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Apologies that nothing much happens yet in this story. Chapter 3 is already written and reviewed and ready for publishing, and I'm just waiting for the art!

Don't worry Diaper Games isn't on hold or anything, I'm just still waiting for the next art-piece to be completed. But anyway, this story is going to be my masterpiece. Drafts of the first 8 chapters have existed for a long time and recently I started refining them and commissioning art. While most of my other ABDL related stories are going to be at least 80% diaper stuff and just made up as I write them, this is going to be very different. I already have the (rather long) plot all planned out, and there's going to be a much wider array of kinks included, probably leaving the pure diaper stuff at below 50% of the saucy content.

Content that I expect to frequently be writing about in this story includes:

  • Diapers, including wetting, messing, additional childish clothing and paraphernalia
  • A vast majority of girl-on-girl action (i.e. there aren't many men in this story)
  • Sex, sex toys, orgasms and so on, including a lot of involuntary orgasms and other non-consensual activity
  • Bondage, restraints, Domination & submission
  • Anal and light medical play
  • Hypnosis and mind control
  • Body transformation and unnaturally exaggerated body shapes
  • People getting knocked out cold

Content that I expect to occur occasionally:

  • Various (heterosexual) activities involving men
  • Claustrophobia
  • Watersports

There won't be a way to influence the story in the same way as some of my others because I already have it largely planned out. But I'll still be polling for feedback because I want to know how much and how many people are enjoying the story.

PS. Apologies for all the British versions of words, but I am too loyal to Her Royal Majesty to change them to the American versions.

Chapter 0 - Prologue

Deborah briefly looked out of the window of the diner, shifted in her chair uncomfortably, and audibly sighed. With her elbows on the table in front of her, she rested her head in her hands. Her large, heavy breasts, now supported and pushed up by the table, emphasised her cleavage, causing it to spill even further out of her pink low cut blouse. Paula, sitting across from her, eyed her companion's bust jealously. She wasn't flat chested by any means, in fact she was bustier than the average girl, but compared to Debbie she felt like a child. Whenever Paula was out on her own or with friends she found herself the centre of attention, but if Debbie was around all eyes were instead on her voluptuous, exaggerated, better-than-perfect curves. There was no part of her body at fault, from her platinum blonde hair and gorgeous face to her tight stomach, baby making hips and bubble butt ass. And of course her unnaturally huge, cartoonish tits, crushed together and demanding the attention of anyone who looked her way. It was just unfair.

Paula shut her eyes, realising she'd once again allowed her obsession with Deb's figure to distract her from the important discussion at hand. She blinked several times and then endeavoured to bring the conversation back on track.

“I'm serious, Debbie.” Paula spoke in very hushed but urgent tone. “Why don't we just talk to them? It's only going to get worse and worse, soon we'll be numbers one and two most wanted. And you've got to realize that it's surely only a matter of time before they track us down.”
Debbie frowned, looked around to make sure that nobody was listening in on their conversation, and then spoke in an equally hushed tone. “Paula we've been over this so many times. You know we can't come clean like that. If we make proper public appearances, they'll capture us on video, voice and everything. Someone from our normal lives will identify us, and either report us to the authorities or try to kill us themselves. Assuming we aren't killed in our sleep by a former friend or co-worker, we'll be killed in our sleep by a black ops agent. And then not only are we dead, but Midnight will probably kill the rest of humanity as well. Or even worse, enslave and torture them.”

“I don't know how you haven't been recognised already with those tits.” Paula mumbled.

“Paula!” Deborah turned a pale shade of pink and wrapped her arms around her chest, doing as best as possible to cover her flesh. “You think I want these? Do you think I want all the attention we get when we're out there? And if you must know, I have to wear binders and thick sweaters, like, all the time when I'm with family and friends, because I'm fucking terrified that someone will begin to wonder. I'm dressed like this today because it's the first time these girls have had a chance to breathe in public for weeks!”

“Hey I'm not judging your outfit, you flaunt what you want. At least it's not as bad as what we have to wear when we're... you know.” Paula looked downwards, embarrassed. “All I'm saying is at some point, that's going to happen anyway, unless we go and set up a secret super heroine base in the mountains or something. Why not come out now, and convince people we're on their side?”

“You've seen the media coverage Paula. Lots of people have guessed that we're not evil. But most people don't care, they see that we're a danger to public safety and they want us gone. Do you think the US government is just going to sit by and trust us to be good? I would neutralize us. And as for the secret base-”

Their conversation was interrupted by a waitress walking over to their table. “Hey gals, what would you like to drink?” The girl in her late teens was very unsubtly glancing at Deborah's ample cleavage, but Deborah didn't bat an eyelid - she was more than used to the stares. And hey, who could blame the poor girl – Deb's massive mammaries could block out the Sun.

