Yes Mr Blair Day 2

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I finished this chapter a while ago but I was trying to finish chapter 3 and then release them together. I've now decided against that, but I will just note that while the art for this chapter isn't by Owlcan, we do return to Owlcan's art in the future chapters.

Rachel's Current Rules:
No tardiness.
No disobedience.
No lying or deceiving.
No unanswered calls during work hours.
Always be present at the reception desk to greet visitors.
Rachel will drink at least one litre of water every hour.
No spelling mistakes.
No bending at the knees while bending over.
No boyfriends (or girlfriends).
The only acceptable response to Mr Blair when his sentence ends with “Rachel” is “Yes, Mr. Blair”.
Rachel will be double diapered 24/7.
Rachel must be standing up whenever the elevator arrives at the top floor.
Rachel will always declare loudly and clearly when she is using her diaper, no matter where she is. The phrase must always include the words “in my diaper”. If Mr. Blair is in his office, she must use the intercom so that he can hear her declaration.
No touching the diapers at work.
Rachel must stand up and put her hands on her head when using her diaper.
Uniform: Rachel will wear her hair in pigtails.
Uniform: Rachel will wear taller heels.

Rachel Sunshine closed her eyes as the elevator rose, praying that it wouldn't stop until it reached the top floor. Rachel knew exactly how she looked - she had the picture burned into her skull when she looked at herself in the mirror that morning. Her brown hair, now neatly pigtailed, took years off of her appearance and made her feel like an attention-seeking schoolgirl. "Fuck-handles", her college boyfriend had called them, when he'd asked her to wear them. She almost wished that Mr. Blair would feel the same way and find himself seduced by her just like most men she encountered. It would be simpler than the sheer ridiculousness of what she was being forced through now. Her skirt bulged wildly at the hips, leaving no confusion as to what was underneath. Her now thoroughly soaked double-layered prison sagged a bit below the hem of her skirt, meaning that any and all people she encountered see it. She couldn't wait to get behind her desk where nobody would be able to witness her shameful secret except for her new boss.

Rachel's heels gave her some height but this was a rather minor positive considering the negatives: these were the highest heels she had ever worn and she wouldn't have been able to stand in them properly even if her legs weren't being forced apart by a soggy nappy. Since the shoes were brand new they were still quite uncomfortable and they would take some wearing before they stopped rubbing her ankles. She shuddered as she opened her eyes for a split second and looked down to give them another peek. Their glittery black finish screamed "I love attention".

And yet this wasn't even the worst thing happening to her right now. The most troubling part of all of this was the heavy plug filling her behind, constantly making her wince, and not only because of its shaft keeping her open but also because of what it was holding inside of her. It had now been over 24 hours since her last bowel movement and her stomach was starting to literally groan with frustration. She rubbed her tummy delicately.

DING! The elevator stopped moving, and so did Rachel's heart, fearing that it had stopped early. She looked at the floor indicator and sighed with relief - it showed floor 35. She checked the time on her phone: 07:55. Well, that was one rule ("no tardiness") that she'd succeeded at following today, at least.

The doors opened and Rachel was shocked to see Daniel Blair standing right there outside the elevator. He had his phone in his hand. He pushed a button. The floodgates opened.


Rachel shrieked as she felt her sphincter forced open by her mechanical plug and the mess inside her start to force its way out. It was a bizarre feeling, having zero control over one's own anus. Her butthole's muscles still spasmed in a vain attempt to regain control, but of course the strong rigid shape of the plug paid her no mind. Her rectal muscles were seemingly tricked by her open sphincter and began obediently funneling more and more mush towards the widened exit.

Rachel clutched her stomach as her diaper began to fill and bulge from below her. The feeling of her own mush exiting her rear tunnel and pushing against her padding was not uncomfortable but definitely felt unpleasant. And yet she didn't really have time to feel grossed out - the physical sensations of the huge amount of bulky mess in her body slithering its way down and out of her even as she actively willed it to stay inside were too overwhelming. Her skirt ballooned out behind her as the diapers expanded to contain her waste. And all the while she could feel her boss's piercing eyes fixed upon her. How impossibly humiliating!

