Idol Panic Page

Idol Panic is a challenging sidescrolling dodging game made by myself and JamJarMonster.

The international pop idol 'StarBurst' is hiding an embarrasing secret from her fans: She never managed to potty train! If anyone found out she would die from humiliation, and her high flying career would be over! The paparazzi have spotted her while out shopping and are hot on her heels, will they manage to discover her secret!? (The answer is yes.)

Use the mouse or keyboard to help Starburst outrun the paparazzi in this infinite runner! When wearing a messy diaper, she'll lose ground every time she slides - the messier the diaper, the slower she'll slide! She'll also lose airtime on her jumps which makes it more difficult to dodge the oatmeal. She can also get an instant game over if her diaper gets too full!

It's more important to dodge oatmeal than prune juice, and it's more important to dodge lollipops than anything else!

Jump and grab diapers to get a clean change. Some diapers have special effects - big thick diapers will make your jumps even shorter, and teddybear pull-ups distract Starburst by filling the screen with teddies!

HINT: the trick to getting a high score is realising that often it's best to just drink the prune juice rather than drink to try dodging it, and hope that a change comes along in time.

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