The Diaper Games Chapter 3

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Core Themes: Nothing new

Specific Content: WAM (Wet and Messy)

Author's note: So having a poll was an interesting experience, it kept swinging back and forth between Rosie and Aika which I found interesting, so I investigated the poll entries one by one and found that a few individuals were poll scumming, putting in up to 50 votes in a row for one option or the other. I don't know what I find funnier, the idea that some people can be bothered to try and cheat a some random diaper fetish story poll, or that they ended up in a war with each other. In the end I've tried to go with who I think won, having subtracted any obvious scummers.

Anyway, I'm sorry in advance that there's no hypermessing in this chapter but there's still a lot of 'messy' antics, you'll see what I mean when you read it. WAM (wet and messy) is another kink I love so it's been a pleasure to write about it. Anyway, yeah I know that y'all really enjoyed round 1 because it was so extreme, and I appreciate that and don't worry it will happen again, but I'm just leaving some time for them to, you know, reload the chambers. Round 3 (Chapter 5) will almost certainly by the next crescendo of the story, and I already have it nearly all planned out.

I also have several other chapters of other stories written but I still need to go back through them and improve upon them because they still don't boast high enough quality writing. Also I need to commission some more art!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Aika and Rosie's continued torment and a super thank you to those that left comments of encouragement and feedback. I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as the others.

A door opened itself ominously to the girls' left. The ever lingering threat of complete and utter public ridicule compelled them into full obedience; at this point all they could hope for was for their captors to eventually release them. As long as there was a real chance of keeping the photos and videos from being made public, Aika knew there was a lot she was willing to put herself through. Furthermore her long episode in her messy diaper combined with a large tantrum had left her both physically and mentally exhausted. She unquestioningly accompanied Rosie through the new door, slightly thankful to be leaving the giant screen documenting her recent shame.

The new room was comparatively massive. It was fashioned like a small oval-shaped school gym, complete with a racing track marked around the outside and various gym equipment interspersed throughout the middle including two adjacent trampolines, and climbing ropes above a crash mat. Two chairs sat right in the center facing each other either side of a small table, fashioned in a primary school style. A digital clock in the middle of a scoreboard at one end of the room was currently displaying "1:00:00". Either side of this was a score, that currently displayed "0.0". Aika's name was above one score, and Rosie's was above the other.

On the ground in front of the two girls, near the door, was a large pink shiny blob. Upon closer inspection, it became clear that it had two leg-holes and a waistband. It had to be some kind of giant pull-up diaper, with a latex lining. The words 'Baby Rosie' were printed on the back in white letters. Rosie growled, but it was clear that there was nothing for her to do but concede and step into the bizarre garment. After exerting some effort pulling it up over her existing large diaper, she yelped as the waistband somehow automatically shrunk itself, securing itself into place. Rosie was now only able to pull it away from her waist about an inch, and therefore there was absolutely no chance of her getting it back down over her padded butt. She was stuck in this thing!

"Bloody hell, this is ridiculously heavy..."

She looked absolutely ridiculous... this new 'diaper' hung down to her knees thanks to its incredible bulk. It did indeed look very weighty and unwieldy. Aika couldn't help but smirk as Rosie tried to walk, and was forced to move with the most exaggerated waddle she had ever seen. Whilst Aika's movement was definitely impeded by her large nappy (and boy was it large, even standing up it was visible peeking out from under her green gingham dress), it was nothing compared to Rosie's new predicament. It was so bad that Aika almost wondered if Rosie would be able to move around faster by crawling. Rosie's awkward attempts to get used to moving around in her new attire were interrupted by the announcer's voice filling the room, eager to explain the rules of this next round.

"Welcome to round 2, girls! Wow, Rosie, that penalty waddle diaper looks even more encumbering than I had thought it would! That's really going to set you back, isn't it? That'll teach you for being such a mean winner. Well anyway, let me get right into explaining the rules. Completely the opposite of the aim in round 1, the winner will be the person who ends up with the heaviest diaper when the round ends in one hour. You will be able to compete in various challenges in order to try and earn little amounts of various mush and goop, such as custard, squashed banana, and so on. When you earn these, whilst you're allowed to do what you want with them, I'd recommend pouring them into your nappy before they get spilled or your opponent snatches it out of your hand. That's right, you'll be collecting your winnings into your underwear, which I'm sure will start to feel lovely and slimy against your intimate areas over time."

