Diaper Quest Release 5 Version 7.0

This version's banner image is from the new 'diaper pong' predicament in the extra credit zone (currently bab testers only). Art by Wishberri!

If you haven't downloaded the new launcher yet, remember, the new launcher comes with a new install file, so you'll need to download the new installer linked below (and ideally uninstall the old launcher first to avoid confusion).


On Windows?  There's now an executable launcher, made by area57. It'll download the latest version of the game for you and lets you start a game with a single click of a button. Oh, and every time you open it, it'll check if there's a new version, and you'll be able to update to the new version from within the launcher! Just download the executable from here, and then run it: https://omega.area57.cloud/index.php/apps/sharingpath/area57/tqdq/ShameGamesLauncher/Diaper Quest Launcher

It should install locally to your user, and therefore not need any admin permissions. If you get a message about a font that couldn't be installed, just skip it. You'll need around 455MB of free space for when it downloads the game file.

This launcher is in beta - we're still ironing out the kinks so there's still a decent chance it won't work for you. Also some people using Windows Defender will find that its overzealous attitude to protection incorrectly flags the executable as malware.

If you're not on Windows, can't get the launcher working, or are paranoid about running an executable from some random lewd internet game website, then read on.

Raw GBLORB File Direct Download Link (462.1 MB)

MEGA Mirror

Diaper Quest was created with Inform. To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: many are available, Windows Git is strongly recommended for any machine that can run it (if your overzealous antivirus has a problem with area57's improved speed version, there's an older official version here). Another interpreter called Gargoyle is available on multiple platforms but is more prone to crashes. If you're having trouble consult this page.


Updating to the latest version of the MacBook operating system no longer supports WINE. If this is the case for you, I'm afraid you'll need to run Windows in a Virtual Machine or otherwise fully emulate Windows to play Trap Quest on your computer using the recommended Windows Git. Your other option is to try Gargoyle (see here).



  • Diaper covers, which until now were pretty rare to encounter and didn't do much at all (they were intended to be useful but the effect wasn't significant enough), now actually have a place in the game.
    • Good diaper covers (ones found, or crafted) will halve the weight of your diaper, likely preventing you from moving slower thanks to waddling.
    • Bad diaper covers (ones put on you by force) will force a waddle, even if you're not wearing a diaper.
      • The main way to get a bad diaper cover is by losing the poker game with the orc.
    • P.S. there's actually only one diaper cover item in the game at the moment. There'll be more when Berri draws me more :D
  • Meet the Orc! He is, surprisingly, a non-combative NPC in the Dungeon. Soecifically, he is taking up residence in the poker room.
    • He won't always spawn at game start, but will likely appear if you try to take the poker cards.
    • He'll play an open-handed game of 32 card poker with you, where you both get two discards. For you see, the poker table is magic.
    • Win the poker game and get rewarded with an item, the rarity of which depends on the strength of your hand.
    • Lose the poker game and get punished five times - once by each card in your final hand.
      • There are 32 unique punishments that await you - the higher the value of the card, the more harsh the punishment. Most are generic but the aces are relatively unique.
    • You can make him happy (use a diaper that he can see) and he'll (usually) go easy on your in your next poker game, by discarding his entire hand on his second turn.
    • When you succeed at a luck-based roll at the start of the poker hand, you'll find yourself with several suited cards, and be informed you have a lucky hand. For the rest of this hand, you are twice as likely to draw cards of that same suit which you already have several of.
    • Attacking him will cause him to (permanently) leave.
  • Pocketbooks rework!
    • New art for all the pocketbooks by Wishberri!
    • Pocketbooks now all allow you to perform a magic missile "zap" attack (as long as you have magic power to spend). These attacks are almost as strong as magic wands.
      • The Book of Regrets gains even more power, the higher your orgasm addiction.
    • Browsing (i.e. reading) pocketbooks is in general a lot better than it used to be.
      • The Book of Regrets lets you choose which 'regret' you read about, and the cost for the addiction-reversal is much lower than before, or gone completely, depending on which thing it is you are reversing. However it requires the book to not be cursed, and for you to be ready to learn a new skill. Performing the reversal curses the book (along with a new random uncurse quest), and puts you on cooldown for learning a new skill.
      • The pocket necronomicon still teaches you magic in exchange for some self-esteem - this was already strong enough.
    • The Book of Regrets can now appear in the dungeon shop.
  • The security monitors in the Security Room in the Hotel are now part of a larger "Security Interface".
    • You can now attempt biometric authentication at the terminal. To do this, you'll need to have of the pimp's or mechanic's (or demon lord's) DNA. i.e. a diaper that they've used.
      • This feature is incomplete - I'm still working on ways for you to get their used diapers.
    • Or you can just defeat the mechanic and demand his ID card.
    • Once authenticated, you can use the security touchscreens to delete some of the videos and photos of you that have been uploaded to the Internet. Essentially, any media that was taken by the predicament 'game runners' themselves, rather than by NPCs.
    • It also opens a door to a new subregion... but that subregion doesn't exist yet.
    • Art by Conrico.


