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I do apologise that this story is going a lot slower than the others; that's because I actually designed the plot before starting writing for once. Whereas the others are pretty much just full-on gratuitous fetish stuff this one actually is going somewhere. Eventually. I know at the moment it seems pretty tame. That's why I'm releasing the chapters three at a time, to speed things along :D

Chapter 3 - Consequences

Bailey landed in a car park several blocks away. Striding into a bar, Bailey ordered the strongest cocktail on the menu and ignoring the stares, she sat down in a corner with it, once again crinkling as she went. Her initial thought was that her first priority should be to change her diaper, but then she found herself quite curious to see how much it could take and realised that if she were going to be stuck in these ones for the foreseeable future, then it would probably be good to know. It was decided then, her top priority was to drink her sorrows away.

It was impossible to process. How had all this happened in such a short space of time? What were the chances of that receptionist woman being in that part of that mall at that point? What were the chances of her, probably the woman in the country that had drunk the least total amount of water in the last decade and who had bladder control problems, having these powers? Why did using powers work better the sluttier you dressed, and why did using powers on each other cause arousal? Paula was right. If there was a god, they had a sick sense of humour.

Bailey finished her martini and considered her options. She probably had only hours until the authorities took over her flat and she could never return. She probably had even less before they froze her bank account and she couldn't access any of her money. She had work to do if she was going to make it as a fugitive.

Bailey tried standing up very slowly and softly, but she still crinkled loudly. However, it was nothing compared to the embarrassment she felt about what had happened at the mall. She knew it was probably on YouTube already and would be breaking news soon. Lost in her own thought, it took her several seconds to realise that the bar had gone silent, and every eye was on her. Confused, she looked down at herself and squeaked. Now that it was quite sodden with pee, her diaper had grown slightly in size, and the yellowed garment was visibly peeking out from under the bottom hem of her skirt. And if she could see a little bit from her perspective, the whole bar could probably see a whole lot more.

Bailey yelped as she tried to cover her shame with her hands. Of course, it was an impossible task as there was so much bulk to hide, but it didn't stop her trying as she fought back the tears and sprinted out of there as fast as she could, chased by the sounds of confused yet entertained laughter. Trying to control her panicked brain and her rapidly beating heart, she found the courage to waddle over to the nearby ATM and test whether her bank account still worked. Sliding in her card, she nervously looked around at the empty street, hoping that she could do this quickly before another passer-by witnessed the bizarre sight of an adult woman in a short skirt and bloated Pampers. It felt like the machine took forever to process her PIN, and screen and button press seemed to take longer than the last. A car drove past, honking at her as it did. How degrading! She was moments away from slamming the machine with her superpowered fists when it finally spat out her maximum limit for the day. Bailey quickly grabbed the cash and then slipped into a secluded alleyway where after a little extra tinkle into her already heavy diaper, she launched herself into the air.

Dropping onto her front doorstep during the day while wearing a flappy skirt and a diaper felt very different to arriving under the concealment of night-time. It didn't seem like anybody had noticed, but she still used her hands to hold her skirt as tight to her thighs as she could as she plummeted back to the ground. After fumbling for her keys and spending much too long fighting against the lock, she was able to crinkle her way inside.

After yanking her largest suitcase down from on top of her wardrobe, Bailey began filling it with her favourite items. This was mostly clothing, but also the unique photo frame and valuable piece of jewellery. Moments later it was completely full, so she reluctantly conceded that it would have to do. There was only one other thing she needed to grab before leaving. Pulling her suitcase behind her, she waddled back down to the kitchen.
Upon entering the front room, Bailey found herself face to face with the barrel of a gun. The gun was attached to a young man wearing full SWAT gear, and he looked serious.

As anyone would actually, in that situation, she wet herself again. Even though she knew instinctively that she had her shield up around her, she really only had Paula's word for it that it would stop bullets. It was a strange sensation, feeling herself urinating in front of another adult human being while under his full attention. She just prayed that he couldn't tell.

tinkle tinkle tinkle

If he could hear, he did his best to ignore it.

“Miss Bell, we're going to need you to come with us.”

Bailey tried to sound like a bad-ass superwoman, not a terrified girl who was wetting her pants. “Fuck, you guys were faster than I thought.”

Bailey began desperately to try and work out a way that this situation ended without her having to test the shield vs. bullet theory, but that also didn't involve her becoming the lab rat for US military experiments.

