Diaper Quest Release 2 Version 3.0

Get it while it's hot! Or don't and wait for the potential hotfix when someone probably finds some major issue :P

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First time downloading? On Windows? I'd recommend downloading this: ZIP of latest DQ including Windows Git (461.6 MB)

Raw GBLORB File Direct Download Link (504.8 MB)
MEGA Mirror

Diaper Quest was created with Inform. To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: many are available, Windows Git is strongly recommended for any machine that can run it, this includes Macs - you should use WINE.

Known Issues

  • I'm getting reports of spontaneous crashes in Gargoyle. Use it at your own risk. If you do, it's strongly recommended to use roguelike saving.


  • You now rotate most fetish settings between 'always', 'yes this time', 'not now', and 'never'. When you select Random Start the ones set to 'always' or 'never' are not changed. So this means that if for example TG and pregnancy are super important to you, and weight gain, diapers, etc. are some things you never want to see, then you can still use Random Start to randomise all the rest!
  • The main messed diaper mode is now available to the public.
  • New handicap option: 'Clumsy'. These bad things only have a chance of happening when you are standing. While you're kneeling, you should be safe from them.
    • When you try to jump off of a dildo pole, you always fail the first time.
    • If you're holding the pack of playing cards when you enter the inspiration room in the hotel, 50% of the time you'll accidentally give yourself a bad tattoo that enables the 'game hates you' stuff, if able.
    • You're more likely to spill drinks and break the pink spraybottle when you trip. When you spill a champagne or cocktail glass, you'll be able to get the punishment bondage even if you're not a bunny waitress.
      • When 'clumsy' is disabled, the chances of spilling a drink is actually now a bit less than it used to be.
    • When leaving the room with the dungeon lever, you can fall into it, accidentally releasing the minotaur.
    • You can fall down the hole in the woods.
  • Merged the portal room and statue room (mainly for school region content which is currently patron only but won't be for ever!)
  • The maid headdress now requires you to clean up 3 - 4 puddles before it considers the quest complete. And it won't let you complete that last one if your spraybottle is broken. To remind you, the three ways to repair it are:
    • Clean a lot of puddles
    • Use the wishing well
    • Give it to the mechanic to repair
  • The maid's spraybottle no longer creates insane amounts of magic power - it just creates a reasonable amount over time. Attacking with slap while your spraybottle has magic power does +5 damage and consumes 1 magic power.
  • If you clean up enough puddles with the pink spraybottle, sometimes it will become blessed. It's still cursed if you drop it, though.
  • The ass hook trap no longer rips underwear off in one motion - instead it gets the player stuck in a wedgie. The player can jump, to take 1 damage and destroy the underwear, or try and pull the hook away which increases delicateness by 1 each time it fails.
    • Only displacable underwear can be hooked by an ass hook trap. Tough stuff like diapers and so on can't be affected.
  • The bed in the bedroom that looks like yours is always a normal bed. But now there's a computer monitor in there, and if patrons appear while you're in that room, the monitor will turn on (first time only) and someone you know from real life will appear over a video call, and understandably lose a lot of respect for you.
  • [Newest Nappy] The cross trainer now has an image and so can be clicked on in the location window.
  • [Newest Nappy] Cursed items with quests now have a yellow skull icon, which when clicked on, reminds you of the details of the quest.
  • You can now (mostly) eat past gags. Some things however, like the hotel feeding bowls, are considered impractical.
  • Put in a decent amount of work trying to tackle one of the causes of lag: calculating the player's appearance rating up to like 50 times a turn depending on how many NPCs are looking at them and considering how to act. Now the engine is a lot more sensible about how often it needs to recalculate this number, but should still operate as expected when sudden changes occur such as things getting displaced.
  • Wearing lots of weighty items now contributes a bit to you getting overburdened. That means that some weight down by armour can carry less items outside of their bag of holding without getting that -3 dexterity penalty.
  • Fixed a game crash bug when the player had the 'incontinent when speaking tattoo' and the Newest Nappy GUI and Popup Buttons disabled.

Bab testers:

  • You can now choose a custom name set for the player from within the game itself, and also customise a few more small pieces of potential flavour that you might get. Simply go back into the settings after the game has already started, and they'll be on the first menu page.
  • More school region development - as mentioned earlier in this changelist, the warp portal is now in the statue hall. Moreover, you'll find the receptionist waiting for you there, and essentially she forces you to choose whether to start the school side-quest right at the beginning of your playthrough.
  • Moved Bianca's sapphire lesson to be an emerald lesson. This way the player's humiliation is more likely to have progressed on a bit, and there's actually a chance of success!
  • The nurse has been reimagined by Owlcan.
  • New options to expand on how comfortable you are with messy diapers.
    • There's an option where they are left behind after changes and then the player has to dispose of them in one of two diaper pails. One is in the dungeon and one in the hotel.
      • Certain NPCs (currently the Royal Guard, Demoness, Vampiress and Mechanic) will pick these up if they walk past them, and then when they next meet you they'll be angry and punish you.
        • If you've enabled the bottom option (faces smushed against diapers) then you'll get thrown in the diaper pail (if in the Dungeon or Hotel) or spanked with your face pushed into the diaper(s) (if in the Woods or Mansion).
        • If you haven't enabled that option, they'll just do a random other punishment.
        • If you leave one in the school, the next time you go there you'll be punished in assembly.
    • New debug command "diaperdonate to [NPC]" gives them a soiled diaper in their inventory.
  • You can now use any book, not just the necronomicon, to complete the doom quest. However, the mindless cultists in the altar room now count as NPCs that must be defeated before you're allowed to complete the ritual. Which means you'll need to deal with that deep one.
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