Rosie looked deep in thought, holding her new giant diaper. The announcer seemed to guess what she was thinking and was quick to deflate her hopes of an advantage. "No Rosie, I'm afraid the weight sensors are only in the padding of your real diaper. Anything that spills over into your waddle diaper won't count towards your score. The scoreboard will keep a constant track of your diaper weights, so you can tell who's winning. So, let's get going!"

The clock beeped and then began to silently count down. "00:59:59"... "00:59:58"... seconds of the game were already disappearing rapidly. For some reason, Aika felt like an hour was going to pass by very quickly. Having learned from the first round how important listening was, Aika interrupted her train of thought to concentrate when the announcer continued to instruct them.

"The first game is going to test your friendship and your honesty. Please make your way to station 1."

A green light appeared over a small mat next to the wall on the girls' left. After sharing a single nervous look, the girls waddled over. As they arrived, they noticed two small slots inside the wall, very low down at around knee height. "Okay girls, very simply, we need you to read out the questions on the cards to each other. The first person to not give the true answer loses."

A green card shot out of one slot. Aika had to kneel down to pick it up. Rosie knelt down next to the other slot, facing Aika. Her waddle diaper was so large that her padding touched the ground, acting as a cushion. She was balancing on her crotch as much as she was on her knees. Aika picked up the card, and turned it over to read Rosie's question.

"Rosie, was your orgasm in round 1 real?" Aika's eyebrows raised as much as Rosie's after reading the question aloud. Aika had almost forgotten about Rosie's 'episode' in the first round, which now that she thought about it, could be considered the most embarrassing part of what happened. Rosie looked surprised as well, probably because she was unprepared for the nature of the questions to immediately be so intimate.

"Yes." Rosie said loudly and clearly, if not proudly. A moment later, a pink card came out of the slot nearest her. She didn't waste any time in snatching it up and reading it out loud. "What is the password you always use?"

Aika frowned at this question. Did her captors really know the answer to this question? Were they just trying to find out her password? But how did they know that she used the same password for everything? And that it was relevant to Rosie? They must know... surely they wouldn't ask the question if her password wasn't what it was. "rosiebff", Aika answered eventually. A green card flew into her lap.

"Have you ever in your adult life purposefully messed in a diaper?" Aika asked Rosie. Rosie's eyes lowered in further shame.

"Yes. But it was nothing like today, I..." Rosie seemed to struggle to find the right words to explain herself, and anyway Aika was trying to make her face look sympathetic, not judging. Rosie eventually settled for not saying anything more, and read out the the question on her next card. "What was your nickname at school and why?"

Aika wrinkled her nose at that question, but answered it truthfully. "I was called 'Toodles' because a teacher once told me to stop having tantrums like a toddler. Your turn." She didn't want to give Rosie any time to tease her about that fact. Aika looked at the question curiously. "Err, what does that tattoo around your butthole say? You have a tattoo around your butthole?!"

Rosie almost jumped with shock. "HOW CAN THEY KNOW THAT?! Oh, I guess they did knock us out and dress us up in those onesies... So they've seen everything." Rosie sighed and made a grossed out face, before returning to her neutral expression. "It says 'Daddy's Cock Only'. Look, I was a kinky 18 year old okay? Sue me..."

Rosie similarly didn't give Aika a chance to comment before reading out the next card. "Which of Rosie's possessions did you use without her permission whilst she was passed out drunk?"

"Oh come on that's not fair! And yeah seriously, how can they know that?! Look I was drunk okay, and I just wanted to know whether to buy one for myself-"

"Spit it out." Rosie's voice now had more than a hint of seriousness. She seemed quite unamused by where this was going.

"I used your purple vibrator. The one you keep in your top drawer."

"Eww, gross! Why the hell would you do that-"

Aika didn't give her any time to finish the question. "Did you love Reese?" Aika immediately regretted being so hasty. This was not a line of questioning she wanted to go down.

"Yes I did!" Rosie grabbed her next card. "Did YOU love Reese?"

Aika sighed. She'd written about this a lot in her recent entries in her private electronic diary, so the game runners certainly did know the real answer. "No, I didn't." Aika pulled the next card, desperate to get this over with. "Why did Reese tell you he broke up with you?" Oh no...

"Because he wasn't ready for something serious." She pulled the next card and stared at it with a blank expression for several seconds before reading it out loud in a very quiet, sullen voice. "Why did Reese break up with me?"

Aika squirmed uncomfortably on the spot. I can't say... I can't say...

"Come on, I already know you stole him, so you might as well tell me how." Rosie's voice definitely had some anger to it.

Aika caved. "I told him you had a nappy fetish."