“Ma'am I'm going to have to ask you to lie down on the floor face down and put your hands behind your back.”

Bailey was still filling her now extremely swollen diaper, which was making it hard to think. She was mortified that it would start to leak in front of the soldier. She did her best to keep the panic from appearing in her voice. “Look, I'm not coming with you, I'm sorry. But you must understand we're not evil-”

Her reply was cut off short by a loud clicking sound coming from behind her. Swivelling round, she saw a second SWAT guy standing behind her, with a rope hanging from the ceiling next to him and a discharged taser in his hand. The cables had bounced off of her harmlessly, and the live end was currently lying on the floor, attempting to send its thousands of volts somewhere but finding no target.

“Oh crap.” The second agent was clearly regretting his move.
Bailey's eyes widened, and she felt most of the fear leave her. “Fuck you.” Swinging her heavy suitcase as if it was as light as a feather, Bailey clubbed her would-be assailant and sent him flying back into a window.

Art by Nino Satori

She turned back to the first. “Get out of my way.”

The sound of gunfire echoed throughout the room. People say it's louder in person than on TV, but Bailey hadn't really understood the full extent of that truth until right now. The sound of automatic weapons and ricocheting bullets almost deafened the poor girl. How had she gone from a boring nobody to being shot at in such a short space of time?

However frustrated she felt about her situation, the fact that she was still completely unharmed gave Bailey even more confidence.

“Tell your boss it'll best for everyone involved if you were to leave me alone from now on.” Bailey slammed the case into his front and he flew into a wall with a thud.

It was only at this moment Bailey noticed that she had been holding her flow as she fought. As she relaxed her arms downstairs reflexively relaxed as well allowing her bladder to continue its attempt to saturate her padding. She stood there in silence for a few seconds and allowed herself to enjoy the feeling of the warm liquid spreading beneath her and heating her crotch from the outside. It was almost soothing. The tazer continued to click loudly on the ground. With a small burst of energy, Bailey sent it flying into the wall, where it broke into pieces. All was silent. Wait, enjoyed? Had she just caught herself enjoying the feeling of wetting her diaper? Bailey shuddered with regret and internal shame. She reminded herself that she did not in fact enjoy a single thing about wearing the diaper.

Stepping remorselessly over the unconscious body of the agent, Bailey dropped her shield for a split second to pick up what she had come into the kitchen for into the first place, the large bag of thick Aneba diapers. She dropped her shield again to fill a pint glass with water and she was so thirsty that it was gone in seconds. After giving her house one last look for nostalgia's sake and shivering from the adrenaline that was still rushing through her veins, she stepped out of the back door and took off into the air.

Chapter 4 - With great power comes a great lack of dignity

It was only once Bailey reached what she felt was a safe height that she considered the fact that she had no idea where to go. Suddenly she felt a pleasant throbbing sensation, and it felt like it was coming from a particular direction. Holding her soggy crotch with both hands in confusion, she squinted her eyes in that direction and gasped as Mercury came skyrocketing towards her like a bullet out of nowhere, and just as suddenly coming to an abrupt halt only inches from her face. When Mercury stopped moving, the feeling faded and disappeared, leaving her with no evidence at all that the feeling was ever there, except that she was now flushed with arousal.

"What the hell happened?!" Mercury looked a mixture of confused, terrified and angry.

"Everything's gone to shit." Bailey angrily retorted, refusing to admit fault or apologise, and trying as hard as possible not to pay attention to the throbbing in her clit. "And how the hell did you find me?"

"I told you, we can detect each other. And whatever you were doing down there in that house, I could feel it from miles away. You need to control your emotions, or Midnight will find you again REALLY easily."

"I was ATTACKED. By SWAT GUYS. I had no choice."

"Oh God... you didn't kill anyone did you?!"

"No! No, I'm sure they're alive. They're just a little unconscious..."

"Oh Bailey! What the hell did you do that for! With your shield you're practically invincible, all you had to do was leave! And how the hell did they find out?"

"There was this thing at the mall..."

"Oh god, that hole in the roof, that was you?!"

"It wasn't my fault, the receptionist from the building where I did my first... 'explosion'... she was there and identified me."

Mercury clearly had no reply ready for that, and so she just stared at Bailey, eyes wide and mouth open. She looked like she was about to say something, then thought better of it and pursed her lips, which quickly whitened under the tension. Eventually, she spoke.

