Diaper Quest Version 1.2

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy this release, I've worked very hard! Sorry that there's no new experimental hypno stuff for alpha testers but I've been working hard to try and get the school to a place where it's worth checking out.

EDIT: Due to a coding mistake, Bab Patrons don't have access to the School region today. I'll fix this in a hotfix ASAP, probably early tomorrow.

EDIT2: MEGA Link has been updated but the other links haven't yet.

EDIT3: I'm going to have to do a proper hotfix anyway soon because the sock character window images don't go properly with large diapers.

Download Links:

First time downloading? On Windows? I'd recommend downloading this: ZIP of latest DQ including Windows Git (397.8 MB)

Direct Download Link (375 MB)

MEGA Mirror

Diaper Quest was created with Inform. To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: many are available, among them Zoom for Mac (NB Sierra update has broken the game, and you need to use WINE) and for Unix; Windows Git for Windows; and Gargoyle does an okay job on all platforms if none of the others are working for you.

Known Significant Issues:

  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.
  • There are still some issues with the Gargoyle interpreter and freezing before epilogues occur. Try saving before hitting that STOP button just in case.


  • Christmas mode enabled! The santa hat can be found in the starting room. It changes a few words to different things, makes gifts spawn from NPCs (they have rare clothing and craftables inside) and also once transformed allow other Christmas clothing to spawn...
    • First transformation allows three different Christmas dresses to spawn - you'll get one at random. Second transformation allows the most embarrassing (and adorable!) Christmas dress to spawn instead.
    • Christmas dresses will give you some bonus stats but are embarrassing to wear also activate the chocolates bag. This magic bag is always in the same region as you and if you come across it when on your knees it will force you to eat chocolates every round and follow you around until you change region or stand up or remove the dress or can no longer eat for whatever reason. Being bloated with food / drink makes you slower and fatigue faster, as always. And if you have messing enabled...
    • Christmas socks are like stockings but don't affect knee strength - they just help you stay balanced in heels.
    • All these new items have images on the character window by JamJarMonster!
  • Changed all the boogeymonster nightmares priorities to try and put the slightly less harsh ones first.
  • New map tiles for lots of important rooms.
  • Changed how the questioning NPC's code works - you now ask all the different questions to each NPC in a set order, with the 'skill' question at the end. The higher your intelligence the more likely you are to start higher up the sequence and therefore have more chance of asking the skill question the first time you talk to them before they get annoyed. This was done because beforehand the player sometimes asked the same question over and over which was stupid.
  • Fixed a bug where 'sissy' wasn't appearing in the player's title when appropriate.

Bab Testers:

  • There's a messy version of the chocolates bag cutscene image that you'll get if you're wearing a messed diaper. Obviously this can only happen if full messing is enabled so is currently restricted to patrons.
  • A new fixed subregion, the obedience school, is accessible via the hotel. It is in pre-alpha, which means that it is very incomplete - I'd say it's only about 20% implemented so far!
    • This region will be notably different from others by having very few randomised traps and loot crates. Instead it will contain a clear subquest with lots of random elements as you try to complete it.
    • You'll be able to climb the ranks by participating in lessons. Going up ranks allows you to access more of the school which will have more interesting and beneficial rooms.
    • Each teacher will have a set of lessons they can draw from, at the moment there are only two rank 1 teachers with one lesson each. There are no rank 2 teachers yet. This means you can currently only get to rank 2. Also apologies that these two lessons aren't anything to do with diapers - the idea is that the school starts off seeming like it's just teaching people how to be a good submissive, and slowly ABDL stuff creeps in and then eventually becomes the main theme as you climb the ranks.
    • The heel lesson is succeeded by first volunteering for the challenge and then succeeding at a heel skill and dexterity roll against the randomly chosen student.
    • The make up lesson is succeeded by simply entering the lesson with make up at 2 (out of 3).
    • Your student armband will let you know when the next lesson is ready to begin. If however you wait a significant amount of time before arriving at the lesson, you will instead get detention. Currently there's only one detention scene but lots more are planned.
    • There's several not-yet-implemented things, but what we do have is hopefully pretty cool.
    • Lots of low rank students, each of whom change in name and title and often in other small ways when they are promoted or demoted (at the moment it's only possible for rank 1 students to get promoted to rank 2 since there are no rank 2 lessons). Apologies, nothing in the school yet reacts to your diaper state, I haven't had the time.
    • Most rooms are already in place even if functionality is not yet there.
    • A school nurse will allow you to use the med bay bed if injured or tired, but might decide to use you for her own pleasures while you're there.
      • Once in a while you can get a temporary strength and dexterity boost from her but it usually comes with a (also temporary) downside.
    • The sewing bench allows you to repair ripped clothing with other clothing of the same material.
    • Pretty much everything else isn't implemented yet, but by wandering around you'll get a good idea of what you can look forward to!
    • Most notably, staff members that defeat you in combat don't have anything to do to you yet. This is because what I have planned that they will actually do to you is rather unique.
    • The engraving on the map tiles is for Trap Quest, the DQ one hasn't been made yet so that's why there's a big pair of boobs on each hallway space!
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