The Diaper Games Chapter 8

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New Core Themes: None

Specific content new to this chapter: Self-degradation

Disclaimer: This is erotic fiction written by adults for adults, and all the characters in the story are adults. Sometimes in fiction, people do bad things. Only a fool would take anything written here as a reflection of reality or the author's views on morality.

Author's note: Diaper  Quest has kind of taken over 95% of the time I spend on DL stuff but I am still slowly working on all my stories and on Messages from Mars. They will all see the light of day eventually.

Rosie woke up at 5am to a 'Barbie Girl' alarm clock in her newly decorated pink room. She imagined that Aika's dorm had likely suffered identical modifications next door. She felt quite calm, perhaps even serene. Maybe it was the good night's sleep, or maybe this was just herself gradually getting used to not having agency. But strangely enough, it felt like... it felt like everything was going to be okay. Almost as if something deep within was reassuring her that this was all meant to be.

Sitting up to avoid leaking, Rosie indulged in a morning tinkle. She didn't even remember at that moment that her toilet was locked shut - she just elected to use her diaper for convenience and that tingly, fuzzy feeling that comes from the warmth spreading around one's crotch and down behind the butt. Rosie knew that she was still being watched, but she was kind of used to this by this point. She had long since made her peace with her lack of privacy, and nobody she knew (or probably ever would know) would be rich enough to fund such an event and so she was unlikely to bump into any of her fans in real life. So the anonymous millionaires were free to continue to ogle as far as she was concerned. There was actually something a little exciting about knowing that her intimate toilet-times were being broadcast to an unknown audience. Now that she was growing accustomed to the whole 'Diaper Games' situation, her exhibitionist streak was rearing its perverted head. Rosie found herself spreading her legs and biting her lip, in some weird attempt to look sexy while not making it too obvious that she cared how she looked. When she could see that the front of her Pampers had discoloured, turning visibly soggy, she shivered with arousal. It took a significant amount of self control to not begin to touch herself.

Once Rosie had brought herself back from the brink and returned to the land of the sane people not-tempted-to-masturbate-through-their-wet-diaper-in-front-of-rich-perverts, Rosie forced herself onto two feet. After disposing of the used wet diaper in the provided pink diaper pail, she sauntered over to the shower and relaxed under its hot soothing embrace. It was a glorious sensation, and Rosie had no intention of leaving that shower until she was forced to. Which of course, she eventually was. An indeterminable amount of time later, the water suddenly turned freezing cold! She leapt out of the cubicle with an undignified shriek. Definitely the work of her new bosses! Rosie reluctantly accepted the fact that her shower time was over, and began to wipe herself with her new soft baby pink towels. Once dry she retrieved one of the identical thick Pampers with a wide pink waistband from her chest of drawers and very soon she was powdered, padded, and ready to face the rest of the day.

Upon opening her pink princess wardrobe she discovered that one of the hangers was sparkling brightly thanks to the row of white LEDs embedded in the plastic, blinking on and off in a slow gentle pattern. Evidently this was what she was being instructed to wear today. On the hanger was a stretchy white T-shirt, probably at least a couple of sizes too small for her, which had the phrase "Please check me, I'm probably wet" written on the front in cursive pink letters. When Rosie removed this she found that underneath on the same hanger was a pink diaper cover with a rocking horse pattern made of noisy plastic, and a pair of white socks. Once donned, Rosie looked much like you might suspect - the tiny white shirt stretched lewdly across her chest, making every contour of her breasts visible, including her nipples which were rock hard in anticipation, much against her will. Her diapered bottom looked ridiculous in the pink plastic pants, and of course it rustled loudly as she moved. The lack of shoes further emphasised how much this was not an outdoors outfit. And yet she suspected that's exactly where she was about to be sent. At least it was something like 5:30am, so nobody else should be about yet. Hopefully.

Right on cue, Rosie heard that familiar voice speaking to her from the directional speaker in her earring.

"Morning Rosie! Glad to see you got this far without need for my input. Now, your first task for today is simple - make it to the basketball court in the gym, wearing the adorable outfit you've got on there. The sooner you leave, the less chance of running into anyone!"

He was right - the stakes already felt higher than ever. The potential long term ramifications of getting caught in humiliating clothing by people she knew and would potentially see every day for the next two years was much worse than the short term shame of doing things in front of her anonymous fan club. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and creeped out of the room into the hallway. Moments later, another door opening almost made her poop herself. She froze like a deer in headlights and for half a heartbeat she thought she'd been caught already! Then she recognised which door it was, and who it was. It was Aika, of course, assumedly having been given the same task at the same time. Her similarly tight T-shirt read "Spankings make me horny" and her plastic diaper cover was green with brown teddy bears. A silent look of understanding passed between them.

"Quick, let's go," Rosie heard Aika whisper, barely loud enough for her to make out the words. And then Aika was off, scrunching and crinkling her way down the hall, forcing Rosie to follow swiftly or get left behind. Rosie didn't even hesitate - she followed obediently behind, joining Aika's rustling padded parade towards the gym. The journey only took a few minutes through the dim light of early dawn, but the plastic noise of their diapers sounded deafening in the dead silence of campus at night, making each passing moment feel like an age. By the time they reached the rear entrance to the basketball court they were red-faced, almost overwhelmed with chagrin. Aika tried the door handle. It was locked, and Rosie almost kicked herself for not foreseeing this. Of course it was locked! An electronic key card was always needed to get into university building during the night hours when no staff were inside.