"Well, we need to get somewhere safe where we can rest. And by the looks of it, the trip to the mall would have been pointless anyway. There's definitely not a skimpy item of clothing in the world I've ever seen that would still provide modesty for or even fit around that."

Bailey looked down and squeaked. Since she was many many feet in the air, her skirt was blowing wildly in the wind, like a cape but flowing in all directions. Every inch of her puffy, swollen diaper was very clearly visible to Mercury, even as close as they were together. Even worse, the wetness indicator all the way down the middle and the yellowing bulk made it very clear just how soggy and swollen it was. She tried to hold her skirt down over it, one hand holding the front and one at the back, but it was an impossible task. The wind was just too strong, and the only parts of her skirt that stayed still were the parts where her hands were touching the fabric.

Mercury knew better than to try and comfort her with lies about how it didn't look that bad. However, a practical solution was beginning to form in her mind. "Hmm, that gives me an idea. Come with me!" Without waiting for a response, she shot off towards the east.

And so it came that they were once again standing in the desert, Bailey as naked as the day she was born and Mercury giving instructions. To Bailey, the fact that they were back again made it feel as if the last couple of days had been for nothing. She had so much on her mind that she found herself zoning in and out of Mercury's speech.

"You can't go back, they'll find you and kill you in your sleep."

"...need to control your emotions better, or Midnight will be on your ass quicker than you can say..."

" put a fresh diaper on so I can get the right size fit."

That made her snap back into focus. "Wait, what?"

"Your new outfit, Bailey, have you not been listening to a word I said? Concentrate! We both know you're not going to be any use if you're too busy being petrified of how slutty you look, so I'm going to do my best to provide you with as much modesty as possible, but still, give you lots of power. Okay?"

"...yeah, that sounds good, but what do you mean 'provide'?"

"Just shut up and put a diaper on and you'll see."

It was a bit awkward putting a new diaper on and making sure it was as tight as possible while standing, but there was nothing to lie on, and Bailey didn't want to get her back all dusty. Every movement her hands made, pulling and holding the fabric of the garment in place, caused an unmistakable rustling noise. She blushed lightly as she wrestled the nappy into place as best at she could given the circumstances.

"Right, now spread your legs, so you're comfortable, and stand completely still." Bailey hadn't even clocked that she was unconsciously squeezing her thighs together as tightly as possible, trying to fight against the thick padding and stand normally. She reluctantly spread her legs until she was comfortable, noting with displeasure how unmistakably further apart her feet now were.

Mercury closed her eyes for a few moments and then opened with a confident smile. Connecting her opposing thumbs and index fingers together, she concentrated her energy on Bailey. Bailey felt a very pleasurable tingle start at her neck, encompass her shoulders, and slowly move downwards. She didn't dare move her neck and so couldn't see what was happening, but she could guess. Mercury was literally materialising an item of clothing around her.

As the layer of pleasure reached her breasts and nipples, Bailey shivered uncontrollably. It felt REALLY good. "Stand still for Pete's sake, or I'm going to mess these stitches up, and you'll be left with a stylishly torn onesie."

"Onesie?! I don't want to wear... oh god."

Mercury's layer of arousing energy had reached the bottom curve of her perky mounds, thoroughly distracting her with physical stimulation and preventing her from finishing her sentence. Despite her objection to the item of clothing she was slowly but surely being encased with, she continued to stand still and allowed the sexual pleasure to flow through her body.

By the time Mercury reached her loins, she was already panting heavily and struggling to stop her legs from wobbling violently. A haze of red descended over her vision as she felt her new, clean diaper begin to pulsate with Mercury's energy.

"Oh God..."

"Come on Bailey, hold yourself there, only a few more seconds now."

Even though it was still, it somehow felt as if the whole diaper was powerfully vibrating and sending this thundering stimulation directly onto and into her sex. She slammed her mouth shut and whimpered as quietly as she could as her climax washed over her. Fluid started to seep from her crotch into her diaper, and some of it wasn't urine.

Bailey only had to stand still for a few more seconds, but it felt like an hour. She continued to wet her newly clean diaper, making a little hissing sound as she did. And rather inevitably, she started to feel thirsty again.

"Okay, done." Bailey's knees gave out, and she collapsed to the ground as soon as she felt the vibrations subside.

