Diaper Quest Release 6 Version 4.0

This version's banner image was drawn by Wishberri.

Please please please consider treating yourself to a subscription to our SubscribeStar as a Christmas present to yourself. It costs $12+tax, which is, like, one meal at a cheap fast food joint nowadays! We really need to recover our lost subscribers as soon as possible to justify continuing with DQ at the pace that we do. If we don't manage to get enough back, there will be significantly less new art for the game, and less of Aika's time will be spent on DQ development each month.

And if we do make our full recovery target, we'll not only power ahead with DQ, but we'll start making a brand new multiplayer diaper game.

How to Download

Please go here and download the hotfix instead:




  • Christmas content is enabled by default for the holiday season! But you should be able to disable it manually if you don't want to be forced to play as Santa's Little Helper who gets punished for being naughty.
  • [Christmas content enabled] If you are in the right state, when a friendly human NPC gets bored of you and is ready to leave you alone, instead of a christmas gift you may receive a different kind of 'present' from them.
    • The exact interaction can change based on your player state and kink choices.
      • For diapered players, this can be a sexually stimulating squeeze of the genitals through your padding.
      • For NPCs who wear diapers, when you are on your knees, this can be them surprising you with the seat of their diaper in your face.
    • You can humiliate yourself further by responding positively, in order to increase their relationship with you.
    • Also, for watersports enjoyers, friendly interested NPCs who reach the bladder level necessary to make them go and find a toilet will instead just urinate on you. This will only happen if you're on your knees.
    • Also, For DQ Testers who have enabled diaper urinal content, NPCs with penises can urinate directly in your diaper without warning.
  • A new trap, the 'prank trap', found inside containers, has (currently) 4 different possibilities.
    • It can blast you with water, making you look like someone who can't be trusted to look after themselves responsibly.
    • It can shock you, causing pain.
    • A loud jack-in-the-box can spring out, causing shock (this only has a chance of doing something if you're desperate for the toilet)
    • A boxing glove comes out and punches you in the gut (causing expulsion of anything in your butt, and pain)
  • New boogeymonster nightmare - to have it occur, you must be able to wear a clubbing dress right now.
  • New stats - irritability of bladder and bowels.
    • Rather than have a direct feedback loop where holding on lowers your incontinence which makes you struggle to hold on in the future, holding on now (slowly) permanently raises the irritability of your bladder and/or bowels (tracked separately).
    • Irritability is the percentage chance each turn, when you feel the need to go, that your main stats (strength, dexterity and intelligence) get halved until the need is relieved.
      • And yes if both your bladder and bowels are currently desperate to go and feeling irritable, your stats are reduced by both effects, for a total 75% reduction.
    • So at 0.5% irritability, you'll probably get a decent while before those harsh stat penalties appear and you really, really should find a way to relieve yourself. But at 5% irritability, it'll realistically only be around 20 turns on average.
      • Irritability tends to increase by 0.5% each time you strain to hold on when you really shouldn't.
    • Once you become fully incontinent, you'll no longer be able to feel the need to go, so this penalty will go away again.
  • Flying NPCs (the fairies, djinn and icarus) can now fly over the foliage in the Woods, and so effectively ignore the 'walls' of this region in most scenarios. This can make it more difficult to follow them around, and also means they can suddenly appear from a direction you weren't expecting, and where you couldn't see them coming. In this instance, they get a chance to spot you immediately, rather than needing to wait a turn, which is supposed to represent that you are caught off-guard because you weren't looking in that direction. NPCs can't fly into the cave from any direction, though, so this room is more safe than others in that regard.
  • The orc's stealing punishment didn't make a whole lot of sense - him running away - so now he instead picks a random 5 cards and creates a poker hand that punishes you with those 5 effects.
    • After finding and memorising the recipe for queen of hearts heels, you can now try to steal just the queen of hearts and nothing else.
    • You will also be given this opportunity for a guaranteed steal of the queen of hearts after any poker game where you ended up with the queen of hearts in your finishing hand.
    • Perhaps in the future I will try to code a whole system where you can steal other cards too, and also you can try and cheat in future games by swapping your stolen card in.
  • [Christmas mode] If you get unlucky when you step on a polymorph rune trap in the dungeon, you get the bondage ribbons, which are rather cruel, what with binding your hands by your sides and giving you the 'audible jiggles' attribute which makes it easy for NPCs to stalk you around the region.
  • 'Player' NPCs now start with a useful item that you can barter / run an errand for, and 'adventurer' NPCs gain one each time they get booted out to a different region and get more babified.
  • The shopkeeper no longer gets angry with you just for wearing an item of clothing that increases your stealth rating.