It was only as her messing session ended and she locked eyes with her new boss that Rachel remembered her rules. She jumped up straight, put her hands on her head and announced "I am going number two in my diaper!"

Mr Blair's eyes narrowed. "It looks to me like you've already finished going in your diaper."

No, I can't break another rule! I just can't!

Desperate and without thinking Rachel squatted, causing a final bit of mush to exit her gaped asshole with a lewd squelch.

"No, see, I'm still going!"

She felt instant regret - as much as it might serve to avoid a punishment, she couldn't imagine just how pathetic she looked and sounded in that moment. She knew she would go to sleep that night cringing at the memory of what she just willingly did of her own accord in front of another grown human being.

Even Daniel Blair himself couldn't help but chuckle. "I see. I guess I'll let you get away with the hands on head rule this time then. But your declaration was definitely much too late - that needs to come at the beginning. But I'll let you choose - do you want a permanent new uniform or a more harsh alteration and punishment but only for today?"

Rachel hesitated. A permanent uniform change just sounded too, well, permanent. "Um… just today."

She sounded so meek and defeated, and it was only 8:00 in the morning. But with her butthole still painfully stretched and the feeling of her own gross excrement against her backside, it was hard to feel anything other than self-disgust and shame.

Mr Blair retrieved a large sharp pair of scissors from his office and advanced on Rachel. She stood there shuddering with trepidation; it took all her willpower to not flee away from the rather terrifying sight of her sadistic employer planning to somehow 'punish' her with scissors. Rachel forced her head to not follow Daniel as he walked around behind her. She kept her eyes fixed on her desk as she felt him holding onto the back of her skirt and starting to snip away, and she couldn't help but whimper when he lifted and pushed at the back of her full diaper, mushing the warm mess against her delicate and still gaping bottom.

What's he doing?!

When Daniel finished, Rachel's curiosity finally got the better of her. She swivelled her neck in an attempt to look down behind her, and squealed with despair when she did. Mr. Blair had cut a large chunk of fabric out of the back of her skirt and had lifted the back of her bloated, sagging double-diaper through the gap, where it immediately expanded outwards into a more natural shape that you'd expect when not contained within the walls of her tight skirt. The result was that her disgusting messy episode was now all too visible to anyone who looked at her, even from the front, since the full nappy was spilling out the sides of the new hole.

"There we go, now that's a much more appropriate uniform for a naughty messy baby like yourself, don't you think, Rachel?" He smiled pleasantly as he said that, as if he had just done her a massive favour.

Rachel gritted her teeth. "Yes Mr. Blair." If there was one thing she was going to succeed at from now on, it was remembering to follow these damned rules. "Can you please close the plug? I think I'm going to go insane..."

"Oh yes, I'd almost forgotten." The intimidating man seemed almost apologetic as he quickly pulled out his phone and hit the buttons that controlled the plug, making it shrink back down so that her sphincter was essentially shut once again. Rachel sighed with relief so powerful it almost felt like pleasure. The plug had been inside her for about 16 hours now and she had begun to grow used to its invasive presence, so as it returned to its original shape it felt like her bum was returning to its natural state. It already almost felt natural to be plugged like this.

God, is it that quickly that I get used to my most intimate parts being owned by someone?!

"Ahem. Well, I think you should begin to get on with your job now, Miss Sunshine." Mr Blair looked at his watch then turned to head for his office.

"W-w-wait! Aren't you going to change me?!" Rachel didn't want to be changed out of a messy diaper by a grown man, but it was much better than the alternative.

"This would hardly be a special harsh punishment if I just changed you immediately, would it?"