“I'll have a decaff, please.”

“Just a large glass of water for me.”

“No problem, I'll be right back!”

As the girl walked away, Deborah's eyes narrowed. “We cannot go public. We just can't. The truth is that if we did go for it, we actually would have to create a secret hideout, and go live up a mountain or in a desert. And I don't know about you, but I want to be able to live a normal life. Well, as normal a life as we can live, the way that we are. I'm sure some people could live a life of solitude but OOOOOOoooooooooooh…”

Deborah's monologue was interrupted as a strong uncontrollable wave of sexual energy blasted her from the side and quickly flooded her entire body. She couldn't help but moan softly as the intense throbbing surged down into her clit and deep inside her pussy, making her clench her fists and curl her toes. Paula's eyes were scrunched closed into a frown and she was gently sweating, which let Deborah know that she was suffering from the same symptoms. She gripped the sides of her chair as her heartbeat rose and her breath shortened and her pelvic floor muscles slowly spasmed, as she tried as hard as possible not to cum.

It was no use – the energy burst was too intense. Deborah started to groan out loud as her orgasm hit her hard, and she had to fake a coughing fit in order to disguise her rather public episode. It was all she could manage not to wet herself. Paula was coping slightly better, but it was only a short moment later that she climaxed, her whole body shaking uncontrollably in her seat as she fought to keep her mouth (and bladder) shut.

Several more painfully long moments passed until the source of the wave stopped, leaving them both panting and aroused. Nobody else in the diner had even noticed anything had happened, never mind having felt the energy release. After taking a few moments to catch their breath, the two women looked at each other with serious, concerned faces.

“What the hell was that?! So strong and so close… Midnight?” Paula quickly spoke.

“No, Midnight isn't that strong. And anyway it felt different. Less malice, more anger and frustration.” Deborah was already on her feet and heading for the door.

“Does she have a new minion? Or could it be someone from another continent?” Paula was beginning to remove her sundress as she spoke.

“I don't know, but be very careful. Whoever she is, she's strong.” Deborah's outer clothing hit the pavement outside the diner, and Paula's sundress was discarded next to it. The women were left standing on the mostly empty street almost naked: Deborah was wearing a g-string and small boob tube that was so tight it looked like her erect nipples were going to literally pierce through it, and Paula was wearing a very revealing two-piece swimsuit. Paula caught herself once again staring at her companion's unnatural bust with a weird mix of fascination, envy and arousal-fuelled lust.

Art by Gentleman Paux

In the same way that they had done several times before, the girls closed their eyes and drew energy from their bladders. Manipulating the energy with their minds, they channeled it through their body, forcing it downwards and out through their feet. There was a rush of wind, and then two loud bangs, like a gun being fired.

“What in the hell?” the waitress was the first to the door of the diner to try and discover the source of the noise. Outside on the ground she found the blonde busty girl's pink blouse and skirt, and the brunette girl's cream sundress. Looking up into the sky, she saw two already small dots slowly disappearing into the distance.

“Holy shit.”

Chapter 1 – Not Your Standard Awakening

Bailey Bell had always suffered from a weak bladder. She didn't know if it was genetic or just pure misfortune but since as early as she could remember, if she ever needed to pee then she needed to do it urgently. She was still wearing training pants until the age of around 10, which was when she made a decision that would change her life. Concluding that she could not go to middle school still wetting herself, she committed herself to change. What she did from then on was not sensible and definitely not particularly healthy, but it worked – she simply drank as little as possible. By keeping her body a little dehydrated she found that she didn't need to go to the loo much at all; once in the morning and once before bed covered her quite nicely with only a few minor accidents over the years. It didn't actually take too long to get used to the headaches and feeling a little thirsty all the time. Sure it wasn't perfect but it was worth it to be out of clothing that should only be needed by small children and the elderly.

Of course when you're already thirsty the last thing you want to do is exercise, and so Bailey was not a fit girl. She wasn't obese or anything thanks to a mostly sensible vegetarian diet but she was very much soft and cushiony, not toned and skinny. This, combined with her short 5'4 frame and pale complexion with freckles gave her a very youthful appearance. Even now that she was 20 years old and living on her own with a car and a job, friends and family still called her “Baby Bailey” on occasion. It was her least favourite thing to be called, except maybe “Chubby Cheeks”.