"You could wait out here for an hour to be let in by the coach." The announcer spoke in a teasing voice. "Or I could always open it remotely from here... I would just need some convincing."

"Just tell us what you want." Aika spoke in a quiet controlled tone.

"How about, you try to give each other simultaneous orgasms. No removing your clothes though, of course..."

Aika and Rosie expected more teasing, or at least some further airy comment encouraging them to make haste, but that was all he said before going quiet. The two girls were left standing there, each facing the prospect of an impromptu lovemaking session with their best friend, outside in a public place very close to where all their friends lived. Rosie looked at Aika and moved her hands away from in front of her diaper to her sides, indicating her submission and consent, leaving it up to Aika to decide if she was willing too. Aika paused for only a second before reacting; she didn't look Rosie in the eyes but took a large step forward so that their breasts and noses were practically touching.

Rosie felt Aika's breath on her own mouth, a delightful sensation which began to turn her on despite the insane circumstances. It was her turn to move, she knew, to do something to increase the intimacy and take some of the pressure and uncertainty away from Aika. But it was difficult because it didn't feel natural. Not because Aika was a girl, or Aika was her friend, or because they were wearing diapers, or because they were in a public area; it didn't feel natural because over the last day she had grown to accept herself as entirely submissive, and especially towards Aika. So what she desired deep down was for Aika to take full charge, to just tell her what to do, or even better, just make her do it. But right now Aika needed her, so Rosie fought against her instincts and willed herself to move. Her lips inched forward and met Aika's own, affirming her enthusiasm with the inclusion of her tongue. Rosie's left hand snaked down to cup Aika's diapered crotch and with two fingers, for the perfect balance between force and surface area, she began to push and rummage though the padding.

It did not take long for Aika's breathing to grow heavy as her body began to respond to Rosie's touch. And then Aika did something Rosie didn't expect: she slipped her hand down the front of Rosie's diaper. Lower and lower it went until her middle and index fingertips found Rosie's bare sex. Her fingers began to explore Rosie's folds and Rosie couldn't help but gasp - it was the first time Aika had ever touched her there directly, without a thick layer of padding or at the very least a wet wipe as a barrier between their two bodies. It was the most intimate moment of their lives so far, and probably Aika's first ever time touching a girl down there. Rosie cooed gently into Aika's lips as they kissed and fingered each other, Rosie immensely relieved to once again have Aika in control. It was growing more and more difficult to remember to perform her own reciprocal duties as Rosie's entire attention was focused on the thrilling sensation of her lover's bare fingers probing deeper and deeper into her most intimate parts. A certain warmth had already begun to rise, quickly turning into a burning heat.

Aika suddenly froze. Rosie instinctively copied her, and then understood why: there was the unmistakable sound of stiletto heels click-clacking on concrete, and growing louder. Moments later, someone came into view, on a nearby path. A visibly drunken lass clumsily dawdling home, trying to avoid a public 8am walk of shame after a one night stand. Her eyes were plastered to her phone, as she scrolled down through some social media feed or another, no doubt. Most of Rosie's arousal began to recede as the real fear of what sort of encounter would unfold if the freshman looked up, what sort of photos she'd be able to take in a moment's notice! The next sixty seconds were intense, and Rosie hardly breathed at all. Aika remained rock solid, her fingers still inside Rosie. And then as the woman passed their spot by the door, still well within earshot but now facing the wrong way and unlikely to spot them unless she was given cause to turn around, Aika's fingers began to twitch.

At first Rosie thought that it was just a mistake, a couple of motions Aika was doing to make herself more comfortable, but after a brief couple of seconds it was clear that this was something more. Their lips still locked together, Rosie looked at Aika's eyes and saw one full of mischief and... excitement? Aika's fingers continued to silently work their magic inside Rosie's slit, unbeknownst to the stranger, unbeknownst to their online viewers and the game runners... nobody knew except the two of them. Already slightly deprived of oxygen due to holding her breath, Rosie's lungs started to burn as she tried to control her body and not make a noise. Just the tiniest shuffle could cause a crinkle that would make this girl turn her head. All she could do was silently search for Aika's tongue with her own and surrender to Aika's rhythm. As soon as she felt safe she allowed herself to breathe a little, and then as the footsteps faded away she let herself go more and more. As her breathing became more laboured and her kiss less delicate and more sloppy, her pussy swelled and gushed with excitement and anticipation. It was coming soon... Her first ever time... with Aika's fingers... with strangers nearby... it was going to be incredible...

"Okay I'm gonna stop you there."

The announcer chose the most cruel moment to snap Rosie back to reality. Aika's fingers froze, making Rosie mewl with lament.

"I lied - no cummies for you naughty girls yet! But by the end of this session I think you'll probably thank me for not letting you finish just now."

A low buzzing sound signaled that the door's electronic lock had been opened, and Aika and Rosie looked at each other with a weird mixture of arousal, guilt and frustration. Aika allowed them both a few more moments to calm down before she slipped her hand out of Rosie's throbbing vagina. She gave Rosie a very quick and subtle look of apology before pushing the door open. Rosie shivered as her head continued to spin, and she tried her best not to fall over as she stumbled inward after Aika.

A cardboard box sat in the short hallway leading to the basketball court, obstructing their path. Some words were printed on the side:

"Babies' T-shirts and diaper covers go in here."

While neither of the girls wanted to be so close to naked in such a potentially public place, there was nothing to be done but obey the rules and lose some clothes. Rosie didn't know what was worse - her now fully exposed diaper or the fact that she was topless! She wrapped her hands around her breasts to protect her nipples, kind of answering her own question for her.