With those cruel words, Daniel was gone. Rachel was left alone in the reception area, with her overfilled sack of shame dangling around her thighs. It didn't smell, at least not yet, but that was a small positive in a whole well of negatives. Her poopy prison left her unable, or at last unwilling, to try sitting down, since it would squish the gross mush further against her bottom. Her high heels were too extreme to stand in all day though, so she settled for trying to work on her knees. In this position her mega-diaper almost acted like a kind of beanbag because it reached the floor, and it still took a lot of willpower and concentration not to mindlessly rest more of her weight against it.

Rachel tried to ignore the big main question rattling around her head (how long is he going to leave me like this without a change?) by cycling through the rules which was easier to do now that her computer screen was in front of her, where her rules were permanently displayed in the top right hand side, a constant reminder of her submissive status. Two more had been added at the bottom of the list:

Uniform change: large diaper window in back of skirt (temporary)
No diaper changes allowed (temporary)

The addition of these rules unfortunately just fuelled Rachel's fear about what lied ahead.

He said that the uniform change was for the whole of today. But they both say 'temporary' as the duration. Does that mean I'm not going to get a diaper change all day? That can't be healthy! He wouldn't do that, right?!

Rachel was stressing about her need for a change for so long that the next time she looked at the clock she saw it was 08:25 and she still hadn't started her tasks for the day. This wasn't good, as her new boss had already made sure to fill her TODO list with enough admin and proof-reading to completely fill an eight hour day, and that didn't include all the other small tasks he might need her for like preparing hot drinks, replying to emails and greeting guests.

Oh my god, what if someone came up before I get a change? I'd die...

This line of thought threatened to waste even more of her day when, as if by some malicious deity was listening to her thoughts, the elevator started to rise.


As was in-line with the rest of Rachel's luck that day, the elevator had risen all the way to their floor. Some conscious part of Rachel's mind wanted to hide behind the desk on her knees and avoid being spotted, but some more powerful urge to obey all her rules had already started automatically catapulting Rachel to her feet so that she could greet the stranger properly.

The door opened, and three people exited. Not one, three. One man and two women, all dressed in suits. Rachel felt like she could physically feel her last strand of sanity snap away. It made it easier, actually, to see herself as mad. Only a mad person could calmly and professionally greet three strangers whilst having an extremely messy diaper on display.

YMB2 image
Art by Nino Satori

"Welcome to Daniel Blair's office, how may I help you?"

The two women were completely gobsmacked at her appearance and didn't seem to be able to move, never mind speak. She could see their thoughts through their eyes.

What the hell is that behind you? It can't be what I think it is, can it? What is wrong with you? Do you really have such low respect for yourself that not only would you wear a diaper but you'd allow yourself to be seen like this?

The man, however, didn't skip a beat. "We're here for the Thursday morning meeting. This happens every week. Isn't it in your calendar?"

Rachel let out a little meep, she hadn't even gotten around to looking at her calendar properly yet. A couple of clicks showed that it was there, clear as day. She had no avenue to take but to admit her lack of preparedness.

"I'm sorry, I'm very new, what exactly does this meeting entail?"

The man sighed.

"You need to download the Tokyo files from the database, copy them onto a USB, and plug that into the projector." He pointed a thumb in the direction of the large meeting room. "Once the slides are up, you need to get Mr. Blair in the room and then make sure you're seen but not heard as you serve the tea and coffee. Comprende?"

"Yes Sir. Sorry Sir."

Rachel kept her eyes lowered as she began trying to follow the instructions which took her a decent while since she was so new. If she looked into one of their eyes now, she'd probably just collapse into a puddle of tears. And that would probably result in a few more rules. She could feel their presence and their stares, boring down on her like lasers made of pure distaste. Once the correct files were on the USB, she began her awkward high-heeled waddle to the meeting room door.