"YOU WHAT?! To think I ever trusted you-"

Aika pulled the next card, unable and unwilling to take the full brunt of Rosie's rage.

"Describe in detail your most recent masturbation session." Rosie instantly fell silent and her face went white. She didn't say anything for several seconds. When she did speak, it was an obvious fabrication.

"I... I... I watched some rough, um, gangbang porn, and..."


A buzzer went off and the announcer interrupted her story. "Imaginative try Rosie, but I'm afraid we know that was a lie! Aika wins this round!"

A concealed flap in the wall above Aika's card slot opened up, revealing a tube of strawberry fromage frais. One end was already ripped open. Rosie didn't even seem to register this, still white as a kite and muttering "how could they know" quietly under her breath. Aika's desire to win the game helped her suppress her shame, and so she only briefly hesitated to take the tube, stick the open end down the front of the waistband of her diaper, and squeeze it out like a tube of toothpaste. The cool, runny yogurt-like substance sent weird tingles through her body as she felt it trickling down the front of her loins and seeping into her padding. Aika discarded the empty tube with an involuntary shudder. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her score go from "0.0" to "0.1".

What was so embarrassing she couldn't even admit it here? Aika thought to herself as she pulled herself to her feet. The front of her diaper squelched against her as she moved, causing a very unusual but not entirely unpleasant feeling. Did it really feel good, or did it only feel good in comparison to the disgusting squelchy substances delivered from the depths of her own bowels that she had been sat in earlier? It was difficult to say, her mind was a bit of a blur from having to admit to Rosie how much she'd gone behind her back and broken her trust. That was a transgression could probably be never be fully forgiven.

Rosie got to her feet without looking Aika in the eyes. Whatever she was feeling, she was trying her best to not let it show. Another green light had turned on a bit further into the room, so the girls waddled towards it, the plastic linings of their nappies rustling audibly and echoing eerily in the otherwise silent room. When they reached the light, they found two hoses, one pink and one green, connected to two bottles of cola that were firmly fixed to the floor. A confusing set of strings were connected to the hoses at various points, including at the connections between the hoses and the bottles, and right near the spout. Several of the strings all seemed to connect to each other in certain ways, and ran over a pulley attached to the roof above. One string with a green hoop at the end hung from one end of a pulley, and another string with a pink hoop did the same from another pulley. Aika couldn't make head nor tail of it.

The announcer gave his first instruction. "Girls, please put the end of your hose nice and snug down the front of your diaper." The girls both complied immediately. There was still no sensible reason to try and rebel against their blackmailers.

"Okay, now tie the corresponding colored hoops around one of your big toes." Rosie and Aika both tried to pull the hoops down, but they wouldn't move from thigh height. They were both forced to stand on one foot in order to get their hoop around their big toe. The hoops tightened like a lasoo as soon as the girls tried to put some weight onto those feet, leaving them standing awkwardly on one leg.

"Good, we're ready! Right, the strings are going to be released in a moment. The aim of the game is to stay like that on one foot for as long as possible. The first one to lose their balance is the loser. Go!"

Aika immediately felt the string become less taut. She could tell that the string would be pulled if her big toe moved. She kept as still as she could, one foot hovering awkwardly in mid-air. Rosie's balance looked even more precarious thanks to her large pink waddler, Her thighs were already forced impossibly far apart, meaning that she kind of looked like some kind of bizarre ballerina, with one leg stuck out almost perpendicular to the rest of her body. Her arms flailed wildly as she tried to keep herself from toppling over.

The two girls, standing less than a foot apart, watched each other with a weird sense of fascination. Aika thought that Rosie looked completely ridiculous, but then she realized that if her own diaper had been partially visible before, now that she was standing with one leg out, it must be even more exposed. She probably looked similarly pathetic. Aika was looking Rosie up and down when suddenly Rosie threw her arms towards her and shouted, as if she was about to leap on Aika and grapple her. Of course, it was just a feint to try and make Aika lose her balance, but it worked - Aika was not expecting this at all and flinched, falling backwards and onto her padded bottom with a thud. As she fell, the string around her big toe was pulled down with her, and several things happened at once.

Firstly, the hose that she'd put inside the front of her diaper flew out, pulled by the string near the tip, and then flopped to the ground. Secondly, the strings attached to both hoses where they connected to the bottles flew out, both revealing that they were holding blockers in place. There was a sound of a plop, like a small object dropping into a pool. Then the clear bottles began to foam.

