The Diaper Games Chapter 6

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New Core Themes: Public humiliation

Specific content new to this chapter: Large insertions, enemas

Author's note: Sorry this took so long. Generally when there are delays with Trap Quest and Diaper Quest, any spare time I have gets put towards them as top priority rather than these stories. I also made more draft iterations of this one than previous chapters, in an attempt to improve the quality. On the positive side, the delay means that this chapter has two pieces of art from Rosie rather than just one!

Rosie awoke groggy, uncomfortable and feeling very full. She grumbled to herself at the annoying insertions in her pussy and ass, and then her eyes shot open as her conscious mind appreciated that there should definitely not be anything in either of those holes. The memories of the previous day came flooding back to her at all once, and she cringed with shame. She moved her hands to her crotch to rectify the situation but found that there was a diaper in the way. She took a deep breath and elected to give herself a few moments to take stock of her situation properly.

She was sitting upright in a back seat of a large SUV. She was in an oversized baby carseat with an X shaped seatbelt securing her in place, with no button on the central latch to allow her to unlock it. From what she could see by looking downwards she was wearing a sailor-style school uniform like Japanese schoolgirls wear in anime, consisting of a white top half with no bra and a pink skirt. Her flat Mary Jane shoes were a matching shade of pink. Her diaper wasn't particularly bulky but the fact that she was sitting down meant that her short skirt was ridden up even further, exposing the childish white garment. Feeling with her body she detected that she was wearing some kind of choker around her neck, but this was nowhere near as uncomfortable as several other things: She was wearing a backpack that was preventing her back from resting comfortably against the rear of the seat, there was a thin and short insertion in her asshole, a longer and thicker insertion in her pussy, and she felt extremely full like she'd eaten an entire cow. And it wasn't just her stomach that was full but her bowels as well which was causing a constant but not quite urgent need to go number two.

To her left Aika sat sleeping in pretty much the same state, from what she could tell. Aika's skirt, shoes and backpack were green, which evidenced beyond a doubt that they were clearly still in the Diaper Games. Aika was similarly bound by a seatbelt with no release, sitting on a giant carseat with a normal sized disposable diaper, just like Rosie. Rosie could see Aika was wearing a choker, a green band with a silver metal heart at the front. It looked like something a little girl would love to wear and looked a little out of place on a grown-up, but then again with the Japanese schoolgirl outfit it just looked like she was doing some kind of anime cosplay.

The front seats of the car were empty. Looking through the windows Rosie could see that they were in a large and sparsely populated car park outside a well known chain of superstores. It was daytime which meant that it must be rather early in the morning, because if it was any later in the day then the car park would have been more busy. Rosie couldn't believe they were outside, in public. She recognized the superstore too - it was the one in her university's town. Were they being released? She struggled against her seatbelt for a few moments before giving up, and then she elected to wake Aika up by giving her a little shake. Aika just sighed gently as she began to stir.

"Psst! Aika, wake up!" Rosie hissed under her breath. Aika jumped awake with a start.

"What?! Rosie, where are we?" Aika whispered just as quietly.

"I don't know." Rosie gave Aika a few seconds to take stock of their situation, much as she had done herself. And then, before she could speak again she heard the announcer's voice, super clear as if he was speaking directly into her right ear.

"There's no point in whispering, we can hear you quite clearly. Welcome to round four of the Diaper Games!"

Rosie and Aika both swiveled around, looking for a hidden speaker next to their windows or something. The announcer chuckled.

"I'm speaking to you from your new earrings." The girls looked at each other with widened eyes, pulling back their hair so that they could see each others' ears. They were wearing heart shaped earrings with a silver metal rim and green sparkly centre. Or rather Aika's were green, Rosie's might be pink. Closer inspection with fingers revealed that there were no clips behind the earlobes but just metal studs, as if they were welded on permanently. Rosie had a sudden thought and felt for the back of her choker and quickly discovering that there was no latch on this either. The game runners sure did like to control what they were wearing.

The announcer continued. "One of your earrings has a carefully positioned directional speaker pointed in such a way that only you will be able to hear it. So we can keep in touch at all times, even in public. Which is useful since today the game takes place in the real world!"

Rosie and Aika both opened their mouth to speak in shock but the announcer kept going, not giving either a chance to reply. "You'll need to go from checkpoint to checkpoint as we instruct you, competing with each other in little competitions when we say. Each competition can earn you a point as well as a punishment for the loser, and the person with the most points at the end will be the winner. There will also be joint tasks and joint rules, which you'll need to follow if you don't want more punishments.

