The Diaper Games Chapter 7

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New Core Themes: None

Specific content new to this chapter: A small amount of anal masturbation

Author's note: As with the previous chapter, sorry this took so long, and again on the positive side, the delay means that this chapter has two pieces of art from Rosie rather than just one!

Aika's heart pounded in her chest as she looked at the exhausted, vacant face of her best friend. She wanted to say something, anything, but even if she had been allowed she wouldn't have known what to say. She had no decent explanation for what she had just done - locking the door behind her after she was through had been a purely instinctive move. And yet there was no denying that even as she had done it she knew what it would mean - that Rosie would be forced to orgasm in front of a small crowd of people - and she had locked the door anyway. In the heat of the moment it had seemed like a fun idea. Sort of like a prank, but yet more... exciting. Her thoughts were such a mess that she couldn't even really work out if she felt guilty about it. She'd just made someone else suffer and she wasn't even sure she regretted it.

Through her hidden earpiece the announcer's voice crackled into form, interrupted her thoughts - something she was quickly becoming rather accustomed to.

"I... er... I literally don't know what to say to that, Aika. One of our viewers just posted a comment accusing you of being a paid actor, because he can't believe anyone would really do that to their friend. Have we accidentally brought out a sadistic streak in you? Let's hope so, because that was quite simply the hottest thing I've ever seen. Well, anyway, I have a job to do, so I'd better get on with it. Anyway, congratulations Aika on reaching the toilets first, that brings the points to 1-1. I'm sure you'll agree that you've both earned a change."

Aika looked around the room she was in for the first time. There were two cubicles and two sinks at the opposite end, but in the large space between that and the door a giant pink baby changing station had been set up, complete with a supply of hygenic wipes, powder and what looked like some extra-thick diapers, much heavier-padded than the one she was wearing already.

The announcer continued with his tone of casual conversation. "It looks like Rosie's last orgasm took a lot out of her and she can hardly stand. Aika, why don't you be a doll and change her first?"

Rosie allowed Aika to help her up onto the changing table, although she did so silently and with limp limbs. Aika had to use all her strength to get Rosie up there and into the correct position on her back.

It was only once Rosie was in place that Aika properly considered exactly what this task was going to entail. But it had to be done - they both needed a change, not just for comfort but also for their health. Aika raised Rosie's skirt and tucked the rear underneath her back to get it out of the way, and then with more than a little trepidation she began to untape Rosie's dirty nappy.

What followed was a few minutes of activity that Aika did her best to avoid actually thinking about as she experienced them. She tried to focus on just about any other thought, from brainstorming if there was any way to escape from her captors (there weren't, they had all this humiliating footage of her) to wondering if their friends were considering them 'missing' yet. But when it came to wiping Rosie's nether-regions, there was only one thing she could think about, and that was Rosie herself, and the intimacy they were suddenly sharing. Rosie was attracted to her, that was plain to see. And after the things they'd been through, she did feel closer than ever to her. But did she like like her? Aika had never really considered girls in that way before, but the magic that Rosie's tongue had worked on her the previous day was quickly making her reconsider if she was definitely 100% straight. What did it mean to be someone's romantic partner? If she enjoyed spending time with Rosie, and she also enjoyed getting licked out by Rosie, surely that was a good start?

Aika studied Rosie's sex, currently stretched uncomfortably wide by an inflated plug. It had ballooned so wide that there was no way it was coming out, and it was unlikely that the game runners would have allowed her to remove it anyway. Around the sides of the sex toy Rosie's labia were red and engorged which was unsurprising considering the treatment her pussy had recently been under. She didn't find vaginas unattractive, she supposed, but did she actually like them? Then again, penises weren't exactly attractive either. Maybe she was thinking about this all wrong. And surely this was hardly the time. And yet...

Aika brushed Rosie's clit with a wipe, which caused Rosie to squirm and whimper, presumably from a mixture of shame and overstimulation. Aika felt her own crotch twitch with excitement around the dong inside her. That kindled something inside of her. Interesting.

As usual with perfect timing the announcer interrupted her fun. "Okay looks like you're about done with cleaning down there. Now, before you give her a fresh diaper, would you please replace the enema nozzle."

