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Core Themes: Nothing new

Specific content in this chapter: Messy diaper face-sitting

Author's note: This chapter ended up more gross than I originally intended. Apologies to those that don't like it. The next one won't be anywhere near as bad. BUT I anticipate it will probably be nearer the end of April that it's complete - it's going to be a long one. Stay tuned for more chapters of my other two stories that I anticipate should be up within a few days.

After Rosie's shower, the girls were ushered into the next room by the announcer before they could talk. Both stark naked, they became very self-conscious of their bodies and covered their private parts with their hands. Their reaction was rather ridiculous, Aika realised, considering what they had just been through, and had probably been caught in High Definition at eight different angles.

Aika recognised the style of the next room immediately. It was a huge arena, with several 4 foot high barriers and thin walls turning the place into a kind of maze. On a table next to the entrance, were two visors, one pink and one green, and two things that looked like medium sized pistols, similarly colour-coded. Two overly sized, thick adult diapers were also on the table next to them, and again these were colour-coded at the front near the waistband. No other clothing was provided - they were going to be naked except for their diapers.

"Ladies, please don your incontinence aids at your own convenience. Trust me; you're going to prefer wearing them to what the alternative would be." The announcer's voice filled the room as usual. Aika's stomach growled, and she realised that he was right. She had eaten a fair amount since the morning, and would be rather unsurprised if she discovered that her captors had fed or injected her with something to speed up her digestive system.

Aika struggled with her nappy for a few moments, unable to hold both the front and back of the waistband in place at the same time and get the tabs across. She looked over at Rosie, and saw that she was having the same problem. She realised what needed to be done. "Rosie, we should pad each other up."

"Ugh, fine, but don't say it like that! Geez. Now come on, lie down on the floor." Rosie sounded a mixture of frustrated and embarrassed.

Aika obeyed, lying down on the soft cushion-like ground that covered this arena. Rosie knelt down next to her, and raised Aika's legs with one hand. In this position, Aika was giving Rosie a very good view of her most private areas. A tingling feeling rushed through her as she remembered just how close Rosie's face had been less than ten minutes ago. She could almost feel the blood rush to her genitals as the thought aroused her. Why is this turning me on? What does it mean?

Aika watched silently, whimpering internally as Rosie pushed the bulky padding under her butt, and skillfully pulled the tabs round and into place, sealing Aika in her new nappy. Rosie did seem awfully experienced at handling diapers. Maybe she really was obsessed? Aika quietly thought about this to herself as she rose to her feet. Shouldn't she be disgusted? Everything they'd had to do today was disgusting, right?

"Hey, come on, now you do me." Rosie's voice jolted Aika out of her inner monologue. She had almost forgotten. She knelt down to return the favour. Bringing Rosie's legs up and diapering her was a unique experience - she felt weirdly powerful and dominant, as if Rosie was her little submissive babygirl. Especially with her hand on Rosie's thighs, it felt like she could use the other to punish and spank her, or masturbate and reward her if she felt like it. Even more interestingly, she could swear that she could see Rosie's pussy flushing with arousal at being forced into such a submissive pose. As Aika pulled the front of the thick nappy up, she 'accidentally' put her hand's full pressure into the crotch, right above Rosie's pussy. That got an audible whimper from Rosie, but not an offended one, just a submissive one.

Both now fully diapered, the two girls rose from the floor and took their protective goggles and weapons. Aika felt that the protective goggles were surely not a good sign. The announcer spoke up at that moment, as if reading her mind.

"So girls, I'm sure you're wondering how this all works. Well, these clever pistols you've got here don't fire water, they fire little pellets. Kind of like paintballs, really. You'll definitely feel a bit of a pinch when they hit, but I doubt you'll get any bruises. Anyway, when the balls splatter against you, they'll cover your skin where they hit with a kind of… lotion, I guess. This clear but sticky lotion contains a few fun things in its ingredients - a mild sedative, a strong diuretic and a very, very strong laxative. Your skin will slowly absorb this stuff, which will then make its way into your blood stream. Trying to rub the lotion off will likely just rub it into your skin, speeding up the process. And, the first girl to mess herself is the loser. Sounds fun, doesn't it?"

Why does he always have to say that? Who is he kidding?

"The guns take a good minute to recharge their pressure after they fire a ball, so you won't be able to just spray and pray. And there are two bases, that'll sometimes light up with your colours. When they do, that means there's a quest to complete. The first girl to complete their quest will either get a reward, or cause a punishment for their rival. But you don't know which base will be yours, so you may want to stay near the middle so that you're equidistant from both."