"The first joint rules are in immediate effect: Firstly, no taking off any items of clothing unless we allow you to, and no telling anyone anything about the Diaper Games or the gamerunners; if anyone asks you, make something up, and if you're really in the thick of it and properly interrogated then you'll explain that a mutual dare game got out of hand. These rules are so obvious they almost go without saying, so they will henceforth be referred to as 'Rule Zero'. Breaking Rule Zero results in all the most humiliating footage of your escapades yesterday being released to the public, probably to become the most viral videos in the country within hours. The next rule is: No speaking in private to each other. And obviously I'm not talking about us, we can hear you at all times, what I'm saying is that you're not allowed to speak at all unless what you say is in clear earshot of at least one other person out there in the real world. This will henceforth be referred to as 'Rule One'."

The announcer then went on to explain the first checkpoint - the public toilet in the middle of the park not far from their college campus. This was the other side of town from where they currently sat.

"Obviously feel free to walk the whole way, or try and find a more... 'elegant' solution. Up to you."

With that, their seatbelts magically unfastened, the car doors unlocked themselves and they were free. They both gingerly stepped out of their baby seats and took their first steps out into the car park, breathing in the fresh air. Rosie felt a weird sense of freedom, a bittersweet sensation since they were still very much under the blackmail control of the gamerunners. A single look at Aika told Rosie that she felt the same way.

"Joint Task One." The announcer began speaking suddenly again, still sounding like he was standing right next to her. "You will begin holding hands immediately. If you ever break hand contact until I tell you that Joint Task One is over, you will receive a joint punishment. And looking at the punishment details, I'm really hoping that you fail this one!"

The girls looked at each other with worried looks and took each others' hand. It was a rather curious situation they were now in, they had to hold hands and make it across town together but were unable to verbally communicate while alone. Rosie reflected that in some sense she was actually kind of glad for the no talking rule, since otherwise they'd probably end up having to talk about the confessions and intimate activities that they had experienced yesterday, both making them closer than they ever had been and threatening to ruin their friendship completely in the same day. When she saw Aika looking about hesitantly, Rosie decided to try and take the lead, leading Aika by her hand towards the exit to the car park. She looked down at Aika's skirt, happy to see that Aika's diaper was quite invisible whilst she remained standing, and concluded that her own diaper must be similarly obscured from sight. The combination of the objects inside of her and the padding of the diaper forced her into a little bit of a waddle, but nowhere near as bad as it had been at certain points the previous day with the more giant bulky diapers. She counted herself lucky.

Rosie tried not to look at Aika as she led her out of the car park and to the main road. Aika followed behind submissively which Rosie found oddly ironic considering the dominant position Aika had managed to gain during the latter half of the previous day. Rosie shivered as she recalled how she had been overcome by arousal and had submissively brought Aika to orgasm whilst cumming in her own diaper. This itself paled in comparison to the submissive shame she felt from when Aika had went on to mess her diaper whilst it sat on Rosie's face. The memories brought forth feelings of arousal as well as shame. As much as the thought of it made her cringe, she couldn't help but admit to herself that yesterday had caused her to experience some of the best orgasms of her entire life.

Nevertheless Rosie continued to lead the way down the road, looking for opportunities to communicate. When a man walked past them, giving them a curious but polite look as he did, Rosie spoke loudly and clearly.

"We should go through the middle of town." Rosie said confidently.

"But there's so many people there!" Aika was not so sure.

Rosie turned around to see the man now looking at them with even more curiosity. She gave him a venomous stare which prompted him to quickly look away and carry on with his journey. However this did mean that they were once again committed to silence. Maybe she should have let him stay around, she thought. They trudged on for another minute before reaching a bus stop just as a bus was closing in. Aika held Rosie back for a moment and Rosie assumed that she wanted to hide behind the bus shelter in order to avoid the prying eyes of the passengers. But then as the doors opened, Aika yanked Rosie towards them! Rosie didn't want to go but she was even more concerned about letting go of Aika's hand, so she obediently followed Aika onto the bus. She noted the number on the side - to be fair, it would take them directly to the park, if they could somehow get on.

"Two children, please!" Aika said to the driver in the most sweet high pitched voice. So this was her plan, Rosie thought. Under 16s traveled free in this town. The driver saw the surprise on Rosie's face and then looked at them suspiciously with narrowed eyes.