As much as she hated her body for the way that it was, she dealt with it as best as she could and made use of it when she could. The innocent little girl look does wonders for you if you are trying to persuade someone (especially a man) to do something for you, or if you get caught shoplifting. Bailey wasn't a hardened criminal or anything but she had definitely given her parents more hassle than they deserved with a rather extreme teenage rebel streak. Her therapist told her it was because she was trying to prove to herself and the world that she wasn't a baby any more. He was probably right.

It seemed like things were starting to go well for poor Baby Bailey. She was starting to gain a little respect and recognition at her software development job and maybe she would press for a promotion at the end of the year. She was nine years into wearing adult girl pants and had never once experienced a major accident when there was someone around to witness it. The cold, permanently grumpy Bailey seemed to slowly be receding. Maybe one day she'd even stop hating herself and everyone around her enough to find a boyfriend.

But then in the spring of 2017, her office building had become the battleground for the Sirens, or “Super Sluts” as she liked to call them. Three seemingly indestructible girls, either naked or next to naked, flying around blasting each other with energy beams and then buggering off to who knows where. Real life super beings, but with no clear allegiance or aims. Each continent seemed to have a few that surfaced maybe once a year or so, but the ones in North America appeared every few weeks. Every time they fought, they brought down buildings and people were often injured.

Bailey's working day had been interrupted one Wednesday with an urgent announcement from the office manager. “The police have just sent out a bulletin, the Sirens have been sighted in our district. We need to evacuate the building calmly and quickly.” They had filed out of the building with smiles on their faces, more than happy to be sent home early. But the feeling of glee evaporated for Bailey after she got home and turned on the news, where she was forced to watch her office building being torn down. The magical bimbos were flying in and out through walls, windows and rooftops, blasting energy beams at each other like they were in Dragonball Fucking Z.

It took the business weeks to get back to full operating capacity but by then it was too late, most of their big customers had jumped ship and the company folded. By the summer, Bailey was jobless and back to square one. And to make things worse, it was the hottest summer ever recorded. Bailey tried to increase her fluid intake just slightly to make do, but she still found herself feeling thirstier than ever. Her headaches got worse and her irritable moods returned. She didn't even enjoy her own company, never mind anyone else's.

On one particularly scorching Monday, Bailey had a job interview. It was for a programming role in a well known firm with decent pay and very promising career prospects. If only she could get this job, maybe she could get her life back on track. And she was running late. How could she have overslept today of all days! She realised she was going to have to sprint several blocks from the subway if she was going to make it in time. Being late for a job interview is never a clever move, but Bailey hadn't properly sprinted since she was a little girl, and as usual she was already quite dehydrated. As she stepped out of the subway, she growled out loud. It had been so long since her last accident. She could do this. She speedily bought a bottle of water from the nearby street vendor and then broke out at a pace, drinking as she went. She was fully aware that she must have looked rather ridiculous to everyone she passed, but it was worth it for a chance at getting this job.

Arriving at the building in the nick of time, and with the 1L bottle of water already fully empty, she strode quickly into the reception and announced her arrival. She was quite proud of how little she was sweating and how she wasn't really out of breath, but it was still clear she'd been in a hurry. The middle aged receptionist gave her a look of pity. “I'm sorry honey, but we're running 30 minutes behind schedule. You're going to have to wait out here.” Looking behind her, she saw two other girls her age sitting on seats and waiting nervously. Dammit, she'd run all this way for nothing. And even worse, she was still extremely thirsty. Grabbing a plastic cup and filling it at the nearby water cooler, Bailey took a seat next to the other two interviewees. Her thirst was actually still growing, but she felt great. Had she really sprinted across six blocks in that time without breaking a sweat? Maybe she was in better shape than she realised. Her body beamed with energy – she felt like she could take on the world. This job was hers for the taking!

Over the next 20 minutes, Bailey felt a different issue begin to stir – she needed the toilet. By the time the problem was urgent enough for her to consider braving the often gross public toilets, she was the next in line to be interviewed and did not want to miss her spot. She fidgeted and squirmed, keeping her legs locked tightly together. She could see the toilets from here, but what if her name was called and she wasn't there to answer? She could tell the receptionist where she was going, but then would the interviewers themselves care? If they have so many applicants to see today and are already running behind schedule, would they bother assigning her another slot? Bailey tightly held onto the sides of her chair seat. She could wait a couple more minutes.

No more than thirty seconds later, Bailey began to change her mind. She was likely to wet herself during the interview if she didn't go now. But now she was even more likely to be called in any second! What should she do? She was finding it so difficult to think straight what with the growing pressure on her bladder.

“Miss Bell, they're ready for you.” The receptionist's voice cut her thought processes in their tracks and forced her to make an instant decision.