Earlier after removing the messy diaper Aika had moved the enema tube that ran from the bottom of Rosie's backpack off to the side. Now she eyed it with mild annoyance. Not because it was going back in Rosie's butt, but because that probably meant that hers was going back in as well not long afterwards. She looked at Rosie's butthole, the cute (and now very clean) little button underneath her gaped pussy. It looked very tight, probably partially due to the huge toy stretching the orifice just above it. It would definitely need some preparation before the nozzle went back in. Aika licked her index finger to get it nice and slippery before pressing it against Rosie's sphincter and beginning to massage it. Rosie immediately let out a gutteral sigh, the sort of thing you'd expect to hear from someone who was having great sex. Aika felt blood flow to her own nether regions. This is necessary, that's why I'm doing it Aika reassured herself. But even as she thought those words she found herself pressing harder and inching the tip of her finger in and out. Rosie's noises communicated her delight, and her hole loosened allowing Aika to send a second fingertip in and out with the first. She was so enthralled with what she was doing that it wasn't until she had her middle and index fingers knuckle-deep inside her best friend that she remembered that this was all being recorded and broadcast around the world, and she was doing stuff she hadn't been ordered to which made it three times as disgraceful. She regained her composure and removed her fingers which brought mewling complaints from Rosie. But Aika was in charge and had decided that enough was enough. Finally she plugged the now somehow friendlier-looking hole with the nozzle, quietly wondering if the fact that she seemed to find assholes more titillating than vaginas meant that she really was a pervert.

"Ahem, well, that took you long enough. Almost got lost in there, didn't you? Anyway if you want to get out of your own stinky situation, I'd recommend finishing up changing your playmate." The announcer was clearly finding it difficult to keep his voice calm and nonchalant. Perhaps watching the anal masturbation session had aroused him even further. In any case Aika didn't need to be told twice - her own release was now definitely overdue. She took one of the provided plain white diapers and unfolded it, baulking at its girth. It probably tied for thickness with the largest nappies they've been given the previous day. She was very unsure about whether their short skirts would hide them, even when standing still. Either way it wasn't her decision. She pushed the back of the outspread diaper under Rosie's bubble butt, applied a little powder and then brought the tabs around to tape it shut at the front. Rosie was left tightly padded. The vastness of the undergarment became all the more evident as Rosie lowered herself from the table and stood up straight. The short pink skirt stood no chance against the immense diaper and Aika could easily see the thick white padding poking out the bottom, and furthermore it prevented Rosie's thighs from touching at all. There was no doubt that anyone looking at Rosie would immediately be able to see that she was diapered, and Aika imagined that her waddle would cause her skirt to ride up, revealing even more.

And I'm going to have to wear one of those too...

24 hours ago Aika would have plainly refused to get on that changing table. But right now she was tired, resigned and really needed a change. She lifted herself up onto the table and assumed the position. Her backpack made it a little uncomfortable but in reality that was the least of her concerns. She almost spoke out loud to tell Rosie to get on with it but stopped herself just in time - there was still nobody else there which meant they weren't allowed to talk. She didn't need to anyway - Rosie was already moving around to the front of the table to begin her job as required. Aika cringed with embarrassment as Rosie opened the tapes, revealing her shameful mess to her friend and the world.

Again there were a few minutes that Aika worked as best as possible to not be able to remember. She shut her eyes and took herself to a happy place full of soft and fluffy things. Rosie was there too in her mind, and they were holding hands as they lounged on puffy pillows and then rolled around on soft grass. And then she was clean. Opening her eyes she found Rosie looking directly into her own. It was a submissive gaze that priefly glanced down at Aika's crotch and then back to her eyes, almost as if asking permission for something. Aika felt that she understood, and gave a slight nod. Aika smiled - it made her feel like being allowed to touch her was a privilege that had to be earned. Rosie wasted no time in licking two fingers and began to massage the entrance to Aika's ass, extremely delicately as if she was worried about going too far. Aika gave a gentle sigh of pleasure, which Rosie seemed to take as encouragement because a moment later Aika felt a tongue on her clit. She had not expected that and it made a lustful moan escape her lips. She had already had her fair share of orgasms in the last hour and she was still rather sensitive. Within moments she was writhing uncontrollably on the changing table and using her hands to push Rosie's face into her pussy. Rosie obediently lapped away at Aika's clit as if it was the only thing in the world that mattered. Her fingers brushed at Aika's backdoor but didn't push inside, which felt incredible. Aika's vaginal muscles were able to clamp around the dong inside of her which added to the intensity of the experience. She felt the heat growing in her, rising higher and higher... That was it, she was going past the point of no return... The orgasm was coming...!

"What on Earth?!"

Another woman about their age had just entered the room. Rosie swivelled to try to look but Aika was too close to stop now, and she used her hands to overpower Rosie's neck muscles and force her mouth back onto her clit.