"You two don't look like children. What kind of game are you trying to pull?"

Rosie had no choice but to join Aika's charade.

"We are, Mister, we're just early bloomers that's all. I'm 15, honest!"

The bus driver growled, unconvinced. "Have you got any identification?"

Rosie despaired, and resigned to the fact that they weren't getting off the bus. Aika wasn't so quick to give up.

"I'm NOT an adult," she said in a quiet and desperate voice that only Rosie and the driver would be able to hear. "If I was an adult I wouldn't have to still wear this."

Before Rosie could stop her Aika had put her back to the rest of the bus and lifted the front of her green skirt, exposing her diaper to the driver. The driver went silent and wide eyed for a second, and then quickly lost his challenging demeanor, replacing it with a rather sympathetic one.

"Err, I err, you err, get on the bus then, quickly." He looked panicked, and Rosie realized that if any passenger looked up they would see a schoolgirl lifting her skirt to a grown man. Luckily for him nobody was paying them any mind right then. Aika dropped the hem of her skirt and led Rosie into the main body of the bus. It must have been almost commuting hour as the bus was decently populated. Aika tried to lead Rosie to the only pair of free seats that would allow them to keep holding hands but Rosie pulled back - she was worried that sitting down would expose their diapers. Aika huffed as Rosie forced them to remain standing.

A moment later the familiar voice of the announcer appeared in Rosie's ear. "Wow, brilliant work Aika! I probably should have mentioned, those chokers you are wearing have several tiny cameras in them, almost invisible to the naked eye, that allow us to follow your every move. We got a great shot of your 'I'm not an adult' routine from Rosie's choker-cam, and we'll be adding that to our collection of Aika's best moments. Anyway, that's not the real reason I've made contact. I'm afraid I have to tell you that you've activated the 'public transport punishment'."

The dong inside Rosie's pussy began to vibrate, pulse and writhe. She'd almost forgotten it was there but she was now being rather rudely reminded of its existence. The vibrator's movements seemed to know exactly where to press and how to move to bring Rosie to stunned horniness within mere moments. The announcer continued to speak.

"The rules are simple. Every time one of you cums, the toys will increase in power. When you leave the public transport, the vibes will stop. Have fun!"

Rosie and Aika stared at each other with shocked, worried faces. Aika squeezed Rosie's hand and Rosie gave a quick squeeze back. They were in this together.

The sound of the vibrators, if there was any, was drowned out by the noise of the engine and the ambient noise around them being made by other traffic. Rosie watched Aika's pupils as they began to dilate and realized that hers were likely doing the same thing. She felt her cheeks flush and watched Aika's turn red as well. All the time they kept holding hands, clenching tighter and tighter as the heat within each of them continued to rise. The rest of the world melted away as Rosie lost herself in pleasure, experiencing this bizarrely intimate moment with her best friend and new lover. Her vision went swimming and all she saw was Aika's face. Her beautiful flushed face. And then Rosie came.

Aika gripped Rosie's hand even tighter as Rosie rode the waves of pleasure, shuddering ever so slightly - not enough to be noticed by others but enough for her friend to feel it. This vibrator was something else - she came so hard that she even squirted a bit into her diaper, something she only did in the most intense of orgasms. She felt herself almost lose control of her bladder but managed to pull herself together at the last moment. The bulk between her legs and the bulk in her belly seemed to fuel her joyful spasms in some twisted indulgence of her humiliation and diaper loving kinks. Moments later shame overwhelmed her as she came down from her high and was forced to reflect on her own perversions. She tore her gaze away from Aika's in shame. Did she enjoy this? Maybe she deserved everything that had happened to her. She was just being treated like the freaky little diaper nympho that she truly was.

Rosie's inner monologue was interrupted by the feeling of the vibe inside her pussy speeding up. If she thought it was strong before, she was wrong - this was what power felt like. They must have turned its setting up by double! The vibrations seemed much louder to her too and she took a quick look around to see if anyone could now hear the buzzing, but nobody was reacting strangely or even paying them any attention.