“I'm sorry, I just need to use the loo, I'll be really quick!” Bailey dashed past the receptionist to the ladies' toilets, and blasted through the door. Oh god please no she thought to herself as she looked at the only two cubicles in the small room. They were both occupied.

Bailey needed to go so bad at this point that she was literally dancing on the spot. At least she knew she'd made the right choice not to go straight into the interview room. There was no way she was making it through a fifteen minute interview in this state. Now all she needed was for one of these idiots to hurry up and finish so she could go!

Seconds passed, but they felt like minutes. Bailey still hadn't heard a sound. She was moments away from wetting herself at this point, she could feel it coming. “Please can somebody hurry up, I'm going to piss myself here!” she pleaded in a raised, panicked voice. Nobody answered. No, surely it couldn't be…?! Dropping to the floor, Bailey looked through the gaps underneath the doors. There were no feet! Somebody had locked the doors from the outside, probably as a prank. Scrambling to her feet, Bailey clawed at the locks from the outside, but they were the type that would need a thin coin or a screwdriver to unlock.

The pressure in her bladder hit critical and she could feel a small dribble starting to escape. No no no, this cannot be happening! Attacking her purse, Bailey scavenged the bottom for spare coins, and finding a nickel she immediately shoved it into the slot on the door lock and tried to twist. But the thread of the door lock wasn't quite wide enough and the nickel couldn't quite get in properly. Tears were streaming down her face, and the nickel uselessly scratching at the lock, when the floodgates finally opened. “NO! This cannot be happening!” Bailey exploded with rage and despair. Her bladder exploded, coating her skirt, panties and legs in piss. And the bathroom exploded with her.

Blinking rapidly, Bailey surveyed the devastation in front of her. The cubicle doors had both been smashed in and were lying in pieces on the toilets and around her. Dust and plaster was floating slowly to the ground. What the hell had just happened? Had a bomb gone off? There had certainly been a loud noise. Then why was she not hurt? She looked at her hands, arms and legs but there wasn't a scratch on her. The steady flow of liquid down her legs made her realise she was still wetting herself. She stood there, like a deer in headlights, trying to work out what was going on, expecting someone to come crashing through the door to find out what had happened. But nobody did. Maybe it hadn't been that loud after all?

Around 30 seconds later Bailey was still standing there silently in a state of shock. Her legs just weren't listening to any attempt to tell them to move. And then finally, someone did come bursting through the door. But certainly not who she was expecting.

Bailey was surprised that there was anything left in her, but she was so shocked at the sight in front of her that she recommenced wetting herself. Two women were standing in front of her, both not far off of six feet tall. One was brunette and wearing nothing but a skimpy bathing outfit - a tiny red bikini bra that left three quarters of her bosom exposed and matching small red bikini thong. The other, a blonde, had giant bouncing breasts that were so large they didn't even just look fake – they looked like they were part of a pantomime costume. The black tube top straining to support them was thin enough that she could see her massive dollar-sized nipples poking through the fabric. The woman's black g-string left absolutely nothing about her protruding ass and wide hips to the imagination, and the tiny triangle of fabric at the front threatened to dig in past her pussy lips at any moment. It was seriously so small that her (completely shaved) pubic area was fully visible. Her voluptuous curves drastically clashed with her thin body and made her look like a cartoon character drawn by a horny Japanese teenager. Both the girls were wearing classic shitty black superhero masks over their eyes. These two women were Sirens.

Before Bailey could speak or move, the Sirens held out their hands towards her and visible beams of green and blue energy collided with her, covered her entire body and prevented her from moving. Even more bizarrely, she started to feel tingly all over.

The blonde one spoke. "Who are you? What the hell is going on here? What did you do?"

Bailey tried to speak but was interrupted as a rush of pleasure flowed through her clit. "Ooohh... What the hell are you doing to me?"

"Quit playing dumb, this wouldn't even be affecting you if you weren't one of us. Identify yourself. Did she send you?"

"What do you mean by that? Oh God..." A very alien feeling was slowly building up deep inside her, right behind her crotch.

"Tell us what happened here!" Paula growled, sending even more of her energy down the beam. Bailey shrieked with unexpected pleasure as the intensity increased. As someone who had never even properly touched herself, never mind experienced an orgasm, she was still quite confused as to what this sensation was.

"I was just... I think I did this. I was angry and needed to pee and then- oh fuuuuuuuuuuck." Bailey's first ever orgasm rippled through her body, making her mind go blank for several seconds. She felt like she was floating up into the sky. When her conscious thought resurfaced, the climax had left her exhausted, not that she would have been able to move her limbs anyway, whilst under these women's supernatural hold.