As her body emerged from behind the desk, she heard a startled gasp from one of the women and an "Oh my word" from the other. She realised too late that while the desk hadn't been concealing her diaper, it had been obscuring just how big and thick it was, and the fact that it was extremely heavily loaded. Rachel turned the brightest shade of pink she'd ever turned in her life and tried to hobble even faster to get this horrible event in her life over and done with.

Getting the files to show up on the projector turned out to be rather straightforward, which she was extremely grateful for. Soon she was back at her desk to hit the intercom.

"Mr Blair, your Thursday morning meeting is ready to start."

"Thank you Miss Sunshine, I'll be right out."

Daniel didn't even look at her as he strode past her desk and into the meeting room on the other side.

"Good morning everyone, I hope you've had a good week. Tokyo is as predictable as ever-"

The door closed itself behind him, blocking out the rest of the sentence. Rachel took a few moments to compose herself, taking a few deep breaths and catching a whiff of something she didn't want to let herself think about. It came to her attention that her throat and mouth had become very dry. This prompted her to take her first daily bottle of water from the mini-fridge and before she knew it, it was empty. And she had to admit to herself, she felt better straight away.

Staying hydrated might make me need to pee a lot, but it sure is good for my mood and energy levels, Rachel reflected.

Simple tasks like preparing a pot of coffee at the drink station seemed twice as difficult in her current attire. The combination of the difficulty of staying balanced standing up in the new heels and trying not to squeeze her thighs around her mushy diaper was making her manual dexterity take a bigger hit than she had expected. By the time she had completed the simple task, her ankles were already killing her, and that made her wobbling even worse as she re-entered the meeting room with a tray full of drinks.

Taking care to not interrupt as she snuck in, she began to quietly place a mug in front of each of the visitors. She couldn't help but notice that both the women were wrinkling their noses as she came close.

Don't think about it. Just don't think about how my massive poopy diaper is hanging out a hole in the back of my skirt. If I think about it properly, I'm lost.

She tried to instead concentrate on her boss's words as he continued the meeting. However when she did, she was appalled to hear what he seemed to be talking about.

"While it was a huge load today, it remains to be seen whether we can expect a similar sort of volume each day, or whether this was a bit of a special occurrence.

"I'll keep moving forward with the 24 hour cycle for now, but if the yield decreases too much then I might look into whether something like 30 hours is more appropriate to optimise impact. The end goal is that they grow dependent on our delivery model, and that removing it could result in market crashes."

He's talking about business right? Not about my bowel movement situation? Right??
But Rachel knew that she wouldn't be able to tell for sure until she understood a lot more about the business. And even then, she might never be able to be sure whether this particular conversation was cleverly crafted to allow him to talk about her without her knowing.

"Also on a completely different note," Daniel continued, "as part of her training, I am in full control of when Miss Sunshine soils herself via a remote controlled butt plug. If I do it for long enough, she might become incontinent and need to rely on the plug every day. Isn't that right, Rachel?"

Rachel's teeth clenched. She'd preferred the uncertainty of the suspicious business talk. She turned bright red and lowered her head, but made sure to obey the obvious rule.

"Yes, Mr Blair." She spoke in a sulky fashion. That seemed to just antagonise her new tormentor, who decided to double down on her public humiliation.

"Miss Sunshine here is so enthusiastic about the concept of being potty untrained that she specifically requested to not be changed yet, so she can enjoy the feeling of a full nappy for a while longer before having to get into a boring clean one. Isn't that right, Rachel?"

"Yes Mr Blair." Rachel whispered, wishing that the ground would just open up and swallow her.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" It was clear that Daniel wasn't going to let her go until she had thoroughly humiliated herself in front of these three professionals. Infuriated, she decided to try and beat him at his own game. It was time to show him what she was made of.