Image by RosieBRS

Rosie regained eye contact with Aika and saw her similarly wide-eyed with apprehension. It felt to Rosie like she could hear the buzzing, but maybe that's because it was closer to her than anyone else, and she was listening out for it. Surely to everyone else it just sounded like part of the engine noise. Aika was starting to grind her teeth together - she had held out all this time but it was clear to Rosie that she couldn't keep her orgasm down much longer. The vibrators gave them no respite at all and she could already feel her own arousal building again. Aika's eyes started desperately into Rosie's, silently begging for her to do something, anything that would save her from her public orgasm. Rosie could do nothing but look back helplessly and sympathetically, mouthing "sorry" soundlessly and gently stroking her friend's hand.

This was Rosie's first experience witnessing the buildup to a girl's orgasm with such detail and in real life. It was weird that it would be on a public bus surrounded by strangers that she would experience such a thing, but that didn't actually stop it being an extremely intimate and entrancing moment - watching Aika's breathing get heavier and heavier, the flutter of her eyelashes as she fought for control, the quivering of her lips as she lost track of every thought except one... it was actually kind of magical. Even more perversely, Rosie didn't think Aika had ever looked more attractive than she did right then.

Thanks to their skin-to-skin contact Rosie was able to sense the exact moment when Aika climaxed. A full-body shudder overtook the poor girl, her eyes clamped shut and she let out a quiet involuntary whine. Her free hand went under her skirt, maybe to try and help herself not lose control of her bladder as she came. The orgasm lasted several seconds, Aika's legs and arms shaking uncontrollably the entire time. Rosie grasped her hand even more firmly to give her some support and balance. When it was finally over, Aika opened her eyes and began to straighten herself. She looked very fatigued and Rosie knew exactly how that felt. And then their vibes went into overdrive.

"Eep!" Rosie yelped. She couldn't help it, it was completely involuntary. It felt like someone had stuck a Wand Massager up inside of her and turned it up to max. Aika's free hand went to Rosie's mouth, preventing any more noise from escaping. Rosie didn't even pull it away, or look around to see who was looking. She was lost in a world of overstimulation, and the only things that mattered were the incoming orgasm and the beautiful face in front of her. Their eyes locked once again, Aika's face displaying an expression of pity, understanding, discomfort and a hint of wonder. How much time passed between that moment and her next orgasm Rosie had no idea. It could have been three minutes or three seconds, she really had absolutely no clue. She was lost in a trance; her delicate pussy walls were receiving a brutal assault and the over-the-top stimulation was breaking her mind. It was like she was dreaming, nothing that went through her mind quite made any sense but it also made perfect sense to her, her vision was swimming and yet crystal clear... yes Aika's face was still perfection, right in front of her, she could just lean forward an inch and kiss her... Rosie just knew her lips would taste so sweet...

Rosie came harder than she ever had in her life. It was a violent, overpowering orgasm, with moaning and grunting that must have filled the bus even through Aika's desperate hand-gag. Her hips bucked and swayed as she fruitlessly attempted to ride the vibrating dong inside of her like a real dick. Her eyes clamped shut but she could imagine the shocked stares of the other passengers as her loud and lewd scene played out. It felt like every muscle in her body was spasming... no, not that one! She clamped her sphincter shut not a moment too soon, any later and she would have messed herself right in the middle of her orgasm. Rosie would have sighed with relief but she was too busy shuddering through her euphoric waves of that felt like strong electric shocks. She was so busy concentrating on her bowels and the full-body throbbing that it took her a few moments to realize she was also wetting herself. She wasn't even sure when it had started but it was definitely spraying out of her, and with some force. Rosie clenched her eyes even further shut in shame as the feeling of the warmth spreading across her padding merely aroused her and further intensified her orgasm.

Rosie still hadn't finished cumming when she felt a sudden forceful tug on her hand from Aika. She opened her eyes and saw several pairs staring back, a mixture of incredulous and horrified. She would probably have pissed herself if she wasn't literally doing that already. Aika yanked harder. Rosie looked towards her and now understood - the bus had stopped and the doors were open. A couple of people had departed and the bus was getting ready to move off again. Rosie allowed Aika to drag her out of the door and onto the street just as the doors were closing, putting a metal wall in between her and the strangers who had witnessed her shameful acts. Rosie sighed with relief and then allowed herself several deep breaths to recover. She felt the vibrator inside her stop. It was only at this point that she looked up and saw Aika's silent expression. She wasn't amused at all but with nobody in earshot she couldn't say anything, so was forced to let it drop. Rosie felt a bit bad but the truth was she had no control over the scene she had just caused. It was a primal reaction to a rather extreme orgasm. She clenched down on the invasive vibrator with her pussy muscles, feeling its thickness and reflecting on its dominance over her body. She felt... owned.