The two Sirens looked at each other for a few moments, exchanging incomprehensible expressions. Eventually they nodded at each other and then simultaneously ended their locking beams. Surely the mysterious new girl couldn't be too much trouble now even if she was hostile, since she'd both pissed herself and was in a post orgasmic haze.

"Midnight will be here soon. That wave was probably powerful enough to reach fucking China." The brunette spoke urgently. Her words didn't make any sense to Bailey, it wasn't even 11am yet.

"We need to get her away from here urgently. No powers."
The two barely-clothed ladies each took one of Bailey's arms and since her legs were still shaking, they had to half-walk, half-drag her out of the bathroom. Bailey was shocked by the scene in the reception hall - all the staff and interviewees were on the ground out cold.

"Did you do this?!" Bailey squeaked with more than a hint of terror in her voice.

"No, you did." The blonde one answered. "Our powers arouse each other, but they just tend to knock out the normals."

Bailey's mind was reeling. She did this? She had powers? What were they running away from?? They burst through the front doors, looking like two porn stars escorting a young businesswoman who had soiled her suit. Then again, that wasn't too far from the truth. As Bailey was rushed to (and shoved into) a taxi, her vision was still a bit blurry and all she heard was the "Holy shit!" of the taxi driver, probably terrified for his life as the Sirens advanced upon him and then got into his vehicle.

"Drive, go go go! Or I'll turn your brains to mush!" the blonde one threatened the man with an aggressive voice. Was she bluffing? Bailey had no idea. The driver didn't have to be told twice anyway, and they joined the busy traffic. Eight seconds later, another huge bang echoed throughout the district. Out the rear window Bailey saw dust billowing from the top of the office building they had just escaped from.

"Eek! What is going on? I wanna go home..." Bailey must have sounded like a scared little girl. Luckily the two Sirens were much too busy discussing with each other to notice.

"We need to go back and stop her." The brunette one muttered.

"We need someone to stay with this girl. If she really is new, and as powerful as she seems, she could be the answer to everything."

"Can't we trust her to wait?"

"Would you wait?"

"But there's no way either of us can take her on their own, it would be suicide..."

"I'll go. If there's a chance that it leads to the end of all of this, then it's worth it."

"You can't, I almost went insane the last time she-"

"She'll get bored eventually. I can take it."

"Deborah, I-"

But the blonde had already opened the door and flung herself out. Bailey watched her float in midair, turn around and then zoom back towards the building.

The brunette started to open her own door, clearly intending to chase after her companion, but then looked at Bailey and hesitated. She slammed her door shut and then gave a loud cry of exasperation. Regaining control of her emotions, she lowered her voice and spoke quietly but clearly. "Drive, take us out of the city."

Chapter 2 - No Going Back

Bailey was sat on a haystack in a field in the middle of who knows where. The sun ruthlessly beat down on her head and was quickly drying her soiled clothes. She was wide eyed, watching in awe as the bikini-clad brunette girl in front of her made a basic clay bowl slowly materialise from thin air. Ten seconds later the bowl was complete, and the girl began to focus again, this time causing water to slowly fill the bowl, again from nowhere. This wasn't just superhuman, this was magic!

Bailey stared at the woman who she'd spent the last few weeks loathing and blaming for all of her problems. She still didn't know whether to be scared of her, angry with her, or just intrigued by her. Eventually, she found the courage to open her mouth and break the ice.

“Paula, was it?”

“Yes that's right. And you are?”

At first Bailey hesitated and considered lying, but then the more she thought about it, the more she couldn't think of any good reason to hide her name from this woman. “Bailey. Bailey Bell”.

“Well Bailey Bell, I think you have some explaining to do. But first, here, have a drink.”

“Look I have no idea what is going on, you're going to have to explain things to me! And I'm not thirsty.”

“Yes you are, I can feel you thirst from here and it's making me nauseous. Now come on, I went to all the effort of summoning it for you.”

Bailey gave in, and for the second time today she fully quenched her thirst.

“Can you summon your own change of clothes?” Paula asked.

“Listen, I have literally no idea what is going on. You're telling me I have super powers like you?”

“Yes, you do. And surely you must know that. How old are you anyway?”

“I'm 20.”

“Even older than I thought! Our powers appear with puberty, so there's no way you could not know, unless you like never drank water, haha.”

Bailey almost choked when she heard that. “What?! What does water have to do with this?”