Why did they make us wear these things if we just had to take them off again so soon? Rosie thought to herself, before reflecting on how the walk to the courts would have been ten times as terrifying if she had been wearing absolutely nothing except the diaper, and decided to let it slide.

When the two women finally arrived at the basketball court, whatever they had been expecting, it wasn't this. A strong vertical pole stood near the middle of the court, going right up to nearly touch the the high ceiling. A horizontal bar was attached on top with a circular joint, so that it was free to tilt one way or the other like a see-saw, or set of giant weighing scales. Descending from each end of this horizontal see-saw were dangling two strong looking white cables, which were each connected to what could only be described as a mini-straitjacket. These unique tops (one green and one pink, predictably) had long sleeves that could strap together either in front of or behind the wearer, and either way this would ping their arms to their body. On the ground directly beneath these suspended items of clothing were large plastic half-logs, one for each of them, again colour-coded to match the straitjackets, identical to one Rosie had been locked on top of the previous day. There was no doubting that they were both going to be 'treated' to the powerful vibrating magic of Sybians.

And yet none of these things were the weirdest two objects visible. The second most bizarre objects were shiny plastic items a couple of feet long with unclear purpose, shaped like steep rounded pyramids but with a long zip down each side, suggesting that they were items of clothing. And the strangest objects were suspended from the ceiling right next to the ends of the horizontal pole, and could only be described as giant gerbil feeders. These clear massive vats were filled with some kind of pink liquid and had dispensers at the bottom which would allow someone to drink directly from them, if they could fly a few metres into the air in order to reach them. All in all it made little sense to Rosie.

"Last one to get themselves into their leg binders and top gets a forfeit!" The announcer blurted out as fast as he could.

Before Rosie could even interpret those instructions Aika was off, stepping quickly over to the green equipment and lowering her knees into the plastic pyramids, and then getting to work on the zips. As Rosie watched her it became abundantly clear what their purpose was - the items would keep their knees fully bent, with their feet locked to the backs of their thighs. They wouldn't be able to walk, only crawl on hands and knees. She scrambled over to the pink set and got to work, but found it much more difficult than it looked to get her legs into the right place so that they could be zipped up. How come Aika seems like a natural?! Rosie wondered as she struggled to wiggle herself into the plastic bondage. She stole a peek and saw that Aika was already pulling the straitjacket-top-thing over her head.

"Just grab your elbows behind yourself and we'll do the rest."

A few moments later Rosie heard a rather metal-sounding 'clank' and saw that Aika could no longer move her hands. It was still another minute before Rosie herself managed to get the leg binders in place and the tight top over her chest. When she moved her arms behind her back, they suddenly snapped together with an identical accompanying sound. Once again it would seem that magnets were being used to control their bondage from afar. Rosie tried an experimental struggle and discovered that she indeed was no longer able to move her arms at all.

"Okay, now if you could each straddle your Sybians, we'll get this Diaper Game underway!"

Rosie obediently wiggled her way over the plastic beast, settling in place with one bound knee barely touching the ground on either side. Most of her body weight was pressed on the device underneath her diaper. She'd positioned herself just behind the vibrating nib, in order to avoid it pushing into her through her padding. Of course, she'd soon learn that it was no use trying to avoid these meticulously planned predicaments.

"Hey, let's play a quick guessing game. Which one of you bubble-butts is heavier, do you think? Fun fact, when you arrived at our facility, you were exactly the same weight, down to the nearest ounce, you see. It's unlikely that your weights haven't fluctuated since."

There was a loud mechanical click whirrr and then Rosie was launched into the air. Not expecting it, she shrieked with terror, and then immediately felt silly for doing so. Upon review, all that had happened is that she been gently raised about half a metre in the air by the strong cables attached to her straitjacket. Looking down, she could tell that she was now perfectly positioned above the protruding nib of the Sybian. If lowered, it would press right into her padding at her clit, and she'd be completely unable to shuffle away without the use of any of her limbs. The announcer continued to antagonise them. Peering behind her, she could see that Aika was also hovering at exactly the same height in exactly the same manner, at the other end of the contraption.

"Tell you what, we'll add an extra forfeit in for the person who's been the bigger fatty in the last 48 hours. Let's find out in 3... 2... 1..."

Clunk! Rosie felt the entire contraption shake momentarily as something significant was shifted into gear, and then with another sickening lurch, she rose another half-metre into the air. And with what was almost certainly not a coincidence, her mouth was now positioned no more than an inch from the giant gerbil feeder.

At the same time, a soft thud could be heard as Aika's padding slammed onto the Sybian.

Oh. It literally is a see-saw.

"That's right, it's a see-saw, or scales of justice." The announcer confirmed. Sometimes it felt like he could read Rosie's thoughts. "Here's a quick physics lesson, ladies: scales don't gradually change between 100% up and 100% down as the weight ratio shifts. Instead, as soon as the mass differentiation of the connected loads overcomes the friction coefficient of the cable, the system undergoes a full shift. Oh sorry, I forgot I'm talking to babies, let me dumb things down to your level. Essentially, as soon as Rosie is heavy enough, she'll fall onto her vibrator and Aika will rise into the air."

Rosie scowled at the condescending explanation, but said nothing. She just concentrated hard on what he was saying - she didn't want to miss any important information this time.

