cover) if you fail.
      • The bat wing: You'll be sent into the mansion hunting for candy.
        • This is the trick or treat 'minigame' that you may already be familiar with from previous years.
        • Your outfit is all new (except the diaper), and it's the most babyish, including a lovely new halloween themed diaper cover.
        • Find and eat 2 of the 3 candies scattered around the mansion.
          • Each time you eat a candy, your diaper transforms and gets a bit bulkier.
          • The candy corn often does something particularly cruel when you eat it, so you might want to leave that one and eat the other two.
          • But then again, you earn some extra jewellery for finding and eating all three...
  • There's now a couple of new special rooms to visit via the elevator next to the security screens in the hotel.
    • To recap, you need to first authenticate by:
      • Putting something in the chute which has the pimp / mechanic / Xavier's cum / urine / mess on/in it.
        • Close to impossible right now. More methods of managing to do this are coming soon!
      • Obtain the mechanic's ID card (the mechanic drops it upon being banished, and you can also get it when you defeat and then demand an item from him).
      • Defeat Demon Lord Xavier and obtain the infernal gem he drops upon defeat.
    • Now you can access the elevator, which allows you to access rooms with cool stuff inside. But of course, some potential traps too.
      • Surgery room - a machine allows you to undergo 'surgery', which involves lowering most of your body into the mysterious machine, and sensation getting cut off from the rest of your body.
        • Unlucky outcome (bad luck roll):
          • Glued waddle diaper, incontinence increases, and multiple orgasms (increased orgasm addiction). Always takes 6 rounds.
        • Normal outcome (avoided the bad luck roll):
          • Muscle enhancement. +1 strength and dex per round. Lasts a random number between 1 and 6 rounds.
        • This means that the longer the surgery goes on, the more likely it is that you got the bad outcome and should be ending the surgery early to minimize the damages.
        • You can end the surgery early, but this involves re-enabling sensations, which will always be bad.
        • You can just not get in the surgery box, but then the room will not count as 'complete'.
          • However, you can attack the machine with a metal weapon (such as a sword or a wrench) if you have one, to damage it. This then counts as the room being completed without you having to ever get in the box, if you prefer.
        • Art by Wishberri.
      • After you've 'completed' all the other rooms, the final room will become available. This is the new location of the final boss with the Nintendolls and the capsule.
      • There's a cooldown between uses of the elevator, so you can't just blitz your way through them all.
  • Non-hostile students who are currently paying attention to you will, once every now and then, spontaneously decide to interact with you.
    • Some interactions can happen multiple times, but other more unique ones are once-only.
    • Many of the interactions are negative (often either you consent to what they want, or suffer a little bit of relationship damage). So far we have:
      • Ditzy students (emerald rank and up): A kiss
        • At low ranks, they might make the kiss extra-sloppy, grossing you out unless you pull away.
        • At medium ranks, they might play with your crotch during the kiss, which could make you horny or even result in orgasm unless you pull away.
        • At high ranks, they might surprise you by snowballing cum into your mouth, unless you pull away.
      • Tryhard students (higher ranked than you): Genitals inspection
        • Lose self-esteem by showing them your genitals, or don't for relationship damage.
      • Nasty students: Kick you in the butt if you're on your hands and knees.
    • But that doesn't mean you never want to hang around these guys! Because there's also some positive interactions that you might get if you're lucky. So far we have:
      • Ditzy students can give you random crafting tokens
      • Innocent students in the junk room can drop a butt plug of refreshment.
      • Gold ranked students can give you the mechanic's ID card
      • Any tryhard, friendly or ditzy student (ruby rank or higher): Butt plug swap offer - you can swap your butt plug for hers - hers is one size larger but also has an extra +1 magic modifier.
      • Rachel (an innocent student who can appear at higher ranks) can offer you the Kraken Bell she found (a good melee weapon). Saying yes starts the doom quest, if it hasn't already. Saying no lowers your relationship with her.
  • The matron can breastfeed you after a diaper change, if you are hungry, thirsty or get unlucky.
    • As long as your milk taste addiciton isn't relatively high, you can refuse, but then she'll spank you instead.
    • Every time you obediently swallow a mouthful straight away, she'll 'reward' you with masturbation, which could result in an orgasm and increased diaper or orgasm addiction.
    • Every time you refuse to swallow a mouthful straight away, you'll risk overflowing next round, and it bursting out your nose, fatiguing and humiliating you.
  • Art by Borvar for when a slimeball leaps at you but misses.
  • Art by Borvar for when the suited agent lady turns and starts to retreat because she's losing the fight.
  • Art by Conrico for when there's a decision to make for a two-choice-trap.
  • Art by Conrico (and updated flavour) for the video call equipment in the Cave of Divination.