Paula stared at her quizzically for a few seconds before responding. “Okay honey, I'll bite. We have supernatural powers. They are powered by drinking large amounts of water and amplified by, for whatever twisted reason, exposed skin. None of us know why, how, or even the extent of our powers, but we can all fly and have inhuman strength and stamina. Different people seem especially good at different things, and some people seem to be able to do stuff that nobody else can. We can all, to different extents, materialise basic objects and elements, fire energy blasts, and sense the activities of other Supers. Using our abilities on each other tends to result in large amounts of sexual arousal. Clearly whatever dickhead god invented this universe has a sick sense of humour. Anything else you'd like to pretend not to know?”

Several puzzle pieces fell into place for Bailey, although she still was half expecting to wake up and this all be a dream. But at least, even in this crazy dream, something made sense at last. “I drink as little water as possible. Today was the first time I fully quenched my thirst in about ten years.”

It was Paula's turn to have her eyes widen. “Holy shit. Really? Why the hell would you do that to yourself?!”

Bailey didn't want to admit it, but considering what state she'd been caught in earlier, and how much she wanted answers, there was no point. “I.. I really can't control my bladder. I'm borderline incontinent. I drink as little as possible so that I don't wet myself.”

It looked like things were clicking into place for Paula too. “Oh man, wow, that's not good. Us Supers are actually at our most powerful when we're bursting to pee but holding it in. But hey enough about that, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's talk about what happened today?”

“I had to run for an interview, and it was just too hot. I broke my rule.”

“Well girl, I'm kind of glad you did. We desperately need help.”

“We? Didn't your partner just sacrifice herself to save us or something? I don't really understand.”

“Oh no, Midnight won't kill her, I'm not even sure she could. She'll just torture her for as long as it takes her to get bored. Oh, not like medieval torture. More like BDSM torture.” Paula clarified after seeing that Bailey's face had become even more shocked. “Midnight is the other girl you see on the news, the one that tends to go around completely naked. She goes around destroying shit and hurting people until we turn up and stop her. Then we fight, tire her out, and she teleports away until she regains her strength. Yes that's right, she can teleport. She's way stronger than either of us, but we can usually wear her down between the two of us.”

“Why does she do all that?”

“We don't know, as far as we can tell she's just insane. She gets bored easily, loves attention and her favourite thing in the world seems to be to break people by using their own body against them, until they're begging her for more. It's just incredible bad luck that she has powers.”

“Why haven't you told the news the real story? Or the government? Most people think you all don't care about normal humans.”

“I.. I want to. But Deborah is adamant that face time with the cameras would lead to us being identified, and then the government would track us and kill us. Would you want us existing in your world, even if we ‘promised to be good'? I didn't think so. Oh dear honey, you're wetting yourself again…”

Bailey yelped in surprise. She hadn't even noticed that she was going this time! But there it was, a quickly growing wet spot in between her legs, where it had essentially just finished drying out.

“We need to get you out of those clothes.” Paula stood up and started to take hold of Bailey's skirt.

“I can undress myself thank you very much!” Bailey pushed Paula away and pulled off her sodden, slightly smelly clothes.

“Bailey I was only trying to help. You should learn to swallow your pride sometimes, you're going to have to get used to it if you're going to be a successful Super.”

“What if I don't want to be one of you sluts?” The strength of her conviction was slightly dampened by the fact that she was standing there in just a bra.

Paula ignored the irony of the comment. “Bailey, we need you. Maybe with your help we can stop Midnight once and for all.”

“What can I do that you can't?”

“Well firstly, what you did back there was very powerful. We all felt it from quite far away. Secondly, you might have a power that we don't, like an ability that could track her when she teleports, or stun her before she does, or who knows. We have to try. But firstly we need to work out how to deal with your… condition.” Paula indicated towards Bailey's wet skirt and underwear on the ground.

“I can't help you.” Bailey sighed. “I told you, I can't hold any liquids at all. Even if I wanted to risk my life fighting some crazed pervert, l'd be able to fight for like, 15 minutes, and then I'll soil myself and be next to useless. Also, that's assuming I've been drinking things before any stuff starts. Which would mean I'm just drinking all day like a normal person, and that doesn't work.”

“It could work.” Paula said quietly. “You could always wear, you know.”

“I am NOT going to wear diapers, Paula. No. I still had to wear padded pants when I was 10 and it sucked. I hated the way they felt, I hated the way they made me walk, and I hated the way people treated me. That's not happening.”

Paula looked away, into the empty distance. “That's fair enough. I can't force you to do anything. But I think you secretly can't wait to find out what super powers you have. Even if you hate wearing diapers, you'd hate leading a ‘normal' life even more now. It's just human nature, you can't fight it. Also, every time you see someone injured on TV thank to the ‘Sirens', you'll know that you only have yourself to blame.”