Rosie heard the Sybians roaring into life, and the loud rustling of plastic as the outer layer of Aika's waterproof underwear filled the hall. Almost drowned out by the plastic scrunching noise, Rosie could just about hear Aika whimpering. Uh-oh. They sound strong. At the same time, the gerbil feeder in front of Rosie began to leak its baby pink liquid, one little drip at a time. Aika squeaked and Rosie turned to see that Aika's was also dispensing its juice, a little bit even managing to splash onto her already thinly-stretched and slightly sheer top.

Art by Rosie-BRS

"Enjoying yourself there, Aika?" The announcer teased. "Okay okay, let me explain the rules of the game. You two are at very similar weights right now. As soon as Rosie has drunk enough liquid, she'll take over being the heaviest and the see-saw will cause her to fall down onto her Sybian, carrying Aika into the air in the same motion. Then it'll be up to Aika to do the same, and make herself the heaviest again. And of course you can feel free to use the toilet if you need, since it'll be all kept nice and snug inside your diaper, so you won't lose any weight, as far as the scales are concerned!"

Rosie wriggled nervously, causing a loud crinkle.

"Anyway, it's now 5:35 in the morning. The cleaning staff will arrive at six, so let's hope you've escaped by then, eh? Oh, how do you escape? Easy, really. All you have to do is cum three times and the cables will disconnect from your outfit.". He chuckled vindictively. "There's no winner to this game - it's your punishment round, but the last game ended in a draw, so both of you are in the 'hot seat'. Anyway, have fun now, I'm going to leave you both to it!"

And with that the game was afoot, with Aika already moaning quietly to herself, and Rosie being stared down by a giant vat of suspicious pink goo. A quick look at the digital clock on the wall confirmed what she had just been told - there were only 25 minutes until the cleaners arrived and with them needing six orgasms between them, that meant they needed to manage one every four minutes in order to sneak out in time. Rosie furrowed her brow and thought hard. This was a game, and they needed to play it well. At least one of them needed to be level-headed and trying to build a plan, and only Rosie was currently not having their clit fried by an extra-strong vibrator, so it would probably have to be her.

"Fuck fuck fuckfuckfuck" Aika was loudly whispering to herself as she squirmed on the spot. Rosie thought it was probably worth letting her take the first orgasm nice and early rather than interrupting her party through the build-up. Tentatively, she stuck out her tongue and tasted the pink liquid. Yuck! It was some weird mixture of sickly sweet and yet horribly bitter. She was definitely happy to wait a minute before starting to drink any of that. Instead she turned to look over her shoulder once again, and watch Aika's devilish predicament.

"Shit. Shit. Shit." Aika was squirming as she swore, trying to get any single one of her limbs to do anything useful. She couldn't.

"Shiiiiit!" Her voice was becoming higher pitched and now she was just rocking back and forth, as if she desperately needed the loo. "Hnnnnggggg!"

Rosie just watched in awe as her favourite person drew closer and closer to climax. Her own arousal, which hadn't fully subsided anyway, began to bubble up on its own, and who could blame her - it was a very erotic sight to behold. Rosie found herself wishing she could touch herself as she perved on her crush, and now not being able to feel anything when she'd already been so close to orgasm just five minutes ago... it was almost like torture! But then Aika whimpered again, and Rosie felt guilty. Rosie wasn't the one suffering in this particular moment, not compared to Aika.

Rosie looked back to the pink liquid slowly oozing from her gerbil feeder. Should she start drinking it now? If she started too early, it would cause the see-saw to flip before Aika reached her peak, hindering their progress towards release, and also it'd be devastating to Aika's mental state. If she started too late, it would mean that the Sybian would buzz away on Aika's clit during her most sensitive moments for much too long, which would truly be torture, and in the worst case could cause some lasting damage to her mental fortitude. How was she supposed to know how many gulps it would take?!

Well, there's only one way to find out.

Rosie leaned forward the inch necessary to put her lips around the nozzle, and began to suck. She allowed the dripping liquid to fill her cheeks, which took a few seconds, and then took a huge gulp. It truly tasted awful, but she hardly cared about that at all. Her mind was entirely focused on the mission. One. Aika's moans were becoming less consistently-pitched. It wouldn't be long now. Rosie's cheeks filled and she swallowed again. Two. And again. Three. Four.

"Hnnnng! Haaah!" Aika was at her limit.


"Cumming! Cumming! I'm cumming!"

That's unnecessary. Rosie thought. They can tell when we cum from the biometrics these collars are measuring. There's no rule requiring us to announce our orgasms out loud.

But then she clicked and understood why Aika was saying that - it was for Rosie's benefit, to know when to switch.

"Eeeeeeaaargh!" Yep - that was the sound of someone whose clit was much too oversensitive to have an ultra-powered vibrator pressed into it, even through thick padding.

Five. Gulp. Six. Gulp. Swoosh! Rosie felt that lurching again, and her lips were pulled from the gerbil feeder by, well, gravity. A split second later, she landed on the Sybian with a solid thud. If it wasn't for her well-padded crotch, that could have hurt.

Seven it is. That's about all Rosie could manage to think before her body and mind became occupied with a rather powerful distraction between her thighs. The hard bump of the Sybian was pushing into her sex, or rather was forcing some of her diaper's bulk right up in there, sending its strong vibrations right through the fluffy filler and into her rather sensitive nerve endings. It felt like the vibrator and the diaper provided the final connection in a now complete electric circuit that surged through her entire being, lighting her up like a Christmas Tree.