"Yes Mr Blair!" Rachel spoke in a loud, bubbly and overly-girly voice. "What can I say, I just really love this squishy mushy feeling! It makes me wanna touch-"

"That'll do." Mr Blair warned. He seemed satisfied, but also had a business to run and didn't want to weird his business partners out too much, which made sense. But Rachel's rebellious streak was beginning to rise its short-tempered head again, and she really wanted to 'win' this exchange. So she did the only thing she could think of that he couldn't get mad at her for. Putting her hands on her head, she squatted a tiny bit and began to tinkle.

"I'm going tinkles in my diaper, Master!"

She squeezed her muscles as hard as she could, trying her best to make the hissing sound audible. If her boss was going to make her humiliate herself in front of strangers, she was going to make it as awkward for him as possible.

"That'll be all, Miss Sunshine." Daniel was speaking through gritted teeth now.
"Yes Milord." Rachel curtseyed and then wobbled out of the room.

As soon as the door shut behind her, Rachel staggered over to her desk, gripping it with both hands to support herself as her knees threatened to give way beneath her. What had she just done? She grew more nervous by the second. Why did she insist on antagonising the perverted powerful man who was used to getting exactly what he wanted? Would he actually be angry at her, though, for immersing herself in the role and following her rules?

Her anxiety did nothing but increase over the next half an hour, as the meeting continued and her mind forced her to relive what she'd just done over and over again.

I just purposefully pissed myself in front of three adults who are clearly disgusted by me. Who even am I?!

Worse still, she began to be able to smell herself. That slotted itself straight at the top of the list of constant awful reminders of her terrible situation.

When the three visitors exited the meeting room, Rachel tried to greet them cordially from her kneeling position behind her desk.

"Pleased to meet you!"

Instead of a reply, one of the women just gagged and held two fingers over her nose as she sped over to call the elevator. The other woman and man just looked away awkwardly and didn't say anything. And then came the call from the meeting room.
"Please come in here for a minute, Rachel."

"Yes Mr Blair." There was more than a hint of anxiety in her voice.

Still struggling in her high stilettos and bulky bottom load, she stumbled her way back towards her new boss. He was standing straight, arms folded, next to the large conference table.

"Remove your skirt and get up on the table, Rachel." He seemed to be ramping up the number of times he said her name at the end of his instructions.

"Yes, Mr. Blair." Rachel did as she was told, but not without some difficulty.

"Lie on your back."

This was an impossible instruction to follow without putting the weight on the back of her diaper, and so she had no option other than to do so, wincing at the audible squelch and grimacing at the peculiar and rather undesirable feeling against her backside.

"You seemed to be rather enthusiastic about your diaper usage in the middle of my business meeting." His voice was flat, she couldn't tell whether he was angry or impressed. Probably angry, but one could always hope.

"... Yes Mr Blair." She couldn't think of anything else appropriate to say.
"In fact, one might be forgiven for thinking that you enjoyed acting like a bubbly babygirl." Daniel produced two velcro restraints from one end of the table, which were soon strapped to Rachel's wrists, rendering her rather spread-eagle. She didn't like where this was going.

"Isn't that what you wanted?" Rachel tried to add some genuine innocence to her voice, but she was entirely confident that Daniel could see right through it. It would probably have been better for her if she hadn't tried to sound innocent at all.
"Raise your bottom." For some reason, this cause Rachel to instinctively raise her legs and feet in the air.

"Are you actually as thick as a baby? I said your bottom, not your legs." Daniel's tone was becoming less and less gentle, and more purposefully patronising.

"Oh, err." That's all Rachel could find it within herself to say as she placed her feet back on the table and proceeded to follow the instruction correctly. Daniel pushed a large thick plastic sheet underneath her.

"And down." After Rachel had put her bottom back down, Daniel opened a drawer and withdrew a key, an entire pack of baby wipes, and a heavy duty bin bag.

"Oh Lord..." Rachel's fears were fully confirmed when Daniel clicked open the lock on the waistband of her diaper. She was getting changed. While she definitely 100% wanted to be in a clean diaper, the interaction that was about to unfold between the two of them was something that was going to be so disgraceful that she might just have a heart attack from the embarrassment.