"Right, now, if you'll both proceed to your bases for now…" two lights came on at either end of the arena, one pink and one green, "then you'll find out your first quest, and the game will begin!"

Aika and Rosie looked at each other for a brief moment, mouths open, then sprinted off in opposite directions. Aika nimbly navigated the hallways until she made it to the green light, which had a TV monitor underneath it. The monitor read as follows:

"QUEST 1: Get both of your nipples hard by only touching your diaper."

Aika looked at it, paralysed for a moment. How was that even possible? The only way would be to get herself horny… oh, of course, she had to masturbate herself through her diaper. How truly embarrassing! But before she'd even fully rationalised it with herself, she was rubbing herself down below with the hand that wasn't holding a gun. Did they really have cameras strong enough to tell when her nipples were hard? That was a kind of unnerving thought. And then, suddenly, she felt a sharp sudden pain in her back, followed by a feeling of damp. Spiralling round, she saw a flash of pink as Rosie took off away from her back around a corner. Aika gasped with indignation and shock. That bitch! She'd ignored the quest and decided to come and shoot her instead. Her hand instinctively went to wipe away the gel on her back, which she instantly regretted since now it was just on her hand and on her back. She wiped her hand against a wall, but that just served to get some of the gel absorbed by her hand even faster. She shuddered - she didn't really feel any different yet, but it felt like she could feel the foreign substance pumping through her veins. It must be psychosomatic, she told herself.


A bell went off above her head, and the lights went out. Looking down at her nipples, she could see that they were indeed hard. Was it the pain, the nervousness, or was she really aroused? She didn't even know anymore. Suddenly, two objects dropped from the sky next to her. A pair of sneakers! She rushed to put them on and lace them up - they would indeed make it much more comfortable to rush around this maze. After she was done, she started to carefully tiptoe into the maze. It was time for payback.

The arena was freakishly silent as Aika slowly stealthed her way along its halls. As some of the barriers were only 4 feet high, she had to crouch down to stay below them. It was actually kind of exciting, yet scary, and she kept swivelling round to check that Rosie wasn't behind her. And then, turning a corner, there she was! Facing 90 degrees the wrong way! Aika shrieked aloud in surprise as she fired her weapon. It his Rosie in the side of the arm with a splat. "Ow!" Rosie turned in shock. And it was only then that Aika realised the true nature of this game - as soon as you fire your weapon, you can't shoot again for a while so you change from hunter to hunted. She quickly ducked back round the corner and ran for it.

As Aika ran, she could sense that Rosie was hot on her tail. But she was probably waiting for a perfect shot. Aika darted left, right, right again, as fast as her legs would carry her. Her diaper slowed down her pace and noisily rustled as she sprinted. Choosing directions without even thinking, the only important thing was that she kept moving. And then, suddenly, Rosie was there, in front of her, smiling.


Aika winced as she was hit right on the boob. Rosie must have given up the chase and circled back around. How was she always one step ahead?! Aika pointed her gun at Rosie and pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. She looked at the weird fluid-filled meter on the side of her gun and saw that it wasn't even half-full yet. Darn! Rosie grinned and bolted. Grinned! As if she was having a good time. Aika fumed.

The lights went back on, and Aika was so disoriented that she didn't even know if it was the same base as last time that was green, or the other one. She had to choose - chase Rosie whilst she had the recharge advantage, or go for the quest. In the end, she decided revenge was a dish best served with laxatives, and headed for the pink light.

When she arrived, Rosie wasn't there. But there was a monitor, which enabled her to read the quest.

"QUEST 2: Crawl on your hands and knees for sixty seconds straight."

Ah-hah, so Rosie must have already seen this, and left crawling! There were only three exits, and Rosie hadn't existed by the way Aika arrived, so she had to guess right in a 50/50 coin toss. She closed her eyes for a moment and tried to listen for any tell-tale crinkling. She could hear something faint, but it wasn't easy to tell which direction it was coming from. Making a decision on instinct, she dashed left.

It was a good choice. Aika turned a corner and saw a bare foot just disappearing behind another barrier. A few steps later, and Aika had come face to face with Rosie's wiggling padded rear end, as Rosie crawled as fast as she could along the hallways. Aika took two more long strides, before gloating the only way she could think how.