"Gaaaah!" Aika came hard. Rosie compliantly gave in and begun the task of collecting Aika's cum-juices with her tongue. Aika couldn't imagine how it must look to the stranger - a diapered schoolgirl giving oral sex to another schoolgirl, right in the middle of a public toilet. In any case she muttered something religious under her breath and made a speedy exit. The announcer crackled into earshot.

"Hmm, that's probably not good. She might be back with more people if we're unlucky. Thanks for the free girl-on-girl sex show ladies but you really should get going now. Rosie, put the enema nozzle back in, diaper her up and then both of you head towards the playground, pronto."

Rosie followed her orders diligently and speedily. Having just came, Aika's butthole was nice and loose and the nozzle went in without any fuss. The thick padding went under her butt and the next thing she knew she was padded and ready to go. Dropping down from the table and onto two feet she realised this was the most enormous diaper she'd had to wear so far and she was now being forced into a more broad waddle than ever before. And anyone out in the park was going to be able to see her gawky gait. Still, being out in the open seemed less dangerous than staying in this bathroom where people could crowd around and block the exit. Aika made for the door and Rosie followed willingly behind.

Back outside Aika was overwhelmingly pleased to find that there was nobody nearby; the other woman must have made a speedy exit. It was impossible for this to remain the same forever in such a popular park and as they began along the path that led to the playground the saw that a man was jogging towards them in the other direction. Aika instinctively went to pull down her skirt as far as possible.



Her collar gave her a nasty shock and her hands flinched away. She'd forgotten about that - her punishment for losing the previous challenge was that she couldn't touch her own clothing without getting a nasty electric punishment. She was forced to just hover her hands over her crotch as the man approached them, giving them both a very quizzical and concerned look. He kept jogging but once he was past them he kept watching them over one shoulder, clearly not sure what to think. Aika reflected on just how much of an odd a sight they must be.

"Task Four." The announcer started speaking out of nowhere. "Rosie is only allowed to look forward. Whenever a stranger passes you but steals another look behind them after they do, Aika must give Rosie a powerful swat on the butt. Um, and then... Rosie must spank herself on the butt just as hard."

This guy is clearly making this shit up as he goes along, Aika thought to herself, unamused. But that didn't stop her from obeying the rule immediately, spanking Rosie's diaper as hard as she could. She imagined it probably didn't hurt that much through all that padding anyway. Rosie stood still, seemed to hestitate for a brief moment, and then spanked herself with as much swing as she could muster. And then without looking back she kept on walking.

How obedient, Aika thought. Is that how I look too? Like a submissive little captive? The man who had witnessed the double spank had almost tripped over, having been so surprised and distracted that he wasn't looking where he was going. He wobbled for a few moments before looking away and jogging off as quickly as his legs would carry him.

The stare + spank + selk-spank happened three times more before they reached the playground. Each passerby went wide-eyed when Aika thwacked Rosie in the behind, and then wide-mouthed when Rosie responded by doing it to herself. If Aika was in Rosie's shoes she would be mortified. The final spank caused Rosie to audibly whimper, and then grunt even louder when she buffeted herself with the same strength. Maybe it hurt more than Aika realised. Aika found herself imagining Rosie's red sore buttcheeks underneath her massive nappy. That shouldn't have turned her on, but it did. Maybe it's just the plug inside me stimulating me, making me think that I'm enjoying Rosie's torment. Yeah, that must be it.

There was nobody currently inside the playground, which was a huge relief to both of them. Aika looked at the apparatus - a see-saw, a climing frame, a slide and a zip-wire. Who knew which of them they were going to have to use. Aika could think of about twenty different awful things they could be made to do. She had an awfully impressive gift for conjuring up deliciously evil predicaments, and right now she wished it didn't. They awaited instructions.

"Task Five: You are going to race to the top of the climbing frame." The announcer began.

Aika looked at the large structure. It was a tall spider rope frame which was shaped like a pyramid around a central wooden pillar.

"At the top of the climbing frame is a drink. The drink will contains a cocktail of fun stuff - it's got some nice energy drink in it but it's also laced with a powerful laxative and a pinch of something that should help remove any remaining inhibitions. People take it a lot at raves. You know the sort of thing I'm talking about. Anyway, the person who retrieves the drink and sits their well-cushioned butt on the top gets a point and also gets to decide whether to drink it themselves or force the other girl to drink it."

Aika did not like the sound of having to drink that.

"And GO!"