  • When the matron is finished doing something to you, if it's time for class, she'll probably drag you to the portal and shove you through it. She's thoughtful like that.
  • You can now set a minimum penis size. Your penis won't decrease below this size.
    • If you have TG enabled, this won't cost points, because as soon as you're at minimum penis size, TG can occur, which is sufficient punishment in itself.
  • Sex toys found in the shop will now have magic attributes, to make them actually worth buying and wearing!
  • [TG] You now have more control over how TG works.
    • Firstly, you choose how common the events are that just spontaneously transform you.
    • Secondly, you choose how straightforward it is for the game to turn you female if and when your penis reaches its minimum size.
    • The most extreme TG options no longer prevent penis growth, as it has been deemed unnecessary.
      • With the option that TG can happen spontaneously from common events, there are some new ways that you might get transformed.
        • If a needle trap hits you in the penis.
        • When you use the academy gloryhole, and get the penis punishment result.
        • Your underwear being hit by a transformation effect and being turned into the pink briefs with the word 'hole' on the front.


  • If the doom ritual is ongoing and you use a cursed time bomb, the doom ritual immediately completes.
  • 'Adventurer' NPCs in the Woods, if they encounter vines while in the same location as you, will get portal-tormented, and then flee to the hotel (where they become further babified).
  • Ghosts now have a less crazily long list of reasons they turn aggressive.
    • They no longer turn aggressive because you're immobile.
    • They no longer turn aggressive while you're on your knees, unless you're alone with them.
    • However, the threshold at which they are aggressive because you look slutty, has been decreased, so you need to be more careful about walking around the mansion without clothes on.
  • All blessed swords can now cut an item of clothing off of you, while wielded, but this consumes the blessing.
  • The demon lord's description is now altered based on your chances of hurting him.
  • The mechanic can no longer transform if his amulet is destroyed on the elder altar, even if he powers up in some other way.

BAB TESTERS (February 2022 unlock file)

  • New big ruby rank extra credit zone two-student predicament - diaper pong!
    • Land a ball in your opponent's cup to force them to drink it... and increase their need to go potty!
    • Graphical aiming interface has you using the arrow keys to move a crosshair to choose what area to throw your next ball.
    • The more desperately you need to go, the increased chance there is that you'll suddenly throw the ball even if you haven't finished aiming.
    • You can choose to let yourself go, but obviously this comes with increased diaper addiction.
  • New short boogeymonster nightmare, focused on spanking and wedgies, based on a piece of art I commissioned from Rosie-BRS.
  • [Watersports] The "Human Toilet" Nintendolls job epilogue now has art by Pyper Hayle, and the story has been updated to reflect the new art.


  • [Newest Nappy GUI] Fixed a bug where the game would suggest tattoos as items that could be offered to NPC summoning objects, to appease them.
  • Fixed a bug where the alliance-breaking uncurse quest would succeed every single turn when attacking a ritual cultist that was just ignoring you.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would in certain situations behave like an NPC reacting to their own humiliating act.
  • Fixed a bug where Demon Lord Xavier glitched when encountering the pimp.
  • Fixed a run-time error that would sometimes occur upon being noticed by the vampiress.
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