"Holy shit. Holy oh fuck... I'm.... I'm cumming!" Rosie sounded more surprised than anything else as she shouted it out, and then allowed the euphoria to take her.

"What the fuck, seriously?" she heard Aika express, and then after that she heard nothing more than her own lewd, and almost insane-sounding groans. Her body shook as if there was an earthquake underneath her, and then she soon realised she was bucking her hips as if the Sybian was a strapping young lad. And then the orgasm began to subside, but her new sexual partner didn't skip a beat. What were the best sensations in the world soon turned to both burning and freezing at the same time! Rosie's brain felt like it was melting in a microwave. She shook her arms and legs and tried to wiggle away but couldn't budge an inch.

"Please, please swap back!" Rosie managed to choke out a few words, and leaned backwards to try and get a glimpse of what Aika was doing. But all she could see was her back, and the seat of her hovering padded rear. Surely she was drinking the stuff, right?! Rosie's entire pussy was going into full overload, and she needed to get off this vibrator before she was driven insane!

"It's too much! Shit shit shit!" Rosie complained. But then, although the intense over-stimulation didn't subside, she did feel the beginnings of another orgasm begin to gradually bubble away. She knew that if it came to fruition, it would be a brutally physical, body wracking experience like no other she'd ever encountered, and was immediately worried that it would leave her too tired to go on afterwards, and way too oversensitive to endure another two orgasms shortly afterwards. She needed a couple of minutes respite at least to cool down and get her body under control, otherwise the next ones would be too much to bear. But her pussy didn't seem to care about that, and neither did the monster buzzing away underneath her nappy.

"Aika you've got to... otherwise I'm gonna die..." Rosie spoke hoarsely, hardly managing to get heard over the din of Sybian rotors and plastic diaper rustling.

"Okay okay keep it together, I'm still really sensitive myself you know..." Aika sounded frustrated. It dawned on Rosie that because she had only taken a few short moments to cum, Aika hadn't had the break she was expecting and probably hoping for. Rosie's own extreme lust had already done significant harm to their cause. And even worse, the mere thought of how badly they were handling this lewd predicament was making her even hornier by the second.

It seemed inevitable now: the machine was going to bring her to a second, mind-numbing orgasm and there was nothing she could do about it. Her powerlessness continued to add even more gas to the fire that was her crotch. Rosie clenched her eyes and fists and steeled herself for it... and then-

Swoosh. Thud. Oh you have GOT to be kidding me!

At what felt like the last moment, Rosie was launched into the air and denied her pleasure. She instinctively groaned in frustration, her head too clouded in arousal to think objectively about whether it was a good or bad thing. And when she had calmed down from her high, taken a few breaths, and considered the matter rationally, she still wasn't sure. Because as it stood, she still needed another two orgasms before she would be released.

Rosie turned back to look at Aika, and that itself almost made her cum on its own. The sight of her best friend writhing around as she straddled her Sybian, the noises her diaper was making as it crunched and rustled away underneath her, the smell of girl juices that was starting to fill the air... in her sex-addled state she might have forgotten about the fact that there was more going on right now than just the interaction between Aika's clit and the devilish device underneath it. But at that moment, her belly growled angrily.

The fact that it was surprising was possibly the most surprising thing of all. Rosie's stomach had now making continuous noises that were, from her perspective, almost as loud as the Sybians' rotors. Of course. Of fucking course. It would have been too much to hope that they would be left to control their own bladder and bowels, and just forced to cum in their diapers. No, no, she really should have expected that the mysterious pink liquid she had been drinking contained a super-powered laxative. And yet it was still frustrating. Not only was she almost certainly soon going to have to mess herself, but if she was to escape this torture contraption she would also need to commit herself to drinking about twice as much more as she already had. Starting right now.

Gurgle gurgle. Grrrooowwwwl. Her innards continued to make its intentions known with increasing volume, and she was beginning to be able to physically feel the contractions of her gut as... 'stuff' was moved towards its inevitable destination with increased haste. This wasn't helping her bring herself to drink more of the pink stuff. And yet, she had to, for Aika's sake. She could only hope that Aika would do the same in return. In a bizarre way, this would almost certainly be yet another significant bonding experience for the two of them.

Actions now, reflections later. Rosie decided, and latched her jaw around the gerbil feeder once more. *Suck. Gulp. Grrrooowwwl. Suck. Gulp. Grrrooowwwl. Suck. Gulp. RRRRaaaarrrw. It was getting worse, and fast. Like a nuclear reactor that has begun to meltdown, Rosie's rectum was now irreversibly set in motion towards... critical mess. She carried on drinking with increasing urgency, eager to just get on with it so that she had to spend less time waiting in horrible anticipation.

It was only when Rosie realised she wasn't sure if she'd had five or six big gulps that she even remembered that she needed to wait for Aika to cum a second time before taking over. There was so much to think about! Or perhaps it was just difficult to think about more than one thing when kept at such a heightened state of arousal. She reflected that she hadn't heard from Aika in a while, but as soon as she actually thought about this she realised that she'd just been filtering her noises out as she concentrated on other things.

"Fuck I'm gonna... fuck fuck fuck... it's too much, I'm going to...!" Aika was squeaking her self-narration in a much higher pitched tone than her natural voice.

Rosie had her own imminent explosion to contend with now, as she dangled helplessly in mid-air. Her body was telling her that she needed to break wind, but Rosie knew better than to trust even such an innocent-seeming sense as this one after ingesting copious amounts of fast-acting gastro-stimulants. She knew that she needed to hold on for as long as possible, but the pressure was increasing at what felt like an exponential rate, and the end result felt inevitable.