There was no time for thought. All that mattered was speed. They both broke for the climbing frame and reached it at the same time. Aika jumped and crashed into the ropes a foot off of the ground whereas Rosie went for a more controlled ascent, stepping onto the lowest rope with purpose and care. Aika had to clamber to find her footing for a moment but then she was off, pushing herself up the frame as fast as she could go. The giant diaper got in the way a little bit but the thing that actually made the climb the most challenging was the vaginal plug. It meant she had to be a lot more delicate than she would have liked when it came to raising one foot too high above the other. And if Aika was finding this troublesome that surely meant that Rosie was finding it even worse, considering how large her dong had been inflated. Aika strained to climb another rung up the frame. Once she had made it up this far she could see the drink - it was in a baby's sippy bottle. Of course it is. She could just about reach it with one hand if she wanted but then one of her hands would be out of action, so she decided she should get higher first. She looked downwards.

Aika felt both relief and shame - relief because Rosie was way below her struggling to get up that first large gap in the ropes, shame because there was a young couple who had been walking their dog who had now stopped to watch their spectacle. Aika had thought it was embarrassing to have someone looking at her outfit when they were both on ground level. Now that she was fifteen feet in the air it was twice as humiliating. All they would be able to see was her huge padded bottom. She forced her thighs as close together as they could go and it made her much more self-conscious about how she was climbing.

Image by RosieBRS

She found it really difficult to will herself to raise a foot with strangers watching her below. It kind of felt like by doing so she would be spreading her legs and essentially exclaiming "look at how proud I am of my enormous nappy" to them. But then she took another look at the baby bottle. She did not want to drink that. She overcame her instinct and pushed on upwards, feeling very much like a little kid as her bottom stuck out with a wiggle exaggerated by the size of her diaper.

Rosie still hadn't gotten much further by the time Aika swiped the vessel from its resting spot and plonked her butt down on the top.

"And... stop!" The announcer ordered. "Okay, neither of you can climb down until that drink is empty. Aika, you get to decide who's job that is. How thirsty are you feeling?"

It wasn't a remotely difficult decision. Even though she was rather parched she was not going to drink something laced with various nasty drugs. Especially ones that make you need the toilet. Aika leaned over and handed the bottle to Rosie. Rosie stared at it with nervous contemplation for several seconds before sighing and reaching for it. They were so far apart that Rosie was forced to pull herself up a little bit and really stretch to take hold of it, which must have made it look to the people down below that she was really eager to get ahold of the thing. And then it was in her mouth and she was obediently sucking away at it, much like a thirsty toddler. Aika saw that she was turning an even brighter shade of red, presumably ashamed to be seen using such childish paraphernalia.

Aika watched the two people down below. A mixture of their curiousity fading, a growing boredom at the lack of movement, and the restlessness of their dog was causing them to begin to walk away. Thank god for that. I have no idea what we'd have said to them. Aika thought. Nobody that she had seen so far had taken any photos or videos of them which was rather fortunate. Anything like that ending up on social media would be enough to make their life at university a living hell.

Rosie removed the lid of the sippy bottle and turned it upside down to show that it was empty.

"Good girl!" The announcer spoke to Rosie as if she really was a child. "Okay, make your way back down now. That's 2 points to Aika and 1 to Rosie, so if Aika wins the final challenge then she'll be the overall winner. Could you please make your way to the football fields."

Rosie waited at the bottom of the frame for Aika to reach the ground, all the while with her eyes downcast. She looked to Aika like a loyal servant waiting for her Mistress. Why do I keep thinking these things? Aika tried to physically shake the thoughts out of her head.

When they were together at the bottom the announcer changed the rules again.

"Ok, Task Four is over, you no longer have to spank Rosie as people check her out from behind. And Task One is back on. You have to hold hands at all times, and letting go releases the enemas."

Aika growled and grabbed Rosie's hand before leading her away from the playground. Only one challenge left. Let's get this over with. Rosie followed silently, a step behind. Her mood souring, Aika came up with a new strategy for dealing with passers-by. Instead of looking timid and as humiliated as she felt about her meganappy, she was able to bring herself to stare hateful daggers right into their eyes. This had the desired effect that the first five of the six people they came across on their way to the football fields actually looked away out of politeness and minded their own business. Aika didn't look behind her but she imagined they probably still got a decent gander at them both from this vantage point after they had passed by. Let them, she thought, as long as I don't have to speak to them. She was starting to become conscious of the fact it was a lot more harmless than she had originally feared to have people see their diapers. Most people saw, and were curious, confused or even grossed out but didn't tend to press the issue.

The sixth stranger that went past them shattered all the confidence she had just built up. This jogger caught up to them from behind so they didn't see him coming and Aika couldn't intimidate him with a stare before he began talking to them.

