Diaper Quest Version 1.4

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Please go here and download the hotfix instead.


  • The character window continues to become more and more complete! This month we have:
    • Resolved several clipping issues caused by variations of diapers and outfits being matched wrongly in the code
    • Training Pants (including sexy training pants)
    • All four different types of court heels
    • Blue clubbing dress is now compatible with all diapers
    • Blue latex shirt
    • Swimming top
    • Chastity cage & belt
    • Bloomers (see below)
    • Teddy bear pantyhose / tights (see below)
    • Mittens (see below)
    • Yellow baby romper (see below) (currently used for all rompers)
  • Half of the time that an NPC would confiscate an adult item (usually because you fought back), they will instead force a babyish item onto you. Including...
    • New pink latex bloomers that can be worn over a diaper.
    • New teddy bear pantyhose.
    • New latex mittens that can transform into the more embarrassing teddy bear ones if hit by a transformation effect.
    • New yellow baby romper (can also be obtained via the cupcake romper transforming)
  • The demoness has a new punishment that she does if you have nothing preventing you from peeing on the floor and you need to pee (and are aware of it). In fact she'll automatically turn unfriendly if she can do it when she notices you. Including an image by Aweye that I've been given permission to use to represent the scene.
  • Adult baby slave now drags the player to the matron if they are in the hotel and the matron has not been met yet.
  • Adult baby slave now will sometimes give you a suppository rather than sit on your face.
  • Boogeymonster punishments no longer increase humiliation. So they're all quite a bit less harsh, so maybe it is worth grabbing that amulet.
  • There are now a few selectable names to choose between.
  • Bondage protection benefit option allows the player to avoid most of the bondage in the game.
  • New handicap option lets you limit the number of times you're allowed the save the game.
  • Minimum dispenser liquid benefit option allows you to increase the minimum amount of liquid that will be found in all tanks and buckets.
  • [Smart Hyperlinks] The game no longer automatically lists all craftable and blessable items each turn you're in the relevant rooms, but instead gives you a single link which you can click on to make the game display the entire list.
  • Fixed an issue where if you did something that disgusted the djinn (e.g. wet yourself) in the turn he demanded a wish, the game would still expect a wish response when it shouldn't because he's no longer talking to you.
  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn't find any knickers in containers for a long time at the start of the game.
  • Fixed a bug where a pigtailed player could have one scrunchie turned into the runic headband while the other remained a scrunchie.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't kick with some dresses that clearly had slits to allow for leg movement.
  • Fixed a weird bug where transformation effects could sometimes cause a bag of holding to disappear completely.

Bab testers:

  • New Xavier scene (always happens second in the sequence). This completes the set of permanent effects that Xavier can give you. It also gives the player a ring gag (if mouth is free), which is a unique item that you currently can't get from any other effect. Along with a new image by Hyro.
  • Fixed an issue where the Nursery epilogue still had the highest priority.
  • Custom name generator now works with DQ. If you didn't download it already, pick it up here.
  • Fixed an issue where the nursery was still the highest priority epilogue so it was nearly impossible to get the ones I added in v1.3!
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