"Hasta la vista, baby." Rosie jumped at the words, but it was way too late. With a loud splat, her back got an almost point blank splash of the weird lotion. Aika cackled to herself, and ran off. This was fun.


A sound erupted from the pink light to let Rosie know that she'd won the quest. Aika was tempted to go towards the base, to see if she could steal the reward, but she knew that Rosie's gun was recharged by now so it would probably be a suicidal run. She decided to just crouch behind a barrier and hide for a while, until her own gun recharged.

Given a moment to recover, Aika clocked that the effects of the gel were indeed starting to get to her. Her bowels groaned gently as they were kicked into 12th gear, pushing her recently digested meals towards their exit. Her legs felt a little weak and wobbly, which was probably a mix of the exhaustion she was feeling from the day overall, plus the work of the sedative. And she urgently, desperately needed to pee.

There was nothing for it - she needed to go, and now was as good a time as any. She let go of her bladder, and had to put her hands over her mouth to stop herself from sighing out loud as the uncomfortable feeling of her bladder was a replaced by the comforting warmth flooding around her crotch. The place was so silent that she could literally hear her own urination, a light hissing sound muffled by the thick padding of her portable toilet. And then, she heard something else. Footsteps and light crinkling grew louder. Aika couldn't move - not only was she still going in her diaper but she was worried that any movement would cause rustling and allow Rosie to hear where she was. She kept her hands fully pressed to her lips as she continued to wet herself, and Rosie's steps grew nearer and nearer. It sounded like she was just the other side of the barrier!

Image by RosieBRS

And then, her diaper started to rustle anyway, as it was forced to change shape and expand under the weight of her bladder's still unfinished urination. Looking up and to the left, Aika saw her worst fears realised - a barrel of a gun, and Rosie's sly grin as she fired. "Oof!" It was Aika's other boob's turn to suffer a direct hit. And then before she could even react, Rosie was gone.

After Aika had finally finished peeing, she found the energy to rise to her feet. Her newly soggy diaper weighed her down and forced her legs far apart into an awkward gait that she was dismayed to find she quickly getting accustomed to. She waddled onwards, on the lookout for any signs that Rosie was close by. And suddenly there she was, tip-toeing around a corner! They saw each other at the same moment. Aika noticed that Rosie had her own pair of sneakers now too.

Aika fired a shot as Rosie dived for cover. Splat! The ball hit Rosie on the leg before she could get her entire body behind the barrier. Aika triumphantly said "Hah!" And then quickly waddled away. She couldn't decide which was better - trying to hide in one place or keep moving. In the end she decided to hide. Nothing happened for a good 20 seconds, except for her quickly growing need to go number two. But that meant instant loss - it just wasn't an option!

Then the lights came back on. Aika was very close to her green light! How lucky! She clambered up and made her way to her 'base'. The TV monitor had new instructions:

"QUEST 3: Do ten squats with your hands on your head. Your diaper must touch the floor each time."

Ugh, squats, Aika's least favourite exercise. Touching her head with both hands as instructed, she bent her knees for squat number one. As her butt reached the ground, she realised the extra challenge of this quest - in this position, her sphincter started straining itself, urgently asking to be let open. This natural position was perfect for bowel movements, Aika realised, and standing back up without using her hands made her muscles work overtime, which made it that much more difficult to hold onto her meal. There's no way I'm doing that nine more times!

Aika decided to change strategy. She waddled out of the green base, and headed for the pink one. She made good time, considering her tiredness and diaper. When she got there, she saw Rosie, facing the TV, in the middle of a squat, with her hands on her head. It made Aika realise how absolutely ridiculous she must have looked herself, wearing nothing but a diaper and in a pooping position.

Aika took her shot, and the ball splatted against Rosie's arm. The shock made Rosie yelp and fall over sideways! Aika laughed, but her laugh immediately turned into a frown as Rosie hit back with her own shot, hitting Aika in the stomach. And now they were both there, unable to shoot each other for a full minute. Aika studied Rosie's face - she had a pained expression, like she was really hurt by that last shot. But then Aika understood - Rosie was fighting back cramps in her lower abdomen. This seemed to immediately trigger similar cramps in Aika's body, and she doubled over, clutching her stomach.

As Aika dropped to her knees, she realised she didn't have the strength to go on. Whatever sedative was in these balls was doing its work, and all Aika wanted to do was sleep. Well, that wasn't quite true, she also desperately wanted to mess herself. But that would mean losing!