“I... that's not fair.”

“Life isn't fair, honey. But look, I reckon we have about 48 hours until Midnight gets bored of Deborah and comes back for more. It's still up to you, but if you agree now, I'll teach you everything I know. If not, you'll have to work things out for yourself. And that takes years.”

It was a bluff, and a bad bluff. Of course Paula would train Bailey if she could. But even so, it seemed to have encouraged Bailey to reconsider.

It was true, Bailey hated the idea of wearing diapers most of the time. But she detested the idea of having to live her normal shitty life, now that she knew that she could have super powers. Was it worth the sacrifice, to have to confront her worst fear? The sun continued to beat down on her as she deliberated, reminding her of her perpetual thirst. She already knew deep down what her answer was going to be, so she decided to stop wasting time and spit it out.

“Fine, you win. Teach me.”

Bailey sighed softly as she signed for the parcel. She seemed to be sighing a lot recently. She took the box, placed it on her kitchen counter and opened it with a sharp knife. Taking out the plastic package inside, she sat it next to the box. Here it was, a pack of the most heavily absorbent diapers in her size from 'Aneba', one of the leading brands.

It had been nearly 24 hours since she'd agreed to join the other two ‘good' Sirens in their battle against Midnight, the ‘Wicked Witch of the West'. Thanks to Paula, in that time she'd undergone basic training in how to fly, how to move objects with her mind, and even how to focus energy into a blast that can be fired, all with very frequent toilet breaks and refuelling sessions. To her delight, it seemed that she was a complete natural, learning each skill much faster than Paula anticipated. However the lesson that stuck with her the most right now was the first one, about shields.

It turned out, the girls weren't indestructible at all. In fact, they were normally just as mortal as anyone else. But by channelling a small amount of energy they could create what was essentially a force field around themselves, which blocked all physical objects and gave them the illusion of being extremely tough. The ‘shield' as they called it did not take too much concentration to keep up, but needed to be dropped momentarily whenever the girls touched something new or picked something up. They were also left completely vulnerable when sleeping.

Right now, Bailey had her shield up as practice. She dropped it again in order to open the diaper bag and pull the top one out. The thing was intimidating, with deep, thick padding in the centre and wetness indicators on the outside. The blue sticky tabs gave her flashbacks of her childhood. She cringed, knowing that normal people couldn't even remember their diaper days. She could.

Three minutes later, Bailey dropped her shield again and lay on her bed on top of the diaper. Raising her legs into the air, she pulled the diaper over her crotch and used the tabs to tape it as tightly as possible. She could immediately feel the bulk in between her thighs, forcing them slightly apart and creating a significant bulge of fabric at her crotch. Pulling up some loose joggers, she waddled to the bathroom to look in the mirror. The shape of the puffy diaper was CLEARLY visible through the tracksuit. That would not do. Next, she tried some skinny jeans, but she could barely get them over the diaper. After finally dancing them on and forcing the button on with all her strength, she looked in the mirror and sighed again. This time, the shape was a tiny bit more hidden but the bulge at the crotch was unmistakeable, she was either wearing a diaper or had a giant cock underneath the jeans.

Finally, Bailey tried her skirts. She had three types; the first were business suit skirts, these were longer but thin and figure hugging. These were no good as they did nothing to hide the shape of the diaper. Secondly she had one or two medium length skirts, but these were extremely loose, meaning that they threatened to fly up at the slightest breeze, giving everyone a great look. And worse, the diaper affected the way that they fell, which Bailey feared gave away the fact that she was wearing something bulky underneath. They wouldn't do at all. Finally she had a few short, sexy skirts she hardly ever wore – these barely covered the bulky beast: she felt like any children would instantly be able to see it, and if she had to sit down or bend over even slightly it would be visible to anyone who happened to be looking from the right angle. Unfortunately, that was the best she could come up with. She picked a black one, it looked normal enough and concealed the diaper nicely as long as she stood straight. What it didn't conceal was her gait, she would have to work on that herself.

Paula had told her to meet at the nearby mall at lunchtime. “We need to find you an outfit that you are comfortable wearing for now, but will expose as much of your skin as possible,” she had said. “You've been finding it so easy because you're a natural but also because you're practicing in the nude. If you're fully clothed, it will be much more difficult.”

As Bailey was about to leave the house, she was hit by a sudden thought. She went back into the kitchen and filled a plastic bottle full of water, and put it in her bag. If anything went south she wanted to have at least some chance of being useful.

