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Core Themes: Nothing new

Specific content in this chapter: Semen, Girl-on-girl action

Author's note: The poll went the most ridiculous way, after discounting the obvious spam votes. So fuck you all, I've gone with it and I hope you're happy with yourselves :D and there I was thinking this story couldn't get much more silly. At least it's short.

In other news, if you're looking forward to the next messy crescendo to this story, that's coming next chapter. I anticipate that both chapters 5 and 6 will go back to the core themes of this story - rival girls messing their diapers and causing each other misery.

In other other news, please feel free to check out my other stories I'm starting to publish. They start off a lot slower than this one did but I'm just waiting for more art before I publish the next chapters. I promise they will get quite fun :D

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By the time Rosie has wiped enough messy chocolate cake off of her face and entered the new room, Aika was already through the door into the adjoining bathroom, and the door had locked itself. There seemed to be several unidentifiable metal contraptions aligning the wall; many looked like robotic arms, some looked like harnesses, and other looked like they might be restraints. In the middle of the room, a single trunk-shaped object rested on the ground. Rosie immediately knew what this was - it was a sybian.


Rosie's waddle diaper loosened itself in an instant, and its weight made it fall swiftly to the ground with a thud. Rosie was grateful to be able to step out of the accursed device, but slightly concerned to find that she didn't feel as stable as she'd been hoping. There was still a great amount of mushy substance in her normal diaper, keeping her from walking like a normal adult.

"Take a seat when you're ready, Rosie." The announcer piped up, and Rosie knew exactly what he meant.

Gulping, Rosie, straddled the large block, crinkling as she rested her padded crotch over the hard plastic nub with a little squish. She could still feel the protrusion even through the thick diaper and all that pastry. Suddenly, two metal brackets that she hadn't noticed at all slammed into place around her ankles, keeping her trapped on the machine. Even worse, two of the robotic arms moved towards her, grabbing her arms and wrenching them mercilessly down, one to each ankle, where they were also latched in place. The arms retreated for a moment and then returned with a blindfold, which went straight over her eyes and was tied behind her custard-soaked hair, leaving her feeling even more vulnerable. Finally, a low buzzing started down below, and Rosie shivered as she felt those first few tingles of pleasure surge through her messy Pampers.

"Now Rosie, we're going to play a little game until Aika is done showering. We're going to offer you things to eat. Every time you refuse, we increase the speed of the sybian. We're also going to ask you questions. Every time you lie, we increase the speed of the sybian. Sound fun?" The announcer sounded way too excited.

"No." Rosie responded flatly but truthfully. She tried to wipe some more cake from a place on her face that had started to itch, but was instantly reminded that her wrists were locked in place.

"Too bad, it's a punishment game!" The announcer chuckled. "Here we go!"

Rosie jumped as she felt a small solid object forced through her slightly parted lips by an invisible hand. Tentatively moving it around with her tongue, Rosie decided its texture and taste seemed like a chocolate. Bravely biting into it, she was rewarded by the nice taste of caramel.

"See? You're being paranoid for nothing. This can be fun!" The announcer taunted her as she chewed and swallowed the sweet.

Rosie growled quietly, and was rewarded by a second chocolate being popped straight into her surprised mouth. Without thinking, she bit into this one immediately.

"Yuck!" This one had a sour, almost salty taste to it in the middle. In fact, it tasted oddly familiar, and took a few moments for her to realise what she had in her mouth.

"Ooh, congratulations, you got one of the special ones! I had to not wank for weeks to save up for this batch. Brilliant idea by the organiser, don't you think?" The announcer casually spoke about the situation as if it wasn't entirely unacceptable. Rosie's reaction was involuntary - she spat out the semen, along with the rest of the chocolate, and then spat a few more times for good measure, trying to get the taste out of her mouth.