And then she realised she only had one chance. It had worked in round one, surely it could work again. She weakly crawled over to where Rosie was sprawled out on the floor on her back, one hand on her tummy and the other pushing against the back of her diaper, as if that would help prevent her from going. Aika put her hands on top of Rosie's, and pressed down hard.

Rosie had clearly not been expecting that. Her eyes flew open and she screamed in terror at the sensation, and then her scream was replaced by a soft "No…." as some other sounds became the loudest in the room. Rather gross, unmentionable sounds. Aika kept her hands on Rosie's tummy as she watched with awe. She could literally see Rosie's diaper rumbling and changing shape underneath her as it was filled. It started to yellow before it started to darken, and Aika realised that Rosie was wetting herself at the same time. Aika felt triumphant, and started to massage Rosie's belly in a clockwise direction, as if trying to coax all of it out of her. The farting and tummy growling sounds continued for many moments as Rosie lay still like a starfish, doing nothing but quietly sobbing to herself and whispering "No, no, no...".

"Wow, that was over faster than we expected! Congratulations, Aika you truly do love to play dirty, don't you?" The announcer chipped in, letting Aika know that she was officially the victor. Aika started to feel bad - she didn't feel like she had played dirty, just thought outside of the box. "But now, quickly, it is time for Rosie's punishment I'm afraid. It's not my choice, it's the rules - you're going to have to sit on her face."

Now Aika felt bad. Sit on her face? Now??

"Yes, you heard me Aika. And if you don't do it right now before you mess yourself too, we'll give you the disadvantage next round rather than Rosie." The announcer sounded much more fierce than usual. Aika was reminded how much she was not in control of the situation. Hesitating, she looked at Rosie. Her face said everything that needed to be said - she was terrified.

"I'm really sorry about this, Rosie." Aika muttered apologetically.

"Aika, please don't, please, no, MMF-" Rosie's pleas for mercy were cut off as the back of Aika's nappy covered her mouth and nostrils. She was now forced to breath shallow, ragged breaths through Aika's wet nappy. It seemed like her messing episode combined with the sedative had taken too much energy out of her, she wriggled slightly in an attempt to break free but it was futile, Aika was much too heavy. And now that Aika was on top of her, Aika felt like she had used the last of her energy - her knees and arms gave out from below her and her entire body weight was pressed into Rosie, into some kind of bizarre diapered 69. Her own nose was dangerously close to Rosie's messy diaper, but she was literally too tired to do anything except lean away slightly. Rosie was not afforded the same luxury - every molecule of air she was breathing was coming through the padding of Aika's diaper.

And then it happened. It wasn't even on purpose - it was just that her butthole had decided it was time. Her own bowel movement started, and her belly emptied itself straight into her diaper. Right on top of Rosie's nose and mouth. She heard a muffled shriek from below as her friend identified what was happening. She could probably feel it all, never mind smell it, as her foamy mess forced its way out of her butt and spread across her padding. Rosie could probably feel each lump as it pushed onto the padding above her nose. And was then forced out of the way to make room for the next one.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Rosie, I didn't want to - I didn't mean to - you have to forgive me Rosie, I can't move anymore, ooh…" Aika's voice trailed off as her diaper continued to expand, a new larger than expected log stretching her as it snaked its way out. Rosie was pushing at Aika's thighs, but much too weakly to stand a chance of moving her. No, there was only one way to breathe, and it wasn't a pleasant one. Aika tried stroking Rosie's thighs lovingly in an attempt to comfort her, but that seemed to just elicit even more frantic scrabbling from Rosie's hands.

Finally, Aika felt that she was done. She was out of breath, and she wasn't even the one having difficulty breathing normally. It took all her remaining strength to pull herself forward two inches, to give Rosie's nose a tiny bit of breathing space. Rosie's mouth still remained completely covered by the messy nappy, and now Aika was truly forced to rest her own face in the front of Rosie's own diaper. And then she was powerless, left lying there on top of her friend, each of their hands on the others' thighs, not a single ounce of spare energy between them.

"Please Rosie, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry…" Aika sobbed, on the verge of real tears. Rosie just gargled something indecipherable through Aika's diaper. Aika's nostrils started to catch a whiff of Rosie's own shame, but she literally didn't have enough strength to even tilt her head. The sedative had now completely taken hold. She was forced to lie there, gently groaning and breathing through her mouth as much as possible. Rosie, however, was stuck breathing through her nose. The girls lay in that gross position for several minutes before sleep finally took them.

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