Patreon Nuke News and Subscription Drive Pledge

Yes yes yes, you can all point and laugh now. I predicted that Diaper Quest's Patreon page would be left alone because we don't do age roleplay ("Hehe I'm a toddler who likes playing with blocks" or whatever), but Patreon (or more likely their payment processors) didn't care.

Don't skip this blog post! At the very least read the section after this one - there's a big development announcement.

This has created... A bit of a situation. The money from this page is what was able to fund Diaper Quest development in the first place. Both the time I, Aika, put into it, and also the majority of the money (from this page) actually went to Wishberri to do all her amazing art.

Trap Quest and Shame Games will live on, but Diaper Quest is teetering on the edge. Furthermore, Wishberri's income has been double-devastated - first by her own Patreon page's implosion, and then from this page, which I think may have actually cost her more in lost income than her own page.

So I'm primarily here to beg you all to consider choosing this moment to support what we've been doing here, and to support us in one of two ways.

  • If you only care about Diaper Quest, there's now a $12 tier for that on the SubscribeStar page. It's just like Patreon except you can't pay via PayPal. It works excellently - Many many other adult creators and I have already been happily using it for years and years.
  • If you were (or every considered being) an Alpha Bab, i.e. someone who supports Trap Quest and also Diaper Quest, then this is still totally possible, over on the Trap Quest Patreon. The unlock files you get for being an Alpha Tester on the Trap Quest Patreon have always been identical to the ones you got from being an Alpha Bab on the Diaper Quest Patreon. You can find a link to that page at the top of our SubscribeStar page. I'm not going to directly link it here, because I don't want to get that page in trouble.

For now, I will continue to dedicate about 25% of my time to Diaper Quest - that was the ratio of subscribers on the DQ Patreon to the other funding platforms. But I will not keep this up forever if our numbers don't recover. I just won't be able to justify the time.

FURTHERMORE! I don't want to just beg. So, I have a business deal to make with you all. Ages ago, I got Relyet to mock up the characters for what would one day be my greatest, most ambitious diaper game ever. However, I've yet to find the time to actually make it a reality. So my pledge is this: We lost 364 active subscribers yesterday when the page was taken down. When Shame Games regains (a stable) 364 subscribers across its funding platforms, not only will we continue making Diaper Quest, but we will make "Divergent in Diaper Space" happen too.

Divergent in Diaper Space

Divergent in Diaper Space is planned to be a browser-based online experience where you and 8ish-30ish other players play over time, checking in a few times a day, to use your energy points that accumulate over time, performing your various class roles around your spaceship in order to earn points.

But of course, nothing is ever that simple in space. Especially when you're in Diaper Space.

Your ship, the Divergent, is travelling through Diaper Space, a peculiar sector of the known universe in which all humans invariably become a little bit incontinent. For hygiene reasons, the majority of the crew (everyone except the captain) is kept diapered at all times.

This is confounded further by the presence of an alien virus known as The Dips. You can become infected with The Dips by having a soiled diaper and interacting with a bit of ship machinery where the virus is hiding. When infected, you can no longer gain points the normal way... But instead gain points for causing disruption. And after a while, if you still haven't been caught, arrested, and sent for processing and 'safekeeping' (see the lady in the mega-diaper and limb bondage above), then you'll turn into some kind of scary super-strong diaper monster for a while, which is much more difficult to subdue and can cause a lot more damage rather easily. After you've been in 'safekeeping' mode for a while, you'll be released back to 'grunt' status (the lady in red) and will have been cured of The Dips.

So, it's very dangerous, from the captain's point of view, for you lot to be wandering around doing your job with a soiled diaper! But from your personal perspective, it is somewhat beneficial to do this - for one, getting a diaper change requires reporting to the med bay, which takes time and energy. Secondly, getting infected with The Dips and successfully causing a lot of chaos is one of the best ways to score loads of points. So... This will inevitably lead to a lot of naughty crewmembers lying about the status of their diapers!

That's why most crewmembers will be able to (and encouraged to) spend a little energy performing a diaper check - specifically, a sniff check - to see whether or not their fellow crewmember is telling the truth about still being dry. They should then report any discovered infraction to an enforcer, who can activate the ship's robo-nanny system to arrest the target.

Enforcers (in black) are protected from being infected with The Dips by their face masks. But also this prevents them from doing diaper checks themselves. They have to rely on reports and corroborations from others to work out who is actually lying about being dry. When they set the robonanny on someone, that person is always immediately demoted to safekeeping. If that person had a soiled diaper, the enforcer earns a bunch of points. But if it turns out that the target was dry all along, then the enforcer is also demoted to safekeeping too, and a spot opens up for someone else to get promoted to enforcer.

Indeed, that's the other cool part of this game's design. Everyone has different ways of scoring points, and also nobody is too likely to stay in the same role for too long. There's lots of ways to end up getting demoted. The captain is instantly demoted if she ever doesn't make it to the toilet in time, and then one of the enforcers gets to become the new captain. The captain gets to promote non-grunts to enforcers, and the ship can automatically promote grunts to one of the other special roles whenever a slot opens up.

Everyone gets some points for doing their normal job, but the captain gets some of those points too. So, being the captain on a ship that's running smoothly is an excellent way to earn loads of points and end up at the top of the leaderboard when the mission ends. But for that exact reason, other people want the captain to fall, so that they can move up the ranks themselves. So the captain has to constantly be on the lookout for people who might trap them somewhere without a toilet, or spike their food.

Doesn't that sound sexy, fun, and super interesting? I think so, and I really hope you do too! So, what are you waiting for?! Come and help us by being one of the 364 subscribers who makes it happen (and helps Wishberri pay her bills)!

As we get closer to our target, I will reveal more and more information about the other roles and how they'll interact with everything I've explained so far.

Come check out our funding page now!

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