"I'm your Lord now." Those were her new Master's final words before becoming silent as he proceeded to get to work on the task at hand.

Just think about the mansion. Focus on the mansion.

Rachel tried her best to think about anything except the activities that were occurring down below, and deciding to focus on her ultimate goal turned out to be a good decision. The glory of winning the bet. The legacy of her family's ancestral home. That vintage vibe, the comfort, the roaring fireplace. Not what was happening right now. Not thinking about that. Thinking about the mansion. Her brother's smug grin. That cocky, punchable face. It'll all be worth it.

The mansion. The mansion. The mansion.

Due to the extremity of the messiness, the changing session took well over ten minutes. It's very difficult to not think about what is happening for over ten minutes, but Rachel Sunshine did her darndest to keep it out of her mind as much as humanly possible. In any case, by the time it was over, she still reckoned she hadn't gone insane, which was a good as she could hope for, all things considered.

"Gosh, you really did completely soak these didn't you, Rachel?"

Rachel refused to actually look at the evidence of her shame but the padding had been squishing in between her thighs for long enough that she knew the answer without having to.

"Yes Mr Blair."

"I think we need to go up a level of thickness, just to be safe, don't you, Rachel?"

Her eyes went wide and her voice cracked as she forced out another "Yes, Mr Blair."
"And that will help you feel like a proper bubbly babygirl, which you'll clearly love, won't you Rachel?"

"...Yes Mr Blair."

Oh I see, this is my unofficial punishment for acting out in the meeting.

And so it came to be that the next double diapering that Rachel found herself locked inside, forced her thighs apart even further than the previous. The amount of puffy padding visible through her skirt's new butt window was still disgracefully large.
Daniel was only just beginning to free her wrists from the velcro straps when the reception desk phone began to ring.

"You should probably get that, shouldn't you." Daniel said with an almost taunting tone, still taking his sweet time to unstrap her.

As soon as she was free, Rachel had to shuffle to the edge of the table as fast as she could, her plastic bottom scrunching as she moved, and then quickly drop onto her impractical heels and totter off to catch the phone before she missed it. She made it in the nick of time.


"Daniel Blair's office, how may I help you?" She spoke cheerfully, trying to hide the breathlessness in her voice.

"Get back to work." Daniel's voice could be heard twice, once in her left ear from the doorway of the meeting room, and once in her right ear, through the telephone. She swivelled her head just in time to see her stern-faced boss pressing the hang up button on his mobile phone and then without another word, striding back into his office and closing the door. The sheer aura of dominance that seemed to emanate from him as he strode passed her gave her a rush of adrenaline. Rachel had done some extremely kinky stuff with play partners in the past, but nothing had made her feel as submissive and... controlled... as she did in that moment.

As Rachel tried to return to work, she found herself pleasantly enjoying the feeling of a dry diaper. It felt like it had been the longest time since she had been dry, and so it was a weirdly welcome sensation. The challenge over the next few hours was to stay dry for as long as possible, whilst making sure to keep her water intake up at the required levels. Altogether too soon she found herself bursting to go. But she wanted... she wanted another win of some kind, and so set herself a target of making it to lunchtime. By the time noon rolled around, she was in rather a lot of discomfort and couldn't really explain even to herself why this had been so important an achievement. Her work had suffered as a result of her self-distraction, and she did not feel like she was halfway through her allocated tasks at all.

Her moment of triumph did come. Just after noon, Daniel exited his office and came over to her.

"I hope you haven't neglected to inform me of any bladder activity?" Daniel spoke accusingly.

"No Sir, I'm as dry as a bone." Rachel replied, probably a bit too proudly, all things considered.

"We'll see about that," her boss said in the same tone, before, without warning, pressing a hand to the front of her padding and moving it around, trying to find any dampness or warmth. The bizarre mix of pride and shame that Rachel felt in that moment was rather unique, to say the least.