The game runner's voice sounded from their earrings. "Wow, that was a big one, Rosie! I'm glad we were able to hook into the bus's CCTV in time to catch that one from all angles, it was quite the spectacle! Well, in honor of your achievement of getting an entire busload of commuters to witness your screaming orgasm, we're giving you another joint rule. Rule Two: You will announce at the top of your voice 'I'm cumming' whenever you orgasm. No matter what the situation. Even if nobody else is in earshot, this won't count as breaking Rule One. Have fun!"

Rosie finally took the time to look around. They were on a sparsely populated main road, two stops from the one they would have ideally taken the bus to. They were forced to walk the rest of the way in awkward silence whilst Rosie's soaked diaper quietly squelched, with very brief moments of being able to speak, which didn't really allow for a dialogue so much as just brief declarations. All the time, they continued to hold hands as instructed. "That was so embarrassing." Rosie said as a woman walked past, as Aika simultaneously said "You were so loud." Thirty seconds later when the next stranger passed by, Rosie said "I can't believe you did that to the driver," just as Aika muttered "I really need to pee." Before long they were at the bottom of one of the main entrances to the park, with two ways up, either a long ramp or a steep flight of stone stairs. Aika made a move to start of the stairs but Rosie pulled her back in fright - this was the corner of a busy intersection and now there were quite a few people walking past in all directions, within viewing distance of the stairs. If they walked up that steep angle, everybody would be able to see up their skirts for sure! Rosie willed someone to come close enough so that she could say something out loud, but before she got a chance the game runner's again appeared in their ears.

"Task Two." Maybe he'd just come up with this on the spot, because he seemed very eager to spit it out without any preamble. "Go up the stairs, not the ramp. And you must put both feet on every step. And... err... no putting any hands over your diapers."

Rosie looked at Aika with a silent desperate plea but Aika didn't even meet Rosie's eyes, she just took this new instruction as further evidence that the only way was up the stairs. She yanked Rosie towards the stairs, hard. Rosie was not at all happy with this. She had already experienced way too much public humiliation for one day, and she couldn't stand the thought of more judging stares and jeers from strangers. And these strangers would be ones they couldn't just leave on a bus!

Aika pulled again with even more force, causing Rosie to nearly trip and fall. Rosie saw red. Oh no, I'm not going to let you dominate me again, not today. This was her last opportunity to prove that she wasn't Aika's submissive pet. She had to fight hard against some other part of her that really didn't want to piss Aika off, but in the end she managed to bring herself to do it. Rosie suddenly let go of Aika's hand causing her to shriek, stumble and almost fall over. She forced herself to rush up the ramp rather than stop to check if Aika was okay. Sorry sorry sorry sorry! Rosie's mind apologised on behalf of the voice she wasn't allowed to use as she disappeared up the slope.

"Ooh, goody! I was hoping you'd break Task One!" The announcer sounded like a little boy on his birthday. "Release the enemas!"

On reflection, Rosie decided she should have found it suspicious when the intruding object in her butt hadn't vibrated with its companion in her pussy. It wasn't a sex toy, it was an enema nozzle. And the heavy backpack she was wearing... was a huge enema bag! Cold water started filling her up, and fast. Her innards gurgled as the liquid swum its way the wrong way through her system, filling her up and making her feel a bit queasy. How long was it going to fill her up for?!

As if having heard her thoughts, the voice returned one more time. "If you rejoin hands at the top of the entrance, we'll turn off the enemas."

Rosie squeaked with gratitude and rushed up the long winding ramp as fast as she could go. It felt like it took her ages but she still beat Aika to the entrance. When she arrived at the top her poor friend was still inching up one stair at a time, with an almost tearful look on her face. Nobody was jeering, but one punky looking guy was silently taking photos on his phone. Rosie decided not to bother Aika with this information, but made sure to stand far enough away from the stairs so that he couldn't see up her skirt as well.

When Aika finally reached the top, they rejoined hands and sighed with relief as the enemas stopped. It still felt like a bucketload was inside her making her feel even more desperately full than before, and her backpack was noticeably lighter. Aika probably felt the same. Aika gave Rosie an accusatory look. Rosie lowered her head with remorse.

"Now Rosie, you get a solo punishment for disobeying Task Two. Let's see, which one shall we choose here..." The announcer sounded calm and thoughtful again.