DQ TESTERS (December 2023 unlock file)

  • [Diaper urinal] If you go too deep into debt with the pimp, he can now put a portal diaper on you.
    • Only he will be able to remove it. (Or at least, hopefully. That's why it's up to you to test it, haha.)
    • Periodically, someone will use the hotel urinals, and their piss (or, if enabled, cum!) will be transported into your padding.
    • Return to the pimp when it's overflowing and he'll consider your debt paid.
      • ...Unless you've got it soaked in water, in which case he'll get annoyed and make you start again!
    • You can also get the task of wearing and filling this as one of the errands the pimp gives you when you ask him for something.
    • You can also end up wearing the portal diaper if the orc wins a poker game against you with the Ace of Spades in his hand.
      • You must have met the pimp already.
    • You can also just purloin the 'portal diaper' and manually wear it, to test it. It may be prudent to know where the hotel urinal is first though, because that's where the pimp will probably be hanging out!
    • Art by Wishberri!
  • New ruby ranked joint predicament - the 'Porno Predicament'.
    • I gave this one too many branching possibilities. It took like a solid week of coding. FML!
    • You and another Academy student are each in a basic (fully automated except for a human co-star each) porn studio with a glass wall separating you.
    • You each get to make a LOT of decisions as to how your porno goes, including what you wear, what the scene you're roleplaying is, and of course, how you behave at each moment.
    • The student who makes the most extreme diaper fetish video gets to have a shower and a change of clothes before they walk home.
    • If one student significantly outperforms the other, only the losing student's videos will be uploaded to the internet.
    • This one has a bunch of standard diaper play & degradation stuff going on in it, but also has some specific bonus content for those who enable messy facesits (if you choose the bully scene) and for those for enable NPCs urinating in diapers (if you choose the Dirty Daddy scene).
    • If you choose the option to try and escape, there is actually a small chance you escape (as long as you're not wearing the leash or slave dress), and the first video gets uploaded but you avoid having to even experience the rest of the scene, and have two more even worse videos recorded for you. But obviously assuming you fail, you'll probably be significantly set back on sexiness points, and need to do some real work to catch up...
    • Remember, in order to try this out quickly, you can use the "promote me" debug command twice to get to ruby rank, and then "joint predicament with [student in your location]" to make it instantly happen.
  • A new elevator room, the 'Desperation Experience Room'.
    • Art by Icarus.
    • This fills your belly with a liquid and then presents you with several containers you can open. Each container contains a prank trap and a nice reward. Any liquid hitting the floor triggers a punishment.
    • If your belly becomes empty, it gets filled back up again!
    • This is still 'in development', really, and there will be more punishments, and improved balance, in the near future.


  • Fixed a bug where fecal incontinence was being influenced by items that were supposed to only influence bladder incontinence.
  • Fixed a bug where after making the orc run away, he would just come straight back when you tried to take the playing cards again.
  • Fixed a bug where the deep one wasn't properly set up when it was first spawned, which could lead to it not ending up in the right room.
  • Did some code tweaks to try and prevent things that make a lot of NPCs in the region start to stalk you, like the audible squelches effect, not make the game lag so much.
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