"Cumming! CUMMIIIIIING!" Aika was clearly too overcome by her second orgasm of the morning to detect Rosie's developing complication, or even to really think about how outrageous she sounded. Rosie hoped for Aika's sake that they never had to re-watch a recording of that moment, as Aika might die of shame on the spot. As Aika's insane sounding groans started to ebb away, Rosie made sure to do her part. Taking a deep breath, Rosie latched on tight to the gerbil feeder and began to chug for all she was worth. She knew that she was three big gulps at most away from the drop, and while her clit was still feeling rather sensitive, it was also still throbbing with desire from being taken to the edge just a few minutes ago.

Gulp gulp gulp.

Why wasn't she falling yet?

Gulp gulp gulp

Poor Aika must be being driven insane by the over-stimulation.

Gulp gulp gulp

Soon Rosie had to come up for air, and briefly unlatch her teeth and lips from the feeder. And as soon as she did... Swoosh! Rosie was sailing back down to her new favourite partner and freeing Aika from her torment. Rosie immediately understood - she'd been holding herself up there with her teeth! So now not only had she drunk much more than she needed to, but Aika would now have to match her gulp-for-gulp before they'd switch again. A switch that would need to happen pretty soon, Rosie realised, as her pussy quickly responded to the Sybian's masterful technique and her entire body once again lit up with delight. It was a very unique sensation, being both in euphoric pleasure and under immense pressure to go number two at the same time. The intense clitoral stimulation wasn't doing much for her capacity to hold her butthole shut, that was for sure.

Why did it feel so good to set pleasured through her diaper like this? Was it really a reflection of just how much of a massive pervert she was? Or was it simply that the Sybian was turned up so high as to have been entirely unbearable if it had direct contact with her clit, but simply incredible when dampened by the thick padding? Surely that must be it, because the truth was it felt like heaven. Rosie couldn't deny that getting to ride this bad boy while diapered was utter bliss.

How long had passed? Seconds? Minutes? It was impossible to tell. The clock read 5:46 but she couldn't even remember what that meant, if it was good or bad. None of that mattered. All that mattered was the beautiful orgasm she was about to have, and that she kept a tight hold on her pucker for as long as humanly possible.

Grrrooooowl. A noise that sounded similar and yet different from her own belly echoed in her ears.

"Euurgh... Oh no..." That was Aika's voice, responding to her own stomach. It sounded like she'd just discovered the bad news. But there was no time to console her.

"Aika, it's coming, I'm gonna, oh fuck I'm gonna cum so hard..."

Those were the only intelligible words that Rosie came up with before the orgasm hit her. A full body orgasm is an interesting experience in the simplest of situations, and when one is suspended on a Sybian with their limbs tightly bound, it's a whole different beast. Her arms refused to understand that they were stuck behind her and writhed and struggling completely outside of her control. And those weren't the only muscles she lost control of - there was just nothing she could do as her sphincter opened of its own accord. It wasn't like a close call where she almost was able to hold on, it was just an instant surrender on the part of Rosie's conscious efforts to hold back. Thick sludge jetted from her behind and billowed outwards like it was a smoke cloud coming from a space shuttle launch, where her poop chute was the exhaust. The sound her diaper was making on the vibrator instantly went from a plastic crinkling to a horrible wet rasping.

This was not the first time Rosie had orgasmed while messing herself, but it was by no means an event she was accustomed to, and it was a deeply shameful experience. She felt both entirely grossed out and extremely turned on at the same time, and the arousal fueled her shame, and the shame fueled her arousal. Well, that and the industry-grade sex machine, which was still forcing her body to shudder violently as her combined orgasm and poop session went on and on. Soon her diaper felt rather warm and full underneath her, and some instinctual desire not to allow it to overflow managed to enable her to regain control of her butt muscles and clench herself tightly shut. But her orgasm was not over, and the vibrator had no 'off' switch, and the rest of her body continued to spasm as she held her butthole fast.

"No... no... no more..."

Rosie moaned in desperation. What she had actually meant was that she didn't want to let any more mess out into her diaper, but what it sounded like was that she was struggling with the stimulation. And while that was sort of true, it still felt fantastic, and wasn't the problem on Rosie's mind right now.

"No more... ugh..."

Rosie grunted like a mindless zombie as she lost control again, and her diaper accepted even more of her mush into its soft welcoming embrace, beginning to bulk out behind her and billow over the left and right sides of the sybian's casing much like an expanding water balloon. Whatever that pink potion was doing to her insides, it wasn't pretty. It was making her just as incontinent as a pathetic disgusting baby.

That shameful thought was almost enough to make her cum again.

Rosie sort-of lost track of time a bit at this point, lost in her spiral of shameful and sordid sexual bliss. At some point she had begun to wet herself as well as shit herself, although she could not have said when. She had not only lost control, she'd lost conscious awareness of what exactly was going on down there. All that mattered was that it felt so fucking good. She began to go limp in her bonds, submitting herself to the will of the machine, and whatever heights of ecstasy it chose to take her disgraceful body to.

Swoosh! Thud.