Rosie shrieked, and from her hose that was lying on the floor, Aika could immediately see why. Foam was shooting out of the tip of the hose with high pressure - a classic diet coke and mentos reaction. The same thing must have been happening inside Rosie's pants, which was confirmed as some foam began to bubble out her leg-holes. It didn't last long, but it must have been a very unusual experience, all that violent frothing occurring next to such sensitive parts. Rosie quickly lost her own balance, causing the string to pull her own hose out of its resting place, ejaculating the rest of its contents onto the ground.

While Rosie recovered her breath, Aika eyed the scoreboard. Rosie's score now read "0.3". Less than she'd expected considering the volume of foam that flooded out her leg-holes, but even 0.3 seemed unfair! Winning this game had been three times as valuable as the last one. Aika now wished she had just told a lie much earlier in the previous game and gotten it over with. Aika noticed that Rosie was panting. Was she getting turned on?! She was a self confessed pervert, Aika wouldn't be surprised if she was.

After detaching themselves from the strings, the girls quietly made their way over to the next illuminated station, the two trampolines. After being instructed to do so by the announcer, they both clambered onto one of the bouncers. This was especially challenging for Rosie, as the bulk around her loins prevented her from simply lifting herself up and over. She had to pull herself halfway up, and then sort of roll to the side. She did not look very dignified. Eventually, however, they were both standing in the middle of a trampoline.

"Release the food!" the announcer yelled a command and then a hatch opened up in the ceiling, through which several items descended on strings. Each item was some kind of creamy dessert - there were a couple of profiteroles, a couple of eclairs and some (probably creamfilled) doughnuts. The strings were of varying length, meaning that some items were lower than others. After descending some of the way down, the mechanism holding the strings was revealed - some kind of baby mobile hub, which began to spin at a reasonably low speed. The result was that the foods were circling some distance above their heads, at various heights, each one passing alternately over Rosie's head and then Aika's head.

The announcer kicked things off. "The rules are simple, grab whatever you can before the other one does! Go!"

Aika tried bouncing straight away, but she was still several inches away from the lowest eclair. Rosie seemed to be bouncing slightly higher than her, so Aika studied what she was doing - she seemed to be swinging her arms to help her gain height. Aika tried to copy her, which made her feel very stupid but it did seem to be helping. Still, neither of them could reach anything. But then Aika understood - the mobile was still slowly descending! So the treats would eventually come within their reach. She bounced a few more times, eager to get the lowest hanging prize before Rosie. Rosie seemed to be bouncing much lower than Aika now, which made her feel proud - she was going to win!

Image by Rosie-BRS

Aika's perseverance was indeed rewarded - on one bounce her fingertips grazed the large eclair, and when it came back round in two bounces time, she was able to actually get some grip and dislodged it from the string. In making sure that she secured her hold on her prize, she lost her balance and slipped down onto her bum. The slime already in her padding squelched against her body, both feeling a bit weird but also reminding her of what she needed to do next. Getting back on her feet, she grabbed the back hem of her skirt, and pulling it up, shoved the creamy confectionery down the back of her nappy.

Aika looked over to see how Rosie was doing. She was still conserving her energy, concentrating on watching the swirling mobile. Then suddenly she took two preparation jumps followed by a full jump accompanied by swinging both arms upwards. She looked ridiculous in her giant latex padding, but she gained some serious air and grabbed both the doughnuts, one with each hand. The girl even had the cheek to smirk triumphantly at Aika as she landed back on the trampoline with near perfect balance, despite her inability to properly bend her legs. It was at this moment that Aika remembered Rosie used to have trampolining lessons outside of school. Not fair!

As Rosie busied herself with burying her bounty down the back of her butt, Aika tried to begin bouncing again. She couldn't believe how tired her legs were already! She wasn't the fittest girl in the world but she still couldn't believe how exhausting trampolining really was! The peak of her jumps seemed to be getting lower and lower and she was getting nowhere near the remaining three desserts. Meanwhile, Rosie was already finished with 'banking' her latest acquisitions and was back to concentrating on preparing her next assault. Aika kept trying her best to leap as high as she could, bounce after bounce, but Rosie's patient strategy seemed to be vastly superior; she once again used a couple of preparation bounces to launch herself to new dizzying heights, grabbing bother the profiteroles and once again managing to stay on two feet as she landed.

