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The door slammed shut behind Rosie as soon as she was in the pitch black room. Less than a moment later, it filled with light, revealing a sizeable room with a large mirror in the middle of one wall and bland brick across the other three. Leaning against the mirrored wall was a large metal and wooden table with fold-up legs, like you might find in a school, with a black plastic chair on the near side, clearly intended for Rosie to sit on and be forced to see herself in the giant mirror. At the opposite end of the room, a bathroom had been installed - a toilet, shower, sink and bin were all fixed against the rear wall. Another door was opposite the one Rosie had entered from. Both doors were shut, and clearly only opened and closed when the game controllers desired.

On the table lay an adult sized pink gingham schoolgirl dress, along with a clean disposable diaper, which was currently neatly and tightly folded, as if trying to disguise or hide its obvious bulk.  At the furthest edge of the table a big red button was fixed into the surface and displayed the large word 'MORE' across each side. It was obvious to Rosie that the purpose of the button would be explained to her in due time. As for right now, the invitation of a shower and a change was too good to decline, so she reached round to find a zipper on the back of her onesie. To her dismay and mild panic she couldn't feel a seam at all, never mind a zipper.

"Uh-oh, it looks like someone is stuck!" The announcer's voice caught her by surprise, and she jumped slightly. "I'm afraid we have complete control of when you are allowed in and out of your outfits."

Rosie squirmed angrily on the spot, unable to properly reply due to the ring gag harness still occupying her mouth.

"Haha, don't worry, I was just teasing you. As the winner, you're allowed to change right away."

Silently and immediately hidden seams fell apart at the sides of Rosie's onesie, and two key links holding her gag harness together also fell apart. They both fell to the ground with a thud and a clatter, leaving her in nothing but a giant messy nappy. It was kind of freaky, the impressive control they had around the entire environment that was her prison. It felt almost like they were using magic. They must be using magnets somehow? Rosie thought to herself.

She didn't dwell on the matter for long, because without the taught insulation of the onesie, the smell of Rosie's predicament grew worse by the second. Waddling as quickly as she could, Rosie made it over to the bathroom area where she opened the large bin, that she now realised was meant to resemble a diaper pail. Lifting the lid, she removed her shamefully soiled diaper as carefully as she could and lowered it into the container, before shutting it loudly, very happy to never have to see the cursed thing again. She turned the shower on and stepped in before it had even warmed up properly - the cold water was still very welcome as it cleansed her lower body of unmentionable material.

Five minutes later, Rosie was still standing in her now warm shower, enjoying the calming effect of the water running over her naked body. Clearly the gameshow runners were happy to watch, and to be honest, at this point where she had already lost so much of her dignity, she was happy to let the anonymous perverts continue to watch her in exchange for being allowed to enjoy this time for a little longer. Eventually though her break had to come to an end, and it did so abruptly, with the water being cut off completely. She reached for the nearby towel and said nothing as she dried herself off.

It was very clear what she had to do next and Rosie saw no need to bother feigning ignorance and waiting for prompting at this point, as all it stood to do was piss off her captors and make her life more miserable. She changed herself into her new diaper, ever so slightly perturbed at how natural and easy it felt to lie on her back on the cold ground and tape the bulky beast around her groin. Was it really that easy to put someone into littlespace? Just make them mess themselves once on camera and they regress back to feeling comfortable in diapers? Surely she was just imagining things? Her mind went back to the first round and the vibrators that had been tormenting her private parts. Her orgasm had been real. And strong. Memories of her fun roleplay times with past partners kept flooding through her mind, bringing up all kinds of emotions, from nostalgia, to shame, to excitement. Why couldn't she shake them off? She'd always been able to jump in and out of roleplay mindsets easily when playing in the bedroom, but in this forced situation she felt truly powerless, and it was genuinely turning her on. Only one thing was certain - she could not let the kidnappers know they were getting to her like this.

After donning the schoolgirl dress she observed how ridiculously short it actually was. Looking at herself in the mirror, even with her eyes as high up as they were she could see the bottom of her diaper peeking out under the hem of the thigh-length skirt. At least the doublesized diaper was plain white - considering the other things she had been put through, she was actually surprised it didn't have some appallingly cringe-worthy baby pattern all over it. That didn't mean that she was particularly thankful, though - the absorbent stuffing of this beast was so extreme that her thighs were forced several inches apart even though it was completely unsoiled. It was definitely an 'upgrade' on her previous padded prison, forcing her to move about with an even more babyish waddle than before. If her next one was any thicker, she might be reduced to crawling!