Forcing her legs as close together as she could, Bailey tried to walk along with minimum waddle. It still probably looked a bit weird, and there was the odd rustling of fabric as she moved, but it was better than nothing. She was confident that if she saw someone walking like her, she wouldn't immediately jump to any conclusions about any superthick incontinence aids she might be wearing.

The day was only slightly less devastatingly hot than the previous, and Bailey found herself painfully thirsty by the time she was arriving at the mall. It seemed ever since she first discovered how amazing she felt whilst hydrated, she was finding it much more difficult to tolerate feeling thirsty. Also, the heat was definitely not helping the situation. And hey, she was wearing a diaper now, so surely this was not the time to start trying to fight her thirst again. Satisfied with her logic, Bailey downed the litre of water she'd brought with her. She was shocked with both the extent of her thirst and the speed at which she had managed to consume the entire bottle. She theorised that it might be something to do with her new powers.

Over the next few minutes she felt her energy returning. She knew she had enough energy not only to keep her shield up here but, if she wanted to, to fly. She thought back to last night, flying through the air back to her city and her house, the cool breeze tickling her naked skin. It had felt so liberating, as if all her problems were melting away as she could just stay up in the sky, floating above them. It took all her self-control not to start floating again in the middle of the shopping complex. And even more curiously, she was getting thirsty again. Was it the heat, or was it some internal deep desire to get more energy, and use her powers some more? Whatever it was, she headed two stories up towards the food court.

After buying her lemonade, she started to sip it and walked over to the seating area. She plopped herself down softly, making sure to keep her knees locked so that nobody could see up her skirt, and winced as there was an audible “crinkle”. She looked around to see if anyone had noticed. She couldn't tell if the woman on the table next to her was looking at her weirdly because she'd heard her nappy rustling, or for some other reason, but she was definitely staring. Bailey wanted to crawl into a hole and die right there.

Bailey's mind clicked at the same time that the woman started to speak. “You're Bailey Bell aren't you?!” It was the receptionist of the building she had exploded. “You were in the building when it all happened, but then you were the only one that had disappeared. We've been looking all over for you. What happened?”

Bailey stood up quickly, again crinkling as her diaper moved underneath her. She backed away from the woman, stuttering. “Erm, I think you're mistaken, I'm not the person you think I am.”

The woman was also standing and was now advancing towards her. “Oh yes you are, it's definitely you. Why are you lying? What have you got to hide?”

Bailey was backing away at quite a pace, and she inevitably backed into another table. Completely losing her balance she ended up head over butt, and shortly on her back on the floor, with her skirt completely failing to cover up her loins.

“Are you okay? That looked painful. Oh my gosh, are you wearing a diaper? What is going on, Bailey? Holy shit, are you wetting yourself right now?!”

Looking down at her crotch, she could see that she was indeed wetting herself, and began to feel the warmth spread. The wetness indicator of her diaper was slowly turning from yellow to green, and a golden tinge was spreading its way across the entire front section of the padding.

A crowd was starting to gather. At least one person was reaching for their smartphone. Everyone could clearly see that she was a grown woman, wearing a diaper under her skirt. This receptionist kept saying her name. It was too much! Bailey turned a deep shade of red and slowly tried to scramble to her feet. The intense feelings of shame and despair were making her head feel light, and her limbs felt numb. Instead of pulling herself to her feet, she just wriggled a bit on the spot, like a baby trying to learn to crawl for the first time.

Some bloke was now definitely recording her. “What did you say her name was? ‘Baby Belle?' Haha, sounds appropriate!”

“I am NOT a baby!” Bailey roared. As she did so, a wave of energy blew out from her, nowhere near as strong as the previous one, but enough to make napkins and food fly off of plates, and for some drinks to fall over. Everyone around her had felt the wind rush past their ears.

“What the fuck… is she a Siren?”

Shit, her cover was blown. She was one day in, and the public already knew her name, that she had powers, and that she was in diapers. It was all being caught on tape. She couldn't help herself; she burst into tears. It couldn't have been any more humiliating. It took her a good 15 seconds to regain her composure. The man with the phone camera was walking closer and closer. She half wanted to steal it, and crush it, but that wouldn't stop her name getting out, and she didn't want to add assaulting members of the public to the list of stupid things she had done in this mall.

Bailey decided it was time to end this embarrassing chapter of her life. Looking at the phone's camera directly, she growled “I am not a baby.” It sounded a little more menacing than she had meant it to, but she couldn't take that back now. With a final harrumph, Bailey shot into the air, using her shield to burst through the roof and into the sky.

Art by Atlas196

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