"Are you okay?"

"I'll be fine." She looked down at her new outfit for the first time. She was wearing a thin, cotton baby blue short sleeved onesie, that was cut loosely around her neck and completely covered her diaper. It was an awful colour choice, but at least it wasn't as bad as pink, and at least it was completely plain, she thought. That wasn't the problem. The problem was that it was so thin it was practically see-through, with her rock hard nipples poking through the fabric as if it wasn't there.

Art by JamJarMonster

Her diaper bulge visibly protruded in every direction, and she made a clear scrunching sound as she stood back up. The onesie was so thin that you could see the wetness indicator through the fabric.

"Eeek! THIS was your idea?! I might as well be naked. My nipples! You can see my nipples!"

"Oh come on, it'll be less bad when you're not so aroused, they won't be standing out like that. And if I made it any less thin, you'd lose most of your power. This is the most practical solution I could think of."

"I don't want something practical, I want something NORMAL!"

"You're not normal, Bailey. You're a Siren. You need to get used to that now, and not after Midnight has captured you. Do you understand me? I'm not even confident that this onesie is skimpy enough to give you the power you need to take her on. How do you feel?"

"I feel… I guess I feel way less powerful than when naked, but still way more than when I was wearing my regular clothes."

"Yes, that's what I expected. Well, I guess if there's nothing better to do right now, we should train."

"Wait a minute, how do I take this thing off?"

It took all of Mercury's self-control not to smirk. "There's poppers at the crotch."

Bailey looked down. "You have GOT to be kidding me!"

Chapter 5 - Midnight

Bailey and Mercury trained well into the evening. They focused on flight and shields, keeping energy levels to a minimum – Mercury was paranoid that Midnight would have bored of torturing Amber and would be on the hunt for them. They started to build a battle plan for when they did eventually face off against the wicked woman: Bailey would hide and conceal her strength until Amber and Mercury had tired her out, but before she teleported away. Then Bailey would jump in and use as much power as possible in a single energy blast. If that didn't down Midnight for good, nothing would.

A faint but unmistakable pulse of energy flowed through the two girls, making them shiver. They looked at each other, and both nodded in understanding. “Amber.” Another pulse shot through them mere seconds later.

They shot through the air as fast as Bailey could fly, and Mercury slowed slightly to allow them to travel together. Even though they were mere inches apart, they had to shout to hear each other through the rushing wind hitting their faces.

“Amber's tough, but two days with Midnight is enough to make anyone go crazy.” Mercury yelled. “You'd better prepare yourself for a shocking sight, and let me handle her recovery.”
The pulses were becoming more and more infrequent, but they were still coming and allowed the girls to correct their trajectory accordingly. They must have been flying for 30 minutes before they reached the city, and it was another 5 minutes before they found her on a rooftop helipad. Bailey had been mentally preparing herself for a gruesome sight, which made what she actually saw that much more difficult for her brain to process.

Amber was shackled to a large concrete beam in the centre of the empty lot. She was completely uninjured physically – this was quite evident since she was completely naked, except for a tight shiny black pair of rubber panties that was encasing her loins. Upon landing, Bailey could hear a loud buzzing filling the air. Half shocked and half confused, Bailey understood that the buzzing was coming from the rubber panties and that two pink wires were protruding from underneath the panties, connected to two small pink plastic boxes that dangled inelegantly underneath Amber's shaking frame.

And how she was shaking! If it weren't for the boiling heat, Bailey would be sure that she was freezing cold. Slowly looking up her body, Bailey observed that she was covered in a layer of sweat, her uncovered nipples were standing taught and erect, and her eyes were bloodshot red as if she hadn't slept in, well, two days.

Mercury had not skipped a beat and was already next to Amber, turning off both vibrators and pulling at the shackles. The metal chain connecting the two cuffs snapped easily under Mercury's strength. Amber crumpled to the ground. It was only as Mercury was finishing the delicate task of pulling two large dildos from Amber's lower orifices that Amber was finally able to speak.

“I'm sorry, it's a trap. I'm so sorry.”

And so, alas, it was once again proven that the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. There was a surprise attack, but Midnight was not the victim. Before she could process Amber's warning, Bailey was facedown on the ground and her hands and wrists hurt. It was a peculiar feeling, being hit by a concussive energy blast from behind. Instead of pain, there was an ecstatic pleasure, but only for a split second. She expected the feeling to be replaced by the pain of hitting something hard, but her shield absorbed the entire impact. She rolled around, and there ten metres away was the living legend herself, the naked supervillain known only as Midnight.