  • The icon that tracks how late you are for class in the academy now has a stopwatch with a sort-of segmented display to make it more clear how much time you have left.
  • When you set up on the stage and get locked in bondage as a result, there are now specific keys spawned that can unlock those specific bondage items. And the guard that appears to punish you is holding all of them.
  • Peeing on the ground while kneeling in the woods will summon the puppy ears and give you the puppygirl class if possible.
  • When you announce you orgasmed during detention, it gets uploaded to the internet.
  • The player will never instantly surrender at the start of fights in the Academy region. This was pretty dodgy in general due to how infrequent and important fights are in this region, and especially the boss fight when you try to rescue the princess.
  • The dominatrix, who now does more wandering around than she used to, will no longer immediately lose interest in you when she's friendly but not in her dungeon.


  • A new cross-class with an accompanying heist mission!
    • One of the pedestals in the mansion will contain the cat hood. Wear this to become the cat burglar class - a cross between catgirl and vixen. This will cause the new painting in the mansion room with the pedestals to begin rippling, and you can enter the Private Museum and attempt to steal the priceless jewelled tiara.
      • (Completing this heist is the uncurse quest for the cat hood.)
    • The heist involves bringing some milk (in your mouth, ass or both) to the pedestal containing the tiara. But you will also need to obtain the key to the vault, which requires its own offering of milk.
    • There is a patrolling security droid which will zap you with painful electricity if it finds you, and potentially boot you back out of the subregion, causing you to fail the heist quest.
      • Failing the heist quest causes the cat hood to transform into the human toilet / diaper toilet hood.
        • [Watersports disabled] The diaper toilet is a new punishment class where you have to let people pee in your diaper while you wear it.
        • NB. There will be versions of this for people without diaper urinal fetish enabled, but they aren't implemented yet.
    • Many rooms along the path between the milk fountain and the pedestals that require milk cause things like pain, fright, time delays, or orgasms, all of which can cause you to lose hold of your mouthfuls and ass-fulls of milk.
      • Spilling liquid on the ground can cause an alarm to go off, which will summon the security droid.
    • To successfully make it through the rooms without getting hit by any bad stuff, you'll want to have a high stealth rating and a high dex rating, and ideally some clothing with the 'speed' enchantment.
    • There is a special catsuit available in a pedestal near the entrance that has the speed enchantment.
      • This transforms into a slutty latex dress if hit by a transformation effect.
    • There is a special cat tail plug available in a pedestal near the vault that has the sneaking enchancement.
      • This synergises with the catsuit / latex dress above, increasing its stealth rating if both are worn.
    • The tiara you can obtain, when worn, immediately gives you a pink diamond ring, and also gives you access to the new 'savior' class, which is a cross-class between princess and superhero. The tiara also comes with its own special laser attack, just like the superhero eye mask.
  • Debug command 'notice me senpai' resets the timer on student interactions, so the next time that a student can interact with you, there's a 100% chance of it happening.
  • While debug / cheat mode is enabled, whenever you get pushed into a predicament, you will be given the option to instead skip to the exit room (your house). For people who hate certain predicaments and wish they didn't have to go through them when they get randomly chosen.


  • Fixed a nasty long-standing bug which sometimes caused a region (usually the mansion) to fail to load.
  • Fixed a bug where, when the game was set to Dark Mode, the green and lime coloured drinks looked identical.
  • Fixed a bug where the caged princess wouldn't talk candidly to the player or accept a key or magic wand if there was a staff member in the room, even if the staff member was defeated.
  • Fixed a bug where clothing with the 'stumbling' attribute didn't actually do anything.
  • Fixed a bug where being teleported into the iron maiden from a different region would cause lots of map bugs and other bugs after you were released.
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