"What's all this about, then?" The girls jumped as his voice appeared from nowhere, much like the announcer's. The young man seemed curious more than concerned but clearly very eager to begin a conversation. He stepped in front of the two hand-holding girls, blocking their path. "Aren't you lasses embarrassed to be seen walking around like that?!"

Aika groaned inwardly. What could she say to explain this away? While she struggled to come up with some words, it was Rosie that actually saved her by beginning talking.

"It's a sponsored walk for charity," she spoke softly. "We are raising awareness and money for kids in primary school with conditions that mean they still need to wear diapers. It's more common than you think, and these poor kids get teased mercilessly. We're trying to show that you can be proud of yourself even when you're wearing a diaper."

To Aika's surprise and relief the man seemed pleased with that answer.

"What a lovely idea! And so thoughtful of you. Here's let me contribute."

The man pulled out his wallet and retrieved a ten dollar bill before handing it to Rosie.

"What does the money go towards, exactly?" The man asked, still holding onto one half of the paper.

"Err..." It was Rosie's turn to be stuck for words.

"Posters." Aika jumped in to save the day. "Posters... of us in these outfits. Saying that it's cool to wear diapers at school. The more money, the more posters."

The man let go of the bill. "Ah, of course! Great. Well I'm glad to have been a part of this, and I hope to see one of those posters soon."

And then he was off, jogging away from them at speed. The girls sighed with collective relief.

Two minutes later the girls had arrived at the football field. They were standing at the edge of one corner. Spinklers were watering the near half of the field, and on the opposite half of the pitch a team of young men were practicing formations. The crowd stand was also on the opposite side to them.

"Task Six." The announcer started speaking as soon as they arrived. "The first baby to make it to the opposite corner of the pitch wins. However no running - you must have one foot on the ground at all times, or you're disqualified and the other girl wins. But don't start moving until I tell you to. And one more thing..."

The vibrator inside Aika's pussy started up again. By the way Rosie clenched Aika's hand very tightly she knew that Rosie's had started again too. Poor Rosie, with that massive inflated dong inside her this whole time. She must be so stretched and sore. Aika couldn't wait for this round of the Diaper Games to be over herself, so she knew that Rosie must be dying inside. Plus, whatever had been in that sippy bottle would be starting to take effect by now. Who knew what that was doing to her.

While Aika waited for the starting whistle she looked around the field at potential issues and obstacles. Going the most direct route would take her first through the sprinklers and then straight through the football team. The sprinklers shouldn't be too much of an issue besides a slippery surface and getting a little wet but it was a warm sunny day so it wouldn't take long to dry. The sportsmen were a bit more of a concern since they might interrogate her and slow down or even block her movement. It was a definite risk. The two long ways round both looked more viable to Aika. The right-hand route took her past the crowd stand, which was empty except for a couple of young women towards the far end, perhaps girlfriends of some of the team. The left-hand route looked completely clear but was closer to the rest of the park, so it was much more likely that strangers could appear from nearby. Both of those routes would involve travelling along two sides of a rectangle and so would take a minute or so longer than the direct diagonal way.

Her train of thought started to falter as the plug worked its magic, stimulating her in exactly the right places to get her agitated as quickly as possible. Lust clouded her mind and left her feeling nervous yet somewhat exicted.

"Go!" The announcer began the race. It seemed likely that he had just waited for the arousal to kick in before letting them get moving.

Rosie set off immediately, on a straight path diagonally across the field. After two steps forward their hands disconnected leaving Aika standing dumbstruck on the starting block and unsure what to do. And then several things happened.

Firstly, Aika observed Rosie's awkward gait properly for the first time. Not being allowed to run meant she was moving forward with a very awkward waddle, each stride going about half as far as it should normally. Is that really how they'd looked walking through the park?! It made Aika not want to budge an inch.

Secondly, Aika felt a weird pressure in her bum and a split second later understood that she was now once again being filled with an enema. Task One hadn't been cancelled! How cruel of the game runners - this was clearly a fully intended consquence of this competition. And this time it would be much more than 30ish seconds before they could rejoin hands. Their enema-bag-backpacks would probably get to empty their entire contents inside of them. Not good, not good not good!