Rosie was still assessing her appalling image in the mirror when the announcer once again interrupted her train of thought to encourage her into action. "It's lunchtime, babies! Please take your seats." The man was clearly talking to both her and Aika, who must be in the room the other side of the mirror. Seeing no other option but to comply, she sat down calmly, practicing her unemotional poker face in the mirror.

Without warning, her face in the mirror was replaced with Aika's. Aika's image still had the ring gag harness holding her mouth open, and was still wearing the green onesie she had last been seen in. Confused, she watched Aika's eyes widen at the same time as hers. What was going on? It took her a couple of seconds of panic before she realised - this was some kind of hi-tech mirror, that could switch between being a mirror and a window. She was looking into the neighbouring room, where Aika had also sat down for her meal, facing her 'mirror'.

Aika's setup was quite different to Rosie's. Not only had she still not been allowed to change, which must have felt and smelled disgusting, but everything around her had been themed even more childish than Rosie's. Rather than a school dinner table, she had a short pink plastic table decorated with a flowery theme. And rather than a small plastic black chair, she was kneeling on the ground in front of her baby table. This difference forced a clear contrast between the two friends, with Rosie's eyeline several inches higher than Aika's. She was looking down upon her opponent, as if conducting a formal job interview, which gave her a feeling of superiority and grandeur. Feelings that weren't particularly appropriate right now, considering she was dressed like a child and visibly diapered.

Aika's identical expression of surprise slowly morphed into one of fear. Rosie smoothly changed her face to a calm, relatively blank guise as if it was the most natural thing in the world, and continued to look stoically straight into Aika's eyes. Rosie was still almost as pissed off at her friend as she was at her captors - not only was Aika still unforgiven for her transgressions in recent weeks, but she had further angered Rosie by playing unfair in round 1, sitting on Rosie's stomach after she had collapsed, and then messing herself on top of Rosie, and then forcing Rosie to mess herself! Unforgivable. She could wallow in her own mess all day for all that Rosie cared.

Rosie's intense emotionless stare was beginning to have its intended effect. Aika's eyes continued to widen, and if her mouth wasn't already stretched open by the gag, it would probably be trembling. The psychological games weren't a purely vindictive move: Rosie intended to win as many rounds of this ridiculous charade as possible, in order to minimise the number of penalties she had to endure. If Aika wasn't able to concentrate properly because she was stressed or scared, it only increased Rosie's chances further. The fact that she got to have revenge on her boy-stealing rival just happened to be a nice bonus.

On each side of the window a tray descended from above, carried vertically by two rigid robotic arms. Rosie's tray was a standard sized black plastic dinner tray, the sort you would get in most canteens. On the tray was a handful of finger sandwiches, filled with various standard ingredients such as cheese, lettuce and ham. The crusts had been cut off, probably to make sure it still had an immature feel. Her drink was a standard juice box, again the sort of thing that you would give to a child, but you wouldn't baulk if you saw an adult drinking. Overall, it was a meal Rosie was more than happy to consume.

Aika's tray was a different story. The large white surface was more like a big waterproof cushion, and it covered the entirety of her small plastic table. Upon it were three small pink plastic bowls, one filled with mushy peas, one with mushy banana, and one with porridge - probably not even flavoured but just boring, bland oatmeal. The reason there were no proper solids was abundantly clear - there was a small pink plastic spoon next to the bowls, and they had not yet removed Aika's harness. She was going to have to shovel her meal into her permanently open mouth, and swallow without chewing anything. Her drink was not visible, contained within a large opaque squeezable sippy cup. Aika would inevitably have to wait to find out what it contained from the taste.

Aika's face told the whole story that was necessary. She was not at all pleased. She knelt there staring at the tray as if she had just been shown 2 girls 1 cup! Rosie couldn't decide what was most probably upsetting the poor babied woman - was it the childish nature of her clothing and food, or was it the fact she wasn't able to chew, or was it the mess she was still stewing in? Whatever it was, Rosie knew how she could rub it in further - she started eating her sandwiches and drinking her juice acting as if she was genuinely enjoying her meal. Which to be honest, she kind of was - it wasn't half bad.

“That's the spirit, Rosie, dig in! As you may have noticed, you have a button on your table you can press to replenish both of your meals-”

Rosie smiled and interrupted the announcer by instantly pressing the button. She didn't look Aika directly in the eyes but instead stared straight through her, as if she wasn't there at all. It did the job she wanted – she was wordlessly saying to Aika “I'm more than happy for us both to have more and more food, and I don't care at all how horrible an experience that is for you.”