"Hah." Rosie vocally taunted Aika as she proudly stretched the waistband of her undies as far as she could and messily shoved her cakes down the gap. What a messed up situation we're in, Aika thought, that we're proud of getting the privilege of shoving squishy food into our nappies... Aika was just too worn out at this point, and didn't even bother to compete, just standing still on her trampoline. She just snarled as she watched Rosie easily capture the last eclair and claim it for her diaper. Looking at the board, things looked dire - Aika's score was "0.3", and Rosie's was "1.2". The timer said "00:39:45", which meant over a third of the time had passed already. She had a lot of catch-up to do, but it was surely possible.

Carefully dismounting from the trampolines, the two lasses inched their way across the floor to the next highlighted gamestation, trying their best to avoid disturbing the creamy and crummy mess between their legs. If their waddle had looked pathetic before, it must have looked even moreso now that they were purposefully trying to keep their thighs from coming any closer together.

The girls arrived at the two climbing ropes. At the top of the ropes, there were two plastic bowls on a plank of wood, which was itself balanced by another wooden beam running through the middle. Forgivingly, the ropes had periodical knots, to allow for even the most novice of climbers to have a decent chance of making it to the top.

The announcer, as usual, had something to say. "Trust me, you'll want to get to the top first. Go go go!"

Aika didn't waste a moment before leaping onto the rope in front of her. Whilst her legs were tired, she could still use her arms to haul herself up. She didn't even look to see how Rosie was doing, she couldn't see her in her peripheral vision and that was good enough for her. She shimmied herself up as quickly as she could go, still able to use her ankles to hold some of her weight even if she couldn't really get her knees together too easily. The eclair pressing against her butt started oozing cream everywhere as her quick movements put more pressure on it, but Aika didn't care - there were more important things, like winning!

About two thirds of the way up, Aika slowed down for a brief moment to check on Rosie's progress. Rosie was about a head's height lower than her, probably struggling due to the giant creamfilled obstruction between her legs. This was her game to win! Using the last of the strength in her arm muscles, she dragged the rest of her body the rest of the way, before finally reaching up and grabbing a bowl with one hand.

As soon as Aika dislodged the bowl on her side, the plank lost its balance and rotated 180 degrees. Rosie's bowl was tipped over, and what looked like around a pint of custard was dropped straight onto her head. She yelped in fright and surprise as it hit her, but she managed to keep her hold of the rope as she clenched her eyes shut, frozen in place, custard oozing down her hair and into her dress. Aika couldn't help but let out a little chuckle at the sight - this was an unexpected bonus. That was surely going to throw Rosie off in the next game.

Aika was not sure she could descend safely whilst holding onto her own bowl, so she carefully pulled up her skirt, and while securing herself with one elbow locked around the rope, carefully poured the yellow sludge into the front of her diaper. Aika was pleasantly surprised to find that the stuff was a warmish temperature, which flooded its soothing heat into Aika's loins. She couldn't believe how good it felt to have warm gunge sloshing around down there. I hope this isn't awakening something in me, she thought to herself. Looking at the scoreboard, Aika was elated to find that she had gained much ground; her score was now showing "0.8", meaning she had just scored over half the points she needed to catch up to Rosie's "1.2". The clock between the scores now read "00:30:55". Aika couldn't believe just how quickly time was moving.

Descending with her new nappy load was a minor challenge but by taking great care, Aika managed it without incident. Rosie was already grounded and making "yuck" sounds while trying to clean as much of the now lukewarm custard as she could from her hair, face and schoolgirl dress. It was Aika's turn to be able to smirk and tease. "Aww, did the baby miss her mouth?" Aika taunted. Rosie shot her a death stare of a look but didn't say a word.

The next challenge identified itself in the same manner as the rest. The two girls approached and sat down either side of a square wooden table, their diapers squelching and crinkling as they lowered their weight onto them. Rosie was forced to balance on top of her giant waddle diaper, her toes barely able to reach the floor due to her additional cushioning. Combined with her still sticky hair and messy skirt, she looked even more ridiculous than she had looked yet. The almost lewd swirling of cakey mess against their behinds may have been weird, but it was nowhere near distracting enough for the girls not to notice the unusual and concerning attributes that their furniture boasted. The wooden chairs they were perched upon each had a set of metal wristcuffs attached to the sides of the seats. A large mysterious silver box resided on the table. Aika dreaded whatever was about to come, and the announcer's first instructions confirmed the obvious.

"Please place your wrists inside the cuffs please, ladies."