Thirdly, as Aika remained frozen on the spot for a few more moments, she watched Rosie enter the sprinklers and she saw Rosie's clothing begin to react. In front of Aika's horrified eyes Rosie's skirt visibly shrank. It was like nothing she'd ever seen - clearly the skirt was made out of some very special kind of fabric designed to do exactly this when it came into contact with water. Within seconds of being hit by the sprinklers what had before been a miniskirt that covered 85% of Rosie's enormous diaper was now a tiny thing that could barely be called a microskirt - it was more of a large belt. 100% of Rosie's poofy padded prison was now fully on display. Rosie noticed this pretty quickly and did a little 360 twirl as she tried to get a look at the back of her skirt to see if it was the same as her front. She looked dizzy and confused. Maybe she was - she had drunk an unknown concoction after all. As Rosie turned Aika was able to see the front of her white blouse which was also getting drenched. As white clothing was prone to do it was getting very clingy and a little see-through against Rosie's chest and of course neither of them were wearing a bra so Aika reckoned that soon her nipples would be pretty visible. That decided things for Aika - she was not taking the same route as Rosie. She began walking up the left-hand route, away from the crowd stand. Rosie who was already completely soaked in the sprinklers seemed to decide that it was too late to turn back already, and kept going straight across the field.

As Aika was talking the long route she ended up constantly behind Rosie, which let Aika watch her progress as they both waddled awkwardly along. Aika also kept one eye on the football team - it was surely only a matter of moments before one of them noticed the adult diapered schoolgirl plodding her way inelegantly towards them. Aika was surprised to find that Rosie wasn't gaining as much distance on her as she should be, considering the differences in the lengths of their routes. Studying Rosie's form more keenly she spotted that Rosie's steps were much more clumsy and heavy than hers. Her breathing looked more laboured, too. Was that exhaustion, arousal or both?

Aika's own state wasn't great. Her rectum was beginning to quietly ache inside of her as it filled with more and more water. Her clit was throbbing hard, desperate for attention of its own as inside her pussy her weak spots continued to get assaulted in all the best ways. She tried to imagine what it would be like to try and do this walk if her vibrating plug was twice as big. Because that must be what Rosie was experiencing right now.

Focus on yourself. Aika tried to stop worrying about her friend and concentrate on her own ordeals but found that thinking about the vibe, the enema, the ungraceful waddling... it all just made it twice as bad and uncomfortable. When she thought about her own problems she felt despair but when she thought about Rosie's predicatement she felt some conern but also... excitement. What she really this sadistic when horny? She thought about how her favourite porno genres were the ones where the women were being treated very roughly and came across a stunning realisation. She didn't really ever imagine herself as the damsels in distress. She just got off on idea of the situation. She enjoyed watching it happen to other people. Oh dear. I am so going to hell, aren't I.

This revelation did somewhat settle her nerves; it as if she had just come to accept herself as the 'bad guy', and that was okay. That's just who she was. And considering that Rosie's situation was getting more and more awful, it was probably good timing. Rosie was sauntering, or perhaps it was more staggering, as she approached the end of the sprinklers and the centre spot on the field. She had one hand on the front of her diaper and one her stomach. The one on her diaper seemed to keep beginning to masturbate herself through her padding and then she had to reign it in with sheer willpower and stop herself, as if the hand had a mind of its own and she was fighting against it. Aika wished she could see Rosie's face. The sportsmen were right in the middle of practising a complex manouver and so had still not properly clocked her presence even though she was only 20 paces away.

Rosie stumbled and almost fell, having to place one hand on the grass to steady herself. As she rose to a bent over position with her hands on her knees, she unsteadily swivelled 180 degrees allowing Aika to see her face. Rosie wasn't home. She had clearly checked out. She was looking in Aika's vague direction but didn't see her. She was lost inside a world of overstimluation and pleasure and probably some kind of drug-induced high. It wasn't clear if she even realised that in her bent over stance she was now giving the football team a full shameless presentation of her plump and padded posterior. Still, some of her mind was still lucid as she didn't forget to follow Rule Two.

"I'm cumming!" Rosie screamed at the top of her voice. That got some of the men's attention.

Image by RosieBRS

"I'm cumming!" Rosie continued, extremely loudly and with absolutely no hint of timidity. "I'm cumming and pooping at the same time!"

Rude sounds accompanied Rosie's claim, evidencing their authenticity. To her own chagrin, witnessing the horrendous display made Aika cum too. She stopped her own inelegant walk to shudder on the spot as the waves of bliss rode through her. Rosie's awful self-degradation, the group of large men now making their swift way towards her... it was all too deliciously disastrous. It made her orgasm a powerful and further fatiguing affair. By the time the pulses of pleasure were warming down she was breathless and red-faced. And yet still in so much a better sitation than Rosie who was in the same boat but also rather disoriented and now surrounded by a group of confused but visibly entertained men.

A voice appeared in Aika's ear. "Looks like you forgot to obey Rule Two yourself, Aika. You were supposed to announce that you were cumming at the top of your voice. Oh well, I guess it's time for a punishment."