Image by Rosie-BRS

“Err, no, you're not supposed to press it yet, it'll only work after your plate is empty-”

Rosie non-chalantly pressed the button a few more times, this time looking straight at Aika with a fierceness in her eyes. Aika looked petrified, just as intended. She was powerless in this situation and was being constantly reminded of that fact. The announcer coughed as he tried to keep his composure but in the end he couldn't help but burst out laughing.

“Bahahaha! Oh wow, I think this is going to be one entertaining punishment round! I'll leave you two to enjoy your meal. Or rather, meals as it seems more likely to be!”

Rosie watched Aika slowly come to terms with her situation. While she clearly was dreading trying to eat like this, she was also surely desperate for a change, and there was only one way she was going to get one, and that was to finish lunch. But it was worse than just having to eat this one serving - Rosie had made it abundantly clear that as soon as they were both finished, she would be asking for another serving. And who knows how many times she was allowed to do that. Rosie thought she saw Aika's nose wrinkle. She tried to conceal a wry smile.

In reality it was only moments before Aika gave in and began to eat. The true ingenious evilness of her ordeal was made fully apparent to Rosie and her after she tried to consume her first spoonful of oatmeal: firstly, with her jaw held open by the gag, she was unable to properly use her mouth to collect the porridge off the plate. She had to turn the spoon upside down and use her tongue to lick it off, which forced her to fully taste every single morsel that she ate. Secondly, swallowing without closing one's mouth does not come naturally to most people, and that appeared to include Aika. It kind of looked like she was gargling oatmeal for a moment before it disappeared down her throat. Rosie watched Aika look back down at her bowls. Only about 6 spoonfuls of oatmeal left to go, and then 7 spoonfuls of peas and banana each to go. Yes, 'ordeal' is the right word, Rosie thought to herself. She almost unthinkingly resumed eating her own comparatively pleasant meal.

Ten minutes later, Aika was nearing the end of her first course. She reached for her sippy cup, and tilting her head back, poured some of the mystery fluid into her mouth. Rosie saw a pink liquid squirting from the cup to Aika's mouth, it kind of looked like it was flavoured milk or something. After swallowing Aika seemed to sigh with relief, which reinforced Rosie's suspicion that it was indeed strawberry milk. Rosie, who had already finished her sandwiches, waited patiently, trying to pretend to be paying attention to anything else than Aika's final spoonful of peas. Not because she wanted to save Aika from further embarrassment, but because she wanted to make it that much more brutal when she…


Rosie pressed the button, looking straight past Aika at one of the cameras in a top corner of the room. Immediately the arms began to whirr into action, first taking away the existing trays of empty plates and bowls, before replacing them with new ones. Aika had more of the same, but Rosie's plate was stacked twice as high. Oh I get it, Rosie thought, each time I ask for more, I have to eat even more myself. Fair enough. She tried not to let her surprise show, and began eating her new stack of snacks. Aika didn't seem too surprised by the second helpings, but it was clear that Rosie's mean demeanour was still having a significant effect on the poor girl. She was in such a timid state that she couldn't even bring herself to look at Rosie's face, instead she had her eyes fixed on her food.

Aika kept her eyes lowered throughout her second course. To be fair to her, she seemed to be getting pretty good at force-feeding herself baby mush, and was actually clearing the bowls faster than before. Resigned to her fate, and most likely desperate at this point to be allowed to change, she obediently gobbled down everything in front of her. Meanwhile, Rosie also diligently tucked into her feast until it was all gone. She was beginning to feel a real sense of competition… did that mean her captors were getting to her? Did they care? These thoughts were spinning round in Rosie's mind as she once again reached for the button.


This time, Aika was visibly upset. She had clearly been building up hope that this would be the end of the 'punishment game', and she'd finally be able to change. But now she could do nothing but remain kneeling there as the automatic machinery replaced her freshly empty bowls and cup with full ones. Rosie eyed her own new tray with mild annoyance; this serving was three times as large as her first one. At least it confirmed her suspicions - they were delivering increasingly large portions to her. She would probably have to make this her last.

"Let's hear it for Rosie! What a trooper! A lot of viewers have lost their bets here I'm afraid - hardly anyone predicted that Rosie would press the button twice! Well, I hope you enjoy it, girls!" The announcer seemed even more jolly and excited than before. At least someone's enjoying this, Rosie thought to herself.

Aika was struggling. Her eating rate had slowed down significantly during this third helping, maybe because she was already full and she was still ahving to swallow with her mouth open. Rosie's own meal, while definitely filling her up, was edible without too much trouble. And at least she had juice to wash it down. Aika couldn't do that with the gag. Rosie felt a twinge of guilt for the first time that day. Was this wrong? No, Aika had this coming. It was her own fault. Right?