Rosie detected movement in her pussy and thought with more than a little terror that she was going to be forced to orgasm again. But then she realized it wasn't vibrating, it was growing! Her already thick pussy plug inflated itself in all directions, pushing against the walls of her pussy and pushing deeper inside of her. If it was difficult to keep her mind off before, now it would be impossible! It was only when it got to the point where it was stretching her to her limit and she literally squeaked out loud that the inflation stopped. Aika looked at her up and down with confusion, clearly inquisitive and scared about what might be happening to her friend. But still she couldn't say a word without breaking Rule One. Rosie tried to move, and found to her dismay that the giant inflated dildo was now forcing her into even more of a waddle than the diaper, just to move without hurting her most delicate parts.

Aika watched incredulously as Rosie took the lead with her new awkward gait. Rosie was once again glad to not be allowed to talk and began to silently pull Aika down the pathway towards the public toilets. The giant toy and the substantial enema inside her stayed as a constant reminder of her discomfort, the pressure in her bowels building as whatever meals she had been force-fed yesterday whilst unconscious mixed with the cool water. After a short while, she felt a pull on her hand and so turned and stopped to see what the problem was. Aika gave her a cryptic look and then simply stepped forward, taking the lead, and began pulling Rosie along. Rosie felt a multitude of emotions flood over her as Aika asserted her dominance. She wanted to say something, but she couldn't. She wanted to remove her hand, but she wasn't allowed. She wanted to fight back somehow, but something deep down at an instinctual level seemed to prevent her from acting at all. She willed herself to pull back, to fight Aika for the forward position, or at least to try and speed up to walk side by side. But her mind just kept flashing back to that moment the previous day where she had been completely and utterly dominated, her face consumed in and smothered by the clammy padding of her rival diaper as Aika went number two right above her face, forcing Rosie to feel and smell the entire episode through the thick diaper. There was no coming back from that, something inside of Rosie said quietly. Aika had marked her place in the pecking order that day, and Rosie was officially below her.

Rosie reflected on her moment of panicked rebellion where she had let go of Aika's hand. Her betrayal had only caused her even further discomfort, and for what? To avoid some jackass taking a photo up her skirt? This entire ordeal was already being broadcast to hundreds if not thousands of perverts around the world, what did one more matter? She should never have doubted Aika's superior wisdom. "Aika's superior wisdom"? Did I really just think that? I must be going insane...

Rosie's mute internal monologue unfolded in her mind as she allowed Aika to lead her deeper into the park. They were now only minutes away from completing the main task, and then surely it would all be over. They were in public now, and whilst they were still bound by blackmail to the gamerunners, it did still feel a bit like freedom. It would feel a bit more like freedom if her pussy wasn't painfully stretched by a vibrator, but it was still better than that bizarre building they had been in yesterday. The sight of the Sun gave her a quiet hope.

Strangers were dotted around the park now, enjoying the fresh air and making the most of a beautiful morning. Nobody was paying them much mind, which suited Rosie just fine. They received the odd queer look due to their outfits and constant hand-holding, but nothing in comparison to the judging stares she received on the bus which were now burned into her brain, never to be erased. Rosie cringed at the thought, the memory still very fresh in her mind. And then froze with wary trepidation when she heard the announcer's voice speak from thin air.

"Rule One has ended, you can let go of each other's hands... for now." Rosie sighed with relief as she let go of her friend's hand. She had expect another task.

"Task Three." Rosie audibly whimpered. Every time she found something positive to be happy about, the Games managed to dash her hopes against the rocks in mere moments. It was too much for one already fragile mind to handle!

The voice continued, uncaring. "You have thirty seconds to start french kissing. This is a competition, so there's a point for the winner and there will be a punishment for the loser. The loser is the first one to pull away from the kiss or to expel their enema. We'll be able to tell. There's only one other rule - you must keep both your hands on the other person at all times. On top of clothes is fine as long as you're touching each other somewhere. Best of luck!"

Rosie and Aika looked at each other, both with the same wary expression. They'd never kissed, and even though yesterday Rosie's tongue had been somewhere much ruder, this somehow felt even more intimate. Rosie continued to hesitate as Aika's face started to change to one of determination. Rosie allowed herself to be hauled by the arm to a large tree away from the path. Rosie understood - they were going to need as much privacy as possible and in an open park this was the best they could do. Anyone who walked past now would just see two schoolgirls snogging by a tree and hopefully be modern enough to accept it at face value and move along. Yes, a tree would have to do.