Rosie's sudden launch in the air gave her stomach a sickening lurch, which made her noisily push out a bit more mess. Which, some small part of her mind pointed out, meant that she must have stopped messing herself at some point. But more importantly, she was no longer getting that intense love that you can only get from an heavy-duty vibrator taking you to town through thick layer of soggy, squelchy padding. For the first few seconds she whined and squirmed around in self-pity, but then with every moment that past the haze lowered and her sanity returned, and she began to be able to feel just how sore and oversensitive her clit really was, and just how easily her will had been broken by this predicament, and just how awfully full and weighty her diaper was. Every moment that time ticked forward she felt more shame and more self-disgust.

"Don't listen, don't watch, noooo...."

That was Aika, pulling Rosie's thoughts back to the present, her final powerless pleas for privacy before her own pants pooping session greeted them both with its loud obnoxious and terribly embarrassing assault on their ears. From this vantage point, the only thing Rosie now had to focus on was the sounds Aika's poor posterior was making, with no distractions from clitoral stimulation. It was a truly unholy cacophony, the inglorious rasping of Aika's poop-chute resonating with the wet plastic rasping of her now soiled nappy thanks to the loud pulsating nub lodged into its crotch. It sounded like a demon was being exorcised from Aika's behind and it wasn't going down without a very messy fight.

"No, I don't want to cum again, not like this... not like this...!"

These were Aika's final tragic words before she exploded into a sex-fuelled wail that for a brief moment even drowned out the sounds of her messy episode. For someone as embarrassed as Aika to make such a huge display of cumming... it must have been a big one. She was surely going to be very sensitive for a long while after that. Rosie's own overstimulated clitoris twinged with timid empathy at the thought. No, not just at the thought, it was also the scared anticipation of what was to come.

Then lots of things happened all at once.

Click! Swoosh! SPLAT. Rosie fell to the ground, her horribly mushy diaper cushioning her landing on the Sybian with an awfully loud squelch. Aika's harness had been disconnected from the see-saw, causing Rosie to drop back down without even having to drink any more pink goo. The narrator chimed in with an explanation.

"Congratulations Aika, you did it! You had three orgasms through your own diaper padding. Are you proud? We're proud of you up here, I can tell you that. Not many people are depraved enough to cum in a messy diaper whilst still in the middle of soiling themselves. You've joined a very exclusive club today, I think you'll agree. Anyway, now that you've completed the task, you're free to leave! Rosie here will be right behind you, as soon as she's done enjoying the feeling of her own mush."

Rosie's bottom chose that moment to noisily squeeze out another lump of shame. The narrator chuckled.

"That's the spirit, sweetie! You look like you nearly lost yourself last time. How do you think the third one is going to go?"

Rosie whimpered with abject shame.

"Anyway, Aika, we did mention didn't we, that you would have a bonus punishment for being a greedy fatty and gaining the most weight. It would be unfair of us to go back on our promises so... we're going to let you go, but you'll find that you can't take those leg binders off until you get back into your dorm room. We are giving you back use of your arms though. Aren't we kind?"

Rosie took a moment to twist her body and have a look at her best friend. Aika's arms were indeed no longer bound behind each other, and as her top was no longer connected to the contraption she was able to slowly wiggle herself forward and off of the front of her Sybian, falling forward onto her hands and knees. With one brief look at the clock and an even briefer look at Rosie, Aika turned tail and began the slow arduous process of crawling back towards the door from which they had both entered not long ago. She looked an absolute state, with her white top having turned very sheer thanks to the pink liquid that had soaked into it and the copious amount of sweat that continued to ooze from every pore, and drip from her already sodden hair. Not to mention the bulky, soggy and steadily browning diaper encasing her loins. Rosie knew she probably looked very much the same.

Rosie continued to watch Aika as she hobbled across the large hall on all fours. Anything to take her mind off of her poor poor pussy which was once again under assault from the unending undulations of the Sybian, but was now feeling much too sore to enjoy it properly. Enjoy it? Enjoy it?! Normal people don't enjoy getting stimulated while in a thick messy nappy, no matter what the context! What was wrong with her! And yet, she knew it was true. She really did enjoy it. Maybe it was a character flaw, or maybe it was just a harmless sexual fetish, but either way it was the truth and in that moment, nothing else really mattered. She knew it, Aika knew it, and the hidden audience certainly had concluded it by now. She was a filthy diaper loving pervert, and nobody could deny it.

Rosie's rueful self-condemnation helped her arousal grow once more. She couldn't even feel remorse about this, because if she wasn't able to overcome her soreness and exhaustion and reach another orgasm, she'd be left straddling this fucking vibrator until she was caught in the act by the morning staff. That would be a tough one to explain. She could picture the scenario clearly - some middle-aged man with a mop strolling into the hall expecting to find one sort of mess to clean up, and in fact getting an eye-full and nose-full of a very different kind of mess; a pathetic, exhausted woman with a diaper full of her own poop, riding a sex toy to a sickening climax while he watched, eyes wide open, jaw down to the floor.

Would he call the cops? Or would he get turned on by the sight and decide to aid her with her sordid quest for disgusting sexual experiences? Would he walk up to her, and...

Yep, that lewd thought was enough. She peaked for the third time that morning, teeth clenched hard as the electricity ran through her nervous system. It wasn't actually as strong or pleasurable as her previous two; it was more of a half-hearted automatic bodily reflex. That probably just reflected how exhausted she already was. Her body did still shake, though. And now... she'd be let out, right? Any moment now, she'd hear the click of her harness detaching, and she'd be able to leave before she was caught. But seconds passed, and the click never came.

"I came! I orgasmed! Three times! Come on!"

"Oh, we know, honey. But don't you recall, you also earned a punishment when you took longer than Aika to get into your new outfit." The announcer spoke softly, but with an unmistakable hint of... evil.