Over what must have been at least ten minutes, Aika completed the arduous process of forcing yet another three bowls of mush down her gullet. Her eyes looked like they were welling up with tears, but she got it all down. After following up with her sippy cup, she was all done, and Rosie saw her finally make eye contact. Rosie gave a small grin - she had one trick left up her sleeve. She indicated down to her plate, which Aika looked at, slightly confused - there was still half a sandwich left on Rosie's plate.

"Come on Rosie, you know that Aika can't change until you've both finished your meals, right?" The announcer teased. Aika's face turned from confusion to shock. "Well, to be fair, we can't let you keep her waiting forever, but there's still another 20 minutes allocated for this game, so if you don't finish your plate, it'll be 20 minutes until Aika is allowed to change..."

Rosie took this opportunity to once again stare daggers into Aika's eyes. She picked up the last morsel of her meal, brought it to her mouth, and then just before pushing it inside, dropped it unceremoniously back onto the tray. The message was clear - she wasn't finishing her food early. Aika's pleaded silently. She pushed her hands together into a praying position and looked at Rosie with puppy dog eyes. Rosie responded by putting her middle finger up. And then Aika began to cry.

It wasn't Rosie's proudest moment. There she was, flipping off the girl who was supposed to be her closest friend, and bringing her to tears. She imagined how it must look to the cameras - a vindictive diapered schoolgirl victimising a babied girl who was well overdue a change. It can't have been Aika's proudest moment either, literally bawling her eyes out, just like the little baby her wardrobe reflected. Rosie was certain that she would have an advantage in the next competition with Aika in such an emotional state.

The next several minutes were quite awkward. Rosie couldn't hear Aika's tantrum, only watch it. What started off with just crying soon included banging against the glass and eventually standing up and pulling at both of the locked doors, and then finally trying to wrestle with her onesie and gag harness. Rosie watched this all from her seat, calmly nibbling at the remains of her sandwich, but making sure not to finish it. At about the 15 minute mark, Aika gave up and slumped to the floor. She settled for holding one hand on her nose, pinching it shut. She gave Rosie a dirty look, before turning her back. The next five minutes passed without either making a move, until finally the announcer spoke.

"Okay, that's the end of the punishment game! Aika, you can change now. Rosie... I'm afraid you technically didn't finish your meal within the allotted time, so I'm afraid we're going to have to give you a disadvantage in the next game as penalty. Oops, did we not mention that?"

As he finished speaking, Aika's onesie and gag harness fell apart, much like Rosie's had. Rosie's mouth fell open, upon hearing the news of her penalty. How could they just introduce new rules without telling them?! It wasn't fair. Aika didn't even pause to taunt Rosie - she rushed for the back half of her room, where her own shower was waiting. Now it was Rosie's turn to look away - she had no desire to watch Aika clean herself.

A few minutes later, after Aika had dressed into her own identical (but green) schoolgirl outfit, the lights above the doors that Aika and Rose hadn't been through changed to green with a bleep, indicating that they were unlocked. Left with no other option, they both rose to their feet and headed for the door as instructed. Rosie had actually forgotten she was wearing a diaper herself, but was instantly reminded as her movement caused a crinkle and her walk came with a waddle. It really was worrying how quickly sitting in that padding had become the norm for her.

After a few awkward steps, Rosie reached the door. Opening it and stepping through the doorway, she found herself waddling into a shared room! Aika was right there, to her right. They were able to talk to each other for the first time that day.

"You bitch!" Aika began, still a little tearful. "How could you do this to me-"

"To YOU?! I'm not the one who literally shoved their friend to the floor, sat on top of them... and then.. and then... UGH I can't even say it, it's so gross..." Rosie spoke fiercefully - she was not backing down now.

A harsh light interrupted their argument before it could properly begin. The wall opposite the doors they had just walked through turned out to be another large display unit. The screen was now displaying a collage of photos and little loops of video of the two girls, including replays of the moments where they'd messed themselves, images they wished they'd never seen of their self-diaper-changes, and of Rosie's diapered schoolgirl lunch, of Aika's babied lunch, of Aika's tantrum… it just went on and on. The whole wall was taken up by the masterfully compiled spectacle. The announcer didn't say anything but the implication was obvious: as long as you'd prefer these weren't made public, we own you.

Aika and Rosie gulped simultaneously. Their situation had just gone from a day-long ideal to a potential indefinite amount of blackmail. The vast majority of ill feelings towards each other melted away as the real enemy became all the more apparent. Almost unthinkingly, Rosie held out her arm and took Aika's hand. Aika gripped it tightly.

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