"Aww, how rude! I'm definitely increasing the sybian a couple of notches for that transgression!" As the announcer finished speaking the sybian really kicked into life. From Rosie's point of view, it felt like it had gone straight from a 2 to a 9! It was almost as if her messy diaper wasn't there - the vibrations were so powerful they sent her clit into a flurry of sensation. Her mouth opened of its own accord as she tried to gather her breath to help her handle this new assault, which allowed a rubber dildo to force its way in between her lips.

"Gotcha!" The announcer was really having fun now.

Rosie tried to move her body backwards to get the blasted thing out, but it was easier said than done with her ankles and wrists bound as they were. Even worse, her arousal was still building, as if her body was trying to tell her that deep down she enjoyed these perverse invasions. No! It's just the sex machine!

"Hmm, I guess this doesn't really count as something for you to 'eat', does it? Oh wait, what does this button do?"

Rosie shrieked as she felt the dildo ejaculate into the back of her mouth. Experience and intuition told her brain that it must be cum, which made her tongue spasm as she readied to spit it out around the sides of the dildo. But as it touched her tongue, she realised it was much too sweet to be jizz. And it was… fizzy? Yes there were definitely bubbles. Some kind of soda? Maybe it was because her brain was all frazzled by the vibrator beneath her, but she made the decision to swallow. As it turned out, there is no way to swallow any liquid with much dignity when there's a phallic object inside your mouth. Rosie still felt twisted as she sucked the dildo nozzle dry of its juice.

"Haha, yep, just Lemonade. Still, this must bring back memories, eh? Sucking dick whilst in a messy diaper?" The announcer continued to tease her as the dildo retreated back out from her lips.

"Fuuuuck.. Yoooou….." Rosie tried to think up a clever retort, but being brought closer and closer to orgasm through her diaper meant that was the best she could come up with.

"Are you going to cum Rosie? In your thick Pampers? I thought you said you weren't a nappy fetishist? Or have you actually been enjoying these games all along?" The announcer riled Rosie up further with more teasing, which made her growl, allowing the next object to penetrate her lips. Another chocolate - and that meant another risky bite. But Rosie knew that if the sybian went any higher, she would cum immediately, and she just couldn't let that happen, not again. Not like this. She squeezed her blindfolded eyes shut as tight as she could as she bit into the dangerous dessert. Her tongue was greeted by the taste of sweet and tangy strawberry.

"Aww, I know, you're disappointed it's not one of the 'special' ones, right? Don't worry, you can admit it to us." The announcer was giving it his all to try and get under Rosie's skin, to make her mind snap. But she was stronger than he knew. She could make it. Holding her mouth shut, she continued to try and clear her mind, focusing on anything except for how amazing her diaper was currently making her feel.

"Truth Round! If you answer truthfully, we'll reduce the power of the sybian, and make it less likely that you cream in your, um, cream! And the first question is… was today your first experience orgasming whilst wearing a diaper?"

Rosie growled. "No it wasn't."

"That's the correct answer!" The sybian slowed ever so slightly. "The next question is… was today your first experience getting a mouthful of cum whilst wearing a soggy diaper?"

Rosie tried to growl again, but it came out more like a whimper. "No..." How do they know these things?!

"That's the correct answer!" The sybian slowed again. Rosie began to feel the fog lifting, she could think a little more clearly and it felt possible that she might not cum if they stopped the game soon.

"Okay, one more question. And I've been told, if you answer this one truthfully then the game will end after you finish eating just one more thing. Ready?"

Rosie's eyes brightened from behind her blindfold. She saw a real chance to escape her intense torment without filling her padding with girlcum. "Yes, I'm ready!" She sounded even more excited than she'd meant to.

"Describe in detail your most recent masturbation session."

Rosie's heart stopped. Her brain, still an addled mess of dopamine and adrenaline, struggled to decide how to react. But she had to decide soon - her pride was once again on the line. She had become too emotionally invested in the personal goal of not cumming to give in now. At least Aika isn't in the room, she thought to herself.