Aika watched Rosie calmly do as ordered, at which point the metal restraints clicked into place automatically. Aika hesitated for a moment. Even though she already knew that she was subjected to the full will of the mysterious people who had brought her here, it was still difficult to give up the freedom to move around. In the end, it was only seeing Rosie obey so calmly that enabled her to build up the courage and surrender herself to the chair's bondage. She still flinched as the steel cuffs clicked together around her, and now she was truly trapped until her new Masters decided otherwise. Probably fortunately, she was not given much time alone with her feelings before the box on the table began to move. It slowly flipped open, controlled by a motorized hinge on one side, to reveal a large chocolate gateau. The cake was cut into ten slices and looked very soft and rich. The girls watched as two slices began to remove themselves from the rest of the gateau and slide across the table, as if by magic, until each of them had a slice directly in front of them.

"The game is simple." The announcer began to cheerfully explain. "You both get to eat as much of this scrumptious Chocolate Glory as you want. The good girl that eats the most before giving up gets to add whatever's left in the middle to their cosy diaper. So the more you both eat, the smaller the prize gets. Oh, and if it wasn't obvious, no using your hands. Ha ha. Now, go for it!"

Now both girls hesitated. They were both still very full from the previous round's punishment game, and so not in any mood for further snacking, never mind several helpings of dessert. But the need to catch up in points overpowered Aika, and so with lowered eyes she began to bend over and move her head towards the sugary pudding. She started nibbling at the tip of the slice in front of her, finding it every bit as rich and sweet as she expected, but with no appetite this was more of a curse than a blessing. Hearing a noise, she looked up to see Rosie had forgone all pretenses of dignity and shoved her face into her slice like a dog with a bone. This meant that the girl was not only demolishing her slice at a much more impressive rate but also getting some on her face, in her hair, and over the table, which overall left a lot less to get down her throat before her slice would be considered complete. Although messy, the benefits of this tactic were obvious, and probably planned all along by the game runners. Aika growled to herself quietly before copying Rosie and diving headfirst into the potent pudding.

Thirty seconds later, Aika could hardly open her eyes because her face was covered in so much messy gateau. She could only imagine that Rosie looked much the same. Any appetite for more food had completely and utterly gone. Thankfully, there was a 'ding', and then another slice started moving towards her face. Another 'ding' indicated that Rosie was also onto her second helping. Aika hoped that Rosie would give up soon, having eaten so many sandwiches in the last round, because she couldn't take much more herself.

Munching through this slice was arduous. Some cake by her chin was pushed down off the table into her lap by the movements of her jaw, but Aika didn't dare try to cheat by nudging any off on purpose. Her tongue continued to busy itself, lapping the gooey mountain of mush into her mouth, but swallowing had become a chore, and each bite had to be coaxed down by sheer force of will.

This sickly sweet slice was definitely pushing her past her recommended daily calorie intake, but that was the last of her worries right now. The 'mess' already in her diaper continued to slime its way around her nether regions and creep in between her ass cheeks as her upper body worked to maneuver her face-turned-hoover into position to vacuum up the over-the-top treat like a little piggy. Her inability to even use her hands to wipe the chocolate mess off of her face made her feel extremely humiliated, but it did help to think that her friend was suffering from exactly the same problem.

Aika heard Rosie finish her second slice at about the same time that she did herself. She cringed as the 'ding's heralded the serving of a third portion. She immediately knew there was no way she could finish it, but she went through the motions of beginning to eat it anyway in order to not give Rosie an easy ride, even making loud "nom nom nom" eating sounds as she did. She heard Rosie groan from the other end of the table. This made her smile, but not as much as the next thing she heard did.

"I give up! Just let me out of this stupid chair…" Rosie whined loudly.
"Wow, well, that's the end of the game! Congratulations Aika, I wonder how far away you were from giving up yourself?" The announcer chimed in immediately.

Aika's restraints opened and she was gleefully able to stand up. She was not going to admit how close she had been to throwing in the towel herself!

"You may take your prize, the rest of the Chocolate Glory in the middle, but you're not allowed to put the rest of the slice in front of you or the one in front of Rosie in your nappy. You could, however, make other uses of it if you wish. Anyway, we'll give you thirty seconds before we release Rosie's restraints." The announcer seemed to be hinting at something.

Aika wiped the mess from her eyes and surveyed the scene before her. Half the giant pudding still stood proudly in the middle of the table, and what looked like some kind of baby's tantrum existed at either end, with chocolate mush everywhere, including caked all over Rosie's face. Her face was so completely coated in the stuff that it was clear that she couldn't open her eyes at all.

Firstly, Aika went over to claim her prize. It took several handfuls to scoop all of the sloppy dessert into her diaper, and she had to use the front and the back to fit it all in. She shuddered with satisfaction as the chocolate oozed against her skin, slowly making its way downwards with gravity, like a glacier. Her nappy now drooped significantly, but that was the goal: looking at the scoreboard, she could see that she was now ahead at 1.3 to Rosie's 1.2. What a turn of events!