The colour drained out of Aika's face as quick as lightning and her mind went cold with fear.

"Okay, here's your punishment. You must make yourself cum again within 90 seconds or we'll inflate your plug until it's eeeeven bigger than Rosie's." And with that, her vibrator turned off.

Aika panicked. She couldn't feel less horny than she did at that moment, having just recently climaxed hard and then been given such bad news. She instinctively put her hand to her diaper to begin trying to rub her clit through her padding and was rewarded with a sharp eletric shock in her neck that almost sent her tumbling to the ground with pain. She'd forgotten about that again. And she had been wrong before - this was the least horny she'd ever felt in her life. Still, there was no way that she was letting that punishment happen. Her pussy couldn't take it. She spied a big rock embedded in the ground a few paces away, about the size of a washing machine on its side but not as perfectly cuboid. She plonked herself down on top of it, an upright edge digging through her padding enough so that she could feel its hardness, and began to grind away like her life depended on it.

It was working a little, but not very well. There was too much pressure in her bowels from the enema that was still going and thanks to the plug inside of her the only thing that she could brush against the rock through her diaper was her clit, and it was difficult to keep herself at the perfect angle. It wasn't until she heard the sound of Rosie's voice shouting "Cumming!" once more, unseen from within the group of men, that she felt a proper spark of pleasure. She brought the group into focus. They seemed too preoccupied with Rosie to bother looking in Aika's direction, which was a bloody good thing because otherwise they'd see her very clearly grinding her diapered crotch onto a big rock, using the sight of her companion's despair as her wank fodder.

Looking and thinking about Rosie's predicatement brought Aika's perverted side back to life, and she felt another orgasm slowly but surely blossoming. If it hadn't been for the now painful cramps in her belly she reckoned it was possible that she would have climaxed already.

"Cumming! And Peeing! And Pooping!" That was Rosie's voice again. Aika still couldn't see her but could imagine what was happening. The men were trying to get some sense out of her as to what the hell was going on, but Rosie probably couldn't string a coherent sentence together and then suddenly would announce another orgasm, leaving her new audience perplexed but eager to stay and watch. Each time Aika heard Rosie's cries of climax it added more fuel to her own fire. She was nearly there...

"Time's up." The announcer broke her concentration. No, no, no! She stopped grinding and had to fight back tears from her eyes. The dong immediately began to inflate, giving her no time to mentally prepare herself for the stretching. And she was now extremely horny which left her frustrated and furious. Aika had tested her limits once or twice before with a larger-than-average dildo but that was nothing compared to having a toy inflate inside of you. When it's already inside it can stretch you much wider since it doesn't have to respect the limits of the width of your opening. Aika found this out for the first time right now, in public, with a football team only 12 feet away. It was like nothing she had ever felt before, and was difficult to put into words. Discomfort, intense pressure and yet also a pleasant full feeling all at the same time. She felt like there was no way she could walk at all any more. And her enema was still going, albeit with a weaker flow than before. She felt comprehensively stuffed and ready to burst.

The game runners turned her vibe back on. Her pussy exploded. There was no other word for it - it exploded. Exploded with pleasure, and with girlcum, and also as she came she began to pee. This time she didn't forget Rule Two, although she almost wished that she had. "I'm Cumming!" She shouted, even louder than she realised she could possibly sound. All eyes suddenly darted to her. And then there were some men striding over to her, surrounding her, as she straddled her rock-turned-masturbatory-aid and wet herself. She refused to meet any of their gazes, choosing instead to study the ground with a fierce intensity.

A man's voice called from back near Rosie. "Bring her over here, let's keep them together."

A moment later she was being lifted into the air by two strong men, one of her arms over the shoulders of each. As she left the rock she realised that it had been putting pressure on her backside, keeping the enema nozzle in place. Now it shot out and was followed by a tsunami of enema water, shooting out of her backside with a very audible and wet rasping sound. The feeling of the powerful blast rushing out of her butthole was amplified by the giant plug pressing her anal passageway tighter, and there was no denying that it actually felt incredible. She died a little more inside as she hung limp from their shoulders, the various motions going on inside of her mercilessly keeping her at the height of sexual passion. It felt like an age passed as she was carried over to Rosie, her butthole sounding off like a trumpet as she dumped quarts of stinky sludge into her speedily saturating undergarment, her entire body feeling alive with a wonderful sensation of fulfilment as she did. When she was finally lowered onto the ground next to Rosie, they both knelt there in each others' arms, propping each other up as they continued to shiver, mess and cum, all three completely out of their control.