And then, as soon as he'd stopped checking her, and she felt like she'd 'won', she put her hands on her head.

"I'm peeing in my diaper, Mr Blair," she quietly muttered as casually as she could, and let go.

He looked at her with an almost confused, quizzical but also satisfied expression. She was playing the game, and that was making him happy, she thought. The urine flowed through the padding, expanding down and around her, soothing her skin with its strangely comforting warmth. Daniel continued standing there until she had finished and removed her hands from her head.

"The rule," he began cordially, "states that you must announce your diaper use loudly. Yes I could hear you, but that was barely above a whisper."

He can't be serious!

But he was. Retrieving his phone for the umpteenth time, he added another rule to the already too-long list.

Rachel will eat her lunch in the cafeteria.

Rachel stared at the new rule with jaw wide, unable to even properly process and comprehend the implications of just how many strangers would see her like this.
"Join me for lunch?" Daniel suggested with a friendly, casual tone. But they both knew, it was not really a request.

What a sight they must have been. The most powerful man in a several mile radius, with his petrified submissive servant-slave-woman-pet-thing following meekly two steps behind, her obscenely thick diaper sticking out a hole in the back of her skirt.

And yet, there were no audible gasps of shock or disgust. Just an entire cafeteria of people who either had dumb smirks on their face, or didn't want to make eye contact at all. No doubt she would remain the primary subject of office gossip for several days to come, but this was clearly not the first time Daniel Blair had paraded his latest pet project in front of the staff like this. Even worse, since this was such a big company, this was probably only about 5 to 10% of the workforce. She'd have to deal with new strangers seeing her ridiculous appearance for the first time, for several weeks at least.

They approached the food station together, and the lunch lady seemed to be trying as hard as possible to pretend that everything was normal. She asked how Daniel was with only a slightly wavering voice.

"Fine, fine, thank you Bridget. I'll have a steak baguette today. And Miss Sunshine here would like three bananas, isn't that right, Rachel?"

"Yes Mr Blair."

"Really now girl, where are your manners? Say please and thank you to the kind lady."

"May I have three bananas please? Thank you, Ma'am."

Rachel kept her eyes lowered and concentrated on trying to remember to breathe. Her brain kept trying to hold her breath, for some reason, which was just making her turn an even brighter shade of red.

Daniel took her to a table near the main entrance to the cafeteria, which made it easy for him to greet various people as they entered or left, and ensured that everyone got a good look at Rachel. The white of her double diaper was mostly blocked by the chair she was now sitting on, but there was still a little bit spilling out of the sides, and the thickness of the entire combined garment stretching the sides of her tight skirt still made it abundantly clear what she was hiding under her hips, even from her seated position.

If anything, this was somehow now less humiliating for her than the three bananas that she found herself munching her way through while Daniel ate a much more normal balanced grown-up meal from his seat on the other side of the table. He had in fact even taken the effort to remove all three bananas from their skins, and put them on a paper plate, so they were just sitting in front of her, just like actual toddler finger food. Rachel reflected that she had probably never remained this red in the face for this prolonged a period of time ever before in her life.

Except for perhaps that time that Todd and I tried some breath play...

No, this was not an appropriate time to think of sexy stuff!!! She was diapered and being publicly humiliated by her asshole of a boss. This was not arousing. It would never be arousing! She clenched her thighs together tightly (or as tightly as she could, given the obstruction between them), and told herself that the damp feeling between her legs was just the legacy of her most recent wetting session, and nothing more.

Rachel remembered absolutely no names of the people she was introduced to over that painfully slow half hour. She tried to keep her head low and only give monosyllabic responses, plus the odd "Yes Mr Blair" where required. This helped her keep her mind in one piece for the most part, although a small voice in the back of her head told her that she might regret not learning some faces and beginning to make some allies. But not today. She'd already been through too much today. Today's only task was to get to the end without giving up.