Before Rosie could properly mentally prepare herself Aika had leaned back against the tree, yanked Rosie's body forward and their mouths were touching. Rosie squirmed awkwardly as the kiss began, trying to work out what to do with her hands. Aika's had gone straight for the back of her waist but Rosie couldn't do the same because Aika was pressed up against the tree. Rosie had to find somewhere to put her hands, and ended up letting them rest on Aika's shoulders for now. At first she felt very self-conscious, but that quickly melted away into surprised pleasure as Aika forced her tongue into Rosie's mouth. Rosie accepted it gladly, massaging it with her own and delicately moving her lips around it. Her pussy tried to clench instinctively, which gave her an unwanted reminder of how much her pussy was being stretched. This led her thoughts back to her bowels, which were quite frankly ready to explode. This wasn't going to be a long competition.

Rosie's thoughts returned to her lovely kiss as Aika's hands started to drift south. Oh the number of times she'd dreamed about kissing her in a park on a sunny day! Almost unthinkingly, one of Rosie's hands descended to softly cup Aika's breast. This was not her first rodeo with another girl, after all. Rosie's eyes stayed firmly shut throughout; she didn't want to know if there was anybody nearby witnessing her actions. She was lost in the moment, and no matter how shamefully the kiss ended, she was going to enjoy what she could for now.

Image by RosieBRS

Aika's hands crept further and further down until they were cupping Rosie's butt-cheeks through her wet padding. Indulgent pleasure suddenly turned to abject horror as Rosie felt Aika spreading her cheeks as best as she could with the diaper in the way. Aika wasn't trying to be romantic, she was trying to win the game! Having her buttocks opened like that was stretching her asshole and weakening her hold on her very full belly. With a panicked groan, Rosie quickly slithered her hands down Aika's body and tried to grope for her own butt, but Aika had it pushed firmly against the tree and Rosie couldn't get her hands to any useful place. She felt her rear dam reaching a critical breaking point, bringing back dreadful memories of previous rounds, where Aika had managed to accidentally force her to mess herself by putting pressure on her belly... by putting pressure on my belly...!

The thought clicked into place inside Rosie's head and she almost unthinkingly moved her hands to Aika's stomach, and pushed forward hard with both her hands. Aika's swirling tongue froze in an instant and Rosie heard a soft mewl accompanied by a loud wet rasping sound. The squelchy messing sound continued for several seconds during which time Aika pulled away from the kiss and pushed Rosie off of her, looking horrified and angry. Rosie instantly felt apologetic and submissive again, as if Aika was her superior and she had just wronged her. Why did she feel this way? Had the events of the previous Games already left such a lasting impression on her? Rosie checked around and saw that there were several strangers within eye-shot, but hopefully not within earshot, for Aika's sake. It really was quite an audible event!

Rosie didn't know if it was her submissive empathy for Aika or if it was inevitable anyway, but it was at that moment while Aika was still going that her own bowels gave way. The enema nozzle in her butt popped out from the pressure as the flood began, just as noisily. The two of them together sounded like some horrible undead brass band. They clutched their bellies whilst trying to look anywhere but at each other, nervously scanning the horizon for anyone that was witnessing their very public pants-pooping performances. Luck seemed to be with them for once, everyone seemed to be minding their own business.

For Rosie it felt like her bottom was exploding beneath her. Her poop chute was alternating between being a fire hydrant and an ice cream dispenser at an alarmingly fast rate. Liquid, then mush, then liquid then mush. Sploosh, spurt, whoosh, brrrt! Her belly seemed bottomless as it just kept on coming. She could feel all the solid bits inside of her as they traveled past the head of the inflated vibrator, forced to turn around a corner that should have been a straight path. Aika had stopped by now, and was watching Rosie with horror. Rosie's cheeks flushed as body temperature rose and she felt herself getting aroused. No, surely not? Surely she wasn't perverted enough to be enjoying this, deep down? It must be the dildo inside of her getting her riled up, or maybe this was a slightly delayed reaction from her getting to snog her biggest crush for the first time. Rosie just couldn't bring herself to believe that she was getting hot under the collar because of messing herself in public in front of her best friend.