With a few seconds left on the clock, Aika realized what she could use the final two hardly touched slices to achieve. With a sadistic grin, she took one in each hand and stood over her bound rival. "Surprise!" Aika cheered cheekily as she shoved one slice right against Rosie's forehead and the other into her mouth, which Rosie until that moment had been using to breathe.

"MMMPH!" Rosie half moaned half choked at the sudden assault, shaking her head wildly which only caused the cake on her forehead to coat her even further, leaving her painted more thoroughly than a Japanese babe after a bukkake. Aika stepped back and allowed her to spit out the unexpected intrusion, which dribbled messily down her dress. Rosie really looked a picture now, and even after her wrists were freed and she was able to wipe herself down, she still looked like she was playing a comedy role in a circus show. Except for the giant pink nappy still looming from under her skirt.

The announcer gave them no time to argue after Aika's latest betrayal. "Haha, nice one Aika! You sure know how to make up with friends, eh? Aww, who am I to judge, anyway? Regardless, it looks like we've got time for one more game. Please make your way over to the racing track, babies!"

Aika looked at the clock - it was true, only seven minutes remained. This would probably be the decider. The girls slowly squelched over to the start of the track, especially Aika whose new gloopy payload was sloshing around with every step, slightly stimulating her crotch as well as making it her feel like it was going to spill out at any moment. Upon reaching the start of the track, the girls were left even more confused - there was one small pink tricycle at the start of the outside track, which didn't make sense if it was supposed to be used in the race, as there were two of them. Of course, the announcer quickly clarified.

"Okay girls, time for a very special race! There has been a lot of betting going down for this, so we needed to make sure we got it in before the time runs out! Aika, you'll be on the outside track riding that tiny kid's bike. You must keep both feet on the pedals at all times. The tiny pedals will mean that you'll only be able to go pretty darn slowly. Rosie, you've got the inner lane, but I'm afraid all you're allowed to do is crawl. If at any time you have less than one hand and one knee on the ground, you'll be disqualified. And obviously if either of you leave your track, you'll be disqualified.

"The winner will get to use our slushie dispenser however they like, if you catch my drift. And since you're almost neck and neck, I think it's fair to say that a lot is riding on this! Best of luck! Aika, please mount your 'steed'."

Aika inched over to the tiny tricycle and sat on top of it. Her weight against the seat caused further movement of the sloppy goods inside her nappy, but again it didn't feel bad, just strange. She placed her feet on the pedals, and watched Rosie crawl into place next to her. Rosie was refusing to look at her in the eye, which suited Aika just fine.

"Go!" The announcer suddenly began the race. The girls shot off - or rather shuffled off at an impressively slow pace. Rosie's giant waddle diaper made even crawling properly a challenging feat and Aika's progress was a slow and steady one - even though she was whirring the pedals round very quickly, the gear system must have been purposefully made appalling as it took her ages to get anywhere. Rosie was actually moving faster.

Aika eventually began to build up some momentum, which brought her back into the race. She was gaining on Rosie, and by the halfway mark she was almost neck and neck again. It was weird in this silent room to imagine perverted businessmen loudly cheering them on from their bedrooms and putting money on the line as if they were horses or dogs. She found that the idea gave her an adrenaline rush, which she put down to the humiliation and not that she enjoyed the thought of it in any way!

The race continued with Aika gaining inch by inch, and eventually pulling ahead ever so slightly. They were on the home stretch now, and the tricycle seemed very likely to be the victor. But then, all of a sudden, Aika lost balance and went flying sideways, both her and the tricycle clattering (and squelching) to the floor outside of her track. Rosie sped forward on her hands and knees to win the race. Aika was left dumbfounded - what had happened?! It had felt like she'd been shoved by something. Rosie hadn't cheated, had she? Surely the cameras would have picked that up? Surely the game runners wouldn't stand for that?! This was injustice!

"Hey, she cheated!" is all Aika could say as Rosie was guided by lights towards her prize, a mini slushie machine with a single nozzle dispensing blue liquid.

"You're just a sore loser-eeee!" Rosie retorted just as she started filling the front of her nappy with the ice cold beverage. "Ahh, bloody hell this better be worth it!"

The announcer added the final nail in the coffin. "Well, that's the last challenge guys, well done both of you, that was a close competition, eh? We'll just let the final 90 seconds on the clock run down and then crown the victor. Looks like that chilly slushie has pushed you into the lead, Rosie!"