And so that's exactly what she did. After returning to the 35th floor with her boss in silence, Rachel went back to work, concentrating on getting her job done and not getting lost in feeling sorry for herself. Her wetting sessions became much more frequent as time went on, the water from her regularly scheduled drinks going through her in what felt like a matter of minutes. The only communication she had with Daniel was the required announcements "I'm peeing in my diaper again, Mr Blair" and the varied responses such as "Thank you, Miss Sunshine" or the more patronising "Good girl".

By home time she was starting to feel rather soaked down there, but she was very pleased with how much she progress she had made, considering the circumstances. She'd made a very decent stab at every task on her list!

"Tell me, what's rule number seven?" Daniel enquired in a low emotionless voice.

Rachel frowned.

"No spelling mistakes..."

"And does this look like how you spell 'corporate'?"

Rachel winced. She'd written 'cooperate' instead, which the spell checker hadn't detected since it's a real word.

"Oh come on, it's impossible to go a whole day without making a single spelling mistake-"

"I expect every document that you produce to be thoroughly proofread before you call it complete, Rachel." Daniel interrupted, with increased volume. "I haven't become one of the most successful businessmen in the city by sending people unprofessional garbage with mistakes in it. Let me show you how serious I am about my rules."

Rachel could feel her heart sinking and her stomach fluttering as Daniel's phone once again became the tool of her demise. The new rule replaced her temporary uniform alteration with a permanent one.

Uniform: Rachel will only wear clothes provided or approved by Mr Blair.

Rachel watched as her boss stepped into his office and then immediately returned with a box labelled 'Friday'. She immediately grew suspicious.

Was this all planned? Was there ever any situation in which I left today without taking this new uniform home with me? Is it even possible for me to win?

No, if she asked herself these questions too much, she'd lose herself in doubt and pessimism. She had to keep charging forward. Daniel spoke.

"Take this home with you. The heels you're wearing are good, they are approved for you to keep wearing. Everything else you need is in here. Oh, and no opening the box until the morning."

There was nothing to do but obey.

"Yes Mr Blair."

With that, Daniel took his leave for the day, leaving Rachel standing alone with a mystery box of clothes and a massive and decently soggy nappy hanging out the hole in her skirt. She ended up waiting an entire extra hour before leaving, to try and minimise the chances of anyone else seeing her. Without Daniel beside her, she felt much more vulnerable to verbal abuse if anyone was to see her like this.

In the end, she was able to make it to her car and to her front door without anyone spotting her, as far as she could tell. Her heart continued racing for a good few minutes even after she was safe in the privacy of her own home. The box with her uniform sat temptingly in front of her, the answer to how awful tomorrow would be within her grasp. But something stronger inside her encouraged her to obey that final instruction and leave the bad news until the morning. And so she did.

Sleep did not come easy that second night. The damp bulk between her legs was even thicker than the night before and it was impossible to get comfortable. Her mind stayed active, reflecting on the embarrassing moments and shameful decisions of the day, and worrying about what she'd be forced to wear tomorrow. Her insides growled with irritation at being unable to have another bowel movement. When she finally did drift off, her dreams were all interrupted by desperate feelings of needing to go to the loo, and sometimes succeeding. When she woke, her bladder was empty and her diaper felt even more full. Had she wet herself in her sleep? No, surely not. She must have slightly woken and decided to pee while semi-conscious. There's no way she could have wet the bed at her age. No way.

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I've recently had a lot of fun inventing diaper-themed 'predicaments' where the submissive is put into a situation where they are forced to choose the least of two or more evils, or they are put in a physical situation where they need to maintain an uncomfortable position, or complete a difficult task, to avoid something bad from happening. How would you feel Mr Blair putting Rachel in such scenarios?

1) That sounds like a lot of fun, do your thing!

2) This story seems better suited to Daniel maintaining full control over what happens to Rachel, rather than sometimes giving her agency to decide her fate.

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