And then, the sound of a siren. A police siren. The crowd of footballers parting to reveal an unmarked black car with blue lights flashing from inside the grill, stopped metres away with its engine still running. Two men in police uniforms jumping out and hurrying towards the spectacle.

"Okay lads, make some room, make some room. We've had a few reports of these two causing a scene all around the park. We need to take them in for questioning."

"They seem seriously out of it. I think they might need an ambulance." One of the men sounded rather concerned.

"We'll check them out, don't worry. Nothing to see here now folks, go back to your game."

With that Aika and Rosie were half-led, half-carried to the black car, and eased into the back seats. Moments later the car was on its way, presumably to the police station. The vibrator inside Aika stopped and deflated, allowing her to think again. She squirmed nervously on top of her very squelchy butt. What now? We can't talk our way out of a jail cell. Is this it? Is it all over?

Aika wanted to try and say something that would help them get away now but then she observed that there was a soundproof opaque barrier between them and the men in the front. That was weird, right? Or maybe this is how all unmarked police cars look from the inside? And then the announcer started speaking. But not from their earrings, but from the car's speakers.

"Congratulations girls, that was as perfect a finale as we could have hoped for. I think you'll agree that this was pretty special." Aika looked at Rosie in shock. This is the game runners' car. They're not real policemen! Rosie just looked confused, like she hadn't quite been able to work out what was going on yet. Aika now wished she'd looked at either of the cops' faces properly so that she could identify them in a line-up in the future, when these captors were brought to justice. But she hadn't, and now it was too late.

"Now Aika, I'm afraid at the moment the men picked you up both your feet left the floor, disqualifying you from the competition. So Rosie gets the point, leaving the final score at 2-2. Which means that there is no winner today. Aww, I know, you're as disappointed as our viewers. But never fear, that just allows me to announce the next exciting bit of news... it means we can start playing the BONUS ROUNDS!"

Aika grimaced. It was completely unfair to disqualify her for that. And either way the Diaper Games weren't over at all.

"Unfortauntely this is all we've got time for today, and since this was all meticulously planned beforehand you're being taken back to your university campus right now as we speak, and it's too late to change that. So that means that the next Diaper Games will be played on campus! Oooooh! You'll have to keep wearing those collars at all times so that we can watch all the fun and games - not that you can take them off anyway! More details will follow in the morning. For now we just need to get you into your new rooms without being seen. I'm sure you're invested in that happening successfull as much as we are."

What followed next was some instructions which they both followed obediently. They donned the large hooded black robes that were on the back shelf behind them and when they reached their campus dormitories they were escorted to their rooms by the two cops. The fake policemen were now wearing eye masks to help keep themselves anonymous. As it was the middle of the day most people were in class and so they didn't encounter anybody anyway. They were quickly ushered into their respective (neighbouring) rooms and the doors shut behind them. And then the men were gone.

Aika looked around her room with abject dismay. It had been completely redecorated in her absence and she knew exactly who by. Her beloved navy blue bedsheets had been replaced by frilly pink ones with cartoon diapers on them. Her curtains were even worse, gone from plain beige to a pure white with a repeating pattern of baby bottles, rattles and rocking horses. Her office desk chair had been replaced with a pink primary school plastic seat that read 'PRINCESS' on the back. Her underwear drawer was open, all the adult panties and thongs having been replaced by rows and rows of thick folded Pampers. A pink diaper pail with matching lid now lived next to it. Her laptop and phone were missing, preventing contact with the outside world. The items on her desk had all recieved similar substitutions: a pink and blue mermaid alarm clock, biros with glittery pink and silver ink, a pink hairbrush, a pink set of headphones connected to a pink iPod and in the middle a pink tray upon which was a silver metallic sippy cup with a pink nozzle and a plastic pink bowl filled with warm oatmeal accompanied by a tiny pink and white plastic spoon.

Her en-suite was no better - a pink princess pattern shower curtain was draped across the bath which was filled with hot soapy water. Pink was everywhere - her new toothbrush, her soap, her towels... Even the mirror above the sink was now framed with pink fairy lights! Worst of all was her toilet. The toilet seat said 'BIG GIRLS ONLY' on the top of the lid and was padlocked shut, the intention crystal clear. She wouldn't be allowed to use it any time soon. Aika sighed, resigned to her new fate. Her new diapered life was only just beginning, it would seem, and she just needed to get used to that. Her exhaustion was too great to even think about how to fight back right now. She removed her clothing, dumped the horrid giant diaper into her new diaper pail, and eased herself into the bath, enjoying the brief respite before tomorrow's inevitable trials.

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