"We here at HQ feel that you haven't humiliated yourself enough yet."

"Haven't humiliated myself enough?! What did I just do?"

"...I don't know. Hey, why don't you tell us. In exquisite detail."

Rosie baulked. Could she really say out loud what she had just admitted to herself in her head? Did she really have a choice? She had to say something or they wouldn't let her off, and her poor pussy was going to die! Words began to form on her lips, before her sex-addled mind could even really begin to properly assess what she was saying.

"I... messed myself in my diaper, and came while doing it..."

"And why did you do as disgusting a thing as that?"

"Because I'm a pervert..."

"Just an ordinary pervert?"

"No... I'm a disgusting adult baby who gets off from using her diapers instead of the toilet..."

"Is that all you get off from?"

"Yes... No... what truly makes me horny is how pathetic I feel when I do it... the knowledge that it's disgusting and wrong, and that I am letting people watch me, showing them who I truly am... knowing that they could never respect me after seeing me like this..."

"So you like it when everyone knows that you like the smell of your own nasty nappies?"

"No... the smell is awful... but that just reminds me of what a horrible thing I've just done... which just turns me on even more... please let me go!"

"Just one more thing. I want you to make it extra clear to your fans how you'd like them to feel about you."

"Please please please please please... ohgod... please be revolted by me. Please force me to do nauseating things and watch me fall into a haze of uncontrollable lust as I repulse even myself as I take myself to further depths of depravity. Oh please my cunt is so sore... Oh please keep me in diapers for so long that I forget my potty training and need them 24/7, please make me feel as pathetic and useless as a dumb baby. Order me to debase myself before I'm allowed a diaper change. Make me smell the sickening results of my actions. Let my best friend use my face as her personal masturbatory aid through her own nasty nappy. Force me to watch the recordings of the things I've done for your entertainment. Oh come on, what else do you want to hear? Please turn me into your diaper addicted baby slave!!! Gnnngh! Cumming!"

Rosie's fourth orgasm was truly mind-melting. Her awareness of reality fizzled away like a television losing power, and her consciousness swam upon a sea of sexual energy, still awake, but no longer in control. She had been completely defeated by the machine. The show runners allowed her entire climax to run its course before they turned off the vibe, and then released all of her bondage, her leg binds clattering to the floor next to her. But it was still some time before Rosie's head finally rose and her eyes blinked with some semblance of cognizance.

Rosie felt like she had less energy than she had ever had in her life. Her pussy was oozing some kind of liquid and she didn't know if it was cum or piss or both. Her butthole was still spasming, partially thanks to the laxative, trying to push something out but there was nothing really left for her belly to give. She felt like she couldn't see properly. She definitely couldn't hear anything except a high pitched whine. She tried to stand and found that her legs were more wobbly than if they were literally made of jelly. By the time she was properly on her feet, able for the first time to properly feel how heavy and full her diaper truly was, she felt like she barely had the muscle strength to make it to the door before she'd collapse back to the ground.

Step by draining step, Rosie inched her way across the hall. Barely registering how truly awful she looked and smelled, she did not hesitate to push her way out of the hall and through the hallway back to the outside, as fast as her legs would allow. All that mattered was getting back to her dorm, where she could safely collapse into a deep sleep.

If someone was watching Rosie from afar, darting back into the shadows after having spotted her, she wouldn't have even known, or cared. Her mind didn't have enough capacity to concern itself with minor details like that. All that mattered was getting one foot in front of the other without falling over, her hands gripping the sides of her bulky diaper to prevent gravity from pulling it down as she moved.

She half-pushed, half-fell-into the door to her block of dormitories. As it swung open in front of her, her knees buckled and she collapsed onto all fours. With only ten metres or so left to travel, Rosie didn't even bother to try to get back up onto her feet.

Aika's face flickered into her vision, terrified and embarrassed. At first she thought it was a hallucination, but after shaking her head to wake it up a little, she confirmed that it was in fact the real Aika, on her arms and knees, still in her leg binders, directly in front of her. When Rosie had stumbled through the door, Aika must have been mortified that she'd been caught by another student. Aika's expression changed into a mixture of relief and cringing. Probably because of how awful Rosie looked.

They would have exchanged words but it wasn't worth the risk of someone hearing and opening their door to check what was going on. So they both inched silently forward to their dorms on all fours, giving Rosie a rather intimate view of Aika's bloated messy diaper. The only sound that could be heard as they walked was the squelching of their nappies as their contents were continuously shifted with the movement of the girls' thighs.

As they reached Aika's door, Aika's leg binds were released with a click. Pulling herself up to full height, Aika opened her door. Looking back at Rosie, whose entire body screamed extreme fatigue, Aika hesitated briefly before guiding Rosie through the open door.

Tending to Rosie before herself, Aika delicately removed Rosie's soiled undergarment and deposited it in her own diaper pail, and began the rather arduous task of using baby wipes to return Rosie to a state of cleanliness. Rosie made no move to resist, or to help. It seemed that she barely had the energy left to move her limbs at all. Another moment of uncertainty passed, and then Aika did what was probably necessary considering the pink stuff they'd been drinking, taping Rosie into a new dry nappy before finally leaving her on the bed to go clean herself up.

By the time Aika returned from the en suite bathroom, Rosie was fast asleep. Aika snuggled up behind her, taking the position of the big spoon, one hand lovingly resting on the front of Rosie's padded crotch, and rested her eyes.

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