"I… I was looking at photos on Facebook… photos of Aika in a bikini from her recent holiday okay? I've had a crush on her since we started college. Please don't tell her, I'll do anything…"

"EEEP!" Aika's voice rang out through the room. Rosie almost died on the spot. She was back? But when? She hadn't heard her return from the bathroom. How long had she been there? Anyway, she'd definitely heard her confession. Her world began to shatter around her, and she couldn't find any words to say at all. In fact, her mind was in such a tailspin that she didn't even really register that Aika's noise had sounded rather… distracted.

"That's the correct answer! And now we'll let you off… as soon as you've finished your final meal!"

Something wet and warm was smushed onto Rosie's open mouth and nose. Her nose picked up the scent and her tongue understood the taste before her nerves could interpret what they were feeling - the unmistakable taste of pussy.

Rosie's blindfold was ripped off by a robotic arm. She couldn't see much except flesh, but the reality of her situation was clear - Aika was being held up naked by some kind of harness, and her privates had been thrust into Aika's face. By the fact that Aika was only making meek moaning noises she had to assume she had been gagged.

The announcer continued his enthusiastic tirade. "Okay Rosie, as soon as you bring your not-so-secret crush to orgasm, you'll be free to go. What a lucky girl you are, eh? This must be like, your ultimate fantasy or something."

It was too much. The vagina in her face, her inbuilt sexual weaknesses to humiliation and diapers, the uninterrupted buzzing of the powerful sybian… Rosie came hard. And her mind snapped. Lost in a euphoric haze, Rosie became fully obedient, lapping away at her friend's muffin as if her life depended on it. She hardly even heard her new partner speak.

"Rosie, I... I had no idea that you... Oh god that feels good..."

Image by RosieBRS

Rosie was not an expert at many things, but she prided herself on her oral skills. She had slept with several people of both gender, and she liked to feel she had left each of them being at the top of their list of "gives good head". So it really came as no surprise to her that Aika seemed incapable of holding back her moans as Rosie's tongue went to town. Her own state of post-orgasmic bliss, excaserbated by the vibrating beast beneath her still turning her diaper into a massive massage pad for her groin, caused her to go to town on Aika's clit like she'd never gone down before. Her passionate kissing, sucking and licking came naturally to her, an almost primal expression of love that required no conscious thought.

"Oh Rosie I'm sorry, I'm gonna..."

Aika's body started to shudder as she hit her peak, and upon tasting the new even sweeter nectar that started to flood her mouth, Rosie joined her. Rosie mindlessly tongued away, savouring every drop of her best friend's squirt, as her own seeped down into her nearly saturated padding. As the sybian stopped and Aika was slowly pulled away, Rosie found herself even leaning forward, eager to keep her tongue in its new favourite place for every extra nanosecond that she could.

Rosie's sanity slowly returned as her arousal began to fade. Both girls stayed silent, slowly panting, trying to look anywhere except each others' eyes. Rosie's wrist and ankle bonds unlatched, allowing her to stand - or rather attempt to stand, and then stumble to the floor as her jelly legs collapsed underneath her.

"Congratulations girls, that was certainly one incredible show. Do you have anything to say for yourselves?" The announcer broke the painfully awkward silence.

Aika spoke first. "Rosie, I can't believe we just... I can't believe you..."

Rosie cut her off. "Please, Aika, please don't." She looked at her straight in the eyes with an imploring expression. "Can we please just pretend this never happened. Please, I'm begging you."

Aika's face made a complex, indecipherable expression, but then she gave a sympathetic smile. "Yeah deal. This never happened. That's probably for the best."

With that, Rosie crawled to the bathroom to finally get changed out of her thoroughly messy diaper, and wash all the cake off with a nice, hot shower. She found herself feeling grateful to her captors for giving her this brief reprieve. Wow, the Stockholm Syndrome must be kicking in already, she thought to herself, I clearly am not thinking straight. And yet, as the hot water rushed over her face, she couldn't help but smile.

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