As the gross sludge continued to flow, and Rosie got hornier and hornier, it was increasingly difficult to deny. She let her gaze meet Aika's and her tongue loll out of her mouth as her pupils dilated and her breathing drew ragged. God her eyes are so beautiful... Aika's expression was one of embarrassment. Was she aroused as well? Could it be that Rosie had truly found her soulmate, someone who can't help but get aroused at the same disgusting things? The thought of this, and also the mental image she had of her own messy diaper ballooning beneath her set her clit desperately throbbing. She couldn't help but move one hand to her breast and another to press against the front of her extremely full nappy. With the huge weight inside of the padding and the dong inside of her stretching her taught it was easy to put some delightful pressure on her clit just by pushing around. She would soon be able to...

Aika grabbed Rosie's wrists and pulled them away. Her expression said everything that need to be said. There are PEOPLE here who could turn around and see you at any moment, dipshit! Rosie's messy episode was starting to thin out now, and was coming in short periodic bursts rather than a constant flow. It was deeply humiliating to have Aika holding her still by the wrists as she audibly plopped and farted her last few drips, but that same something within her stopped her from fighting back. It truly felt like Aika had some kind of power over her now.

"Boooo!" The announcer's voice disturbed the silence once Rosie was completely done. "Aika I can't believe you stopped Rosie, I really thought she'd gone completely crazy there! I'll make sure to give you a nice harsh loser's punishment for losing that competition. How dare you pull her back into reality like that! Our viewers are quite upset."

Aika frowned and let go of Rosie's wrists, moving her hands to sit on her hips in an impatient and confrontational stance. Rosie knew what it meant - do your worst, assholes.

Aika's frown disappeared and was replaced by wide eyed pain, accompanied a very high pitched shout. Her hands shot up to her collar. As soon as they touched her collar, they flew away and she yelped again. Her hands then hung in the air for a moment, before returning to her hips. As soon as they touched her schoolgirl dress, she shrieked for a third time and her hands went flying into the air again.

The announcer spoke very slowly, sounding extremely smug. "Aika , your punishment is that you are no longer allowed to touch your clothes. Anything they touch, including piercings, the collar and yes, your own diaper, will immediately cause your collar to shock you. And it's quite a strong shock, I'm sure you'll agree."

Aika looked fearful, and Rosie could see that she was immediately very scared of her own hands. She didn't know where to put them, even having them hanging casually to the side clearly felt too close to her dress, like the wind might blow it slightly and cause another shock. She ended up holding them much further from her body than she would naturally, making her look like a novice ballerina.

The announcer broke the ice once again. "Okay, you can proceed now. Oh, and the last one to get through the door to the ladies' toilets gets another forced orgasm."

The sight of two bizarrely dressed schoolgirls waddling down the park path as fast as their legs could take them resulted more than a few confused faces. Aika had taken an early lead but that didn't stop Rosie from trying. Aika's own messed diaper wasn't yet visible below her hemline which Rosie prayed meant that hers wasn't either, despite it feeling extremely bloated, weighing a tonne and forcing her into the most over-exaggerated waddle. Rosie tried her best to keep up but in the end her mega-filled padding combined with the over-inflated sex toy were just too difficult to run with, and Aika reached the toilets a good two to three seconds ahead of Rosie. The door swung open and closed as Aika pushed through to victory. Cursing, Rosie began to mentally prepare herself for the intense pussy vibrations that she knew were only seconds away as she pushed open the door herself. Except, it didn't budge! She tried the handle but she already knew the truth - it was locked.

Rosie turned her back to the door and pressing herself against it, looked around. There were still several curious faces watching her, uncertain what to make of the racing schoolgirls and their inability to walk normally. And then the vibe kicked in, turned straight up to 10 with no gentle build-up. Rosie's eyes watered, half with despair and half with euphoria, as her heart started thumping once again. I mustn't make any noise, they're all watching! But it was no use. Her clit was throbbing so hard and her body was so ready to cum, her mind had no control over its actions. Her legs wobbled feebly as she grunted and moaned, the sexual noises becoming more and more clear as her orgasm grew closer and then began. Too scared of the potential ramifications of breaking Rule Two, Rosie yelled "I'm cumming!" at the top of her voice, turning a bright shade of red. Wave and wave of pure unfiltered electric pleasure ran through her as she came screaming, before dropping to her knees, sobbing gently. She could feel the stares on her from all around, completely soundless but all shocked and judging. It was too much. It was just too much. She had no willpower left to deal with this situation.

The door opened, and Aika with some effort eased a heavy ragdoll-like Rosie into the ladies' toilets, the door shutting behind them.

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