Aika couldn't help it - she saw red. "No! This is not fair!" She went full tantrum mode again, pounding her fists and feet into the ground. "I was winning so Rosie shoved me! There's no way I just fell, come on!!! IT'S NOT FAIR!"

Rosie cackled heartlessly. "Oh come off it, Aika, do you realize how much of a big crybaby you look right now? Maybe I was right about you all along."

Aika was shrieking now, completely unable to get her emotions under control. Tears started to stream down her face. "You're the baby! I'm not going to prove it, somebody get the recordings and we'll… we'll..."

Aika's words disappeared into incomprehensible babblings and growls as she continued to punch the soft floor, her whole body growing very hot as she did, especially her crotch. Especially my crotch? Aika quietly yelped to herself as she found that her tantrum had been so extreme that she had begun to wet herself. This hadn't happened in nearly ten years. How humiliating! Surely she hadn't just wet herself, right? Surely it was something they'd put in the food, that had made her temporarily incontinent? Yeah, that must be it. She stopped fighting the ground, and lay still as the warmth spread through her already gross padding. At least she was wearing a diaper, so nobody would know.

Oh wait!

It was like a lightbulb went on over Aika's head. Rosie was still standing there laughing at her, and behind her, the scoreboard showed exactly what Aika hoped it would - her score slowly increasing, silently catching up with and overtaking Rosie's. And there were only 15 seconds left. She tried to suppress a smile, but Rosie immediately cottoned on to Aika's change of demeanour.

"What are you grinning about?" Rosie followed Aika's gaze and checked the scoreboard. She literally jumped off of the ground as she began to understand what was happening. "Oh no… oh no you don't!"

Aika watched as Rosie squinted her eyes and gritted her teeth, desperately trying to start wetting herself as well. What a slam dunk from the game runners' points of view, surely this is exactly what they wanted - the girls voluntarily using their nappies the way God intended. She could almost hear the whoops and cheers and rounds of applause as the two girls stared at each other. After a brief moment Rosie's number started to crawl up as well, evidence that she had indeed managed to start peeing herself.

The last few seconds ticked away as both girls continued their flow. It became evident that it was way too late for Rosie to catch up, and she actually started to tear up as the timer hit zero. As if to rub in her loss, the scoreboards didn't stop tracking the weights of the diapers, and while Aika's flow was starting to calm down, Rosie's was still in full throttle; now that she had started she was unable to hold back the floodgates. She stood there quietly sobbing to herself as she peed. She was forced to watch her score reach and then overtake Aika's, way too late to count. The announcer chimed in to clarify the results.

"Wow, what a photo finish, eh ladies? Nice idea to wet yourselves, but you think one of you would have thought about that a little earlier?! But maybe you were saving it as a last minute surprise, Aika? Although you did seem pretty shocked yourself when you looked at that scoreboard there… don't tell me you wet yourself by accident like a real baby?! Anyway, Aika congratulations on having the heaviest nappy when that timer hit zero, that means that you're the winner! That means you've brought the series to a neck and neck one-all! Now, if you girls want to enter the next room, Aika will be allowed to change whilst Rosie receives her punishment."

With that, the red light above the door they hadn't entered through turned green. Aika's heart was soaring - she couldn't believe she'd won! It was more than just avoiding the penalty round - it also meant that she had gotten revenge on Rosie, who had definitely probably cheated, and surely deserved some time being stuck in her gross nappy. Aika tried to skip off towards the door merrily, but skipping is not an easy task in a superheavy diaper filled with custard and baked desserts, so it was really more of some weird long-strided waddle.

Rosie was left standing there gobsmacked, watching Aika's bizarre gait and trying to ignore the tingling feeling in her loins as her pee spread a comforting wave of warmth over the punishing freezing cold of the Slushie. She didn't want to move for three reasons - the first was that she knew that her diaper would smush against her private parts in new ways, as she hadn't moved since adding the ice cold drink to the front, and the second was that she knew some kind of punishment game was awaiting her in the next room, and she was terrified about what that might entail, especially if the game runners really did know about what she had recently gotten up to in her private time. The third was that she was so mad with Aika that she had no idea how to act if she had to share the same room as her right now.

She wished she all her problems would just disappear, but the truth was that she was getting absolutely nowhere by standing still, and inevitably she eventually had to waddle her way over to the new door, cringing inwardly as her loud crinkling was accompanied by a new sloshing sound created by the slowly melting Slushie ice swirling its away around her padded prison.

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