Diaper Quest Release 2 Version 2.2

For non-patrons... sorry if it doesn't feel like there's a huge amount of extra content, but I think it's quite important that the game is stable first and foremost! :-)

Download Links:

First time downloading? On Windows? I'd recommend downloading this: ZIP of latest DQ including Windows Git (465.3 MB)

Raw GBLORB File Direct Download Link (514.6 MB)
MEGA Mirror

Diaper Quest was created with Inform. To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: many are available, Windows Git is strongly recommended for any machine that can run it, this includes Macs - you should use WINE.

Known Issues

  • I'm getting reports of spontaneous crashes in Gargoyle. Use it at your own risk. If you do, it's strongly recommended to use roguelike saving.
  • There's still a few minor problems with item shortcuts and disambiguation.


  • Reduced the size of the character window images to significantly reduce the overall filesize and fix the issue where some methods of opening the game in WinGit were failing.
  • All users can now enable or disable full dark mode. This is prompted and explained when you first open the new version.
  • When you've enabled hyperlinks for yes/no options (and have the map window open), you can now also press 'Y' or 'N'.
    • Using the same input code hijacking technique, I've managed to get the game to understand yes / no text hyperlinks again.
  • [Newest Nappy GUI] You can choose to have buttons appear as dropdown menus rather than always visible, for a bit less lag and a lot less clutter.
    • There's two different 'enabled' options: the first one works as you've experienced already, and the second one makes the buttons render themselves as large as they can go, but only on top of the item. That should mean that repeated actions (such as kicking) can be done by clicking in the same place repeatedly, just like before.
    • While adding settings, I also added a setting that lets you customise how large the location window is.
    • Also I fixed a bug with the popup buttons where the 'fix' button (to replace a pulled down bra or shirt) was not working, and neither was the 'x self' button.
  • Character window updates:
    • Existing items:
      • Pink spraybottle
      • Kitty cat dress
      • Pink blouse
      • Polka dot and pinstripe business dresses
      • Longsleeved cheerleader outfit
      • Pink clubbing dress and long pink clubbing dress
      • Supertiny clubbing dress
      • Gingham dress
      • Baby booties
      • Tartan microskirts
      • Cultist veil and robe
      • Fox ears
    • New items:
      • Clown mask and accompanying class items:
        • Fetish baby dress
        • Latex booties
        • Blue latex mittens
  • All Xavier's three demon world punishments are now accessible in the public version.
  • New latex clown class. Pick up the mask from the stage in the dungeon. Very humiliating to wear. Every time you go up a significant rank of humiliation (multiples of 8000), you get a ring. The higher your humiliation, the more valuable the ring.
  • Potions, tinctures, elixirs etc. are now listed in the 'loot' section of the inventory.
  • Maid headdress won't uncurse while you're wielding a broken pink spray bottle.
  • Most matching colours now require you to be wearing three of the same colour in order to prevent transformation, rather than two.
  • [Messing] A full stomach won't summon a diaper around you if you're plugged.
  • [Game Hates You] Fixed the glue trap, which wasn't meant to be accessible yet, so that it's now properly compatible with DQ. The yellow version increases diaper addiction and incontinence, the black version summons latex items on you.
  • Fixed an issue where plugs had their adjectives written twice.
  • Fixed a bug where the tartan tube top, necessary for the schoolgirl stuff, didn't exist.
  • Fixed a bug with the robobutler where if he'd run out of butt plugs in the game universe he started causing errors.
  • Fixed several problems with the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug where the restrictions for what clothing you could remove while cuffed was much less strict than and therefore inconsistent with what you could wear while cuffed.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible for some NPCs to become friendly while still holding onto a leash, which left the player completely immobile.
  • Fixed an issue where the new maid outfit wasn't getting summoned.
  • Fixed an issue where the witch and kitsune could become aggressive if the player looked too outrageous.
  • Fixed an issue with text without punctuation or spaces, when liquid soaked from one diaper to another when wearing 2+ diapers.
  • Fixed a bug where clothing items were getting blocked from transforming thanks to a theme, even if the new resulting item would have shared that same theme.
  • Fixed the bug where cans duplicated in the location window if you interacted with them but time didn't move forward.
  • Fixed the bug where a diaper stack, when cleaned, wouldn't actually be flagged as clean even though all the diapers themselves were.

Bab Testers:

  • The following changes have been made as part of the planned development of making the school a desirable place of safety, whilst remaining balanced.
    • You can no longer enter the school until it's time for your next lesson.
    • When you arrive in the school, the first thing you'll have to do is participate in a lesson immediately.
    • 'Lesson / Detention time' doesn't move forward while you're in the school, so you can't just wait until your next lesson without leaving.
    • You can no longer leave the school without either attending a lesson (or detention) or removing the armband. If you remove the armband and then leave, you won't be able to come back.
  • The headmistress is the first of a batch of several school NPCs to get art of her replacing the placeholder photo. Drawn by Owlcan.
  • New emerald lesson - a knowledge quiz. You'll be quizzed about facts about the game universe, and each time you get one wrong, you'll have to choose between increasing your level of incontinence, or causing a very bad day for one of your fellow classmates. Holding on until you get three right earns you a promotion.
    • In the future, there will be consequences for upsetting your classmates.
    • There are a few things that stop it happening, including the player being at max incontinence or the player having messing enabled but being plugged.
  • Changed the "damp feeling" command to "set incontinence" to give you more straightforward control.
  • Redid the code for selecting a plug in the emerald lesson. Each plug now has an integer identifier that can be understood by graphical hyperlinks, text hyperlinks, and just pressing the key on your keyboard.
  • Friendly students will now jump into combat to protect their friends
  • Fixed a bug where the "superhero" debug command crashed the game.
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