Art by TripFlip

True to her reputation Midnight was as naked as the day she was born and seemingly unaware or unconcerned about this fact. Her long pitch black hair framed her fierce eyes and mad grin, flowing down further to provide a contrasting backdrop to her pale white torso, which was shaped much like a bustier Barbie doll, and somehow even more toned. Her proud breasts puffed out to what must be at least G or H cup size, if not larger, and yet even in their unsupported state showed absolutely no hint of sagging or stretch marks. They were either fake or, well, supernatural. She would not look out of place as an anime character, Bailey thought to herself. One thing was for sure – she was terrifying to behold. A sentiment which her body shared with her brain, she realised, as she felt her diaper begin to expand, that now familiar sensation of warmth spreading from her crotch and reaching her butt cheeks. Bailey was suddenly immensely grateful for the presence of her new onesie; she could feel it straining to control the diaper's size and preventing it from falling downwards and hampering her movement.

Bailey was still quietly tinkling as Mercury groaned in pain beside her, and as Midnight first spoke.

“SURPRISE!” Her voice was full of passion and child-like energy. “You must be the new one. I understood from Amby that you were a little one, but I didn't realise you were an actual BABY!”

Midnight raised a hand to gesture at the onesie, but it never reached high enough before she was blown off of her feet and into the concrete wall behind her. Her collision was accompanied by a thundering bang, and as she slid off of the wall and onto the floor, a curvy woman shaped dent was left clearly in the concrete above her. Bailey's hands were raised in a standard ‘Dragonball' shaped pose, with the hands cupped and touching at the wrists.

“I am not a baby.” Bailey's voice was surprisingly calm and collected, given the situation. Mercury was still too stunned from Midnight's blast to move, and Amber looked as if she was about to pass out. Midnight lay still, face down on the tarmac. Bailey got to her feet, making sure her hands never stopped pointing directly at the vicious Siren. As Bailey drew closer, one of Midnight's arms made a movement, and Bailey felt her feet pulled up from underneath her. As she fell, she fired another blast towards the ground where Midnight lay, propelling herself up into the air in the same motion. The blast was on target, but Midnight had already moved, also propelling herself upwards. Within moments the sky was painted with their blasts, as they both tried to circle the other while rapidly trying to both take the other down and dodge or deflect the other's attacks. If anyone were watching, they would see a rather incredulous sight: a fully naked woman with hip-length black hair, circling around a smaller redhead, encased in a baby blue onesie with a large tell-tale bulge.

Bailey felt herself tiring quickly and knew she needed to end it soon. She concentrated and fired a particularly strong blast. It shot across the sky, directly on target, but Midnight casually struck it downwards with her first. It flew straight into the skyscraper they were above, causing a massive explosion, and the top floor of the building began to collapse. Mercury, who had just about recovered, speedily took Amber in her arms and hopped over to a nearby rooftop, gently laid the still recovering Siren down, and then shot off into the crumbling building, presumably to check if anyone needed rescuing. Bailey was furious – people could have been killed below them! Releasing a loud war cry, she charged through the air straight at Midnight.

The pair crash landed onto another rooftop some quarter of a mile away from Amber and Mercury. A tangled mess of limbs and snarls, the two rolled over and over wrestling with each other, fighting for dominance. With every movement of either girl's legs, there was an unmistakable scrunching sound as Bailey's swollen diaper rubbed against itself between them.

There is an old techie joke that goes “Arguing with a programmer is like wrestling with a pig, after a while, you realise the pig likes it.” Bailey was reminded of this joke now, as she struggled to get Midnight in some kind of hold. Midnight only seemed to be taking the fight half seriously, and soon she stopped even using both her hands, moving one down instead to stroke the front of Bailey's diaper through the onesie and feel its warmth.

“Uh-oh, has my little baby had an accident? Do you need a cuddle from mommy?”

“Shut up, you weirdo! Get your hand off of there right now!”

“Tut tut, little girls shouldn't be using such words. I think you need some time out. It's past your nap time!”

Midnight effortlessly ripped her other arm free of Bailey's grip and swiftly struck her in the forehead. Everything went black.

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